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Reader's Digest India - June download full magazine. Android Magazine UK - Issue 26, - Download PDF Magazines free. More information. Monthly Aanchal Digest June read online free download in Pdf format. for the month of June in Pdf format to enjoy offline reading. Reader's Digest - August pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text JUNE BRINKMAN Dinner Circle I INVITED TWO FRIENDS over for tea.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Reader's Digest magazine is displayed on a rack at a grocery store in San Anselmo, California. Story highlights Joanne Sharp: Reader's Digest once had a huge role in shaping opinion Sharp: Digest propagated Cold War view that USSR was a primary danger to American way Reader's Digest was hugely popular, she says, but critics called it state propaganda Sharp: It declined with the end of general interest magazines and fear of the Evil Empire Reader's Digest seems to be on life support, filing for bankruptcy protection this week for the second time in four years. But at one time, what's now seen as grandma's magazine was an influential and powerful force in politics and culture. When I began my book on the Reader's Digest, people were incredulous.

Initially, the magazine was sympathetic to the Russian revolution, seeing it as a movement against what it regarded as undemocratic, aristocratic European society. Later, it began to publish stories that portrayed the Soviet state as the primary danger to post-World War II America. The Digest presented the U. As well as running clearly political articles that explained international relations and threats to peace, the magazine's ostensibly apolitical stories reinforced this image of two incompatible societies.

Descriptions of everyday life in America and the Soviet Union detailed how different Americans were from Russians, how different Russians' music was, their food, their sense of humor -- even Russian sex lives were different. At the extreme, in a story about an American in Siberia seemed to suggest biological differences when it reported the American's body rejected a Russian blood transfusion. These types of stories earned the Digest a reputation as a leading voice in anti-communism.

As it gained prominence, Reader's Digest drew criticism. Despite the publication's determination to celebrate individual freedoms, it was accused of being nothing more than state propaganda. There were claims of CIA funding and editorial control, especially in its foreign editions in Latin America.

Whether these accusations were true or not, the magazine's influence in popular culture could perhaps be seen as even more powerful and pernicious. As a digest, the magazine sought not to reflect the immediate news but issues and ideas of "lasting interest. If their clannishness was ever a problem. But they had each other. Doris Lanphear. Last November.

They became friends. In his own way. The one bright spot in her days was Thai kickboxing. Rich Evans was trying to be an outstanding husband and father. Summer evenings. Often when she posts her gratitude. By In this working-class neighbourhood.

Abandoned by their mother as toddlers and raised by a corrosive grandmother and an alcoholic father. His sister. Or maybe they recognise it for what it is: Margot Madison says. Submissions must reach us by August But they are alive and living in this world.

Jim Emig. And everyone feels honoured to get that gift. As people eat and talk. JUNE Seeing the festivities. I must have made some horrible sounds on that piano. But what kind. The messages all come down to this: See page 6 for how to submit. Ao hands out curry she made. Ao could do some catering. Also — why was I taking piano lessons when we did not own a piano? Everyone has a chance to say something about the man so few of them knew.

But then. Then the picnic baskets come out. And how many kids were terrified of those sinister Winged Monkeys? The Wicked Witch of the West cackling. Decades later. As a minor. MGM spread the story that.

2013 june pdf digest readers

Frank Baum wrote 14 novels and six short stories about her adventures. The Great and Powerful and Dorothy of Oz were based on these books. Recent movies such as Oz. Frank Baum. Learn more about these replica books at OriginalOz. The latter starred Oliver Hardy as the character then called the Woodsman. When MGM realised it would affect the whole plot. Wizard of Oz collectors are always searching for vintage novelties. The largest. The set featured Dorothy.

In good condition. It originally sold for 25 cents. In good condition without tears or stains. See how much these antiques cost today: In excellent condition with original clothing. One was blogging to help cancer survivors like herself. She was only The mass was so small. Then one day. The following week was a blur of tests and scans. Valerie documented her. The cancer had already spread to her left arm.

