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Yes, this is the real chapter written by the Author of Sword Art Online. This is the literal fanfiction that he wrote himself. Hope you all enjoy ;). Download as TXT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Chapter Asuna plopped down na ed on the sofa and glared defiantly at me. " Kirito. Free Essay: Chapter Asuna plopped down naked on the sofa and glared defiantly at me. “ Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off,” she.

Hearing Lisbeths voice, Asuna stopped typing and looked up. A players number? Are you starting a sports competition? Lisbeth shook her head and smiled. She drank a little from the steaming mug on the table and continued. Its kanji, not katakana.

When I eventually reached the soft valleys that were the top of her breasts whic h had been hidden up until now. Her arms grip ped tighter together and she shoo her head from side to side. I put my right hand's finger under her sma ll chin and lifted her head up..

Slightly excited by her fresh reactions. Asuna's lips parted slightly as if they could n ot wait any longer.. I crawled down her arms which we re firmly hiding both breasts. With my left index finger. I went a bit overboard as I ept my fingertip at a point where I was just barely touching her and cont inued to slowly glide smoothly across her s in. Asuna stuc out her tongue. After caressing her entire body. The tactile senses in SAO are. I diligently traced h er wet. The blood rushed to her chee s and her eyebrows furrowed..

I softly po ed her lower lip with the tip of my tongue. An indescribably bewitching feeling assaulted my nerves. Regrettab ly the entire room was currently bathed in the blue glow of the moonlight and — "Asuna. Asuna twitched and her body jumped once before collaps ing against me The swells which were usually hidden by the loose fitting night's clothing a nd breastplate were bigger than I had imagined.

Letting out a hoarse. I suc ed her left nipple into my mo uth At their tips were a pair of nipples which were difficult to distinguish fr om the surrounding area Her arms which now encircled the bac d tightened their grip I squeezed he r pea between my fingers.

Going a bit overboard. I bit down on the protruding object in my mouth and so mewhat violently began to chew on it.. Asuna's convulsions and sweet cries rose in intensit y. I chewed on t he hard nub with my lips as my tongue rolled around the stiff tip. She was still breathing heavily.

I stro ed her tense stomach. While ta ing care not to touch the center Her breathing was gradually becoming ragged as she clung to me? I did it Asuna gasped as her body shoo While thin ing. I never had anything li e that.! I went over the sli ght swell of her abdomen After I learned about it.. I enjoyed the sens ation of squeezing the two mounds together. I was also at my limit.

Whether it was from embarrassment or loss of strength. Asuna had stopped struggl ing. It appeared that Asuna could no longer spea nd arched her bac as far as she could.

That can't. In between the two smooth mounds was a single slit. Hair-type objects are of the extremely heavy category. I wanted to see every single part of Asuna so badly that I pushed her down onto the bed and grabbed her legs I gradually moved my middle finger tow ards the center.

The soft and fluffy pubes were pure white and smooth without a single hair growi ng there.. Without regard for that. I can't ta e it any more!! From time to time a clear fluid dripped out and flowed towar ds Asuna's anus before turning into beads of light and disappearing That place was seemingly endless. As a result. Givin g up. This was. I devoted myself to examining Asuna's hidden place. I neaded the little nob that was pee ing out from the top of the slit with m y thumb while spreading it open with two fingers..

At this point though. SAO had many underage players suc h as myself so.. But this was the first time since I ha d entered SAO that it had become li e this. Inside the slit.. We're probably lin ed with. While teasing Asuna's cute slit with my fingertips. It seems that this was also part of the reason why SAO players were not allowe d to change their characters' genders.

Having the ethics code release function basically meant that online virtual sex had been planned with the release of the game Within SAO..

There is a somewhat interesting story concerning all of this I apologize for di gressing. Even so. As if this wasn 't alluring enough, Online dating sites feature gushing testimony on their front pages along with lists of marriages for which they take full credit, thank you very much, and all of this good news is decorated with photos of happy, smiling couples.

That 's all very effective. There are now so many online dating sites…. Home Page Writing Chapter Opening the window indicated by Asuna, I toggled off the option buried deep within the menu.

Because of the hurried start, there was no romantic mood to speak of. Sitting on the bed which was slightly too small for the two of us, we slowly did as much as the system would allow. The dim blue moonlight filtered through the window, casting complex shadows on the bed. Since Salemburg has no marketplace, the townspeople disappear at night. The only thing that I could hear was the faint …show more content…. The tactile senses in SAO are, just like the sense of taste, pre-programmed and activated in accordance to the situation.

