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Kathryn Kuhlman. I Believe in If you are going to read this book “daring” me to con- vince you of . ing to do with any miracle recorded in this book, nor. Kathryn Kuhlman has 34 books on Goodreads with ratings. Kathryn Kuhlman's most popular book is I Believe in Miracles. This book is dedicated to those whose lives were touched by the Holy Spirit through the ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman—and to their children and their children's.

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Ho would bring Miss Kuhlman closer to Akron, so 1 could got to her, and He answered my pray I Believe in Visions Kenneth E Hagin - Clover. Kuhlman was ordained by a Baptist congregation in Pennsylvania and she traveled extensively around the United States and in many other countries holding. messages to share with you in this book. She often said, “Any results there might be in this life of mine, is not Kathryn Kuhlman. It's the Holy Spirit; it's what the.

Written permission must be secured from the publisher to use or reproduce any part of this book, except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles. Copyright , , , Thomas Nelson, Inc. I Really Believe! I Will! In that meeting God's Spirit came over me as I saw the Lord working tremendous miracles of healing through her. I wept for joy and knew God had raised up this precious handmaiden of the Lordone unequalled in my generation. She brought forth the Word of Knowledge greater than I had seen.

Oh, how I prayed. For five hours I bombarded heaven in prayer. And then I was ready to go and do it for Jesus! This outstanding singer had been on the platform with Miss Kuhlman during the last fifteen years of her ministry. As we drove to Carnegie Auditorium together he outlined the program that was planned for the eveningwhat the choir would be singing and what he had prepared for his own music ministry.

A feature of the memorial event would be the showing of the Kathryn Kuhlman miracle service shot on location in Las Vegas in May, It was the only professionally directed film Miss Kuhlman ever allowed to be produced that featured one of her services.

We arrived at Carnegie Auditorium and Jimmie disappeared for a moment to take care of some last minute details. As I waited for him to return, I took a moment to savor my surroundings. Carnegie Auditorium was a beautiful building with gorgeous balconies and lovely decor.

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From behind the curtain I could hear the music of the Kathryn Kuhlman choir. While the choir was rehearing, Jimmie returned to offer some final words of instruction. That will be your cue to walk on. Jimmie vanished through the curtains and shortly thereafter the service began. While the film was being shown I was pacing back and forth in that darkened backstage, almost overcome with anxiety.

Suddenly, I remembered hearing Kathryn Kuhlman talk about her own battles before a miracle service. My memory was jolted. I could almost hear her utter the words, "There are four steps that lead up to a little landing where the door opens on the stage of Carnegie Auditorium in Pittsburgh. There is a black doorknob on the door. I have walked up those four steps many times and have stood on that landing with my hand on that black doorknob and Kathryn Kuhlman has died a thousand deaths on that one spot.

In her words, "Because I knew that when I opened the door, sitting out there in that auditorium were people who had traveled hundreds of miles. People who had made sacrifices to be in that miracle service. There were people out there who'd come because it was their last resort. The medical profession could do nothing more for them.

And they had come saying, 'We'll go into one of those miracle services and we'll believe God to answer prayer. And he had come with his wife, with a little child. They'd tried everything. Perhaps it was cancer in that child's body. And that child was more precious to them than anything else in the world.

Oh, the helplessness of it allthe utter helplessness. And the complete dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit. I died not once, not twice, not a half dozen times. But over and over again. That meant it was almost time for me to walk on stage. Once more, I peeked at the crowd from my vantage point backstage and I was terrified. Then the third. Finally Jimmie announcedmore to me than to the audience"We're going to sing this once more; then Benny Hinn is going to come out.

I walked slowly toward Jimmie. He whispered, "Where were you? I was so nervous I couldn't speak, so I decided to lead the audience in the chorus once more. What I didn't realize, however, was that the musicians had changed the key and started playing another song. It was a disaster. Nobody could sing with me and I was struggling by myself, embarrassed beyond words.

Inside I was begging, "Please, let this service end. I've got to get out of here and go home. Lord, I can't do it! Now I will. My physical body relaxed. I began to speak words I hadn't prepared and the power of God began to touch people across the auditorium. It was a memorable, moving evening.