CatsNotCancer quickly gained more than followers on Tumblr. Valerie began to blog about her battle with cancer. Valerie received a note from Beth via Tumblr that read. And if she did live. It was an accomplishment to put up a blog post during the day. The year-old from Wisconsin. HER2positive invasive ductal carcinoma — an aggressive form of breast cancer that requires chemotherapy to treat.

Over the next year.

pdf: “The Road to Serfdom” – The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version | Taking Hayek Seriously

She decided to call her Tumblr blog CatsNotCancer. She wanted to keep her family informed about her treatment and. I am mortified: I just and urged her to call me. Like the whole thing is just lymphoma would not have the energy gross. I thought. He so gross sounding to me. She thing. Beth messaged again. Enter a Second Illness blah. Beth to contact her oncologist immediately. She urged Despite her growing suspicions. I could have gotten to study full-time.

Her scepticism grew when phone calls. It makes me also said that a patient with her type of so angry. Beth called in minutes. Beth wrote. Munchausen syndrome takes its name from an 18th-century German noble who satirically embellished tales of his military exploits and inspired a fictional character.

And when those lies are exposed. If they fail in one effort. And if someone does eventually doubt your story. Beth went ballistic. Our natural lie detectors are muted online. Munchausen by Internet. What could be done? If and his internet-documented battle I did. Wright of the Warrior Eli Hoax Group. If shes there fir ever her messages and.

Why would she want to hurt me In the process. I intend to lead a happy. It follows you for the rest of your been receiving from a troll who called life.

2013 june pdf digest readers

Her blog want. Since then. So she filtered CatsNotCancer remains inactive. I eyed the couple opposite me. In China. Do I even like kids? It turned out to be more like a passion and I spent a year there teaching kindergarten and primary school kids. And the soft milky taste was worth it. I braced myself in case they tried to throw it at me as a distraction. Then there was an interesting job ad for a small school in central Japan.

It could be poison or. In Japan the well-built classrooms were warm enough for me to teach wearing shorts and a T. But I risked it. Catching the train in from the airport. When they pulled out a package I knew it was a trick. Who better to show you around town than one of your own students? And no classroom was the same.

Eighteen days later I landed in Nagoya International Airport. While working at a crappy job in Adelaide. They ate for a while and saw me staring so they offered me some. He told me it was from his hometown. In Russia I taught summer school and had no classroom at all. I occasionally surfed teacher websites. I quickly discovered.

My first thought was that because Europe is a season ahead in fashion this was the latest look. It was actually part of an ancient festival called Fasching and. Tiredness calmed my overactive imagination and I dozed.

Now my mind turned every rustle into a prowling big cat full of murderous intent probably to get back at the rude human who had interrupted a moment of feline passion. I noticed a couple of people dressed as clowns. A Mayan astrology priest had probably sat in the same place years before and honed his knowledge of the galaxy. I had three clowns. El Mirador. But his reassurance meant little that night as I cowered in my hammock under the Central American stars.

I ended up having the most marvellous time and. I had no idea what was going on. When I finally got the courage to ask someone what was going on. Although we may have questioned why we had left a perfectly nice beach to come here.

Sitting opposite me on the train was another clown having an animated conversation with a court jester. Last week. The sky darkened and. Next day. Just before sunset we took our places at the top of the unexcavated temple mound. By the time I hit the streets after checking into my hotel most of the clown population in Frankfurt seemed to be rolling drunk. We packed up our stuff and continued toward our destination. In the underground train station I saw two more clowns drinking from large bottles of beer.

When a rather intoxicated clown gave me a big bear hug I started to get a little freaked. It was no laughing matter. This made me laugh. Men lying in the street. Everyone I knew had told me that my first few minutes would be terrifying. White wrote for the New Yorker.

In the morning. I prepaid for a taxi at a booth and easily found my driver. When I finally ventured out in the streets. I found the airport all but deserted. All night outside my window there was the soft music of bicycle bells.

I heard female voices and rushed to the window to see three women in bright saris — fuchsia. They made it sound as if I would have to fight to keep hold of my luggage. Again I was surprised — where were all the people? Mumbai at night was a city of men and dogs. It was five decades. In my carriage was one other person. Possession of freeworld magazines behind the Iron Curtain is discouraged by long sentences in slave-labour camps.

After a while he fell asleep. The police ride every train that leaves Berlin — he was going to call them in! Suddenly I sensed something. He turned to the dog and said. The G Great Tweet-off: Surrvival Edition Twitter fe eed TwopTwips is bursting with w handy hints on staying sa ane in this modern world. Give your photos that James Bond feel by taking them through a toilet roll tube. I stopped in i front of a birdcage to t admire a parakeet. I asked a little boy how old he was.


My son turned to the dog and said. I enquired. Give geeks a panic attack by sitting in a deckchair with a thermos outside an Apple store at midnight. Quickly learn how to tiie a double d bl ch sheepshank hitc knot by placing your headphones brie efly into your poc cket.

Here are some faves: C Cut your bread into a hand shape so you get a high five when it pops up in the toaster. Training working dogs was in his blood. He had been a farmer for a decade before he joined the police force.

The dogs that made it had a natural ability and did the job for the love of it. He had spent some time with police dog handlers in the line of duty. Trevor applied. When a vacancy was advertised for the fledgling Dog Squad. If Trevor and Butch were tracking and a member of the public stepped in front of them. Sometimes their communicaButch home. Trevor called him off. O n m o s t anyone but his handler. From the start. Butch was a shaped. He simply expected the dog stood down straight away.

Sometimes their nothing stops the dog Butch was always a communication from taking them down. That meant he was knew Trevor would be fine with Butch called to jobs when the offender looking out for him. Butch to do the job. Trevor Over the years Trevor had eight or needed to be able to command — nine dogs.

I cal incident dog. A dog — especially a Rottweiler — needs to be controlled at all times. Not only did the dogs offer a ready-made police dog. On the first night Trevor took mand. Once a critical incident After that incident. Trevor fronted a board and was accepted into the new squad as part of the sixth intake of recruits. At any moment. In July The armed man had a history of violent psychotic episodes. A male offender was inside a shop armed with a knife.

The watching police quickly removed the weapons. Trevor took a deep breath and entered the shop with Butch on a short lead.


He would wave them around. In the early to mids there was a spate of police shootings in Victoria and the media shone a spotlight on each new incident. Trevor was briefed at the scene. Standing at the door. It was the Dog Squad that often formed the barrier between the mentally ill person and lethal force. Each time the man came out. The man kept going in and out of the shop. Trevor felt the pressure at each of these knife-wielding jobs.

After a couple of hours. There was little space between the footpath at the front of the shop and the road where uniformed members stood behind police cars.

Reader's Digest - June 2015

There were other general purpose dogs at the scene. Butch lay on the stage during the talk. Leaving their dogs in their cars. The man. The officer in charge decided to try and catch the man off guard by sending in Trevor and Butch. The police had set up a perimeter between the footpath and the road. The situation was fraught — police cars everywhere.

Trevor set up at the front of the shop while another handler. Trevor could feel the blood scared he would lose him. The ting go of the pressure bandage. Trevor released of the other handlers. Trevor carried Butch. The man wielded two knives they would cop flack afterwards. As soon as the man and grabbed the pressure on it. Butch would not let go of Trevor. He dropped done. Moving quickly and quietly through restrained.

Trevor put his his arms to his sides Butch flew bloodied hand back and began to advance towards the over the injury to keep towards the three police officers. There had been so Trevor quickly called for Butch to much blood. One produced a pressure bandyelled Trevor. Even though beyond.

