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JLPT N4 Vocabulary List – PDF, Flashcards, Excel, & Audio Formats I've been talking to Jeff, a Nihongo Shark reader, about his experience taking the italki. with the community, please don't hesitate to contact me here. Pointing out But I have read quite a few of their lesson PDF's, and I. Nihongo Shark is a website that released a free and very helpful book to The only question is that in this pdf, he only writes about HOW you.

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Uploaded by: COREY | © All Rights Reserved. Page 2. Table of Contents. Intro . (Week #53 – ∞) Ganbarishark. JLPT N5 Vocabulary list with PDF, audio, flashcards, and Excel Spreadsheet A PDF document with all that stuff. . I'm Niko, the founder of NihongoShark. Hacking Japanese Supercourse - Version - FULL PDF. Lecture content locked. If you're already enrolled, you'll need to login. Enroll in Course to Unlock.

As anyone who has read my guide to learning Japanese knows, I love using intelligent flashcards i. Anki in order to amass huge amounts of vocabulary. These flashcards were auto-generated using a number of awesome, free tools. Example sentences have furigana thanks to this Japanese Support plugin. Cards with audio have play buttons thanks to this reply audio button add-on:.

Change Your Mindset.

Consistent Persistence. Is Japanese Hard to Learn? Is Studying Japanese Worth It?

Pdf nihongo shark

Dealing With Disappointments. Don't Be Active, Be Productive. Developing Study Habits. Avoid Using Willpower. Accountability Systems. Vocab Prep. The Pronunciation of Japanese. The Writing of Japanese. The Importance of Building Vocab. Ninja Tool 2 - Anki Flashcards. Ninja Tool 3 - Remembering the Kanji. Ninja Tool 4 - Reviewing the Kanji. Listening Prep.

JLPT N4 Vocabulary Lists

Listening Prep - Intro. Ninja Tool 5 - JapanesePod Reference Prep. Reference Prep - Intro. Ninja Tool 6 - Japanese Language Packs. Ninja Tool 7 - Online Dictionaries.

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Ninja Tool 8 - Web Browser Plugins. Ninja Tool 9 - Smartphone Apps. Grammar Prep. Grammar Prep - Intro. Ninja Tool 10 - Bunpou Books.

Pdf nihongo shark

Speaking Prep. Speaking Prep - Intro. Ninja Tool 11 - Caveman Japanese Course. Ninja Tool 12 - Online Japanese Lessons. Ninja Tool 13 - Online Language Exchanges. One Last Thing. Phase 1 - Checklist Week 1. Phase 2 - Prep Your Ninja Brain.

Fun Friday: Niko of Nihongo Shark – Learn Japanese Pod – Podcast – Podtail

Pronouncing Japanese. Pronouncing Japanese - Intro. Common Pronunciation Errors. The Japanese Writing System. The Japanese Writing System - Intro.

Why Japanese Has 3 Different Scripts. The Day Kanji Challenge Version 2. Kanji Challenge Intro.

In-Depth Review of Nihongo Shark’s Hacking Japanese Supercourse

Ninja Tool Amalgamation. Set Up Your Anki Deck. Learning New Kanji. Sticking With It for 97 Days. Focus On The Awesomeness. Phase 2 - Checklist Week 2 - Week Phase 3 - Lay Your Fluency Foundation. Lay Your Fluency Foundation. The Almighty Study Chain. Chain Item 1 - Flashcards. Your Flashcard Decks. Daily Flashcard Flow. I should point out that this deck is not perfect, because it was generated using a computer program.

You may notice that sometimes the word in the example sentence does not match the target vocabulary word:. So it got kind of messed up. The reason that this discrepency occurs is that I pulled these example sentences automatically using EPWing2Anki. In other words, I did not personally check if all of them match up perfectly.

When you come across a discrepancy, just click the dictionary link, then copy and paste a new example sentence from Weblio or Jisho. Or, you know, just delete the example sentence and move on. Your decision, yo! Some of you might be confused as to why the front side of my cards only has vocab, although usually I recommend using full sentences for the front side of your Japanese cards:.

The purpose of this deck is less about increasing your communicative ability in Japanese and much more about boosting your Japanese vocabulary as quickly as possible. The thing is: It will help you out a lot both in test and down the road, once you have a Jedi-like grasp on Japanese sentence structure. I never put the readings of kanji on the front of my flashcards. Actually, I never put the readings of kanji on the back of my flashcards, either.

And having the reading on the front side certainly makes things faster. This is actually an N5 Vocab word, but yeah, you get the idea…. All you want to do for these cards is to understand what they mean when you see them. This would mean that every day, Anki limits your reviews to , but it allows you to study as many new words as you want.

I talk about setting up these numbers a whole bunch in the Hacking Japanese Supercourse. You can download this shared Anki deck using this link: For all of you old-fashioned, love-to-print-stuff people out there, I also went ahead and put the entire vocabulary list in a PDF, which you can download right here: