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J - Of 3. Comments oy D. An invaluable and encouraging study of the development of the evangelical Church in Vietnam, when printed for general distribution, I would suggest some ohanges and omissions. Coaments are just thrown in as being possibly informative. David Lelaoheur. One day when in the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank in oaigon, I talked with a tourist.

This should be our 25th church. Since you folks were so interested in church extension in Saigon, I thought you would be interested to know what is being done. Cln ong I3a thn loi cho. Thtfc, Ong. It was a pleasure chatting with you the other day in Mr. Nighswander's office. Your love and concern for the Christian church in Vietnam is very much in evidence and, to me, inspiring. Dan was part of one of the MCC delegations that visited Vietnam last year and has kept very close to the situation there.

Dan feels that there is very little opportunity, if any, for individuals in Canada to give direct assistance to invididuals or private groups in Vietnam, The Government seems to feel that such arrangements would be an admission of the inadequacy of it's reconstruction programs. Building Vietnam for Vietnamese by Vietnamese is a principle which dare not be violated.

Dan did say that if you are aware of a need in Vietnam of a "community" nature, our next delegation might be able to investigate and perhaps arrange assistance. The officials have been open to special inquiries of this nature. I am sending you, under separate cover, the filmstrip that I promised. The enclosed brochure describes the filmstrip. Enclosed you will also find a news release of the latest delegations' visit to Vietnam. May God bless you as you continue in His service.

Sincerely, Executive Director RS: All those dear little children. One can't help but wonder if they will even grow up, let alone what life will be if they do. Our hearts just went out to them. From there we went to an area known as The Dike. Here are located thousands of refugee families in homes built on stilts and along the top of the dike. We saw the house where the growth of the church in Khmer Republic began. It grew until over were attending services under the house and then they rented a warehouse nearby where the average service is between four to five hundred.

This church has now mothered f our other churches. The warehouse has even managed to squeeze in a thousand on occasion. There are an estimated baptized church members and adherents in PP. It is impossible to keep a close record of the growth. We went beyond the airport to our outlying church which was only 8 kms from the enemy during the worst fighting.

As the refugees streamed by the pastor stationed his people around the area to herd them into the church property, telling them that God would protect them, that it was safe there.

And God of course provided and many were saved. The Pastor is in Bible School having given up a government teaching position. He returns to his church every night and teaches what he has learned that day. We stopped at one more church site, merely an open air shelter at the home of the only Christians in that area for a long time.

Now it has grown and they have bought some property a little distant away and out from under the flight pattern of the airport. Have learned the acrobatics with the planes are necessary due to the closeness of the enemy. Therefore, they circle the city to get altitude for the flight over that area.

We met many ammunition trucks going north. Our last stop of the morning was at the "Big" hospital, government run. It was to contrast it with our lovely new facility. There were many wounded soldiers accompanied by their families and many victims of rocket attacks. It was such a pathetic sight. Norm passed out tracts to patients and expressed the need they now have for several more missionaries as Marie Ens would like to undertake hospital visitation but her Bible school work is more than she can handle.

If a new missionary came today though, it would be two years before he would be able to work effectively. We stopped at the Sns home and saw the piece of rocket that just missed their family, having landed in the market directly in front of heir home.

This side trip has been a real blessing and a sobering experience. I appreciate Another trip to the airport after biding farewells. We traveled on Air Cambodge, a Jet Caravelle, the only one the country owns.

Therefore, it rated a fighter escort, two ahead and two behind. A quick ascent and circle over the city, then one fighter was on the right wing for quite awhile. Sau "do khong bao lau, Hoi-Thanh va Tu-that da duoc xay cat vol vatlieu 'dcjn-ad'. Ve dat, Chanh-quyen "dia phuohg da 3 cap cho Hoi-Thanh mot mau thuoc khu yen-tinh, rat tien cho viae xay cat Nha Tho"'. Ngan - khoan dif-tru la" Va, sau 25 nam chien-tranh, vol nhung bien co don-dap, Nha TW cua phua tuy khong bi thj.

