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Despite the improved matric pass rate in , the media correctly pointed out that one needs . This results in about additional passes each year. That is . Everything you need to know about when the matric results will be released and how to get hold of them. For the Matric class of , the Minister of Education will announce the Matric results on the 4th of January You can get your results online, from your.

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MTlMs STBULELE ASANDA THABO MBEKT STREET ZONE 5 NO LANGA.1 AEE Dear MrlMs MAGeWAKA MAGQWAffiPUBLIC OF SOUTH. The NSC Examination results for the Western Cape candidates will be only be available on this website after 14H00 on Monday, 07 January To change your name on your matric certificate, you must apply to the A statement of results may be issued, as an interim record while waiting for the issue of.

This costs R0,50 per 20 seconds. You will need the following to log in: Exam number Your personal details name, surname, etc. The Newspaper It will be in all of the big newspaper brands, for example: The Rapport The Star Your High School The day after your results are released, your school will give you your results. You can get them from your school or exam centre on the 5th of January To get your results, you need your exam number, home language, name, surname and contact details.

DG Provincial Engagements. Applying for a Re-issue of a certificate change of particulars For all certificates issued, candidates are allowed a twelve month period from the date of issue for any corrections to be effected.

Certification Services

Reasons for re-issue. Documentation Required. What you should do.

Applying for Replacement certificate: What should you do? Change of status If you wrote matric in more than one examination sitting and you want to combine your credits to qualify for a National Certificate, i.

Form to complete Replacement Certificate: Change of Status. This costs R80 per paper. Thirdly you can apply to rewrite certain exams, this is when you did not do well in certain matric exams and you can rewrite the exams during February and March.

The application to rewrite your exams expires in January so the decision needs to be made soon.

Pdf matric statement

If you want to know more about your options you can find that out here. If you want to know how the supplementary exams work and what the schedule of exams are and when you are writing each specific certificate that can be found here.

We want to ensure that you make careful informed decisions about your education. That is why we have a selection of articles related to all your different concerns, queries and other information we think will be useful to you. ABET courses are qualifications on the same level as Matric. Contact Umalusi here: If you feel like getting your Matric will take too long, you might be wondering if you can study a course that does not need Matric. There is a wide range of courses you can study without Matric.

If you are over the age of 16, can read and write in English, and you have a Grade 10 or Grade 11 certificate, then you can register for one of these great courses with Skills Academy.

Umalusi on issuing of matric statements of results and certificates

There are many courses you can study if you failed Matric. You do not have to go back to school. You can start right away with training that will help you to build a career in the world of business.

Statement pdf matric

Here you will find lots of help and courses for students who never finished school. Even if you just have your grade ten certificate, there are accredited courses you can study.

If you have great marks and you are on your way to University, congratulations, go for it and make a success of your studies. You can also study for a higher certificate or diploma. If you are interested in the national and provincial pass rates of Matric for , then look no further, as we have all the data right here.

Western Cape: Northern Cape: The IEB Matric pass rate this year increased from the already high These results are from the students who wrote the IEB exams nationwide.

How to Apply for a Replacement of Your Damaged or Lost Matric Certificate

For the first time in many years, there were no leaked papers. Umalusi says that the quality of student answers has improved, and that students marks overall have gotten better. So here is to a better result than you might expect!

If you are studying with Unisa for the first time in , you can now study for free. Read more here. Matric Results Release Date. Official Release Dates: National Senior Certificate: Here is a list of distance learning courses you can study if you have no Matric: Course Requirements - Open Access. Course Entry Requirements - Grade Course Entry Requirements - Diploma Courses.

How to get Your Matric Results There are two main ways that you can get your Matric results right on your phone! Results Through SMS: Send an SMS to Through enter your ID number and student number. This costs R0,50 per 20 seconds. You will need the following to log in: Exam number Home Language Your personal details name, surname, etc. The Newspaper It will be in all of the big newspaper brands, for example: