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request a catalog on a specific product at [email protected] .. Ceram™ valves are very prevalent in industries where ordinary valves just don't last Catalog PDF downloads are available at: Results 1 - 24 of 24 Browse Rexroth Ceram™ Single Solenoid Valves, Metal Spring Return in the Distributor To Industry, Inc. catalog including Item #,Old Part #. Results 1 - of Browse Aventics Ceram Valves & Parts in the Distributor To Industry, Inc. catalog including Item #,Old Part #,Description.

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Valve. Solenoid valves be converted from internal pilot supply to external pilot supply. See conversion information. MAINTENANCE. Ceram Valves be . Pneumatic Directional Control Valves. AVENTICS Corporation. Ceram™ Valves, ISO Sizes Index. Needle Bearing Assembly. Pilot chamber and. Ceram™ valves are very prevalent in industries where ordinary valves just don't last. . For online part number crossover: Catalog PDF downloads are available at:

Rexroth electro-pneumatic E-P devices bridge the gap between electronics and pneumatics by converting an electrical signal proportionally into pneumatic pressure. They are used where electrical control is required to act directly on a change of pressure or force. A serial interface option is available on some models that allows an E-P to be fieldbus compatible. Rexroth pneumatic valves for mobile and oilfield applications have been the industry leader for decades due to their rugged, proven reliability and precise control. These directional and pressure control valves control oilfield equipment, vehicle transmission shifting, cranes, construction equipment, rail car hopper gates, etc.

Kit R P inc. Plunger Kit inc. Air Plt. Piston Kit. R P Sol.

Rexroth Ceram™ Double Solenoid Valves, 5/2

Piston Kit inc. R P piston, seals, end cvr. Kit for Sand. R P Mntg. Knob Assy. For manifolds for Air Pilot Valves, see page Left End Plate Part No. Adjustment is with a knob on each side thread, along with our two stage needle design ensures excellent control. Kit includes flow control 1 , gasket 1 , and screws 4. Part No Dimensions Height:. Ideal for applications within a manifold where independent regulation of two supply pressures is required; no external pilot supply is required if minimum pilot pressure is available.

With locking adjustment knobs at "Control 12" for port 2 and "Control 14" end for port 4. Kit includes regulator 1 , gasket 1 , screws 4 and gauges 2. Part No psi Dimensions: Height: 1. Overall Length: Our regulator controls inlet pressure through to each cylinder port or delivery port pressures independently. A relieving type, the knob will also lock into a given position.

Kit includes regulator 1 , gasket 1 , screws 4 and gauge 1. Used when servicing individual valves in a manifold system, or replacing a cylinder while the rest of the system is still operating.

Two positions, can be locked with a cotter pin: 0. Maintenance position, flow is minimal and valve is isolated ; 1. Open position, normal operation - full flow in the system. The low flow in the maintenance position allows slow pressurizing when the valve is returned to service. This low flow also requires the removal of trapped downstream pressure before removing or servicing these same components.

Install blanking station segment kit if this minimal flow is undesirable when the valve is not present. Material: Aluminum, black anodized. Pressure range: Vacuum to psi. Overall Length: 7. This unit sandwiches between the valve and base. Pressure to the balance of the manifold is isolated.

Kit includes plate 1 , gasket 1 , screws 4. Part No. See manifold assembly page. Can be removed to add valve to existing manifold.

Adjustment is with a knob on each side. A fine thread, along with our two stage needle design assures excellent control. Kit includes speed control 1 , gasket 1 , and screws 4 , Part No Dimensions Height: 0. Kit includes regulator 1 , gasket 1 , and screws 4 Part No.

Dimensions: Height: 2. For photos, see 1 accessories section. Dimensions Height: 1. R : auxiliary press. Supply blocked from manifold base port 1 channel R : auxiliary press.

REXROTH AVENTICS R, GT Ceram Solenoid Valve Size 1. NEW - $ | PicClick

Supplying ports 2 and 4, free flow reverse check valves allow flow in both directions. R psi Dimensions: Height: 2. Kit includes plate, gasket and screws.