Vi vsjy, chung toi khong ngai viet thi? Bdi chung toi tin chad ndi F Jeffrey P. Nguyen Chua ban phtftfc lanh tren Cy. Tran trong chao Cy. Atp suu Ztme plipge Second fold liow.

Sau khi n he y-kien chun. Long-Ily dong y rut lai viec chong-an len toa Thtidng-tham va viec thi-hanh ban an cua Toa-an Phong-Dinh vol sti cam-kef t chic chin bang giay trangraticden cua doi ben. NQU giai-phap thvj nhat khon;;. Neu qu vi chap-thuan hay co y- kien ti khac xin vui lom, cho chung toi biet gap de tin cho anh em Long-iftr biet.

VfSo ao ring hai ben deu nhan-nhufdng den mute tfii da de moi viec edm dvfob dan-xep em dep. J A, 7L lib i fiehtia ;. Bui hoanh Thu M. Ho ng kim Dhtfc M. I have received reports from representatives of M. Two pictures taken at that time are very moving. These are: Hoang kim Phuc, M. I am very deeply moved as I see these familiar scenes.

Undoubtedly you may have wondered and no doubt criticised me for not writing to Hanoi during the days of U. But I did not forget to pray for you. Nor did I fail to regret that U. In those days U. Ma phuc Minh in Danang also stressed that need. He mentioned that it might well bring about the reopening of the Bible Seminary in Nhatlrang. It seems hopeful that better relations will take place between Viet Nam and U.

It was so interesting to see pictures of Hanoi on T. A delight to see the tramway again and all the bicycles. Back in I did a lot of cycling in Hanoi. Nghe ra'ng Cu ba co g5i. Hign cong-vi c Chua van tien-bg tuycham nhung cung vui. Xin het long cam dn hai Cuo Rieug gia-dinh toi Chua cung ban phtfdc rat nhieu. Cam dn Chua. Cam ta dn Chua, Bac-si cis ghai noi la e'est curieux, cjost curieux, ya Sng hoi tai sao lai mau nhu the!

Do la dn Chua da thu"dng-x6t chung toi toi xin viet may loi de hai cu dang loi ngdi-khen Chua. Kinh thtf,. Xin hai cy nhd caunguy n cho.

phan mem doi duoi jpg sang pdf editor

Kinh chao hai cy. Nay kinh, My M. Bo Thanh-kinh nguyet-san so thang toi moi duxrc biet Ong va Ba Cu da va dang nang do cong viec Chua tai Viet- Hambang each dang tien bac de an hanh cac sach dao. Tien huu bong 3 thang moi lanh mot lan. Toi thu nay den 8ng Ba Cu vai muc dfch truac tien la thanh Kinh. Xin cam dn cu m t lab. Gam dn Chua, cong-vifc Ngai dang tie"n b8, va ket-qua, nhist la co nhietu ngti3i sau khi da doc sach bao,oghe giang Tin-lanh tr n truyen-thanh va truyen hinh thi da d n nha thd" tin Chua hosc g3i hofic xin hgc l6p thd hoi dao,xin sach bao, Thaoh kinh ham thu.

At A-s, A. Please give me a "delai de grace", I shall have everything completed shortly, l have read "Dr. Phu passed his oral exaa defending his thesis. Last Sunday, he baptized 6 christians. They are the first Vietnamese baptized by a Vietnamese petator in the States. We are all very happy, especially my mother.

After Phu's departure, we plan to keep our Sunday service. Phu would like to see both of you before his departure, if he could solve his "visa problem". These are the two burdens which are weighings our hearts: Please pray for the Vietnamese Christians, especially the newly baptized, and for us all. Maugham, Rev. Van Hine. I gave all to Mr. Rexilius to send to you, and I guess you have received my letter telling you that all the pictures you sent to go with the entire hook are safe here.

So you can have peace of mind and not worry about the print of this book. Rex said Mr. Lac can go on with the Vietnamese while waiting for the English you send back.

