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HE GREAT ILLUMINIST, Rosicrucian and. Freemason who termed himself the Comte de St Germain is without question the most baffling personality of. The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De St.-Germain: With Introductory Materia in Sign in to view your status or learn more about private listings. . of the. Language Notes Text: English, French Read more From the Publisher The Philosophical Research Society is a nonprofit organization founded in for the.

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The Most Holy Trinosophia. Comte De Saint-Germain. Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Pages (PDF): Publication Date: Download. The Most Holy Trinosophia - Comte De St. Germain. The Most Holy Trinosophia Of The Comte De St Germain the first one to write a review. Views. 3 Favorites. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS.

The Trinosophia is an allegorical account of spiritual initiation, similar to The Chymical Marriage. A very rare occult book. His name was so nearly a synonym of mystery that the enigma of his true identity was as insolvable to his contemporaries as it has been to later investigators. His whole personality bore the indelible stamp of gentle breeding. The grace and dignity that characterized his conduct, together with his perfect composure in every situation, attested the innate refinement and culture of one accustomed to high station.

What was the truth? One thing alone is certain, that he was the protege of the last Medici. In her excellent monograph, The Comte de St.

Cooper-Oakley lists the more important names under which this amazing person masqueraded between the years and Nor is it impossible that he is the same as the remarkable Signor Gualdi whose exploits Hargreave Jennings recounts in his book The Rosicrucians, Their Rites and Mysteries. In personal appearance, the Comte de St. His complexion was somewhat swarthy and his hair dark, though often powdered.

He dressed simply,' usually in black, but his clothes were well fitting and of the best quality. His eyes possessed a great fascination and those who looked into them were profoundly influenced.

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According to Madame de Pompadour, he claimed to possess the secret of eternal youth, and upon a certain occasion claimed having been personally acquainted with Cleopatra, and at another time of having "chatted familiarly with the Queen of Sheba"!

Had it not been for his striking personality and apparently supernatural powers, the Comte would undoubtedly have been considered insane, but his transcending genius was so evident that he was merely termed eccentric. Vowels are often omitted, and at times several letters are missing with merely dots to indicate their number. Every combination of hieroglyphics seemed hopeless at the beginning, yet, after hours of alphabetic dissection, one familiar word would appear. This gave a clue as to the language used, and established a place where word combination might begin, and then a sentence would gradually unfold.

The keynote throughout this material is that of the approach of the age when the Leg of the Grand Man and the Waterman of the Zodiac shall meet in conjunction at the equinox and end a grand ,year cycle. This points to a culmination of eons, as mentioned in the Apocalypse: "Behold!

I make a new heaven and a new earth," meaning a series of new cycles and a new humanity. The personage who gathered the material in this manuscript was indeed one whose spiritual understanding might be envied. He found these various texts in different parts of Europe, no doubt, and that he had a true knowledge of their import is proved by the fact that he attempted to conceal some forty fragmentary ancient texts by scattering them within the lines of his own writing. The sword rebounded and the blow re-echoed as if I had struck on a brass bell.

No sooner had I obeyed the voice than the altar disappeared and the columns vanished in boundless space. The sound which I had heard when striking the altar repeated itself as if a thousand blows had been struck at the same time. A hand seized me by the hair and lifted me toward the vault which opened to let me through.

Shadowy phantoms appeared before meHydras, Lamias and serpents surrounded me. The sight of the sword in my hand scattered the foul throng even as the first rays of light dissipate the frail dream-children of the night.

After mounting straight upward through the layers that composed the walls of the globe, I saw again the light of day. The velocity with which we sped through space can be compared with naught but itself. In an instant I had lost sight of the plains below.

I noticed with astonishment that I had emerged from the bowels of the earth far from the country about Naples. A desert and some triangular masses were the only objects I could see. Soon, in spite of the trials which I had undergone, a new terror assailed me. The earth seemed to me only a vague cloud.

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I had been lifted to a tremendous height. My invisible guide left me and I descended again. For quite a long time I rolled through space; already the earth spread out before my confused vision. I could estimate how many minutes would pass until I would be crushed on the rocks. But quick as thought my guide darts down beside me, takes hold of me, lifts me up again, and again lets me fall. Finally he raises me with him to an immeasurable distance.

I saw globes revolve around me and earths gravitate at my feet.

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Suddenly the genius who bore me touched my eyes and I swooned. I know not how long I remained in this condition. When I awoke I was lying on a luxurious cushion; the air I breathed was saturated with the fragrance of flowers. A blue robe spangled with golden stars had replaced my linen garment. A yellow altar stood opposite me from which a pure flame ascended having no other substance for its alimentation than the altar itself.

Letters in black were engraved at the base of the altar. A lighted torch stood beside it, shining like the sun; hovering above it was a bird with black feet, silvery body, a red head, black wings and a golden neck.

It was in constant motion without however using its wings.

It could only fly when in the midst of the flames. In its beak was a green branch; its name is hkim, the name of the altar is hallj. Altar, bird and torch are the symbol of all things. Nothing can be done without them. They themselves are all that is good and great. The name of the torch is Majs. Four inscriptions surrounded these different emblems. Its mass was composed of marble and its form was triangular.

Four tiers of columns were raised one above the other. A golden ball topped the edifice. The first tier of columns was white, the second black, the third green and the last one a brilliant red. I intended, after having admired this work of immortal artists, to return to the place of the altar, the bird and the torch; I desired to study them further.

They had disappeared and with my eyes I was searching for them when the doors of the palace opened. A venerable old man came forth clad in a robe like mine, except that a golden sun shone on his breast. His right hand held a green branch, the other upheld a censer. A wooden chain was about his neck and a pointed tiara like that of Zoroaster covered his white head.