All the way there — light flashing. Once that was menace. Butch flew towards in to help disarm silent. As soon as the offender was safely control the dog. Police at the scene had contacted release the man and left his fellow handlers to put the handcuffs on.

The paramedics quickly took in the Butch headed out the back. The offender the back seat with his went down quickly. Trevor climbed into the man his left leg. Centre was the closest place to take It was then that Trevor noticed his Butch in the small hours of the morndog was bleeding.

They went through an adjoining lounge room scene — a badly injured police dog before sighting the man in a kitchen and an injured offender. This was the first time such a serious injury had happened to a Victoria Police dog. Butch Trevor left his dog at the Animal Emergency Centre and went back to the Dog Squad offices to sleep for the couple of hours remaining of the cold July night.

Trevor rang the boss at the Dog Squad to tell him what had taken place. It was a great relief to hear Butch would survive. Half an hour later. Butch was wheeled into an examination room. Sergeant Trevor Studham with his Rottweiler partner. At seven the following morning the media began calling the Squad.

Butch had received a blood transfusion. Trevor took a final look at Butch. Trevor knew it would happen. Trevor let out a deep breath. While they all knew the jeopardy their dogs faced. In the waiting room. When Butch got was about.

He served ten years weeks later … about it. Trevor believed what a lot of three weeks later. Butch and get one cracker of a dog. Butch was back at work good. And Butch Trevor were flown into Waverley Park was his. Butch was back police uniform. Just as the Even though the new dog was vet predicted. Published trophy at the Royal Melbourne Show. Off the Sidelines When the uncreative tell the creative what to do.

What creature is stronger and more motivated than a mother protecting her children? Use that feminine strength. Two little girls. Behind them trotted what had to be a brother. We get very attached to our rules in English. I was about to grin at him in shared Frozen overload sympathy. And our editor-in-chief has a little eye twitch when people say less instead of fewer.

The truth of the matter is that some things have changed. Sometimes they help. It started off in Middle English meaning plump and full. The word derived from the Latin enormitas. Some may point to this as a clear sign of Society In Decay. Fewer and less are the classic pair: Enormity is a good example. There are so few Roman legionaries around these days that I suspect we can move on from the original meaning.

The meaning is still obvious. Some of our most common words have f lipped mea n ing altogether: The problem is that both are meanings with lots of history. This happens more than you might think. Same with people who use decimate to describe something other than killing one in ten. I sympathise with those who flinch when it comes to literally being used to mean anything other than literally.

But for the sake of orderly behaviour in supermarkets. But it does create a relaxed tone. I giggle. A disinterested jury will guarantee you a fair trial. I think we need to accept that. Infinitives to run. For disinterested. New words have risen up to fill gaps — snarky applause may not be identical to fulsome. Why fight this battle and not the others?

In all the other cases. Or what ones do you think people should let go? See page 6 for details on how to share your passions. Their meanings are so usefully distinct that I find it distressing when people blur them.

He reported that he always left his restaurant at 11pm. After he arrived home, he would eat dinner and then go to bed. Other countries are also reporting a marked increase in recent decades. I specialise in the diagnosis and management of acid reflux, especially What is responsible for these disturbing developments? For one, our poor diet, with its huge increases in the consumption of sugar, fat, soft drinks and processed foods. Dinner — already pushed back by longer work hours — is often further delayed by activities such as shopping and exercise.

In my experience, the single most important intervention for reflux is to eliminate late eating.

For my patients, eating late is often accompanied by over indulging because many skip breakfast and consume only a sandwich at lunch. Thus the evening meal becomes the largest meal of the day. Reflux is the result of acid spilling out of the stomach; lying down with a full stomach makes reflux much more likely. In a healthy young person, the stomach normally takes a few hours to empty after a moderate-size meal. In older people or those who have reflux, gastric emptying is often delayed.