Her eyes were moist and dim and she was breathing erratically as I took my tongue out of her mouth and then proceeded to lick down her neck, behind her ear and the hollow of her collar bone. When I eventually reached the soft valleys that were the top of her breasts which had been hidden up until now, her whole body leapt and twitched.

Her arms gripped tighter together and she shook her head from side to side. As an Alfheim Online player, she chose to be an Undine which focuses on supporting with healing magic, but her previous hotbloodedness would occasionally arise leading her to unsheathe her Very strong.

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It really piqued Asunas interest when she heard this. Thus, she got a completely inelegant nickname like Berserk Healer.

She actively participates in every months tournament. Its impossible for her to disregard a new strong players appearance. After saving her completed biology report, Asuna closed her virtual keyboard, picked up the mug next to her and filled it with hot tea with a tap of her finger. She sunk into the wooden chair which grew out of the floorboards and got into a position where she can listen seriously.

This Absolute Sword, what is this person like? Let me think Therefore, the server had a complete copy of Aincrad, the stage where SAO was set. However, when a new company bought both the software and hardware, not only did they not delete Aincrad and 10 8 months ago On May , Alfheim Online had its largest update up until now Floating Castle Aincrad. But even though it was so chilly that a brook would get frozen all the way to the bottom, the cold couldnt permeate into the house, which was guarded by thick wooden walls and a roaring fireplace.

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However, whether or not it was to show the companys work ethics, Alfheim continued to be under severe cold. The temperature in the area north of the World Tree frequently drops down to 10, 20 degrees below zero. If you didnt prepare cold-resistant equipment or buffs, you wouldnt even want to fly. Currently, Aincrad floated above the Gnomes territory, in the far North of the world. The temperature in every floor was so cold that you could see ice crystals even during the day.

It was early January in the outside world, but even though it was winter, the temperature in Tokyo hardly ever drops below zero due to global warming in the recent years.

Of course, they were also trying to fight against the decrease in playerbase due to RECTO Progress human experiments by using an impactful upgrade. But that definitely wasnt the only reason. The creators of the new company were all veteran MMO players whod been playing since the 2D age and couldnt bear the deletion of the intricately designed floating castle That is what Asuna heard from Agil who had connections with someone from the company. The 22nd floor was a sparsely populated floor with nothing but forests, and there were plenty of residences in the villages main street, so thered probably be no competitors aiming for the same house.

Even so, they rushed like a gale through the 21st floors wilderness and challenged the Boss found at the end of the dungeon along with the other parties. Klein later attested that Asuna, despite having spent half of her ability points on support, was even more imposing as she fought Last Mays update opened the first 10 floors.

September opened up the 11th to 20th floors. Then, on Christmas Eve December 24ths night, the door leading to the 21st floor opened. Asuna, with Kirito, Klein, Agil, Lisbeth, Silica and Lyfa, formed a 7 member party, and rushed up to the next floor as soon as the call celebrating the opening ended. With Aincrads resurrection, Asuna set a small goal in her heart and began to play the game as an Undine healer and rapier user.

Her goal was obvious: To save enough Col, no, Yurudo, reach the 22nd floor before anyone else, and download the small wooden house deep within the coniferous forest. A long time ago in another floating castle, for 2 short weeks in that exact place, she had formed a family and passed sweet, happy, peaceful days. That night, after the party ended and all their friends left, while drinking a toast with Kirito and Yui, who had returned to her girl form, she cried again.

This incident was kept secret from their friends. That house was perhaps, for Asuna who frequently couldnt find a place to return in the real world, a place where she could feel at home.

A small, warm place where a pair of birds could rest their wings, snuggle up and sleep. A place for her soul to return. More importantly, after all the hard work, that wooden house had become a place where their companions could get together.

They rarely ever had no guests. Asuna devoted herself entirely to the interior design of the small house, attracting everyone up from the surface. Once, due to bad timing, they had a tension-filled meal where both the Sylph Lord Sakuya and the Salamander General Eugene were both present. Today That was January 6th, , a few familiar faces had gathered around the table which grew out of the house.

Asuna herself wasnt really sure why she was so devoted to that place. Together with the boy who she seriously fell in love with for the first time, although it was in a virtual world, but having surpassed hardships, this was the place where they finally settled down and spent a brief moment of happiness.

It sounded simple, but Asuna felt like it wasnt just that. Outside, the sky was almost completely black save for the light reflecting off the falling snow. It was obvious that it was freezing cold outside even if you couldnt hear the wind, but the fireplace inside the house crackled. In addition, a warm fragrance was coming from a large pot, where a steaming stew was seething. Like her friends, Asuna had her hands on a virtual keyboard and viewed sites in the browser windows floating around her, successfully completing her report.