I remark that except some change you made in the first lesson on "The Creation", there is not much change or correction. Now, above is the translation into English of a letter from a Vietnamese doctor in Go-vfip Gia-dinh sent to Rev. Ben Haden as soon as he read Mr. Rexilius had it first. They were very glad and sent it to me immediately so that I can put it into English and send to Mr.

Ben Haden to answer Dr. Due, they should send to him some choice tracts, like the ones written by Dr. Billy Graham. I told Mr. Rexilius that I will endeavour to translate and edit two messages every month and dare not promise to work on one each week as you suggested.

Rex also let me know that you want Mr. Mieng to work on it; if he does, it will be wonderful but I don't think Mr.

Mieng has time to do it. And I know this is true, therefore I dare not bother him. Now almost every people who knows English is in the army except the old ones like Mr.

Trf or me , and it very difficult to ask or hire people to translate. I am very glad to hear that you already have one thousand for the print of the tract on Nicky Cruz.

I think this is very timely because right now we have the problem of hooliganism in Vietnam, and only the Holy Spirit can change hearts. If this tract can be distributed among our youths not only military , it will be wonderful. Phuong printed copies and, according to the suggestion of our Church Literature Committee when they gave the permission for printing this tract, I omitted some words just some which criticize directly the Roaan Catholic Church.

Yes, they all came safely but it was my fault not to mention specifically to you.

huong dan xuat file cad sang pdf to jpg - PDF Files

I remember that in my letters I just said that all the books and tracts you sent to me have come safely. I have never received any words from Mrs. Dickson about the Tyal tribes. Phuong has already made cliche" of it. On the afternoon of As I failed to get a taxi or even a peii-cab I had to walk home.

And I had cold and terrible headache. Please remember to pray for me so that sickness will not keep me in bed. We all are all right. God be with you and bless you and Mr. Sincerely ydurs Nguyen van Van. All my family and those whom I told that you have been unwell and must be hospitalized were very sorry to hear that, and we all have been praying for you.

What deeply impressed us is that, despite your age and physical weakness, the thoughts and prayers of you both are always for Vietnam and the Vietnamese people and God's Church on this war-torn and calamity-stricken land.

Convert PDF to JPG

I trust that God has been and is giving you both strength, physically and spiritually. Yesterday Pastor Xuyen, the Superintendent of the Western part of Cochinchina came to my office, and I asked him if the Thanh-lo"i Ferry Bookstore Is already functioning, he said that yes, it is, and he had just sent to you a letter with a picture of the Bookroom five days ago. I guess you have already received it by now, haven't you? He asked me if the Bible Society can send Bibles to this Bookroom and give them the same discount of 20 per cent as we have been giving to other Church bookstores and of course we can.

Now, coming back to the 'Late Planet Earth' story. Two or three weeks ago I came to call on Mr. Douglas and he told me that he had got permission from the Publishing House to translate and print the whole book in Vietnamese.

He and Pastor Hang told me that Captain Nguyen van An the oldest son of the late Pastor Phu who is working for the Defense Ministry was translating the book and has finished two thirds of It.

Pdf sang jpg m?m duoi ph?n chuy?n

Douglas told me then that he could use your funds for what you have condensed from this book in the printing of this enlarged edition. I also told him that you wanted to print the Titanic tract, and he told me let him see later because at that moment he did not have the copy of RANG-DONG that had that article. And since then I have not yet met him again. But I promise you that I will pay special attention to the instructions in your two letters mentioned above and the one you wrote to Mr.

Franklin Irwin. Printing paper is a serious problem now, and I think what you have condensed is better for a tract, because I don't think the non-christian people have patience enough to read the whole book. I tried to meet Pastor Hang and talk to him about the Titanic tract but two days ago I went to the Gospel Bobkroom where his office Is and he was not there. Many pastors told me that they need tracts very badly and sometimes they came to the Bible Society to ask for free Bibles but you already knew the Bible Society cannot give them free, except your special John.

