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Parrots are engaging and intelligent birds, which may explain the many Web sites devoted to them and their interests. These tropical birds need protection from. As this is the 3rd addition of my book I have added original reviews by. The Parrot Society, The Bird Keeper, The Cage & Aviary Birds and. The Parrots magazine. Am I willing to devote the time required for the proper care of a parrot? 2. Do I have the funds and other resources to properly care for a parrot? 3. Do I have the .

Because of their beauty, intelligence, playfulness and ability in mimicry, parrots are the most widely kept companion birds. It is estimated that more than half of the psittacine cases presented to clinicians are the result of behavioral problems-problems inherent to captivity. Bringing together a host of international experts on avian behavior, Manual of Parrot Behavior explores the many facets of psittacine behavior, both normal and abnormal. The book not only provides readers with a solid understanding of the basic principles of psittacine behavior but also offers useful techniques of diagnosis and treatment for specific problems. Covers both normal and abnormal parrot behavior Offers practical techniques on diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems Written by a team of international experts on avian behavior A necessary addition to the library of any practitioner of behaviorist who sees avian companion animals Brings together a host of international experts on avian behavior Explores the many facets of psittacine behavior, both normal and abnormal Offers useful techniques of diagnosis and treatment for clinicians who see birds in practice Species covered include Macaws, site Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Cockatiels, Budgerigars and Cockatoos. This authoritative reference, the first of its kind, is a necessary addition to the library of any practitioner who sees avian companion animals.

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Then 2 conures for the last 12, but one died in the fall. Her dying is what mad me adopt the site, because Rowdy was depressed. And Merlin has been here less than 2 months. So I don't have a lot of experience with large parrots. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On.

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Forum Rules. Parrots for Dummies. User Name. Remember Me? Active Topics. Mark Forums Read. General Parrot Information Post here for general parrot related topics. Page 1 of 2.

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Thread Tools. Rio Mom Senior Member. Join Date: Apr Location: Pennsylvania Thanks: Parrots for Dummies Sponsored Links I've been wanting to download the book "Parrots for Dummies" for a while now, I see a lot of people here recommend it. Woohoo for cheap prices! Any books specific to Greys anybody has read and would recommend?

MollyGreenCheeks Senior Member. Jan Location: Arizona, USA Images: Books site. IcyWolf Senior Member. Jul Location: Etters, Pa Thanks: Parrots for Dummies I got parrots for dummies, iguanas for dummies and reptiles and amphibians for dummies all at ollies, I love it! BillsBirds Senior Member. Largo, Florida Thanks: Parrots for Dummies Barron"s puts out some great Bird books. Spiritbird Banned.

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Aug Images: Dec Thanks: Parrots for Dummies Quote: I have 2 of those books as well that I bought back when I first got Rowdy. I also bought one by the same author a few months ago about getting a "second hand" parrot. Personally I would rather call them "second home" parrots, but there were parts that were helpful. I bought Alex and Me from Spiritbird's recommendation and it is an excellent book, but be forewarned you will cry in parts.

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A nonprofit corporation promoting education, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary for the needs of parrots everywhere.

My Toos: Thinking about getting a cockatoo? Please check out this site first! Natural Encounters: Cool site featuring one of the best-known trainers in the world, Steve Martin, who has pioneered the art of training a variety of birds and animals through positive reinforcement.

The site contains lots of practical training information. The Shyne Foundation: This site details the benefit of free flight in parrots and shows you how to build a free flight habitat.

Tropical Nature Travel: Want to see parrots in the wild? This organization offers tours for just that purpose. World Parrot Trust: This charity funds projects and promotes parrot conservation and welfare. Great information on parrot welfare and links to parrot resources. Your parrot is a curious bird, but too much curiosity about the wrong things can be harmful to your feathered friends as well as to cats which certainly pose a danger to your parrot.

The following list contains foods, household items, and other creatures to keep away from your parrot and your parrot away from:.

Incorporating a parrot into your family takes some adjustment from everyone, especially children. Allow the bird to become acclimated. Move slowly. Children tend to display sharp, quick movements which can scare parrots. Be compassionate and understanding. Teach your child that the bird is not a toy. Teach your child not to be afraid of the bird.

Fear will lead to an ignored and unhappy companion. Cheat Sheet.

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Parrots For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Online Pet Parrot Resources Owning a parrot requires a certain level of interest in these tropical birds, and the Internet is a great place to slake your curiosity.