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He came toward me, a benevolent smile on his lips. My son, thou hast let lip by the opportunity. Thou couldst have seized instantly, the bird, Hakm the torch, Majs and the altar, Hallj Thou wouldst have become altar, bird and torch at one and the same time. Now, in order to arrive at the most secret place of the Palace of sublime sciences, it will be necessary for thee to pass through all byways. I must first of all present thee to my brothers.

The eyes of the vulgar cannot conceive the form and richness of the ornaments which embellished it. Three hundred and sixty columns enclosed it on all sides. Suspended from a golden ring in the ceiling was a cross of red, white, blue and black.

In the center of the hall was a triangular altar composed of the four elements; on its three points were placed the bird, the altar and the torch. Here the bird is called aspirna, the altar Kabena and the torch Nephrith?. The hall is called Hajalah, and the triangular altar: Athanor. Around the altar were placed eighty-one thrones, to each of which one mounted by nine steps of unequal height, the treads being covered with red carpets. While I was examining the thrones, a trumpet sounded whereupon the doors of the hall swung on theirhinges to let pass seventy-nine persons, all attired like my guide.

Slowly they came near and seated themselves on the thrones while my guide stood beside me. An old man, distinguished from his brothers by a purple mantle the hem of which was covered with embroidered characters, arose, and my guide, addressing them in the sacred tongue, said: "Behold one of our children whom it is the will of God to make as great as his fathers.

There remain long journeys for thee to undertake.

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Henceforth thy name shall be El-Tam arab. Before thou visit this edifice, each of my eight brothers and myself will present thee with a gift. It is from their admixture that the divine product must come.

Know also that all of them are null if thou employ them not in the order in which thou hast received them. The second, which serves for the use of the first, remains merely crude matter without warmth and without usefulness unless in its turn it is aided by that which comes after it.

Guard carefully the gifts thou hast received and set out upon thy journeys after thou hast drunk from the cup of life. I was about to hand the cup back to him after moistening my lips in the liquor, when the old man said: "Drink it all; it will be thy only nourishment during thy journeys.

Most Holy Trinosophia

I was stronger, braver; even my intellectual powers seemed doubled. I hastened to give the greeting of the wise men to the august assembly I was about to leave, and at my guides command I entered a long gallery on my right hand. Section VII AT the entrance of this gallery stood an oval steel vessel which upon my approach filled with crystal-clear water, purified by fine white sand.

The vessel rested on three brass feet. A black panel had engraved on it several characters on the side facing the door.

Near the vessel was a linen veil and above the vessel two green marble columns supported a round marble placque. One saw there, surrounded by two inscriptions, the figure of the sacred seal formed of a cross in four colours, attached to a golden crosspiece which upheld two other concentric circles, the larger one being black, the other red. To one of the columns was attached a silver ax with a blue handle; it is called Qualqanthm ancient name for sulfur.

After reading the inscriptions I went up to the vessel and washed, first my hands, but finished by plunging in bodily. I stayed there three days, and on coming out of the water I saw that it had lost its transparency. Its sand had become grayish and rust-coloured particles stirred in the fluid. I tried to dry myself with the linen veil but fresh drops of water kept taking the place of those the linen absorbed. I gave up trying to dry myself with the veil and, keeping in the shade, I remained there motionless for six whole days.

At the end of this time the source of these waters was exhausted. I found that I was dry and lighter though my strength seemed to be increased. After walking about for a little while I returned to the vessel. The water which had been in it was gone. In its place was a reddish liquid; the sand was gray and metallic. I again bathed in it, being careful however to remain there only a few moments.

When stepping out of it I noticed that I had absorbed part of the liquid. This time I did not try to dry myself with the cloth, for the liquor with which I was saturated was so strong and corrosive that it would have instantly destroyed the fabric. I found myself at the other end of the gallery stretched out on a bed of warm sand where I spent seven days.

After this time I returned to the vessel. The water was as it had first appeared. Once more I plunged into it and after having washed myself carefully, came out.

This time I had no difficulty in drying myself.

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Finally, after having purified myself according to the mstructions I had received, I prepared to leave this gallery in which I had spent sixteen days. At the further end of the apartment on a pedestal composed of the trunk of a vine lay a mass of white and shining salt. Above was a picture showing a crowned white lion and a cluster of grapes; both rested on a salver sustained in the air by the smoke of a lighted brazier.

To my right and left two doors opened, one giving unto an arid plain. A dry and scorching wind blew over it continually. The other door opened on a lake at the extreme end of which a black marble faade could be seen.

I approached the altar and took into my hands some of the white and shining salt which the sages call Mararesha and rubbed my entire body with it. I impregnated myself with it, and after having read the hieroglyphics accompanying the picture I prepared to leave this hall. My first intention was to leave by the door opening upon the plain, but there issued therefrom a hot vapor and I preferred the opposite path. I had the freedom of choice with the condition, however, not to leave the one once chosen.

I decided to cross the lake; its waters were sombre and sleeping.

The Most Holy Trinosophia Of The Comte De St Germain 1933

At a certain distance I clearly noticed a bridge called bs To reach it I would have been obliged to follow the windings of a shore covered with rocks, and I preferred to cross the lake.

I entered the water which was as thick as cement. I noticed that it was useless for me to swim since my feet touched bottom everywhere. I walked in the lake for thirteen days. At last I came to the other shore.

A hardly perceptible slope led me to the base of the building which I had seen from afar. On its long square front several characters were engraved like those used by the priests of ancient Persia.

The entire building was made of rough black basalt; the doors, of cypress wood, opened to let me pass.