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Passing the life in the uk test! *** this app includes the full Life in the UK handbook 3rd edition and more than real practice questions *** Best app to study. Life in The UK 3rd Edition for - PDF Audio Mp3 Guidance Practice Tips . Life In The UK Official Book 3rd Edition Latest For Test Digital Pdf File. Latest life in the uk Test practice question and audio cd 3rd edition(2 Life In The UK Official Book 3rd Edition Latest For Test Digital Pdf File.

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Read the official handbook "Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new the book at least once and completing all available practice tests to pass the test with . life in the uk test 3rd edition pdf download life in the uk pdf life in the uk 3rd edition pdf life in the uk pdf free download life in the uk book pdf. QIn the Church of Scotland, who is the Moderator? Mark one answer: A financial overseer who has overall responsibility for the accounts of the Church.

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Plans to introduce such a test were announced in September by the then Home Secretary , David Blunkett. In , plans to require foreign-born religious ministers to take the test earlier than other immigrants were abandoned by the then Immigration Minister, Tony McNulty.

Testing is not directly administered by UK Visas and Immigration which replaced the UK Border Agency in , but is carried out by learndirect , a private company.

The handbook was revised in March and the test was changed to be based on chapters 2 to 6 of it. The additional chapters covered knowledge and understanding of employment matters and everyday needs such as housing, money, health and education. He is best known for his portraits. In the Middle Ages, great cathedrals and churches were built, many of which still stand today.

Examples are the cathedrals in Durham, Lincoln, Canterbury and Salisbury. The White Tower in the Tower of London is an example of a Norman castle keep, built on the orders of William the Conqueror see pages 41 and Gradually, as the countryside became more peaceful and landowners became richer, the houses of the wealthy became more elaborate and great country houses such as Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire were built.

British styles of architecture began to evolve. In the 18th century, simpler designs became popular. He designed the inside decoration as well as the building itself in great houses such as Dumfries House in Scotland.

His ideas influenced architects in cities such as Bath, where the Royal Crescent was built. As cities expanded, many great public buildings were built in this style. The Houses of Parliament and St Pancras Station were built at this time, as were the town halls in cities such as Manchester and Sheffield. He designed New Delhi to be the seat of government in India.

After the First World War, he was responsible for many war memorials throughout the world, including the Cenotaph in Whitehall. The Cenotaph is the site of the annual Remembrance Day service attended by the Queen, politicians and foreign ambassadors see page 98—9. Later, Gertrude Jekyll often worked with Edwin Lutyens to design colourful gardens around the houses he designed. Gardens continue to be an important part of homes in the UK. The annual Chelsea Flower Show showcases garden design from Britain and around the world.

Fashion and design Britain has produced many great designers, from Thomas Chippendale who designed furniture in the 18th century to Clarice Cliff who designed Art Deco ceramics to Sir Terence Conran a 20th-century interior designer. Literature The UK has a prestigious literary history and tradition. Other authors have become well known in popular fiction. The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is awarded annually for the best fiction novel written by an author from the Commonwealth, Ireland or Zimbabwe.

It has been awarded since Her books include Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.

Life in The UK 3rd Edition - Downloadable PDF & Audio Book Practice Guidelines

Her novels are concerned with marriage and family relationships. Many have been made into television programmes or films. Charles Dickens —70 wrote a number of very famous novels, including Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. You will hear references in everyday talk to some of the characters in his books, such as Scrooge a mean person or Mr Micawber always hopeful.

Robert Louis Stevenson —94 wrote books which are still read by adults and children today. Thomas Hardy — was an author and poet. His best-known novels focus on rural society and include Far from the Madding Crowd and Jude the Obscure. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — was a Scottish doctor and writer. He was best known for his stories about Sherlock Holmes, who was one of the first fictional detectives.

Evelyn Waugh —66 wrote satirical novels, including Decline and Fall and Scoop. He is perhaps best known for Brideshead Revisited.

Sir Kingsley Amis —95 was an English novelist and poet. He wrote more than 20 novels. The most well-known is Lucky Jim.

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She now writes fiction for adults as well. British poets British poetry is among the richest in the world. As well as plays, Shakespeare wrote many sonnets poems which must be 14 lines long and some longer poems. As Protestant ideas spread, a number of poets wrote poems inspired by their religious views.

One of these was John Milton, who wrote Paradise Lost. Other poets, including William Wordsworth, were inspired by nature. Sir Walter Scott wrote poems inspired by Scotland and the traditional stories and songs from the area on the borders of Scotland and England.

He also wrote novels, many of which were set in Scotland. Later, many poets — for example, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon — were inspired to write about their experiences in the First World War. Burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Gardening A lot of people have gardens at home and will spend their free time looking after them. Gardening and flower shows range from major national exhibitions to small local events.

