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Permission is granted to photocopy this sheet for personal use or you can download it from PARRY. TOUGHNESS. HERO. Hellfrost Player's Guide (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link] arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants. The Hellfrost Player's Guide is a page hardcover with full-color throughout. It's organized into an introduction to Rassilon (the continent of.

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Triple Ace Games’ fantastic Hellfrost maps

Some of the nicer Edges include Blood and Guts which can reduce penalties in Mass Combat scenarios as the hero is used to facing overwhelming odds and Favored Foe, which provides bonuses against a chosen enemy type.

Additionally, characters can become Disciples of each of the Gods, taking an Edge that provides a bonus specifically geared to that God's profile. Perhaps my favorite is Tactician Frankly, that's awesome, and I would have given it to my Fearless Leader I wrote up a while back if I owned this book then.

Pdf hellfrost rpg

Characters also have a Glory rating, which is a reflection of their deeds. This can have neat effects, like gaining the Followers Edge well before Legendary rank, or becoming immortalized in song, which carries its own in-game effects.

You can also have negative Glory, which can spawn enemies for the character or even make them wanted outlaws. Hellfrost ditches Power Points and casters can cast spells as often as they choose to risk it An extensive spell list is also provided, replacing the one from the rulebook as any relevant ones from the rulebook appear in this book and a slew of new ones like Enhance Undead and Gravespeak.

Hellfrost – epic Savage Worlds fantasy roleplaying

A two page summary table wraps up the section for easy reference. The Life in Rassilon chapter provides an overview of the basics of the world, including trade customs, funeral rituals, and general description of the land, presumably expanded upon in the Gazetteer.

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There are a number of factions the characters can join, like the Grey Legion mercenary company, the Lorekeepers, the Roadwardens and the Hearth Knights.

This includes Humans as race, but rather than receiving further Edges and Hindrances as part of a racial package, they instead have a choice of more skills or an extra Edge. These are not the only forms of magic in Rassilon, for Alchemy is also studied, as is Hedge Magic and Herbalism. Both are natural magic rather than arcane or divine magic.

Herbalism focuses on the creation of poultices and draughts to provide remedies to various maladies, but Hedge Magic draws on natural magic to replicate other forms. In game terms, this requires both the Hedge Magic Edge and a Professional Edge if a character wants to know more than Herbalism. In game terms, any time that a one is rolled on the arcane skill die, The Siphoning occurs with effects ranging from the caster being simply Shaken — at best, or Fatigued and losing the use of his powers for a day, to at worst, being Wounded and losing his powers for days or even permanently losing part of his magical ability.

The latter is represented by a reduction in type of die he rolls for his arcane skill. The effect of The Siphoning is to make casting spells anything other than an easy choice, even though all arcanists are free to cast as many spells as they would want.

In game terms, the casting of spells in Hellfrost does not use the Power Points usually found in other Savage Worlds fantasy settings.

Whilst The Siphoning does not affect priests and divine magic, the gods of Rassilon are all the more difficult to contact and they dislike those who abuse their power or call upon it too often. Thus when casting Miracles, a cleric who rolls a 1 on his Faith die, regardless of the Wild die, is automatically Shaken.

At worst, he can be Fatigued or even Wounded.

Pdf hellfrost rpg

Nevertheless, the gods are important and through faith and dedication, it is possible for priests and paladins to become disciple of any one of the twenty-four deities that are recognised — if not always worshipped by the peoples of Rassilon. Each of the gods is fully detailed, from the titles they known as and the aspects they have domain over to the signature Power and Powers granted.

More importantly for paladins and priests, the description includes the sins that in committing would cause either to lose their Powers. For example, Thrym is the god of winter who has risen to prominence as the gods of the fire and sun, Kenaz and Sigel, have disappeared.

Of course, Glory can go down as well as up, and gain such an infamous reputation that he is a Wanted man or even gains an Enemy who wants him dead!

Hellfrost: Player's Guide - Triple Ace Games | Hellfrost |

Essentially, encourages positive play, though a player could still play a villain if he wanted to. These understandably cover the weather and its dangers in some detail as well as the dangers of travelling in cold environments. The book is heavily illustrated, but what there is, does capture the grimmer nature of the setting.

In comparison to other Savage World settings, a complaint could be made that the volume is incomplete in that it requires more books and an adventure to play. Further, beyond the Hellfrost Bestiary and Hellfrost Gazetteer, the Hellfrost setting is well supported by the publisher.

To be honest, this is just another element that brings Rassilon to life and the book includes a pronunciation guide.

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Accompanying this richness is a grim and gritty feel, one that again shows in the setting and its encroaching apocalypse, in its character options, and to an extent in the rules for magic and the weather.