I will try to translate your condensed 'Planet Earth' and consult with Messrs. Irwin, Douglas and Hang before printing. Please pray for me because I am still suffering hypotension and the doctor gave a lot of tonic but he. Jeffrey- Page 2 said I must eat as much as possible because medicine is supplementary only, and you know medicines are now terribly expensive. And the trouble for me is that because of my colitis my diet is very strict, I cannot eat anything else besides rice por-ridge with carrot.

All the food that build up blood and strength like milk, fat, cream, eggs and vegetables are a 'taboo' for me. And this is why my blood pressure cannot go up to the normal level. Thank you very much for you and Rev. Jeffrey's kindness in having requested U. News and World Report to be sent to me by airmail at your charge, how I appreciate it. Falkenberg about the result of the last three months of of the Rang-Dong magazine ministry.

Glory be to God and to Him alone. All my family join me to send our best regards to Mr. Where are men going to? Douglas has shown me the English cppy but I forgot the English title.

I am sending to you one copy of this tract under separate cover. I like it very much so I got copies 45 piasters 1 copy to send to the intellectuals who want to know about the Bible prophecies and the current events. Box Dear Dr. First of all 1 would like to send to you and Mrs. Falkenberg and all the B. Despite the Cease-Fire Agreement already signed in Paris one year ago, Vietnam is still suffering war, floods, unemployment, inflation and economic crisis. As a result, God has used His Word to bring consolation and salvation to our misfirable fellow-compatriots.

I know that statistics is always dry and somewhat tasteless, therefore following I would like to tell you some wonderful stories God has done through the ministry of christian literature: Le-van-Ngoc, a year old boy from Hue wrote: Like my ancestors, my grand-parents and my parents worshipped idols and believed superstitious things. But one day my parents who were farmers wanted to know what Christianity was, and they came to the Church of Hue and frequented some christian homes to inquire about the socalled Western religion 'Tin-Lanh' Which means 'Good News.

Having seen this, the Communists suspected that my parents were lackeys of the imperialists, they killed my parents. At that time I was a senior high school boy. I quitted ray school and entered the army with a firm intention to revenge for my parents. For a period of time my mind was always obsessed with the questions: Who is powerful enough to deliver Man from sufferings? At first I just read for relaxation but it became more and more fascinating to me.

Suddenly I found that only Jesus Christ is powerful enough to save me and ray fellow-compatriots from both physical and spiritual sufferings. But as I am just a newborn baby In Christ, please help me with books or Bible or other christian literature so that I may grow in Christ. Her father works for the Tribunal or: After having received Jesus as her Saviour, she wrote me and said she had a girl friend in Saigon whib is a Catholic , and her friend was very sad.

Miss Ha said that her friend no longer wanted to live. And two weeks ago,. She came personally from Banmethuot about miles from Saigon to inform me of a good news- not only her friend In Saigon, but 3 of her 4 brothers and sisters have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

She came to thank me but I told her to thank and praise God. She said her friend who had T. I asked Miss Ha if she Ha had encountered some persecution or difficulties in her family when she received Jesus Christ.

She said 'yes, in the beginning my parents were sad to see rue not follow them in observing our traditional religion ancestor worshipping but later on as they saw that I did nothing wrong, in the contrary my life has changed, so they aggreed for me to follow Jesus. She witnessed to her brother and sisters and 3 of them have made their decision for Christ. Praise the Lord. Nguyen tien Nhat from the Defense Ministry wrote: Though I am not a christian, I found many interesting articles, and I believe that there is truth in what you wrote.

Huynh trung Hieu from Phuoc-tuy or. Ba-ria wrote: Every time I receive R. I find joy and encouragement. I have no adequate word to express my joy. Suppose if someone asks rae to choose between gold and your book, of course I will choose the latter. Nguyen Hoang from Da nang wrote: After having read your magazine, I found some emptiness in ray heart.

