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Get this from a library! Nutritive value of Indian foods. [C Gopalan; B V Rama Sastri; S C Balasubramanian; National Institute of Nutrition (India)]. Indian Food Composition Tables T. Longvah R. Ananthan K. Bhaskarachary K. . Particular thanks to Late Dr. B. S. Narasinga Rao, former Director of NIN and Dr. . 23 entitled 'The Nutritive Value limited number of foods was nevertheless .. composed of fructose and v glucose and devoid of vitamins except vitamin C. The . Nutritive value of Indian foods / by C. Gopalan, B.V. Rama Sastri & S.C. Hyderabad, India: National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research.

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NUTRITIVE VALUE. OF. INDIAN FOODS. By. C. Gopalan, B. V. Rama Sastri &. S. C. Balasubramanian. Revised & Updated by. B. S. Narasinga Rao, Y. G. Nutritive value of Indian foods, by National Institute of Nutrition (India)., , National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of C Gopalan. C. Gopalan. MD., Ph.D. The new 'Indian Food Composition Tables, ', provides nutritional information Particular thanks to Late Dr. B. S. Narasinga Rao, former Director of NIN and . nutritive value of Indian foods funded by the IRFA.

Abstract The National Institute of Nutrition NIN has reached a remarkable milestone of completing years of exemplary service to the nation. The long journey that started in a humble one-room laboratory at Coonoor now in Tamil Nadu in to a colossus of the nutrition research in the country today is dotted with several interesting vignettes. The NIN has always been at the forefront of need-based, pragmatic research. Its large-scale community-based interventions have been of great practical value in the nation's fight against malnutrition. The evolution of nutrition as a modern science almost coincides with the growth of the Institute. Being the oldest in the fraternity of institutes under the Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR , the NIN has grown from strength to strength due to the sheer relevance of its contributions in furthering nutrition science and promoting public health in the country.

The number growth in nutrition oriented research in India took place of food entries was expanded by 3.

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The diets predominantly comprised of categories, respectively to widen the coverage of foods cereals, small quantities of pulses, green vegetables and consumed across India. Compared to the last edition of lesser proportion of milk, meat and eggs. Protein the year , additional columns for the biological malnutrition was of considerable magnitude nature and the mass percentage of edible portions were particularly among the poor communities Rao, also given. Scientific to be beneficial in the treatment of kwashiorkor in the articles around this time elucidated the role of amino areas where milk availability was limited.

Legume acids in regulation of human health. Pellagra was proteins were also found to be useful in treatment of reportedly instigated by amino acid imbalance of the protein malnutrition Patwardhan, ; Gopalan, sorghum diet, due to relatively excess leucine intake Therefore, skimmed milk along with whole milk Gopalan, Additionally, it was reported that the powder and certain legumes were included in the BV of proteins may not be limited by single amino acid edition.

The values for PER, a measure of protein but could be due to combined effects of partial amino quality were provided in addition to the existing protein acid deficiencies Patwardhan, Among BV Table 1. The BV of proteins represented micronutrient deficiencies, iron deficiency anemia percentage of absorbed nitrogen retained in the body IDA was observed more among rural sections of when food was considered as the sole source of populations while kwashiorkor occurred throughout nitrogen.

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PER was calculated from the gain in weight India Patwardhan, It was found that the per gram of protein consumed. Protein content was prevalence of IDA was greater in India when compared calculated from nitrogen content by multiplying with to Europe due to excessive phosphorus and phytic acid the factor of 6.

The data for eleven essential amino with concomitant low calcium levels in the diet. Amino acid values were Kondi, The occurrence of IDA was therefore drawn from research work carried out in India based on observed to be not exclusively limited to the low iron initial microbiological methods and later using intake from the diets but was also attributed to poor automated amino acid analyzer, mostly at National gastrointestinal absorption, inhibition of iron uptake by Institute of Nutrition NIN , Hyderabad and Central other dietary components or even the loss of absorbed Food Technological Research Institute CFTRI , iron.

Percent ionizable iron content was introduced into portable document, named Special Report Series No.

Calcium and magnesium salts of Food Values was brought out by Aykroyd, Gopalan, phytic acid are insoluble and these minerals are hence and Balasubramanian This book contained only rendered less bio-available.

Phytates are resistant to the tabulated values and brief text on principles of digestion and the phosphorus in them is also not readily nutrition and dietetics while the number of foods and available.

Nutritive value of Indian foods

Therefore, phosphorus contents of certain component parameters, scientific and vernacular names foods was reported in three different forms namely, remained unchanged.

For the In a relatively short duration between and first time, oxalic acid content was also reported for there was very little probability for the alteration in the food entries in this edition.

