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Jan 24, NBP KAROBAR Mobile Utility StoreFinancing facility available to purchase a P a g e | 31 P . DOWNLOAD FULL PDF EBOOK here { y8nn3gmc }. . Nbp internship-report-on-national-bank-of-pakistan Apr 8, This document is the internship report that states my experience and observation The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is among the largest. Dec 14, PDF | On Oct 15, , Waris Khan and others published Financial Ratio Analysis Internship Report National Bank .. NBP base camp in Karachi, Pakistan with in excess of 1, extensions .. Description

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Farhan Internship Report NBP - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or SWOT of Infosys, TCS, HCL, Wipro & Cognizant for INTERNSHIP REPORT on NBP doc - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or laporan-tahunan-kementerian-keuanganpdf. Nov 3, NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN INTERSHIP REPORT on NBP BY MIRZA ULLAH # The Bank has INTERSHIP REPORT on NBP . have completed this internship and report in such a short span of time.

As the students of the College of Commerce we have to pass through a series of various managerial techniques. During this practical course we are provided with an opportunity to learn that how the theoretical knowledge can be implemented in practical grounds. I wish to acknowledge a lot of people for their valuable contribution to this report. The moon has enigmatic intoxication, The beautiful mountains, And singing streams and valleys, Magical clouds and shinning rainbow, Infinite stars and burning sun, Apparent calm mighty seas, The charming winds and endless skies……. But why do they exist………? Did we ever try to find purpose of our creation……..?

The training programmed of the bank should include scientific techniques to improve the decision-making and interpersonal as will individual needs of the employee both specialized to fresh as well as on job to maintain the high standards of service.

Developing Managerial Leadership Leadership is a practical term of visible, clear on objective and communicating better control on financial and administrative matters. Manager is not only responsible for their own units in business, but also in people terms i. Recruitment policy Human resources are the lifeblood of the organization. If the personnel are recruited carefully they can become asset to the organization in the case of carelessness a liability on the organization.

Bank is not following its recruitment policy properly due to favoritism, nepotism and political pressure. Both the top authority and staff union tries their best recruit their favorites, indulgence of political pressure add salt to the wounds. The persons selected through these channels are infantile and do not work for the betterment for the bank.

Pdf 2012 nbp report internship on

Promotions Promotion in NBP is purely on the basis of seniority, so the new young person having high qualification remains behind for quite a lot of time. Top management and staff union put pressure for the promotion of their favorites, which gives a sense of deprivation to the deserving employee and their efficiency is affected.

As the concept of promotion is attached with better in terms of greater responsibility, more prestige, greater skills and increased rate of salary. Thus a better and impartial policy of promotion needs to be followed.

Transfer Transfer means when a person is shifted from one place to another place. It is done either that person is needed more on the other branch or for improving his skill variety. It is the policy of the Bank to transfer each employee 3 to 4 years. Marketing at desk Bank employee come in daily contact with many people who happen to deal with the casual remittance, travelers cheques, safe custody, pensioners, depositing license fee and variety of other functions and variety of other people with whom the Bank has no account or regular business relationship.

The Bank employees are doing very little on their own to explore the possibilities of selling banking services to them as a marketing contributor. The entire Bank community should make a conscious effort in addition to their normal work to explore the possibilities of selling banking services to them.

The market opportunities are hidden in every dealing a banker handles; the question is that if he has the art and urge to seize such opportunities. Lack of business communication There is no proper way to give information to their customer. Some general information should be placed in information notice board on the entrance where customer can see it easily or it should be self-attractive.

The main regulatory body is State Bank of Pakistan, which provides policy guidelines and ensures that the money market operates on sound professional basis.

This procedure has been modernized with the passage of time with a view to streamline the approach and underlying procedure for effective overhauling of its own capabilities so as to bring them at par with international practices. Here I am giving some suggestions, which in my view can add some input for efficiency and better performance of NBP as an organization in general and as a main branch in particular. The recommendations are as follows: Professional training NBP staff lacks professionalism.

Farhan Internship Report NBP

They lack the necessary training to do the job efficiently and properly. Although staff colleges in all major cities but they are not performing well. For this purpose these staff colleges should be reorganized and their syllabus should be made in such a way to help the employee understand the ever-changing global economic scenario. Banking council of Pakistan should also initiate some programs to equip the staff with much needed professional training.

Delegation of authority Employees of the bank should be given a task and authority and they should be asked for their responsibility. Gives proper attention to every work and concern bodies are responsible to delegate the authority to whom they think that will perform batter. Performance Appraisal The manager should strictly monitor the performance of every staff member especially operation manager of the branch.

All of them should be awarded according to their performance and result in the shape of bonuses to motivated and incite them to work more efficiently. In the critical analysis this, problem is discussed. To overcome this problem it is suggested that a special section should be made inside the branch.