Adjustment is via a screw on each side, assuring excellent control. Kit includes speed control 1 , gasket 1 and screws 4. R Dimensions Height: 0. Kit includes speed control 1 , gasket 1 , and screws 4. Kit includes plate, Gasket and screws. The gasket is placed between each station segment. The answer B.

Burks, the maintenance supervisor over the pot lines, was looking for a solution. He tried different internal valve materials and configurations, special seals, and air filtration in an effort to enhance valve performance. None of these worked out. This valve does not use a spool or a poppet, but rather sliding ceramic plates to control the air flow direction.

The Ceram valve uses sliding ceramic plates to control the air flow direction, allowing it to operate in harsh conditions. The ceramic plates offer many advantages over spool valves. Because ceramic material is very hard, contamination has no effect on the plates. The design uses two ceramic plates placed one on top of the other. A ceramic-to-ceramic seal is formed where the plates fit together, thus eliminating any clearance for contamination to lodge like that found in spool or poppet valves—and ultimately avoiding jamming.

Contamination passes through large slots in the ceramic plates and is either delivered to the cylinder or exits through the valve exhaust ports without getting a chance to jam the valve. On top of that, there are no elastomeric seals in the critical area of the valve to wear or become damaged by the contamination.

Valve pdf ceram rexroth

The combination of ceramic plates, a ceramic seal, and an extra strong return spring makes for a very robust valve that will operate reliably under the most contaminated conditions. His goal was to reduce some of the failures that cause so many problems.

Burks thought if he could find a valve that would work for two or three days without failing, it would immensely improve his difficult situation.


After one week of operation, Burks was asked how the valve was performing. The ceramic-plate technology survives the contamination, survives the heat, and withstands the harsh and abusive conditions inherent on the pot lines. He began replacing all of the jackhammer valves with the Ceram valve, completing the task after two weeks. The company is enjoying very large cost reductions not only from the labor savings, but from the elimination of valve replacement costs.

IMTS 2012: Ceram™ pneumatic valves now available through GoTo program

Because the Ceram valve has yet to fail, maintenance teams are now free to engage in preventive, predictive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance, which is a very important goal for Burks and his team. This helps keep the plant running more efficiently, reduces costs, and improves morale of the maintenance teams. Morale is up also with the crane operators. They say their jobs can be done more efficiently, because the cranes no longer need to be taken out of service thanks to the Ceram valves, which work every time.

Burks was asked if he could describe in one word the biggest benefit the Ceram valve has brought him so far.

Reliability of the cranes has improved significantly. These valves are panel-mounted, poppet-type valves that open, close and vent an air circuit. It is ideal for frequent use because of ease of operation, fast response and ability to tolerate contaminated air. Maximum pressure is psi, Cv of 1.

Ceram pdf rexroth valve

Handle-operated or block-style valves with variety of air pilot or mechanical operators are available. Inputs can be between VDC, mA, or a potentiometer. The output pressure range of the pilot control version is up to psi with a hysteresis of less than.

Valve rexroth pdf ceram

The E-P positioner delivers a proportional position based on a command signal of between VDC, mA, or a potentiometer. The positioner consists of a cylinder with integral sensor, optimized valving, and an electronic controller.

This valve has single-handle operation, with up to eight distinct handle positions, and is ideal for transfer valves and control of multiposition cylinders on vehicle transmissions. Maximum supply pressure is psi. Command signals include between VDC, mA, or a potentiometer. Choose between analog or fieldbus compatible models.

These valves allow air flow to be controlled proportionally by varying a mA command signal. Maximum input pressure is psi for the ND-1 and 36 psi for the ND Ports are M5 The versions include a variety of analog and fieldbus-compatible link-pilot and link-proportional designs. Type D Pilotair directional control valves A custom valve for a standard price, the D Pilotair is easily tailored to your installation.

The operators and valve segments can be rotated at degree increments to fit most any application problem, with flows of 2.

Ceram pdf rexroth valve

SuperSpool directional valves This electronic volume meter accurately measures volume flow rates.