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The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon Lara Cameron is a famous powerful wealthy New York building developer who struggled from brutal. You can Read The Stars Shine Down Pdf or Read Online The Stars Shine Down Pdf, Book The Stars Shine Down. Pdf, And The Stars Shine Down Pdf PDF. Click HERE to Download in EPUB Format · - Click HERE to Download in PDF Format The Stars Shine Down (). - Click HERE to Download in EPUB.

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The Stars Shine Down Sidney Sheldon. Synopsis: Lara Cameron is the most successful real estate developer in New. York city. Married. When the private jet finally landed at La Guardia, it was an hour and a half late. Lara made Text file converted with f a struggle for achieving an obsession in. Lara Cameron, an insecure, ruthless, and beautiful self-made billionaire finds that everything she has ever desired and won has become swiftly imperiled.

Shelves: owned Read in a day! Even though we didn't get a full closure and there were some minor inconsistencies, I loved it : Apr 27, Crime Addict Sifat rated it it was amazing Another master piece by master story teller Sidney Sheldon. Ascending from a past she looks to subdue, she accomplishes her most out of control aspiration, making a quite begrudged business domain. At that point, overnight, every one of that has gone some time recently, her fortune, her accomplishments, and her marriageeverythingis at hazard. Paul Martin, a splendid however secretive legal advisor who is enthralled by Lara, at last is confronted with her Another master piece by master story teller Sidney Sheldon. Paul Martin, a splendid however secretive legal advisor who is enthralled by Lara, at last is confronted with her craving for autonomy and his own impulse no to release her. Howard Keller, Laras long-term companion and tutor, is torn between faithfulness to her and keeping up a startling mystery, one that must never be revealedespecially to Lara.

Write a product review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. I have always liked Sidney Sheldon's writings. Before this novel, I have read 'Memories of midnight'. It was a wonderful novel and so was 'The Stars shine down'. The author is an excellent story teller.

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The mystery he creates through his writings is the most attractive part. I couldn't think of anything else other than his story, while reading. I completed this novel in just three days. I kept all my work aside and got involved with his stories as if I was living those moments.

It's like visualizing a movie.


So well written and described. Sydney Sheldon has written such great novels that everytime they leave a mark that is hard to forget. But this novel was subtle than most of his other works. Still, a fan must read it. Paperback Verified download. Great Books No competing Sheldon when we are talking about words Called Mystery and Suspense!!

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My Sixth Sheldon Book Read this book Already just Bought to gift My friend!! Don't Wanna Break Any Suspense. Sooo what are looking Down One person found this helpful. Sheldon is more gripping in his novels than this Expected a lot after reading his other novels like Doomsday conspiracy, the other side of midnight, bloodline etc It is a good book Not more than that.

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Remember Me. About Guides FAQs. Font Size Increase font size Decrease font size Default font size. Wide default Fluid Narrow. Mega Css Dropline Split. Okay, I shall go on to explain why. Lara Cameron is born with a jack-ass of a father who refuses to acknowledge her in his life, calling her a "jinx" creating all sorts of problems for her.

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What made matters worse is that her mother had died giving birth to her, which added to all the tension. As a result, Lara grew up without a mother's love AND a father's love, being outcast by the students in her school who liked to bully her upon knowing she does not have any parents. Her father works at a boarding house in which he needs to collect rents from the tenants and return to the landlord at the end of the month.

The boarding house is where Lara starts to become more independent - while her father nearly died unfortunately in a bad way resting in a hospital, Lara was the one who went around to help collect dues owed and replaced her father's position.

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This impressed the landlord however, he was a bastard who intend to take advantage of Lara. Fast forward, Lara became an impressive owner of hotels and she managed to make her mark in a man's dominated field - real estate. The put downs and humiliation by the men she had come across had not stopped her determination to succeed. What is inspiring about this novel is that a woman's inner strength is so strong that others can't help but stop to admire and respect her.

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I feel that Lara has many good and strong points. Firstly, though she has a stoic stone cold woman facade, beneath all that lies a gold heart.

This is evident in how she treats her employees as though they are her family - a family she could never have, properly. I am glad she finally found her happily ever after with the pianist.