Which should only handle the treasury function, salaries and pensions of federal personnel or the bank should do these functions in the evening time. Also management should purchase more furniture and arrange them in such a way which provides maximum space and convenient especially in deposit department and there should also be convenient sitting place for customers.

Transfer is not properly carried out. Some of the employees are continually serving at the same post. They are simply rotated at the same branch. Therefore it is recommended that evenly rotation of every employee should take place after every three years in different braches of the bank.

There should not be any abrupt policies change by the upper management, as this practice hurts the customer confidences in the bank. Government should make long-term policies Need Qualified Staff Required, qualified staff should be provided to branch in order to improve the functioning of the branch.

Especially a telephone operator should be appointed. Utility Bill Charges Bank gets Rs. These charges should be increased to RS 10 per bill to enable the branch to cover their handling costs and make some profit. This will make the functions and decision making of the management easier and convenient. National bank of Pakistan should start its operation in credit card. These cards are very helpful for the ordinary customer in general and the business people in particular.

To make it mores secure and to eliminate the misuse of it, the management is required to keep proper security against the card. Installing Validator and ATM Validator machine is used to count the currency notes and its installation will help to eliminate to counting errors and will save time.

This will also help in saving time result is work completed on time This branch is situated in the City, which is supported to be the hub of business activates. In this area an automated teller machine ATM is the need of the hour businessmen can easily check their balance in the bank and also with draw their money conveniently. Interest on Overdraft: Overdraft is a short-term credit facility provided by the bank to its trustworthy customers free of interest.

Only bank commission is charge small amount of mark-up on the overdraft, which will help the bank to improve its revenue position. Clean Loans Clean loan or clean overdraft is the credit facility extended to the customers to the customers without any security. These types of small term loans should not be extended to anybody, because sometime these loans are provided to blue-eyed people of the management and they become a part of bad debts.

On nbp 2012 pdf report internship

Some of these are mentioned below: 1. It should be certainly mentioned that the time two months is very short to get the total view of the banking functions. The officers were quite busy with their regular activities. In some cases, they could not be able to supply me any information for the reason that they have no printed documents. Office secrecy was one of the most important problems.

Disclosing of some information was restricted. In case of secondary data collection, there was very little secondary information. There were few support books, reports, journals, etc. As the officers were very busy with their day-to-day work, they could provide very little time. Chapter-2……………………………………… Literature Review There are numerous research reports on the different activities and programs of National Bank Limited.

The human resource department arranges different research program to identify its problems and inefficiencies. And by this way it tries to resolve their problems to provide excellent services to its customers.

Beside that every year a number of students of different universities conduct their internship program in different branches of National Bank Limited. In their reports they flash out some recent problems and draw some recommendations about what the management of NBL should do to resolve these problems. Like every year a number of students conducted their internship program in NBL. Mobarak Hossain, mentioned in his report that the absence of online banking system in NBL is the main constraint of its success.

Pdf on 2012 internship nbp report

The top management should start the online banking system as soon as possible if it wants to reach at the desired position. The top management has already taken the necessary steps to start online banking system.

In her report she mentioned that the information technology of NBL is poor and the management should take necessary steps to improve its information technology.

35 NET PROFIT MARGIN 89 I NTERSHIP REPORT on NBP BY shaheryar Net profit margin

Because of this inefficiency managers required to do a lot of duplication work. Now the top managers of NBL try to ensure all types of technological support in their all branches.

Methodology of the study 3. Introduction: The nature of this report is descriptive. So instead of doing any survey, observation method is used to complete this qualitative research. I have tried to collect all such information that will reflect the actual situation of the bank for any report. I have collected various types of primary and secondary data while I was performing my job.

Nbp pdf 2012 on report internship

I have collected various data from various sources by face to face interview with the employees working in different departments of National Bank Limited, Mohammadpur branch, personal investigation bankers of different branches of NBL, circulars sent by Head office and maintaining daily diary which contains all the activities that has been observed in the bank.

Therefore, for the purpose of the study, all the branches of, National Bank Limited has been considered as the population of the study. Sampling Unit: Only one branch of National Bank Limited has been taken as the sampling unit for the study, i. Mohammadpur branch.

Sampling method: Random sampling method has been used for the purpose of the study. Sources of data: The report is based on both primary and secondary sources of information. Interviewing the managers and officers of the bank, talking to the customers, the primary data have been collect. Further more different publications of the bank annual reports and the bank websites have been used for the purpose of collecting secondary data. Primary sources of data: 1. Practical desk work.

Opinions and suggestions of bank officials. Secondary sources of data: 1. Annual report of NBL. Published booklet of NBL. Various published document. Method of data collection: For the purpose of the study, two methods of data collection have based: a Observation method.

