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Linear Geostatistics covers basic geostatistics from the underlying statistical DRM-free; Included format: PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices. Download and Read Free Online Basic Linear Geostatistics Margaret Armstrong Basic Linear Geostatistics by Margaret Armstrong Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio. Basic Linear Geostatistics by Margaret Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A model obtained via kriging provides a false idea of the variability of the true grades as the estimates were calculated minimising the error variance, and therefore smoothing the grades (Armstrong, ). A comprehensive presentation on kriging is presented by Matheron ( [Dr. Margaret Armstrong] Basic Linear Geostatistics - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Basic Linear Geostatistics. Linear Geostatistics covers basic geostatistics from the underlying statistical assumptions, the variogram calculation and modelling Download book PDF.

After outlining the types of problems in mining that geostatistics can be used to solve, an introductory exercise is presented. It illustrates rhe need for good estimators, particularly when selective mining is being used. The economic impact of the support and information effects on reserve calculations is stressed. Lastly some case studies comparing geostatistics with other estimation methods are reviewed. Over rhe past 30 years, geostatistics has proved its superiority as a merhod for estimating reserves in most types of mines precious metals, iron ore, base metals etc. Its application to rhe petroleum industry is more recent, but it has nevertheless demonstrated its usefulness, particularly for contour mapping and for modelling and simulating the internal heterogeneity of reservoirs. Its use has been extended to other fields such as environmental science, hydrogeology, agriculture and even fisheries, where the time component as well as the spatial variability is important.

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So it is important to know how serious fuis error is. Decision makers need to know wOOfuer fue estimated grade is accurate to 0.

As well as giving fue estimated values, geostatistics provides a measure of the accuracy of fue estimate in fue form of fue kriging variance. TIlis is one of the advantages of geostatistics over traditional mefuods of assessing reserves.

So once fue variogram has been selected for a particular deposit or region, fue estimation variance can be found. TI1is makes it possible to evaluate fue estimation variance for a wide variety of possible sample patterns wifuout actually doing fue drilling.

Here a block might represent fue production for a shift, or for a monfu.

In addition to estimating fue ore tonnage and the average grade of mining blOCKS, geostatistics can provide estimates of quality variables. For coal these include ash content, sulphur content, ES. L and calorific value. For iron ore, fuey are the percentages of silica and phosporus, loss on ignition and sometimes manganese content.

After this, a standard contouring package can be used to do the plotting.

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This has the advantage of being more accurate than other methods of evaluating grid node values. Over the past 25 years the petroleum industry has been turning more and more to kriging for this. More recently environmental scientists have also started using geostatistics.

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This means that if a numerical model of a deposit is being set up to test various proposed mine plans, the kriged values should not be fed into this because they would seriously under-estimate the inherent variability.

In this case a conditional simulation of the deposit should be used. More information on when to use simulations rather than kriging is given in Chapter 9. When the sample grid is about the same size as the selection blocks their grades can be estimated individually with reasonable accuracy.

But if the blocks are much smai1er than the grid size as is usually the case at the feasibility stage, it can be misleading trying to get estimates of individual blocks.

These are simply not accurate enough. The best that can be done is to predict the proportion of selection units that will be recovered, and their average grade. This leads in to nonlinear geostatistics.

Similar problems arise in soil rehabilitation work where scientists have to predict the total amount of material that is contaminated, Le. download Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this Textbook Linear Geostatistics covers basic geostatistics from the underlying statistical assumptions, the variogram calculation and modelling through to kriging. Show all.

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Table of contents 10 chapters Table of contents 10 chapters Introduction Armstrong, Dr. Margaret Pages Regionalized Variables Armstrong, Dr.

The Variogram Armstrong, Dr. Experimental Variograms Armstrong, Dr. Structural Analysis Armstrong, Dr.


The Theory of Kriging Armstrong, Dr. Practical Aspects of Kriging Armstrong, Dr. Case Study using Kriging Armstrong, Dr.