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Also by Gillian McKeith · You Are What You Eat Cookbook · Gillian McKeith's Food Bible · Slim for Life. See all books by Gillian McKeith. You Are What You Eat by Dr Gillian McKeith, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In the primetime Channel 4 television series You Are What You Eat, Dr Gillian McKeith works closely with eight ordinary people - dubbed Britain's Worst Eaters .

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You Are What You Eat book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the author of Gillian McKeith's Food Bible and Slim for. You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life [Gillian McKeith] on + $ shipping. Sold by: Add to Cart. $ + $ shipping. You Are What You Eat – The Book. If your body could talk what would it say about you? We've all heard the old adage 'you are what you eat', but have you ever.

Mar 28, Pages download. Mar 28, Pages. You Are What You Eat features real-life diet makeovers and case studies, easy to use lists and charts, and beautiful full color photographs. By encouraging you to eat more nutrient-dense, flavorful whole foods, You Are What You Eat will teach you how to stay healthy and satisfied. This healthy guide also includes:

You can keep an online food diary and access the biggest UK online calorie and nutrition database.

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Try it free for 24 hours. Find out if what you eat is healthy and balanced using the tools in Weight Loss Resources.

You Are What You Eat – The Book

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Book Review: Following this initial phase dieters may include small amounts of fish and organic chicken in the diet. She recommends that dieters follow the principles of food combining for better digestion. Fruit is to be eaten on an empty stomach with starches and proteins to be eaten at separate meals. Dieters are advised to eat small and frequent meals and to snack on fruit and vegetables when feeling hungry.

McKeith advocates the use of fresh juices and raw foods due to their high nutrient and enzyme content. She also advises dieters to take digestive enzymes whenever they eat a cooked meal. You Are What You Eat also recommends that dieters start their program with a series of colon cleansers so as to support the detoxification of the body that occurs with the major dietary change that is generally necessary.

Red meat, caffeine, sugar, refined grains, spicy foods, fatty foods, and alcohol are to be strictly eliminated. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh juices, sprouts, legumes, soy beans, nuts, whole grains such as oats and quinoa, fish, organic chicken, low fat dairy products, cold pressed oils, honey and maple syrup in moderation, herbal teas.

Fresh peach More vegetarian recipes can be found here. You Are What You Eat recommends exercise as part of a balanced approach to long-term weight loss.

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This book actually has helped me McKeith has a bad reputation in some circles as being the notorious "poo lady" on a British reality show. This book actually has helped me to improve my diet and reduce some bad habits, so I do recommend it One is to do your own research about the supplements she recommends.

I am not against wisely using some supplements, for example I find that taking valerian before bedtime actually works better than some prescriptions I've tried. I relax and fall asleep Likewise, a cup of peppermint tea after a heavy meal calms my stomach down, so no need for an antacid. On the other hand, people can get into trouble if they're not smart, like what happened with ephedra. Some people took huge amounts of that herb, in mixed "energy" or "weight loss" pills, when that is not even the appropriate use of the herb to start with.

Because of things like that, herbs which are helpful in some circumstances get banned, and everything is tarnished with the same brush. I don't recall McKeith giving any particularly bad advice based on my study of herbalism , but it's always a good idea to do some research before taking anything.

Review - You Are What You Eat by Gillian McKeith

As possible sources for your research, I recommend Andrew Weil or Rosemary Gladstar, two authors whose advice has never led me astray. The only real quibble I have with this book is that she mentions getting colonics at one point. It's not a major part of the book, but I am really tired of faddish and unnecessary crap no pun intended creeping into every other book in this market.

Well, she is the "poo" lady Jan 19, Robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked the way this book was printed and presented. It's very colorful and glossy, and it's divided into really small segments, so you can easily pick it up and read a few pages and complete a whole topic. It covers interesting things such as looking at physical problems and figuring out what you may be deficient on -- for instance cracks on the fingertips or tongue.

It's right up my alley to use the nutrients in foods to heal and to eliminate the bad things to help fix health problems. What's I liked the way this book was printed and presented. What's not up my alley is eating crap, not exercising and then seeking out medicines to mask problems.