I found I lacked something. Bui van Nhu, a soldier, '-. I am a very 1 hard-kneeked' boy.

Chuyển JPG sang PDF

I don't believe in any god, even In Buddha or Heaven. One day I found a copy of RD on the floor I picked it uit and read just for the fun of it. But Its content attracted me and I want to know more about Jesus, I want to find consolation from Jesus. Tran cong Chanh from Quang nam wrote: It was a great encouragement to me when I received your magazine. I was deeply moved that you have been concerned about me and sent to me the christian literature.

Bui dinh Thong frora Quang-ngai wrote: Cao ngoc Le from Bong-xuan said: I found a wonderful easiness and rest when I read Jesus' word in Matthew Nguyen Minn, a serviceman wrote: Thanks for your love that has brought to me a peaceful and happy life in ffesus Christ. I am very grateful to the Lord who has many times saved me from death on n the battlefields.

Nguyen anh Phong from Hue wrote: If Jesus really exists as a Supreme Being who had raised the dead and could save mun from Hell, even I am an 'iron' man, I must also receive Him as my Lord and Saviour. I am sure that not only je but everybody else has the same thought as mine. Miss Nguyen thi Hoang Le from Chu lai wrote: And I believe that as God is immortal, 1 will not die because I worship Him.

Truong cong Chuc from Hue wrote: After having read through your magazine, I decided to give my whole life, both my body to Jesus and asked Him to cleanse Hi with His precious blood.

Though I am not yet a christian, thanks to your magazine I am convinced that man mu3t have faith. Otherwise he will be like a little boat in the ocean that does knot know what Its fate Mill Decome.

Nguyen Chan from Qui-nhdn. I found that It met the needs of my heart, that is why I came to get in contact with the pastor of the Evangelical Church near ray home Mr. Above are 3ome of the many letters I received almost every day. The Evangelical Church of Viet-Nam and myself are very grateful to God and to you for having been supporting us to aake Christ known through the printed page ministry. What will become of the situation of my tiny country tomorrow, nobody can tell.

But I am glad we still have opportunities to spread the Gospel from the pulpit as well as through books, tracts and raaga ines. I think the situation has softened my people's heart and they become more and more receptive to the Gospel. Please continue to pray for us and support us in this ministry. Maybe one day In a near future even we have money we cannot download paper. Inflation, th? But we believe that with God nothing is impossible.

This is why please, pray for us. My daily prayer is that may God feed me daily with His Holy Word so that I can use it to feed others.

With best wishes. Sincerely yours, Nguyen Van Van. Horn nay toi xin bao mgt tin Btfdng -Loi mdi ma Chua dung toi: Sau khi thanh lfip xong nha in cua Tong-lien-H i trong vong 9 thang, toi lien giao l i cho Ong Ms. Nguyen-thanh-IIang ma tro" ve lo cho gia-dinh Hi n jq: Ve nhqngyda den vdi toi, nguyen xin t Chua dtfdc nen, toi xin Ong Ba disng can-thi p gi ve toi, v6i ai, cut giao toi cho Chua qua su" cau nguyfn cua Ong Ba.

Ong biet het vifc lam cua toi. Ong Rexilius, Ong F. Irwin, Ong Phan van Tranh. Thay G o ITru-'en-tnn-Canh than-. Mgt so Ilg'. Kinh goi: Qui' vi Huc-Stf ya qui' Ong Ba,. Anh Chi yeu-dau trong Tinh-yeu Ciiu-Chua. Kinh thtia qui' vi, Toi x.

Toijxin tbda qui'vi dleu nay, neu qui'. Neu qui' vi du'dc su" cam dpng va" co' su tin-cay nhau xin gdi'tlen den fldi, ya iff lu'd. Boao la" ten. Amen Nay kinh thu Npuyen-tan-Canh. HaL Cu Giao-si J. Cam dn Chua da co sij giup-d dd gan du cho vifc xay-cat tai do. Ttf 5 nflm nay Bia-hat phai thue nha, nhung nay gia nha y tai Nha-tran ISn cao qua, neu cu thu thi Bia-hat kh6ng datisn.