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Oxalic acid was nutritive value of Indian foods. The dietary pattern considered as an anti-nutrient along with phytin- remained similar despite economic growth, probably phosphorus and were tabulated together, since due to concomitant population expansion, low income physiology of mineral absorption and nutritional and inadequate food supply Rao, A slight impedances caused by anti-nutrients were well upward trend was noted in the consumption of foods deciphered.

Yet, diets were found to be inadequate in total as compared to 3 elements in previous edition. Acid- al. The Indian population continued to thrive on base balance of foods that could be calculated from subsistence vegetarian diets with little or no milk.

Subsequently, a consolidated of rural population in India depended on the Indian FCT entitled Nutritive Value of Indian Foods was system of diet based therapeutics and medication. The phrase Planning of Satisfactory Diets was in curing anaemia in those days. Among vitamins, the excluded from the title probably due to increase in contents of biotin, choline, inositol, pantothenic acid, consumer options triggered by economic growth.

Vitamin B1 was estimated mostly by preference for cereal rather than iron rich foods chemical and to a small extent by biological methods Venkatachalam, Protein energy malnutrition Table 2. Data expression units were either in gm or PEM in the forms of Kwashiorkor protein and mg or g per g edible portion. The percentage of calorie deficiency and marasmus calorie deficiency polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA in oils and fats were evident among children and were regarded as the were also provided for the first time in this edition most prevalent and widespread nutritional problems in because of their relevance in the management of India during those days Gopalan, Nutritional cardiovascular disease.

The net reduction in number of like University College of Technological Research components to 45 from 51 in the previous Institute, Mysore; State Food and Drug Laboratory, edition was due to exclusion of components Ambala Cantonment and Nutrition Laboratory, Patna to parameters of ionisable iron, percent ionisable iron, provide wider coverage for several constituents of biotin, inositol, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, vitamin different foods consumed across the country.

The total number of food obtained from these centers. The descriptive expressed as gram percentage. The vernacular names of column for the nature of edible portion was removed foods in Indian languages saw the inclusion of probably due to more emphasis on nutrient data.

Kashmiri and Punjabi in this edition. The data presented in this edition was primarily taken from the Free folic acid and vitamin B12 were included as new work carried out at NIN, Hyderabad funded by ICMR, components in this edition to provide dietetic New Delhi. In order to increase the coverage of options for solving the issues of certain types of foodstuffs and the number of food constituents, data anemia, cardiovascular disorders and neural that originated from University College of Science and dysfunctions caused by their inadequacy.

The extent of from different foods.

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The free and total folate contents sourced food values from various Indian scientific were estimated before and after incubation of food journals were neither specifically demarcated nor cited extracts with folic acid conjugase, respectively. Many vitamins such as as good sources of folates.

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It was also reported that biotin, inositol, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and only animal source foods such as meat, milk and liver vitamin K were however not considered in this edition contained vitamin B GLVs were found to be rich in due to scarcity of updated data, lack of clarity on calcium, iron, carotene, riboflavin and folic acid. Jaggery cane was found to be a good the conversion of carotene to vitamin A in the body, - source of iron with Vitamin g of preformed vitamin A per g, A content of pertinent foods was calculated considering respectively.

Vitamin C was estimated by 2, 6-dicholorophenol indophenol- 6. Nutritive value of Indian foods, xylene extraction method to avoid interference of The green revolution ushered in food security and there colored extracts. After , the status of nutritional deficiencies edible portion Table 1. Riboflavin and nicotinic acid was observed to have improved with the reduction in were estimated by microbiological assays Table 2.

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Between and , the ionizable iron out of total iron was excluded in this prevalence of corneal disease vitamin A deficiency edition probably due to low analytical reliability. The values of certain trace deficiency signs of VAD among children of 1 to 5 elements such as Mn and Zn analyzed by chemical years in rural areas National Nutrition Monitoring methods were considered unreliable and were therefore Bureau, NNMB Report, The prevalence of not included in the tables.

Phytate content was marasmus and kwashiorkor also decreased from 1. In: Nutrition in developmental transition in South-East Asia. Google Scholar 4.

Hyderabad: Indian Council of Medical Research, pp. Google Scholar 5. In: The analysis of nutrients in foods.

London: Academic Press, pp. Google Scholar 6. B Google Scholar 7. Ames: Iowa State University Press. Google Scholar 8. Sood R, Bhat CM Changes in ascrobic acid and carotene content of green leafy vegetables on cooking.

Nutritive value of indian foods icmr pdf file

J Food Sci Technol — Google Scholar 9. Google Scholar Oke OL Chemical changes in some Nigerian vegetables during growth. Exp Agric 4: — Vopr Pitan 32 3 : 58— PubMed Google Scholar Bartosova L Changes in vitamin C content in vegetables after harvesting. Vyziva a Zdravie 15 2 : 30— Zacharias R Short term cool storage of ready prepared meals.

Ernahrungs-Unachau 17 3 : 92—