Opposite her, the Leprechaun smith Lisbeth sat with her legs crossed and was drinking raspberry liqueur while immersed in a novel sold in-game.

Sword art online 16.5 english pdf !237!

To Asunas right sat the tamer Silica, who had triangular ears unique to Cait Siths. She was currently staring at her math homework on the holographic monitor and whimpering.

Similarly, to her left, the Sylph magic swordswoman Lyfa was scowling at her English essay. Even though her mother didnt approve of her doing things she could do in reality in the VR world, working here was more efficient in the long term.

Her eyes and hands wouldnt tire and a number of informative sites which could not fit into her rooms UXGA display floated in easily viewable places. Asuna once told her mother that and let her try using a FullDive program dedicated to text editing, but she logged off in just a few minutes saying that she was dizzy and ignored it from then on. Indeed there were people who got dizzy in the virtual world, but Asuna who lived in the virtual world for 2 years simply couldnt imagine how that felt.

Sword art online 16.5 english pdf !237!

Her fingers moved swiftly without a single error and her essay gradually reached its conclusion 13 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 Asuna took a look and noticed Silicas black, short-haired head leaning on her shoulder, her triangular ears twitching as she slept with a happy expression on her face.

Asuna couldnt help but laugh, and lightly scratched Silicas ears with her left hand. Hey, Silica. Itd be a problem if you cant sleep tonight because you slept right now. At that time, something suddenly leaned on her right shoulder.

Finally she lightly pulled Silicas ear and she woke up, startled. She blinked a few times with a dazed expression, shook her head and looked at Asunas face. So tired. Theres only 3 days left of Winter Break. You have to work hard on your assignments.

Muttered Silica, opening her small white-toothed mouth and yawning. All the Cait Sith players Asuna knew got sleepy when they were in this house, making her wonder if it was a racial characteristic. Isnt this page almost at its end? Why not work hard and finish Fu Asuna took a look at the holographic monitor in front of Silica and Isnt this room too warm? Should we lower the temperature a little? No, that isnt it, Im thinking its because of that.

Asuna looked back, seeing Lyfa pointing at something on the East wall next to the fireplace. So thats it Looking in that direction, Asuna nodded understandingly. In front of the glowing red fireplace, there was a large rocking chair carved out of wood. On his stomach, a small, light blue feathered dragon was comfortably sleeping with its body curled up and its head buried inside its fluffy tail.

Deeply seated in the chair, a Spriggan with light black skin and short black hair was sound asleep. His previously unkempt hair now stayed down, but his sharp and slightly mischievous face was the same as before. Needless to say, it was Kirito. Stacked like a three layered cake, Kirito, Pina, and Yui happily slept on the rocking chair, emitting a sort of magical hypnotic effect.

Even Asuna felt drowsy after just looking at it for a few seconds. An even smaller pixie with an innocent face slept using Pinas soft feathers as a bed. Its almost like he was reclaiming the time he lent back during SAO when he had forgone sleep to clear dungeons.

In that house, as soon as Asunas eyes left him, he sank into his favorite rocking chair and immediately fell asleep. Moreover, Asuna didnt know of anything which was more hypnotic than Kiritos face as he was sleeping in the chair. Back during SAO, whether it was in the wooden house or the second floor of Agils shop, whenever Kirito rocked the chair, Asuna almost always sat in it and dozed off with him.

That was saying, Asuna had personally experienced and can understand why Silica and Lyfa are tempted to sleep. Mysteriously, Pina, whose actions should be based on simple algorithms, would fly off Silicas shoulder and curl up and sleep on Kirito whenever she came across Kirito sleeping.

This had cast doubt on whether the sleeping Kirito emitted some sort of Drowsiness Parameter. In fact, Asuna, who was writing her essay at full speed just moments ago, had unknowingly started feeling sluggish Getting shaken by Silica, Asuna lifted her head. Hey Asuna-san, dont fall asleep yourself! Ah, Liz-san as well! Why do I feel sleepy when I look at that Could this be the illusionary magic Spriggans are good at? At the same time, Lisbeth, who was on the other side of the table, shakily woke up, blinked and smiled with embarrassement.

She swept up her metallic pink hair, unique to Leprechauns, and grudgingly explained. Im going to brew some tea to drive away the sleepiness. Although I say that, Im really just being lazy. Asuna stood up and took out 4 cups from the cabinet behind her.

Those were the magical mugs which could pour out 99 different types of tea with a single tap they got from a recent quest. Placing the cups and a fruit pie on the table, the four of them, including Silica who was struggling to shake off her drowsiness, immediately took a drink of the warm, fragrant liquid.