And if you add an after-dinner dessert or a bedtime snack? Again, reflux is a natural consequence. Dessert kilojoules tend to be high in carbohydrates and fat, and high-fat foods often create reflux by slowing digestion and relaxing the stomach valve that normally prevents the condition. If your reflux is the silent. Some of my reflux patients already eat well. For them, dining too late is often the sole cause of their problem. And yet, changing the timing of their meals is a challenge they struggle to meet.

A patient with reflux came to see me because her father and uncle died of oesophageal cancer, and she was afraid of getting it too. Her nightly routine included a 9pm dinner with at least two bottles of good red wine for the table. The reflux was serious, and changes were needed.

She listened, then did not come back to see me for a year. For many people, eating dinner early is a significant lifestyle shift. It will require healthy, well-planned breakfasts, lunches and snacks. As for my restaurateur patient?

I told him to eat dinner before 7pm. Within six weeks, his reflux was gone. Capital punishment is the official, statesanctioned killing of a person convicted of a criminal offence. But some countries remain committed to it despite often passionate opposition. Burning at the stake was used in Europe and North America.

And for hundreds of years English and Japanese traitors were hung, drawn and quartered, which often included live disembowelling. Statistics from countries that have abolished the death penalty indicate no increase in serious crime.

Just Do It.

Pdf readers 2013 digest june

The success of the podcast has led to a TV show. In the first series. There are podcasts for shoptalk on filmmaking The Treatment and songwriting Sodajerker. Whereas This American Life serves up a new theme from week to week and a variety of stories in each episode.

Adnan Syed. With a chatty and personable style. More people than ever are plugged into podcasts. Serial is a deep dive into a single compelling story over an entire season. Serial is inspiring the kind of dialogue. This Amer ican Life has become widely celebrated as the pinnacle of the form. L istening to the voices in your head has never been so popular. More recently.

It is the podcast that launched a thousand think pieces. All the hours in the day are available for listening now that we have smartphones — the trip to the bank. Dana Chivvis. Sarah Koenig. Ears everywhere are transfixed.

Ira Glass and Julie Snyder dedicated to recaps of the podcast. Not to mention the real-world implications that may qualify as spoilers. Emily Condon. You can trace it back to Homer or early humankind. But it also recalls a time when families used to regularly gather around the radio as their primary form of home entertainment.

Cranor goes even further. Only part of it is to do with the fact that. Q are walking or — on a whole new topic — is Part of the appeal of due to air later this year working out the podcast.

Podcasts within the Apple store. For exceptional storytelling This American Life Arguably the best for extraordinary real tales. Not usually. For something surprising Planet Money More entertaining than the title suggests. Many are produced by public broadcasting networks. If you want to search for podcasts. Hundreds of programmes are arranged by topic. Below are some shows we listen to regularly. You can download individual programmes or subscribe to a series.

It now has an archive of more than hour-long shows. For sleuths Undisclosed Created by supporters of Adnan Syed for an ongoing look at the case from Serial — and to raise funds for his appeal. Some presenters occasionally invite donations towards ongoing production.

Podcasts are available from all over the world for free. Think of it as radio that you can play on demand. I woke up with terrible back pain.

After an hour. One quick wipe and she was cured. One day. I went to the sick hall. Please make it per cent smaller. I have a conflict of interest.

Q We would very much like it if you did the work for free but. The husband called out to his wife. As she inputted the password. Q Looks good.

Q Could you make it a sort of dynamic beige? When the examination was complete. Mr Fisk. So we called the wife in. Send it in and you could win cash! See page 6 for details. Her boss. At seven. Compare that with the one million colours that people with normal vision can see. As a child in Australia. I may see magenta running around the outside of the leaf or turquoise in certain parts where you would just see dark green. Now she makes her living as a painter and. Van Gogh.

Antico knew she had a unique point of view. Antico readily volunteers for scientific studies. Colour blindness can be caused by the same genetic mutation as tetrachromacy. Jason Pizzinat. Neither of her sons has the mutation. I notice all the colours in the toothpaste. She had recently started jogging and thought nothing of the sore calf muscle. Two days later. She iced it and hobbled through a short holiday trip as her leg swelled. Theobald struggled to breathe and was hit with chest pain so excruciating she needed morphine.

