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Paul Rubenstein[ edit ] John Rourke's sidekick, fellow survivor of the Albuquerque airliner crash on the night of the war. After her surrogate parents died in a road accident, Natalia trained as a KGB agent, reaching the rank of major by the beginning of the war. Tiemerovna's favorite weapons include a suppressed Walther pistol, an M16 and a Balisong knife. General Ishmael Varakov[ edit ] Natalia's uncle, and leader of the Soviet occupation forces in the U. Varakov is at his best when he spews withering insults upon one of his country's intelligence assets who has survived to become a person of importance in the remnants of the U. Varakov tells this spy controlled by blackmail due to his pedophilia that if the spy makes the slightest error for any reason, Varakov will reveal him to the Americans.

A sexual interest arises with a comely female character, and the resulting coupling is slightly more graphic than most crime novels from that era but less explicit than, say, a 'Longarm' western.

Ahern the survivalist ebook download jerry

One thing that sets 'The D. Man' apart from its contemporaries is the setting and era. The smoke of distrust and corruption of post-Watergate Washington, DC is thick in this story. Peterson spends a lot of physical and mental energy to figure out if the Senator killed himself because he feared the exposure of his own corruption or whether his corruption lead to his murder.

The Survivalist Series

The symbiotic relationship between elected officials, their staffs, lobbyists, and the press is the fuel that feeds The D. Man books.

Ahern survivalist ebook download jerry the

Nearly two hundred million Americans and over a hundred million Soviets are killed in the ensuing nuclear exchange , and tsunamis hit both California and New York. Rourke is on a Boeing bound for Georgia when the missiles hit, and the pilots are blinded by the explosions. Rourke manages to crash-land the plane near Albuquerque , New Mexico and teams up with Paul Rubenstein, another survivor of the crash. With Soviet airborne forces landing on U. Rourke's family become refugees after a gang of looters attack their farm.

Varakov has a job for him: Rourke is to kill Karamatzov, who has beaten Natalia on suspicion of adultery with Rourke. A National Guard officer joins forces with a cult of wild-men to infiltrate a remaining missile silo and use the missiles to destroy Chicago. While Rourke's family fight with the resistance and the Soviets experiment with cryonic suspension, Rourke and Natalia fight the wild-men to save the city.

Rourke finally finds his family in Tennessee , and takes them to his survival retreat. To save themselves from war-induced climate change specifically, the ionization of the atmosphere due to unexplained side effects of the nuclear exchange , the KGB loot Eden Project cryonics research from the Johnson Space Center , while Rourke and Natalia fight through Soviet troops, feral dogs, and cannibals to discuss the coming 'end of the world' with Varakov in Chicago.

The two take cryonics equipment allowing the Rourkes, Paul, and Natalia to survive the impending climatic catastrophe. Almost all life on the Earth's surface is wiped out, with Varakov dying in Chicago.

Rozhdestvenskiy, searching for Rourke in Georgia, dies in a climactic shootout with him, even as the world's atmosphere ignites above them. Having planned a five hundred year cryogenic sleep to await the returning Eden Project shuttles, Rourke awakens Annie and Michael early, raising them until their late teens.

Series: The Survivalist

The Eden Project an international project returns and lands in Georgia at a makeshift runway created by the Rourkes and they form a colony there.

The Soviet Union has survived in massive underground shelters and continues their conflict with the Rourke family across the globe.

Nazi Germany also survived in an underground shelter in South America but the Nazi regime is overthrown through the efforts of Rourke and his family. The now democratic German colony become staunch allies of Rourke.

Paperback Warrior: March

Iceland 's inhabitants survived in hollow volcanoes and join the Rourke family in their battles. A particularly dramatic book, Mid-Wake, details how the United States survived in an underwater colony in the Pacific. A Soviet colony nearby also survived and both colonies have continued the war over the last five centuries. The Chinese survived in three underground cities and become involved in battles as well.

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The books end with an alliance of the freedom-loving states defeating the evil regime states and peace returning to the Earth. Weapons and equipment details[ edit ] Ahern is very meticulous in his description of the weapons and equipment used by characters in the story, particularly with regard to his hero's preferences.

So, for instance, John Thomas Rourke does not carry a. Such detail regarding the brands and specific products endorsed by Rourke extends to all sorts of items that appear in the series.

This list is representative, but by no means complete.

John Thomas Rourke favors:.