Speaking of which. At that point, Lisbeth thought of something and said. Asuna, have you heard about Absolute Sword? Right, then Asuna obviously doesnt know. Youve been in Kyoto since the end of the year. Really, dont make me think of things I hate here.

Seeing Asuna frown, Lisbeth laughed out loud. Saying that, Lisbeth nodded at Asuna as though confirming something. There have been rumors since around the beginning of the year It started around a week ago It really isnt easy.

You have to sit and greet people in a kimono all day, and even if you want toFullDiveat night, the place still isnt connected to wireless LAN up to this day.

Even though I brought my AmuSphere, it went to waste. Alas, it isnt easy coming from a distinguished family. She also had to express her thanks to her relatives who were worried during the two years she was in hospital, so she couldnt say she hated it. When she was small, Asuna considered spending the beginning of the year with the main family as natural, and was happy that she could meet cousins around her age.

But, probably around the time she started attending junior high, Asuna gradually began to feel constrained by this custom. She let out a long sigh and finished her tea.

Online 16.5 chapter pdf sword art

As if it was natural, Asunas cousins and brothers were also top students in good schools. When all the children were seated side by side during the banquet, their parents talked about topics like how their children received praise in a certain competition or how high they ranked in a national exam. While appearing nice on the surface, they were just bickering without end in reality.

Asuna gradually noticed a sense of malice in the environment surrounding her, it seemed to her like the purpose of organizing that function every year was to rank all the children. The Yuuki main family had, without exaggeration, been managing banks as a family business in Kyoto since years ago, tenaciously surviving reforms and wars, the current generation opened a branch in Kansai. Her father Yuuki Shouzou was able to develop RECTO, a general electronics manufacturing company, in one generation thanks to the main familys financial assistance.

Taking a look at the family pedigree, presidents and bureaucrats were everywhere. Thats why this was her first new years greeting in the last 4 years. In the Kyoto-styled mansion at the head house, Asuna wore a long-sleeved kimono and repeatedly greeted her many relatives starting with her grandparents. In the end, she felt like she had become a reception NPC. Even so, meeting the cousins she hadnt seen for a long time shouldve been a happy event, even though they were joyful about Asunas return as though it was a matter of their own, Asuna saw something she hated in their eyes.

Of course, the current Asuna had a completely different personality from that time. In that world, there was a boy who inexplicably changed Asuna. Therefore her cousins, uncles and aunts pity only lightly swept against Asunas heart. Above all, she was a swordswoman, a person who fought using her own power. That belief always supported Asunas heart, and didnt change even after that world disappeared.

Her cousins all pitied Asuna. They felt sympathetic, sad that Asuna prematurely dropped out of the competition that had been going on since they were born. It was not that she was thinking too much. Asuna could easily tell, having read peoples expressions since she was young.

The same went for her mother who was always slightly unhappy when she was with the main family. The obsession to go to a good university and find a good job didnt exist anymore. Asuna really liked her current school and in 19 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 As a man whos sole duty is assisting the main familys bank, he talked vigorously about how he was professional, how he had already decided what position to take in the business and how outstanding he was going to be.

In the beginning Asuna just put up a smile of admiration, but suspiciously everyone had gone and left the two of them alone, causing her to wonder whether the adults had any dubious intentions Getting kicked by Lisbeth under the table, Asuna returned to herself. What is it? A meeting for marriage in Kyoto? Ah, sorry. I remembered something I hated. Hey Asuna, are you listening? Asuna thought about that on one side, and continued to answer her relatives various question with a smile on the other.

The most unbearable thing was being alone in a room with a cousin two years older than her on the last night in Kyoto. Of course, forming a family with a boy slightly younger than her in the real world was her final goal. Why did you freeze Could it be Asuna rapidly shook her head, tapped the side of her now empty mug and gulped down the strange purple tea.

She looked up and forcefully changed the subject. Very strong Then is that person a PKer? Its nothing! Slightly to the North of the 24th floors main street, isnt there a tourist attracting island with a large tree? Under that tree at 3pm every day, Absolute Sword fights any player who wishes for a challenge.

No, it seems like a completely new face.

However Absolute Swords skill levels seem rather high, so its possible that Absolute Sword transferred over from another game. In the beginning, a notice was put up on MMO Tomorrow recruiting challengers. Around 30 people went thinking that it was just an overconfident novice whod immediately lose, but All of them, beautifully.