Chung t6i chfin-thanh cadvdn hai Cu. Chung toi biet rahg,chua da den nh n chung toi lan con cai cua Chua. Hot lan nua chung toi xin can oil Or.

Chung ioi co net dlew thac sac lr. Van-de nay- rat la. Poitiers le L. Toi rat lay lan han-hanh dtfo-'c doc so Lao thu 8,toi rat buon la. Xian 0 Tculouse,Ci. Cau xin Chua ban phuc-lanh cho toi. TU khi Lien i. Can o'n Chua. Cac phong sach Tin-Lanh nay da duc'c Ighh dong cua cho den khi co chi-tlii mc'i. Cac toi to Chua khi nan-nliien phai doi di ch. Tiniihinli cua cac chi-hoi c' nien que thi kho-khau Hon.

Co nliieu n'ji h nien que,chinli-quyen thong-ce. Long-khanh da bi sap vi kho dan gan do-hi phat no dtidoi. J guyeu-l p-i: La da co dip lap chiing cho ong -Dao BUa,ket qua la ong Dao bvfa da cau-iiguy n tin Chua ngay trong ague. Viec nua gao cho sinh-vien an la not van-de nan-giai. Chinh quyen dia-phu'dng khong ban gao vo'i gia chanh-thxic. Liet rjang tai vigii thieu-thon,lio dj. Lining chinh-quyen davcnb chc luo'ng-thuc cua ttf-nhan,v y b t cung khong the den di duo'c. Ai nua Ilinh-Thanh phai co giay phep cua chinh-phu.

Co n t so Iiiiih-Thanh chu i. Vice nay xay ra trtfo'c khi bi nien phong. Vi xen trai thi biet cay. Ve sau,ii9i-h9. Tru-scr trung-uong cua caigoi la Ilji. Thanh Thong-i. Bilo TK Ba Vu-thi-Minh 50,00 A.

Le-van-Lang 30 P 00 6. Butottg-hong-Tao ,00 3. Ba Le-thi-Iien Dtic.. Ba Phan-thi-Lia 50,00 7. Ong Ba Giao-si D. Ve phan gia dinh chung nhd dp. Thd tu! Jkvi CAX. Hpp-thu Saigon So: Cu Giao Si D. Chung toi van cau nguyen dho Cu moi ngay. Tho" ay gdi. Kuc Su Phu phai di rat nhieu. Chu nhienj Kam ". Phan chung toi ben nay,nhd dn Chua deu du-gc b'nh-an. Du vfy. Hgt Thtfdyg da nhdm d J-lat. Krnh ohao Cy qui men.

This operation, which was supposed to be a minor one, turned out to be a time-consuming operation, and I have been forced to stay in bed since February 15th, Khi bat. Part time Translator for J. Con 1 trai nhd vtfi 1 gai Z tudi, sink d'my hien d' nha. Gau Chua cu"'bo'sub'cho hai Cu-de'Chua.

Sawin gidi-thifeu. Hon 9 thang r8i, khong co vi? Hdm 8 September, vcf tdi. Tuy cong viec chi tarn-thoi va ltfdng it, nhung dude Chua tiep-trd chung nao hay chung nay, con hon la khong co chi ca. Nhd oh Chua gin-giitchung t6'i va 4- con khong -dau y u chi, nen khoi tien bac'-si. Chung t6i co 5 con, ke 5 ca 1 con trai -de lai Nha-trang -de yen-ui Ong Than chung toi triioc khi ve vol. Chua, va 1 em gai nho 19 thang, sanh tai My. Chung t6i tin rang neu Chua khong giai-culi' thit Vi t-nam se thu c ve Cgng-san.

Christ is the only solution. Sang thvky Con lovc cua chung toi nay ddo'c 13 tuoi vat dang hoc Sth grade, mot em? Chung td"i nhom ta.