This book focuses on improving health through wholesome foods, but it's not intimidating. It's informative and simple. She offers a simple 1-day cleanse that involves a lot of fluids -- water and tea and fresh veggie and fruit juice -- along with green smoothies, miso soup and fresh veggies.

Most "cleanses" are long and intimidating. This one seems so much more doable. The book offers a few recipe ideas in the back and some examples of eating for a week. It pushes raw veggies first and foremost and some animal proteins if carefully chosen. It urges going light on wheat but definitely eating whole grains -- millet, quinoa, etc. Dec 07, Charlotte rated it really liked it Shelves: Few people know or remember that Gillian McKeith had a television show, as I recall, also called "You Are What You Eat", which I sporadically watched while it lasted due to the entertainment factor.

Those families were eating vegetable casserole for the rest of their lives. I guarantee it. Her book isn't nearly as menacing as her television show. In it, Ms. McKeith tells you simply what kind of food is bad and what is good, and tells you what kind of food can help you improve brainpower or muscles or various other things.

Apparently raw sauerkraut is good for your sex drive.


I never knew that before. Did anyone? She does it comprehensively and obviously knows what she's doing, and manages to hold the reader's interest, despite the fact that it is, you know, a cookbook. Four stars. Mar 01, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: I rented this book hoping to get some recipes from the show, there are a few recipes, but it is more like a guide on how to do what the people in the show do.

If you like her show on BBCAmerica it sure is transfixing! Like a super-natural makeover And want some tips on how to do that, read this book The book has lots of recommendations for natural healing - please check I rented this book hoping to get some recipes from the show, there are a few recipes, but it is more like a guide on how to do what the people in the show do.

Like a super-natural makeover And want some tips on how to do that, read this book The book has lots of recommendations for natural healing - please check with your doctor or Rph before trying things like st johns wort or valerian etc. I tried the veggie bean patties - hmm It tasted good that way, but not what I was looking for. I was hoping for a gluten free veggie pattie that steph could eat as a 'burger'.

These were very crumbly and quite tasteless I used coriander, cumin, and salt to season the mixture before baking. The mixture before baking was way too wet, and I wondered if the conversion from metric to standard measurements ruined the balance.

I have not tried the shepherds pie yet. Nov 05, Becky Davison rated it it was amazing. I picked this book up in an airport on a whim I didn't realize it was connected to the television program that I had caught once or twice. This book is laid out really well, in short topics, graphics, or lists making the information really easy to dare I say digest. I have been reading a lot about food lately and while I know better than to believe everything I read, I feel that this book is full of useful lessons for someone looking to really understand what to fuel the body with.

I won't b I picked this book up in an airport on a whim I won't be incorporating every lesson this book has to offer, I have certainly taken away some advice that I plan to turn into healthy eating habits. This is not a diet plan or a limiting food guide Although it does offer a 7 day meal plan with recipes to support I've insisted that we have a copy of this book for our staff lunch room!

Jan 15, Yvette rated it liked it Recommended to Yvette by: Mandy Melson! This book is incredibly informative. It's not a step by step guide to health, like many fad diet books are, but instead it explains why the foods we eat do what they do. A great overview if you are tyring to change your overall health, but don't know where to start.

So, a few years have gone by and I notice that I consult this book basically never. I've kept some of the things in it in mind, but after seeing the TV show, and reading more and learning and just basically going through life. I've kept some of the things in it in mind, but after seeing the TV show, and reading more and learning and just basically going through life In conclusion, I still think this book is a decent place to start if you are in absolute terrible health and eat like crap and you want to make a change.

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If you are already fairly active, eat alright and aren't in bad health, then there are other books out there that may be better suited for your needs. Oct 12, Stirling rated it did not like it.

Rubbish - a needless complicated plan that she insists is simple. Tons of assertions without providing any evidence except the occasional anecdote.

You Are What You Eat

And totally shaming language throughout. There is one quiz where the scores are divided into 5 sections.

If you score pts, your section is titled "You are a big mess. You are not okay" - and its not even the worst score you can get. Gillian - you flunk big time. Just found this online: A regular from my website badscience. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.