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the absolutely awesome jquery cookbook, but end up in harmful downloads. pdf download tophboogie, introduction to operations research 9th edition. The Absolutely Awesome jQuery CookBook $ $ download eBook Includes (PDF + ePub + Mobi) Contents include source code, PDF, ePub and Mobi. the absolutely awesome jquery cookbook - the absolutely awesome book for the beginner javascript programmer. the [pdf] their frontier.

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Absolutely Positioning an Element at Its Current Position. .. CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery in order to implement client-approved designs. Ralph of-. have to obligate. the absolutely awesome jquery cookbook - the absolutely .txt web design with html, css, javascript and jquery set pdf - a two-book set for. The Absolutely Awesome. jQuery. CookBook. (covers jQuery v or v & jQueryUI v). By Suprotim Agarwal. Page 3. About the Author. Suprotim Agarwal.

This book was published by O'Reilly Media on 19 November , under the ISBN , and is authored by no fewer than 19 contributors — all quite knowledgeable of JavaScript and jQuery — and edited by one of those contributors, Cody Lindley. On the publisher's page for the book, visitors can read the book's description, table of contents, and errata, of which there are 22 as of this writing, although none have been confirmed by the authors or publisher. Visitors can also download all of the sample code used in the book, in addition to the eight code demos for Chapter Lastly, prospective downloaders can download the print version of the book, the electronic one in PDF, ePub, and Mobi format , or the two combined at a considerable discount — or read the book as part of Safari Books Online. Lindley starts off the first chapter, titled "jQuery Basics," by presenting the advantages, philosophy, and organization of jQuery.

Some of the discussion overlaps material presented in the previous two chapters, but it is always worthwhile to hear critical concepts explained from a different perspective. However, section 3. The fourth chapter may be brief, but it explains several jQuery utility methods. This points up one of the key downsides of having almost every chapter of a programming book written by separate authors: readers can be confused or misled by disparities in coding practices, especially when the reasoning behind them is not given.

The title of the fifth chapter, "Faster, Simpler, More Fun," is a bit misleading, because the authors don't explain how to make one's jQuery programming simpler or more fun, but they do provide a great deal of information on troubleshooting, performance optimization, and jQuery coding practices, including those pertaining to progressive enhancement, accessibility, and unobtrusiveness. Section 5.

The Absolutely Awesome jQuery Cookbook Released

The remaining chapters are dedicated to more specific aspects of jQuery programming, including the important topics of page layout as well as element positioning and sizing, discussed in Chapter 6. The subsequent chapter delves into effects, which is one of the more exciting topics in the jQuery realm. Even though a portion of the readers may be put off by the trickiness of the code, the material does demonstrate some of the powerful capabilities of jQuery effects — which in conjunction with HTML5 may easily encroach on areas of client-side programming formerly dominated by Adobe Flash.

Throughout Chapter 7, most if not all places where the author refers to the "mouse," he apparently means the "mouse pointer. The next pair of chapters discuss a variety of techniques for enhancing HTML forms, from scratch and through the use of jQuery plug-ins.

The Absolutely Awesome jQuery Cookbook Released | DotNetCurry

The sample source code is better commented than what is seen elsewhere in the book, and the explanations are quite good. The subsequent chapter focuses on jQuery plug-ins, beyond their usage within HTML forms, and briefly explains how to create your own plug-ins and how to perform unit testing on them.

Because JavaScript is primarily a client-side technology, it should come as no surprise that jQuery can prove an outstanding tool in crafting user interfaces for Web sites and Web-based applications.

Chapters 13 through 15 explore such topics as drop-down menus, sliding panels, rotating images, modal windows, tooltips, the jQuery UI , and how to style jQuery UI widgets, a.

The Absolutely Awesome jQuery Cookbook Released

Finally, the last two chapters of the book are geared more to testing and deployment, and less so to interface design and development. The topics covered include techniques for persisting data in the browser, managing large amounts of code and data for major software projects, automating the unit testing of jQuery code, testing callbacks and user actions, grouping and selecting tests, and more. Overall, jQuery Cookbook starts off with some basics, and only then moves on to higher-level concepts and related use cases.

However, the book is ostensibly aimed at beginners and intermediate JavaScript programmers, but the former group may find the ideas difficult to grasp fully, despite the introductory chapters — because some of the techniques are fairly advanced, they involve terminology unfamiliar to anyone new to jQuery, and some of that terminology is not explained.

On the other hand, the recipes are generally well written and clear, supplemented with properly tested and working code. Consequently, anyone who takes the time to work through the examples patiently, should be well rewarded.

Because of its coverage of a wide range of topics, jQuery Cookbook can be used not only as a learning aid, but in some respects also as a reference — and in this regard the book's index will be quite useful. In light of the considerable length of the manuscript, reading it from stem to stern would involve an investment of time — especially if one were to work through all of the examples and try them out in one's own development environment — quite easily, in fact, since all of it can be downloaded from the publisher's site.

Awesome the jquery pdf absolutely cookbook

Most of it, however, is organized as plain text files, and not HTML files; and no reason is provided for this annoying choice. In terms of the layout and appearance of the text and figures, one flaw is that in countless lines throughout the book, the words are jammed together, making it difficult to read the text rapidly. In fact, some of these lines almost look like single words.

jQuery Cookbook

This is also seen in the subheads, an excellent example of which can be found on page "Solution2:ChangingthehrefAttributeoftheStylesheetThat'sResponsible. The contents will be delivered to your email within 24 hours of download.

In pages of jQuery awesomeness, this eBook lays out a specific solution to a scenario that will be immediately useful in your day-to-day work.

If you use an e-reader, it's probably a Kindle. The eBook contains solutions that have been tested in almost every major browser. Each recipe includes working code and a live demo to test the code.

Jquery pdf the cookbook absolutely awesome

This book is primarily geared towards the everyday jQuery developer and designer who wants a reference for specific issues that come up in their projects. Suprotim Agarwal has been developing web applications since the year using Microsoft and JavaScript technologies. He is an author and the founder of popular.

NET websites like Dotnetcurry.

Awesome the pdf absolutely jquery cookbook

NET Magazine. You can follow him on twitter suprotimagarwal or check out his previous book 51 Recipes with jQuery and ASP.

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