Cng I-iuc-su 1 ruot cua ong T. Tdi khong the 1 'nao quen ldi dsn cuoi cung cua Ong Shan toi. Kinh gdi Hai Cu Giao-si D.

Pdf chuy?n sang jpg m?m ph?n duoi

Roi horn sau ytr3 lai noi chuyen tham. Sau may tuan-le quen-biet, myt toi y to long vsi toi la y muon xin lam con cua chung toij lam con nuoi. Hi n nay trong trudng y dah9c ve Christianism qua cac sach-vd va cac thay Chua day, khi den nghe toi day thi y mdi cam thay la vuive, va mong rang thoi-gian mau qua de y dudc tu-do trong vi c tin Chua va lam Ekmtfxx Khmtxx; chung ve Chua. Vi h dm lin tc nhiu nhp dm siu tnh nhiu nhp , lm vic theo s n hi, th ni lc v bin dng nguy him nht ca biu bao l: Tnh ton theo iu kin cng trng thi gii hn I: R l cng chu lc cho php ca g tm lm vn khun sn.

Thit k ngang vn sn Chn trc tit din g x thanh lm ngang vn khun sn nh sau: R l cng chu lc cho php ca g thanh lm ngang. Q1 ti trng phn b u trn ngang, khi tnh vi trng thi gii hn v cng. Q2 ti trng phn b u trn ngang, khi tnh vi trng thi gii hn v bin dng. Chiu cao tht ca ct chng H l chiu cao lm vic lnnht l theo phng khng ging , 1 trong 2 phng lm vic ca ct chng. Chiu cao lm vic theo phngmt ging ct chng thng nh bng na chiu cao tht ca ct chng do c lp ging lin kt.

Kim tra tng bin dng ca cp pha khun c sn Bin dng ln ct chng sn do ti trng P tc dngl: F vng ln nht ca vn khun sn l: B ngang tit din vn khun y dm ph chnh l b ngang dm ph: T xc nh ngay c cc ctrng hnh hc khc ca vn khun y m ph, l: Q1 ti trng phn b u trn vn khun y dm ph, khi tnh vi trng thi gii hn v cng. Q2 ti trng phn b u trn vn khun y dm ph, khi tnh vi trng thi gii hn v bin dng.

Kim tra thit k vn khun thnh dm ph Chn trc b dy vn khun thnh dm ph. Nhp lm vicca vn khun thnh dm ph, c xc nh trc qua thit k vn khun y dm ph, chnh l khongcch cc ct chng ch T dm ph.

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Nunnally, trang Construction Methods and Management, S. K thut thi cng-Tp 1, nh c-L Kiu. Formwork for Concrete Structures, R. Peurifov, McGraw-Hill, m xut bn Xc nh gi tr ni lc v bin dng cc tr trong kt cu cpphaTheo h thng l thuyt tnh ton ca Vit Nam v Lin X cDo cp pha khun c phi tnh ton theo c hai trng thi gii hn v cng c xt ti trong giai onva b tng cn ti, c kh nng thi cng v v bin dng c bit l giai on b tng ninh kt v ng rntrong khun , nn khun c phi c thit k lm vic hon ton trong gii hn n hi, c bit khng tnhton kt cu khun c vi s khp do tc l tnh nh ho h siu tnh bng khp do, vt liu ti khpdo lm vic ngoi gii hn n hi.

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Tuy c xem xt ti lc ct cc tr, nhng tnh ton theo l thuytca Hoa K ni lc v bin dng nguy him l nh hn th km an ton v mt cng hn so vi tnh theo lthuyt ca Vit Nam. L thuyt ca Hoa K cng ch xem xt ti dm 3 nhp, m khng xem xt ti cc trnghp dm nhiu hn 3 nhp vi nhng gi tr ni lc nguy him ln hn y, vi dm nhiu hn 3 nhp cly kt qu theo dm 3 nhp. Tham kho ph lc chng 1 Construction Methods and Management, S. Lut phn b gi tr m mem un v vng nguy him ca h dm nhiu nhp. Chng 2Ph lc chng I: Xc nh gi tr ni lcv bin dng cc tr trong kt cu cp pha2.

