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PRASNA MARGA. WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION. AND NOTES BY. BANGALORE VENKATA RAMAN. Editor, The Astrological Magazine. PART II. [ Chapters. Home · Prasna Marga II - b.v. Raman. Prasna Marga II - b.v. Raman. April 8, | Author: Parameshwaran Shanmugasundharam | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Prasna Marga II - b.v. Raman Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. x. Product from site, Publisher.

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PRASNA MARGA. English Translation with Original Text in Devanagari and Notes by. BANGALORE VENKATA RAMAN. Editor: The Astrological Magazine. Prasna Marga II - b.v. Raman - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. indian. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Prasna Marga is a unique work on Hindu astrology, natal and horary ('Prashna' means 'Horary. ').

Gilles Tarabout [Published in P. Granoff et K. Shinohara eds. Perspectives from Asian Religions. Leiden, E. Brill,

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Shyamasundara Dasa. O gods, may we hear.

Marga Marga Quilpue. Bicentenario , Of. Jataka or predictive astrology, muhurtha or electional astrology, Prasna o prashna: Prasuti tantra: MolSpec ht sec4. Principles of Prasna - Sri Garuda. O gods, may we hear auspicious words with the e ars; While. Venus is in an unfavorable position. And both are feminine signs.

He also explores the possibility of sorcery, but there is none that may be deduced from the chart. The line of reasoning may be summarized in this way. There is an overall weakness disease of the client that results from faults done in his past life. Questions are put to an astrologer by representatives of a temple committee, either for improving the temple or for resolving some problems.

I will take the written report, established and signed as is the practice by a team of astrologers at the end of the consultation of the Thalakottukara temple chart dated July 6th, dedicated to Goddess Bhagavati. As a result, people connected with the temple or living nearby suffer from untimely deaths, accidental deaths, etc. I am indebted to my regretted friend L.

Rajagopalan for providing me with a copy of the report, and for preparing a first translation. These flaws have their own causes, and they are themselves the reasons why the temple is not faring well and why people suffer in the locality a repeated conclusion in such temple consultations. The ritual transforms ghosts into good ancestors so that they may leave our world and stop harassing human beings.

It presents no evidence whatsoever of repentance. Rather the rituals pertain to the complex world of the sacrifice, able to subdue spirits, satisfy the gods, and procure happiness for the patron of the sacrifice.

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It is a reordering of the world, an act of propitiation, not an act of contrition. Even what may outwardly resemble an expression of repentance has to be understood in its context. Present special ritual honorarium, cloth and betel to the tantri. Concluding Remarks The above observations allow for a rough mapping of the main understandings of suffering and responsibility according to Kerala astrology.

In the P. Though the text of the P. It appears largely artificial as far as remedial measures are concerned. Diseases, according to the P. There is little sense of feeling guilty and doing penance on that account. And will the divine presence of the Goddess increase?

And will there be prosperity and will the people connected with the temple prosper? Is there any sign for it? To know that, praying for the blessings of Jupiter, when it was 4. May good things happen! Goldman, Robert P. Ingalls : — Govindan, Krishnalayam M.

Kottayam, NBS. Hiebert, Paul G. An Anthropological Inquiry, ed. Keyes, and E. Valentine Daniel. Kaelber, Walter O. Keyes, Charles F. Valentine Daniel, eds. An Anthropological Inquiry.

Mandelbaum, David G. Nuckolls, Charles W. Parry, Jonathan, Raman, Bangalore Venkata, trans. Prasna Marga, Part I. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass 1st ed. The above is from Prasna Sangraha. If the Moon aspected by benefics occupies the 3rd, the 6th, the 7th, the 10th or the 11th from Lagna or Arudha ; or Venus and the Moon occupy Lagna or the 7th, the Lagna happening to be Gemini or Virgo or Libra or Aquarius; or Mercury, Venus and Jupiter occupy quadrants or the 7th house, then marriage takes place early.

If in a horary chart the ascendant, the 5th, the 8th and the 9th are associated with or aspected by their respective lords and are devoid of malefic aspects or associations then only good will happen to the couple after marriage. If otherwise, no wise man should have the marriage celebrated.

If the Lagna and the Moon are in benefic Navamsas, good will result. If they are in the Navamsas of malefics, death may occur. NOTES If at the time of query the ascendant, the 5th, the 7th, the 8th and the 9th houses are free from the affliction of evil planets but are associated with or aspected by their respective lords or benefics, then the married couple will be happy after the marriage.

If none of these are so situated, marriage will bring only evil.

Hence it should not be recommended. If the ascendant and the Moon occupy the Navamsas of benefics, good will be the result. If they, however, occupy evil Navamsas, evil alone will happen.

The ascendant in Chart 1 has Mars and Saturn who also aspect the 7th.

Prasna Marga

Mars and Jupiter aspect the 8th. The 5th is not aspected by any planet while the 9th is associated with Mercury and Venus. The minus points are more in evidence.

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In the Navamsa, Lagna is a benefic sign Taurus but the Moon is in a malefic sign. Further, the Navamsa may be referred to only when the Rasi is satisfactory. Here since the Rasi chart itself does not ensure happiness, the Navamsa may be shelved. The married couple will die if malefics are debilitated or are in unfriendly signs in the 1st, the 7th and the 8th. NOTES According to Brihaspati, debilitated malefics should occupy the ascendant, the 7th or the 8th; or these houses should be the unfriendly places to the malefics in the Prasna chart.

The result is, the husband and wife will die. The likely periods are the Dasas and Bhuktis of the malefic planets referred to above.

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A malefic planet in debilitation in the 5th house, aspected by inimical planets, indicates that the woman is of questionable character or her children will die. NOTES If the 5th is afflicted by the presence of a debilitated planet or the aspect of an inimical planet, the wife is said to be unchaste or her children will die. The author appears to be somewhat vague. Which result — the woman becoming unchaste or her children dying — will hold good?

The interpretation is left to the intelligence of the astrologer. What we feel is, if the 5th house is afflicted as per the stanza, but Venus is clean and well disposed, no reflection can be cast on the character of the woman. One should be very careful in matters of judging the chastity or otherwise of a woman.

If the 5th house is afflicted by malefic planets, the woman will not bear any children. If at all children are born, they will die. If these malefics are debilitated or in inimical signs, the mother will kill her children.

There are of course some mothers who kill their children for various reasons. Poverty may be one of the reasons. And questionable character — the mother having extra marital relations — may make the mother resort to the crime of infanticide. The same combination is expected to result in either the death of children or the killing of the children by the mother.

To judge the latter crime the Moon's affliction and any combination for adultery should be carefully identified.

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The above two stanzas are from Anushtana Paddhati. If the lord of the 7th house is strong, the querist will marry in a good and rich family. If the lord of the 7th is weak or occupies a debilitation sign or an unfriendly house, he will marry an ugly-looking wife from a poor and bad family. NOTES According to this stanza we can say that the person gets a beautiful and good wife and probably handsome gifts also if the lord of the 7th is well placed and strong: otherwise the wife will not be good looking, she hails from a bad family and cannot hope to bring in any material benefits.

In these days when acceptance of dowry is illegal, astrological interpretation should be skilfully done. If the female planets are in a friendly sign aspecting Lagna which must be a male sign, the wife will love the husband.

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Otherwise the result will be contrary.