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good thing! In Visual Studio Team Foundation Server , Sam and Neno distill the If you are using Agile and Visual Studio, this book should be a required. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is a source code control, project management, and team collaboration platform at the core of the. Professional Team Foundation Server (free e-book plus link to with Visual Studio (links to free e-book and download paperback).

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Completely revised and updated to focus on TFS , this book provides an in- depth look at how to use, adapt, and extend TFS to your advantage. It addresses . Professional Scrum with Team Foundation Server Computer Science Books @ out of 5 starsI wish I had this book many years ago. January 17, Format: Kindle Edition. TFS is unique in that it. I own the first two versions of this book and was looking forward to the third version. There was a lot of change between the first and second editions, but this .

Added Art of Unit Testing Version 2. No more, as this list is an answer to those request! I have divided it into different subject areas, and each area hold a small number of the books I have found most appropriate and covering for that area. I have also added links to most of the authors blogs, which can be just as useful as their books. Powered by:

In the release pipeline, rearranging the order in which parallel environments are visualized is not possible. A SQL exception may occur when queuing an agent pool maintenance job to an agent with a previous version. Test The Run Timeout test setting is not being honored. The Test Category filter does not work when running tests in distibuted mode. The Test Plan filter does not show if the filter query is invalid.

Cannot extract more than ten steps from a Test Case into a Shared Step.

Book tfs 2012

When a build completes with no test results, an incorrect message is shown, directing users to Visual Studio Test tasks. The context menu for assigning testers is missing. The total number of hidden tests are not accurate after deleting existing test cases on the task board.

The count in the Test Chart is incorrect when rolling up from child test plans.

2012 book tfs

Hierarchical views of ordered test cases are not shown when publishing test results. Wiki There is no error when an inserted file fails to upload due to a large size.


Reporting The color picker is not visible when configuring the Chart for Work Items. The warehouse jobs are running after opting out of reporting during an upgrade to TFS The upgrade to TFS can take a long time when configuring scheduled backups. Gary P. Joachim Rossberg, Mathias Olausson. Professional Application Lifecycle Management.

Ask a developer for confirmation in a TFS checkin policy

Visual Studio Cookbook. Richard Banks. Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio. Sam Guckenheimer, Neno Loje. A very good book on Agile techniques with TFS. Professional Scrum with Team Foundation Server. Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi , William Bartholomew. Effective C and More Effective C.

Bill Wagner. Framework Design Guidelines.

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Krzysztof Cwalina , Brad Abrams. Guidelines specially aimed at frameworks and libraries, but most of the stuff is generally applicable.

Clean Code. Roy Osherove. Martin Fowler. Working effectively with Legacy Code. Michael Feathers. The book contains a series of patterns for how to work and refactor legacy code.

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An old but very good classic FAQ guideline books. Implementation Patterns. A very nice book on best practices coding. Examples in Java, but just as valid for C.

Book tfs 2012

Design Patterns. Design Patterns explained. A very good book explaining the patterns in a very good and easy to follow manner. Head First Design Patterns. A very fun and easy read book on design patterns. Domain driven design.

Eric Evans. An essential book on proper and correct software design. Patterns on Enterprise Application Architecture. An essential book on application patterns, explaining the basic patterns which governs most proper made applications and frameworks.

Applying UML and Patterns. Craig Larman. A great classic book. The Timeless Way of Building. This book is not originally intended for software people, but for building and city architects.

A very good test pattern catalogue book. Test-Driven Development. The Art of Unit Testing.