Many towns have garden centres selling chapter 5: A modern, thriving society plants and gardening equipment. Most towns and cities have a central shopping area, which is called the town centre. Undercover shopping centres are also common — these might be in town centres or on the outskirts of a town or city. Most shops in the UK are open seven days a week, although trading hours on Sundays and public holidays are generally reduced. Many towns also have markets on one or more days a week, where stallholders sell a variety of goods.

Cooking and food Many people in the UK enjoy cooking. They often invite each other to their homes for dinner. Fish and chips are also popular. Wales: Welsh cakes — a traditional Welsh snack made from flour, dried fruits and spices, and served either hot or cold.

Eminent directors included Sir Alexander Korda and Sir Alfred Hitchcock, who later left for Hollywood and remained an important film director until his death in Northern Ireland: Ulster fry — a fried meal with bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, white pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms, soda bread and potato bread. Films British film industry The UK has had a major influence on modern cinema.

Films were first shown publicly in the UK in and film screenings very quickly became popular. From the beginning, British film makers became famous for clever special effects and this continues to be an area of British expertise.

Sir Charles Charlie Chaplin became famous in silent movies for his tramp character and was one of many British actors to make a career in Hollywood. British studios flourished in the s. The s and s were a high point for British comedies, including Passport to Pimlico, The Ladykillers and, later, the Carry On films.

Some of the most commercially successful films of all time, including the two highest-grossing film franchises Harry Potter and James Bond , have been produced in the UK.

Book life pdf 3rd the uk edition test in

Ealing Studios has a claim to being the oldest continuously working film studio facility in the world. Britain continues to be particularly strong in special effects and animation. One example is the work of Nick Park, who has won four Oscars for his animated films, including three for films featuring Wallace and Gromit.

British actors continue to be popular and continue to win awards throughout the world. British comedy The traditions of comedy and satire, and the ability to laugh at ourselves, are an important part of the UK character. Later, Shakespeare included comic characters in his plays. In the 18th century, political cartoons attacking prominent politicians — and, sometimes, the monarch or other members of the Royal Family — became increasingly popular. In the 19th century, satirical magazines began to be published.

The most famous was Punch, which was published for the first time in the s. Today, political cartoons continue to be published in newspapers, and magazines such as Private Eye continue the tradition of satire. Comedians were a popular feature of British music hall, a form of variety theatre which was very common until television became the leading form of entertainment in the UK.

Some of the people who had performed in the music halls in the s and s, such as Morecambe and Wise, became stars of television. Television comedy developed its own style. Situation comedies, or sitcoms, which often look at family life and relationships in the workplace, remain popular. Stand-up comedy, where a solo comedian talks to a live audience, has become popular again in recent years. Some are free to watch and others require a paid subscription. British television shows a wide variety of programmes.

Popular programmes include regular soap operas such as Coronation Street and EastEnders. In Scotland, some Scotland-specific programmes are shown and there is also a channel with programmes in the Gaelic language.

There is a Welsh-language channel in Wales. There are also programmes specific to Northern Ireland and some programmes broadcast in Irish Gaelic. Everyone in the UK with a TV, computer or other medium which can be used for watching TV must have a television licence.


One licence covers all of the equipment in one home, except when people rent different rooms in a shared house and each has a separate tenancy agreement — those people must each buy a separate licence. This is a British public service broadcaster providing television and radio programmes. The BBC is the largest broadcaster in the world.

It is the only wholly statefunded media organisation that is independent of government. Other UK channels are primarily funded through advertisements and subscriptions. There are also many different radio stations in the UK. Some broadcast nationally and others in certain cities or regions. There are radio stations that play certain types of music and some broadcast in regional languages such as Welsh or Gaelic. Like television, BBC radio stations are funded by TV licences and other radio stations are funded through advertisements.

Social networking Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are a popular way for people to stay in touch with friends, organise social events, and share photos, videos and opinions.

Many people use social networking on their mobile phones when out and about.

Pubs and night clubs Public houses pubs are an important part of the UK social culture. Many people enjoy meeting friends in the pub. Pub quizzes are popular.

Pool and darts are traditional pub games. To buy alcohol in a pub or night club you must be 18 or over, but people under that age may be allowed in some pubs with an adult. When they are 16, people can drink wine or beer with a meal in a hotel or restaurant including eating areas in pubs as long as they are with someone over Pubs are usually open during the day from Night clubs with dancing and music usually open and close later than pubs.

The licensee decides the hours that the pub or night club is open. Betting and gambling In the UK, people often enjoy a gamble on sports or other events. There are also casinos in many places. There is a National Lottery for which draws are made every week. You can enter by buying a ticket or a scratch card. People under 16 are not allowed to participate in the National Lottery. Pets A lot of people in the UK have pets such as cats or dogs. They might have them for company or because they enjoy looking after them.

It is against the law to treat a pet cruelly or to neglect it. All dogs in public places must wear a collar showing the name and address of the owner. The owner is responsible for keeping the dog under control and for cleaning up after the animal in a public place.