Her impact, however, was far greater than most people can comprehend. It was in that same city on Friday, December 21, , that I arrived on a charter bus from Toronto to attend one of her miracle services at First Presbyterian Church. As a 21 -year-old who had become a born-again Christian nearly two years earlier, my journey had already taken some surprising turns. After being raised in a Greek Orthodox home in Jaffa, Israel, and being taught by nuns at a Catholic school, our family emigrated to Toronto when I was fifteen.

From that moment forward I was like a spiritual spongesoaking in everything I could. My heart seemed to be crying out, "Lord, is that all there is?

His name was Jim Poynter. I remembered seeing her program once or twice, yet I wasn't especially attracted to her dramatic style.

He told me about the bus he had arranged and wanted me to join the group. I agreed to go. Driving through a near-blizzard, we finally reached our hotel in Pittsburgh late in the evening. With only four hours of sleep and in the darkness of morning we arrived at the church. Several hundred people were already there, waiting for the doors to open two hours later. The morning was bitter cold, but I was preparedbundled up with layers of clothing plus gloves, boots, and a hat.

Suddenly, however, my body began to vibrate as if someone was shaking me. I pulled my coat close to me and waited in the cold morning.

The longer I stood there the more the shaking continued uncontrollably. I could feel it in my legs, my arms, even my mouth. The second row was filled, but Jim and I found an excellent spot on row three. I removed my heavy clothing and tried to relax. I wasn't cold anymore, yet the shaking in my body would not go away.

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Frankly, I was beginning to worry. This unusual sensation seemed more than physical. Something was happening inside me and I was too embarrassed to tell Jim about it. How Can I Explain It? The entire audience began singing How Great Thou Art and, from the first note, tears began flowing down my cheeks.

My hands were extended high into the air and I felt as if I was being bathed in glory. Never in my Christian walk had I experienced anything like this. Then, when the song ended, so did the shaking in my body. I stood there quietly, continuing to worship the Lord.

In that holy atmosphere, I felt a slow, gentle breeze begin to blow. I opened my eyes to look around for the source. Yet I could feel this unusual wind moving down one arm and up the other, again and again, like a wave. It continued for several minutes and then I felt as if my entire body was wrapped in a warm, soothing blanket. It was incredible. I thought, "How can I ever explain this to anyone?

Then I heard the Lord's gentle voice say, "My mercy is abundant on you. He was talking with me, showing me His mercy and love. Absolutely nothing that had happened in my life could compare to that glorious moment.

The previous evening, on our journey to Pittsburgh, Jim told me about the miracles that took place in Miss Kuhlman's meetings. When the anointing of the Holy Spirit comes, people are wonderfully healed and they simply come forward to give their testimonies.

Deaf people could suddenly hear. A woman got out of her wheelchair and walked. There were scores of testimonies from people who were being healed of tumors, eye problems, arthritis, and other infirmities. At one point in the service I looked up to see Miss Kuhlman with her face buried in her hands, sobbing. The music stopped. No one moved for what seemed like several minutes. Absolute silence. Then, in a flash, she threw back her head and thrust her long, bony finger forward with a boldness and authority that defy description.

He's all I've got! He's all I've got. Don't wound the One I love! It seemed she was pointing directly at me as she declared, "He's more real than anything in this world! He's more real to me than you are! All the way back to Toronto my mind replayed the scene of Miss Kuhlman leaning over the pulpit, saying, "He's more real to me than you are.

He's a Person! That night, in my bedroom at our family home, I couldn't sleep. My mind was whirling with what I had experiencedthe miracles and the words spoken by this unusual servant of God.

Suddenly I felt something pulling me out of my bed to the floor. I fell to my knees and the first words that came out of my mouth were, "Holy Spirit. I had talked to God, and to His Son, but until now I had never realized that the Holy Spirit was a living, real person. Not knowing what would happen, I began to speak out loud.

I don't think I know You. Before today, I thought I did. Can I meet You? I had no idea what to expect. Would He answer? If so, how? At first there was complete silence.

Nothing happened. I was tingling with the power of God's Spirit.

Victory in Jesus

He was there, present in my room. I could feel Him. After the most peaceful night's rest I could remember, I woke up and did what seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. I said, "Good morning, Holy Spirit. Day after day, night after night I became absorbed in God's Word. I would open my Bible and the Holy Spirit would literally cause my eyes to fall on a certain passage of Scripture, then another.