Analytical tools and software: To make the report more understandable and give a nice look, different analytical tools and software, have been used to prepare the report. Organizational Profile 4. Historical Background: National bank Ltd is the first and major private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh fully owned by the Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs.

The Bank started its operation from 23rd March As a result of the collective effects of the some eminent bankers, of failure in playing due to role in mobilizing small savings of the teeming millions and providing improved clients services to them in our country, the Government gave right decision to allow establishing banks in private sector.

National Bank Limited was born as the first hundred percent Bangladeshi owned Bank in the private sector. From the very inception it is the firm determination of National Bank Limited to play a vital role in the national economy. Since ratios adjust for size, using this analytical tool facilitates intercompany as well as intercompany comparisons.

Calculation of Different ratio: Here we are going to calculate different ratios, which include both the balance sheet and income statement ratios. These ratios are quite important for analyzing the financial position of a firm. Liquidity Ratio A class of financial metrics that is used to determine a company's ability to pay off its short terms debts obligations, Generally, the higher the value of the ratio the larger the margin of safety that the company possesses to cover short-term debts.

Current Ratio: The current ratio is the ratio of current assets to current liabilities. Shareholders may prefer a lower current ratio so that more of the firm's assets are working to grow the business. Cash Ratio: The cash ratio is an indication of the firm's ability to pay off its current liabilities if for some reason immediate payment were demanded. This shows a decrease in Advances to Deposits Ratio: The loan to deposit ratio is used to calculate a lending institution's ability to cover withdrawals made by its customers.

Here high ratio is required. In general, these analyses are more concerned with long term debts, because these commit the firm to a stream of payments over the long run.

Solvency analysis includes 27 Proprietary Ratio: Proprietary ratio refers to a ratio which helps the creditors of the company in seeing that their capital or loans which the creditors have given to the company are safe. In, there is an increases trend as 4. It shows that very small amounts of shareholders in asset contribution. Debt to Owner Equity Ratio: The ratio of debt-to-owner's equity or net worth indicates the degree of financial leverage you're using to enhance your return.

A rising debt-to-equity ratio may signal that further increases in debt caused by purchases of inventory or fixed assets should be restrained.

Earning Asset to Total Asset Ratio: Earning assets to total assets ratio tells us about the Company management efficiency to utilize the earning assets. It means earning capacity of earning assets 0. Profitability Analysis Analysis of a firm indicates the overall efficiently of the management. Without profit a company cannot attract the outside capital.

Profitability analysis includes. Return on Total Assets: The return on assets ratio provides a standard for evaluating how efficiently financial management employs the average dollar invested in the firm's assets, whether the dollar came from investors or creditors. It means the assets of business are not properly utilized in and ratio is Return on Investment: A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

Return on Equity: Return on equity measures a corporation's profitability by revealing how much profit a company generates with the money shareholders have invested. Investor analysis includes. Earnings per Share — EPS: The portion of a company's profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock.

Earnings per share serve as an indicator of a company's profitability. Here decreasing EPS, which will surely decrease share price. In it is high and more attractive for investors. Dividend Payout Ratio: The dividend payout ratio measures the percentage of a company's net income that is given to shareholders in the form of dividends. Horizontal Analysis This technique is also known as comparative analysis. It is conducted by setting consecutive balance sheet, income statement or statement of cash flow side-by-side and reviewing changes in individual categories on a year-to-year or multiyear basis.

The most important item revealed by comparative financial statement analysis is trend. A comparison of statements over several years reveals direction, speed and extent of a trend s. The 34 horizontal financial statements analysis is done by restating amount of each item or group of items as a percentage. Such percentages are calculated by selecting a base year and assign a weight of to the amount of each item in the base year statement.

Thereafter, the amounts of similar items or groups of items in prior or subsequent financial statements are expressed as a percentage of the base year amount. The resulting figures are called index numbers or trend ratios. The interest expense of National Bank of Pakistan shows an increasing trend during all years. Profit after tax stable in is In a balance sheet, for example, cash and other assets are shown as a percentage of the total assets and, in an income statement, each expense is shown as a percentage of the sales revenue.

Internship Report National Bank of Pakistan

In Vertical analysis, various components of the financial statements are standardized by expressing them as a percentage of some bases. Examples of common-sized statements include: 1. Components of the balance sheet expressed as a percentage of total assets 2. Components of the income statement expressed as a percentage of sales or Interest earned. There are four earning assets.

Bank has strong earning assets like advances investments and lending to financial institutions has major percentage in of assets of bank. The other assets of National Bank of Pakistan fluctuate during all years. The deposits and other liabilities of National Bank of Pakistan increased during all years. The share capital of National Bank of Pakistan shows a mixed trend in all years. The interest expense of National Bank of Pakistan shows a decreasing trend during all years.

The dividend income of National Bank of Pakistan is show growing. Gain on sale of securities increases in