The good news is autoimmune disorders. A few months prior to her DVT. A Danish true that their risk is far higher — but study found that most younger adults she quickly discovered that young and with fatal pulmonary embolisms had middle-aged people are vulnerable told doctors about symptoms days too. All are followed by pulmonary embolism.

As a doctor. A number of risk factors play a or weeks before their deaths. One third of DVTs control pills to regulate her period. A report taining drospirenone may increase from Australia indicates that deaths clot risk as does pregnancy.

Immobility is why long flights are a risk. The American College of Chest Physicians recommends you get up once every hour or so and raise and lower your heels or rotate your ankles when seated.

Get Moving Walking. Prednisone and other steroids. Taking pills raises DVT risk up to fivefold compared with not taking hormones. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists urges doctors to consider prescribing a patch rather than a pill for postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy.

In June Having two or more siblings with DVT raises your risk fold compared with someone who has no affected siblings. Eat Fish In a large Swedish study from If you experience any of the symptoms below. The resulting ten-day hospital stint brought new tortures. You should be encouraged to move around. Make sure doctors know about your medications and any DVT risks.

Last June. Now she is committed to taking warfarin — or whatever easier treatment comes along — for the rest of her life. Five months after her initial day hospital stay. In her free time.

Missed doses of preventive drugs are to blame for many clots. She wears compression stockings when sitting at her desk at a software company.

Quotable Quotes Social change is better achieved by being for something than against something. For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.

Crime writer Ian Rankin takes us on a tour of his hidden city. Edinburgh blazingly public and intensely private at the selfsame time? Somehow Edinburgh manages the feat, even in August, with festivals all go and the population almost double the norm. The Scottish capital is bursting with stories, but sometimes you have to tease them out. Ian Rankin, pictured at the Oxford Bar, has published 19 bestselling novels featuring the Edinburgh detective John Rebus.

His books have been published in 36 languages. It was Scott. In times past. Castle Rock catches your eye and. Throughout history it has made its money from invisible industries such as banking and insurance. Even when the city swells with hundreds of thousands of visitors. But visitors to Edinburgh.

I set out from the Oxford Bar for a walk. I discovered it as a young writer. Maybe it is all an accident of history and geology. It was easy for them to ransack and loot. As you ascend from the platform to Waverley Bridge. Travel just a little further afield and you can widen your appreciation. Edinburgh has always seemed to me a furtive place. And while the city has been known to celebrate its success stories the Scott Monument. When the invaders arrived. As I walk in. I shake my head. It is small.

I ask Harry today if any Rebus fans have been in. He rolls his eyes. These days. Edinburgh at one time had more than 40 breweries — the Scottish Parliament sits on the remains of one of them. I head out. I cross the road and head down Bells Brae. From here. The shops soon disappear as I approach Randolph Cliff.

Dean Village. After walking in silence. Ann Street. A right turn takes me to George Street. But instead I carry on to Raeburn Place. When the Old Town. Maybe the locals only loosen up when they enter their favoured watering-hole.

I have to admit that I get lost in the New Town. Somehow I manage to skirt it. At this point. Edinburgh is quiet and reserved — a place for thinking. This path. The great novelist and traveller Robert Louis Stevenson.

I start to climb back uphill. He now sells pretty well everything. I have some shopping to do. A friend in London collects LP records. Another stretch of good shops runs the length of South Bridge. I turn left and then take a right.

Nicolson Street and Clerk Street. At the far end of George Street. The Dome. An English lad emerges with his finds. Dougie McShane opened Backbeat in This neoclassical splendour is now a place to do lunch. Burke murdered 16 people in the s then sold the bodies to a doctor eager for dissection material for his anatomy lectures.