He enlarged my understanding and caused the Word to come alive. Its powerful signal not only reached into Canada, but up and down the eastern United States, and as far away as Europe. I knew I had the right frequency when I heard Kathryn Kuhlman's voice with her familiar sign-on: "Hello there!

And have you been waiting for me? And have you been waaaaaiting for me? I just knew you would be there. Miss Kuhlman often laughed about her style as being "Missouri corn bread" because it was so down-to-earth. It may have been plain, yet her words were profound, and they touched something deep within me.

I can still hear her voice coming into my room, saying, "You may ask, 'How can I be filled with the Spirit? I took every opportunity to return to her Friday morning meetings. If a charter bus from Canada was going to one of her miracle services in Ottawa, Cleveland, or Buffalo, I did my best to be on board.

Not long after my encounter with the Holy Spirit, I was back at First Presbyterian in Pittsburgh and listened intently as Kathryn told of the price she had paid for the power of the Holy Spirit. Her message centered on the necessity of death to self. I can still see her looking across that audience, saying, "Any of you ministers can have what I have if you'll only pay the price.

She quoted from Isaiah 52 when God said, "Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion. Through the years, this message has taken on a greater meaning for me. The personal cost Miss Kuhlman talked about was prayerand I made a decision in that meeting that I would pay the price. It was the key to unleashing God's power. They were sown into my life. They grew. They blossomed. He used Kathryn to prepare me for ministry.

In fact I have been telling her about your ministry. Can you be in Pittsburgh next Friday morning? She will be able to meet with you right after the service. I'll be there! The idea that I would finally have the opportunity to meet Miss Kuhlman was thrilling. I wanted to express my gratitude for the pivotal role she had played in my life. I arrived early at First Presbyterian Church.

As usual, people were lined up by the hundreds waiting for the doors to open. A few minutes later a staff member came to me and said, "I know that you are here to meet with Miss Kuhlman after the service. However, she will not be here today. She is sick and has been taken to the hospital. Kathryn never canceled a service. A few minutes later the entire waiting crowd was given the same message. The news was cause for great concern. They were stunned. In hushed whispers they asked each other, "I wonder how serious it really is?

Do you think they will tell us more? I left Pittsburgh and returned to Canada. Many times I've been asked, "Benny, tell me about Miss Kuhlman. As I told members of my staff recently, "Had I met Kathryn it is possible that I would have forever believed she gave the anointing to me, or that God may have used her in some way to transfer it to me. God uses His servants to influence us to walk in His wayseven to bring us into an atmosphere where miracles occur.

The Lord did not give me any special power or gift through Kathryn Kuhlman, instead He used her to help me find the anointing. As you will read in these pages, God certainly uses people, but He is your only Source. Why do I want to share this remarkable story of Kathryn Kuhlman with you? It demonstrates what can happen when an ordinary person becomes totally yielded to the Holy Spirit.

In her lifetime she said she died one thousand deaths, yet there was great triumph. Her God was very much alive. People arrived by taxis, limousines, pickup trucks and on foot. Buses and even plane loads came from major cities in the west and often from foreign countries.

On some days the building could have been easily filled twice. Thousands of disappointed people had to be turned away.

Before each service hundreds of choir members rehearsed under the direction of Dr. Arthur Metcalfe, a distinguished musician who had been with Miss Kuhlman for years. At the organ was another longtime member of the team, Charles Beebee.

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The ushers and counselors were at their appointed locations, while Kathryn was backstage, simultaneously praying and double-checking to make sure every detail of the service was in place.

Thunderous Applause Jamie Buckingham once described the beginning of a service he attended at the Shrine. The music pealed until the walls fairly vibrated and my scalp tingled. Metcalfe led the choir in a few more stirring anthems and choruses, they began singing what became a "trademark" of Kathryn's ministry: He Touched Me.

It was usually during that song that Miss Kuhlman suddenly appeared on the platform. Electricity seemed to crackle from her. The music and praise continued until a holy hush fell across the room and she would praynothing memorized, but something drawn deep from within.

We feel the blessed presence of the Holy Spirit. We promise to give You all the praise, all the glory, for what is about to happen here. Pour out Your Spirit upon us, for Jesus' sake. Her meetings were always alive and often filled with laughter. It was a genuine reflection that mirrored her personality.