Silica, who has been eating fruit pie until then, suddenly interrupted. Its slightly unbelievable. Instead they got defeated? It could preserve the players strength in general, but all money and items are lost and certain skills would be redistributed. It took me around half a year before I could really fight in mid-air. But even though that person only transferred over recently, that person can fly so well! I was convinced that its impossible for me just from spectating Absolute Swords duel.

Ah, but Liz-san and Lyfa-san still fought Absolute Sword. Theyre quite bold stepping up for a challenge. Shut up. Anything can be a good experience, you know. In response to Asunas question, Silica immediately widened her eyes and shook her head. Has Silica also fought Absolute Sword before? Lisbeth, whos race didnt tend to fight and prioritized forging was out of question, but there werent many players who could defeat Lyfa, who could be considered the Sylphs top player, in an aerial fight.

Moreover, Absolute Sword just transferred over, that type of thing was unheard of. Haha, I knew Asuna would say that. Even though there are lords and generals who rank high in the monthly competition like Sakuya and Eugene, its hard for people in their position to participate in street fights. But if people see that Absolute Swords so strong, wont there be no challengers? Its different from large competitions, isnt there a hefty experience penalty if you lose in a street fight?

Silica once again chimed in. That sounds like the real thing. Hmm, Im slightly interested. Smiling as she listened to Lisbeth and Lyfa pout, Asuna was slightly shocked. Not at all. Everyone enthusiastically participated in this gamble. Let me think, it seems like its usable by one-handed swords in general. Its a shocking hit combo. This time she really reflexively let out a cry. So its an OSS.

Chapter online 16.5 pdf sword art

What type? How many hits? Its not an item.

Absolute Sword actually gambled an Original Sword Skill. One which is a super strong, finishing move level. Is a super powerful rare item being gambled?

Art 16.5 sword pdf chapter online

In Alfheim, in the large scale updates surrounding Aincrads implementation, the new company made a bold decision to reimplement sword skills as they were. There were skills set for the innumerable weapons, there were many skills ranging from strong single-hit attacks to flurries of continuous attacks.

The difference from normal attacks was that from the moment you assume the starting position, your body would automatically move at the systems highest speed until the skill was complete.

The gorgeous light and sound effects accompanying hits let the user savor the joy of becoming a super warrior. That was, in the new ALO, there was a huge revolution starting from the very roots of the battle system. This obviously caused a mighty uproar from some players, but dissenters pretty much became slaves to the thrill as soon as theyve experienced sword skills once.

Thats why it could be said that the appearance of sword skills balanced things out. These sword skills borrowed from their predecessors werent enough to satisfy the audacious organizers.

So they developed and included a new element, the Original Sword Skill system. Like the name implied, that was a personal sword skill. It was not an already existing sword skill which had all of its actions set from the start, those were sword skills which players could compile themselves.

When this feature was announced, in order to get a gorgeous finishing move of their own, a lot of players scrambled onto the streets and wilderness and brandished various weapons.

And they all tasted deep frustration. First you open the menu, move to the OSS panel, enter the sword skill recording mode and press Start. After that you just swung your weapon as you wanted and press Finish. That was it. However, theres a harsh requirement for the system to approve of the finishing move you thought up.

Single hit slashes and thrusts are almost all registered as preexisting sword skills. Therefore if you want to compile an OSS, it had to be a combo. However, as a series of actions, there couldnt be 24 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 any flaws in the various aspects like the center of gravity and trajectory.

In addition, the speed must be almost as fast as the completed sword skill. Almost all the players couldnt stand that type of boring assignment and easily gave up their dream of having a personal finishing move. However, a portion of the hard workers successfully managed to create and register their OSS, receiving an honor equivalent to that of the head of a sword style in the middle ages.

Actually, some players started guilds named [00ryuu] and some even opened dojos in town. There was only one way to overcome that barrier, and that was repeatedly practicing innumerable times. Until your nerves completely remembered the series of actions. That was saying, You must execute a combo which should be impossible without system support, without the systems assistance.

A harsh requirement which could be considered contradictory. Thats why everyone wanted it. According to the trend, the skills inheritance fetched a huge price. Skill manuals for finishing moves over 5 hits were currently the most expensive thing in ALO. It was general knowledge that the strongest OSS up till now was the 8-hit Volcanic Blazer compiled by the Salamander General Eugene, which hadnt been passed on to anyone as he wasnt short on money.

Asuna herself managed to create a 5-hit one after several months of hard work, but 25 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 that had already exhausted her strength, and she wasnt thinking of starting a new one.

Appearing in that situation wasAbsolute Sword, the mysterious swordmaster with an exceptional hit combo. Well, if thats the case then its understandable that thered be plenty of challengers. Has everyone personally witnessed that sword skill?