Cc s dm lin tc t 3 nhp tr ln, gi tr m Lut phn b gi tr m mem un v vng nguy him ca h dm nhiu nhp nh sau: Trong cun Construction Methods and Management, ca S. Bi v cng tc b tng l cng tc chnh trong dy truyn cng ngh b tng ct thp ton khi. N i hi tnhthi cng lin tc cao m bo s ton khi, nn vic vn chuyn va b tng cng i hi phi c u tinhng u.

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Vic tnh nng sut nn tnh ton vi v trng ca cn trc nm trung tm nh c bit l loi cn trc chy trn ray. Khi qungng di chuyn cn trc trn ray n v tr phc v xa nht l na chiu di ca h thng ray. Gc ny thng c ly bng gc hp bi v tr tay cn thng gc vicng trnh, khi cn trc nm trung tm nh, vi hng tay cn khi cn trc quay ra pha mytrn hay kho bi gia cng cp pha hoc ct thp l gc quay ln nht trong 3 gc quay cntrc phc v cho cc cng tc cp pha, ct thp v b tng. Trong thc t hot ng ca cn trc, c th tng nng sut vn chuyn ca cn trc bng cch ng thi cngthc hin nhiu ng tc di ng ca cc b phn cn trc mt lc v d nh: Tuy nhn khi thit k bin php, phi s dngnng sut nh nht khi cc thao tc cn trc c thc hin c lp v tun t.

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Kt cu ct hay tng th c tnh khi lng cng tc cb tng ti cao y dm chnh, khng k n phn ct hay vch, giao vi dm v sn. Kt cu dm chnhv dm ph phi c tnh khi lng cng tc c b tng ti cao nch dm, phn dm giao vi sn khngc k n, v phn ny c bin php thi cng v nh mc lao ng ging vi vic c b tng sn. Kt cusn c tnh khi lng cng tc c b tng vi ton b din tch sn tng vi b dy ca sn, k c phn sngiao vi cc kt cu dm chnh, dm ph, ct v tng.

K thc ca phn khu b tng phi m bo o vic c b tng trong phn khu c lin tc, mbo tnh ton khi ca kt cu, ph hp vi nng lc ca my mc c bit l cc my thi cng o v nhn lc thi cng. V l dung tch hiu dng ca thng khi dng cn trc hoc xe bn khi dng my bm btng vn chuyn va b tng vo khun T0 l thi gian bt u ninh kt ca va b tng, tnh t khi va b tng ra khi trm trn. T l thi gian chu k vn chuyn mt m va l lng va vn chuyn bng thng hoc xevn chuyn b tng , t ni trn n khi vo khun.

T l thi gian m xong mt mch m v tr tip gip gia hai m. Tng khi lng cc cng tc b tng, lp dng ct thp, lp cp pha trong mi mt tng cng ltng khi lng vt liu v thit b thi cng mi tn m cn trc thp phi vn uyn phi cia thnh cc phn khi lng phn khu ph hp vi nng lc thi cng ca my mc c bit l ccmy thi cng o v nhn lc, lm vic trong mt ngy hoc ca lm vic.

Qyc l tng khi lng yu cu cn trc thp vn chuyn trn cc phn khu cng tc trongmt ca lm vic ca cn trc thp tn. QBTT l tng khi lng cng tc b tng ca mi tng cn cn trc vn chuyn tn. QCTT l tng khi lng cng tc ct thp ca mi tng tn. GCPT l tng trng lng cp pha ca mi tng tn. QCPT l tng trng lng cng tc cp pha ca mi tng din tch b mt vn khun m2. Khi b tng bng bm b tng chuyn dng, th iu kin 2 tr thnh vic xc nh s lngphn khu phn on thi cng b tng ct thp sn sn ton khi nh sau: Nhng thc t kch thc cng trnh l c gii hn.

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