They never knew quite what to expect. Sometimes she would preach for an hour or more. On other occasions she would invite people to the stage who had been healed in previous meetings.

Often, hundreds were "slain in the spirit," something we will explore later. Finally, there would be a moment when she felt the healing power of God begin to touch people in the audience. It was powerful. And somebody's vision is being restored. Staff members, led by Maggie Hartner and Ruth Fisher, fanned out across the auditorium to hear firsthand accounts of miracles. Many were ushered to the platform to share their healings publicly.

The Scoffers Were there critics? Of course there were. They came out of curiosity as much as anything. They were wary. There was open distrust on the part of some; desperation on the part of countless others; and still others were intensely loyal. There were extremes of reactions, but no one could get away from the fact that something out of the ordinary happened.

Hundreds would flock to the front, cramming the aisles to pray the sinners prayer with her. She truly believed it when she said, "Having your sins forgiven is the greatest miracle of all. She immediately walked to the section filled with wheelchairs and stretchers, praying for those who had not been healed.

When people looked at their watches, they couldn't believe it. They had been in the auditorium for four hours, yet it seemed like forty minutes.

Making Headlines In the late s and early s Miss Kuhlman's name became a household word. Popular comedians of the day, Flip Wilson and Ruth Buzzi, would mimic her dramatic style. Time magazine wrote in , "Kathryn Kuhlman looks for all the world like dozens of the women in her audience.

But hidden underneath the Shirley Temple hairdo is one of the most remarkable Christian Charismatics in the U. She is, in fact, a veritable one-woman shrine of Lourdes. In each of her recent servicesin Los Angeles, Toronto and her home base of Pittsburghmiraculous cures seem to occur.

In the early s, Kathryn ventured to nearby cities such as Akron and Cleveland, yet not much farther. For nearly fifteen years she was content to stay in her own backyard. His own healing ministry was flourishing in Anaheim and he felt she would only multiply what God was already doing in southern California. Ten years earlier, there had been a prophecy given by Assembly of God evangelist C.

I Believe in Miracles, 1962, Kathryn Kuhlman, Prentice

Ward to Wilkerson that two things were going to happen in the kingdom: "There is going to be a major reemphasis on Bible teaching and there is going to be a great woman evangelist who will come to the West Coast.

Miss Kuhlman had been a strong financial supporter of the Teen Challenge drug rehabilitation projects and David repeatedly urged Ralph to invite her. The meeting was arranged and, in the late summer of Ralph and his wife, Allene, boarded a plane for Pittsburgh. An Unmistakable Presence They knew that Kathryn conducted a weekly Sunday morning meeting in Youngstown, Ohio, just across the state line from Pennsylvania.

Unannounced, they drove to the Stambaugh Auditorium and slipped into the service. The moment Kathryn walked onto the platform they felt the unmistakable presence of the Lord. The music, the message, the miracles, the freedom in the Spiritit was much like the services we were conducting in Anaheim. The next morning, before their scheduled meeting with Miss Kuhlman at her Carlton House offices, Ralph walked the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, questioning people about her ministry.

They shared the vision they had for Los Angeles. She also laughed about being a country girl from Missouri and wondered whether she'd be accepted in the movie capital of the world. Politely, but firmly, she told the Wilkersons, "No, I'm really not interested. Ralph before they left. There was no response from Miss Kuhlman. Then one day in early the telephone rang. Is this Allene? Oral explained that he was in a crusade in Cleveland, Ohio, and the mother of his organist had just passed away.

And don't leave until she agrees to come to southern California. Miss Kuhlman talked about her overwhelming workload. Allene was determined. Then, on the fourth day, Kathryn took her aside and told her, "I've been praying about this and I really do think this is of God.

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Tell Ralph I'll come to California, but only for one meeting. Only one! In , as John was studying the life and ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman, the Holy Spirit began to give Him a fresh revelation of Himself that led to preaching these messages in Amarillo, Texas. You will be moved to look beyond the manifestations of the Spirit to see the person of the Holy Spirit.

The goal of these messages is that you will come to a deeper knowledge of the Holy Spirit which will bring you into a greater awareness of His ministry to you, in you, and through you.

Right click the individual messages below to download for free. Or click here to download the series on CD. Seeing and Knowing Him. When He Comes to You. Overshadowed by Him. The Baptism of Fire. The Power of His Giftings. A Pure Heart.