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Head First jQuery - dokument [*.pdf] Advance Praise for Head First jQuery jQuery Cookbook jQuery Pocket Reference jQuery Mobile JavaScript and. Head First JQuery free ebook Books To Read Online, Ebook Pdf, Free Books, . Head First Mobile Web PDF Web Development, Mobile Web, Web Languages. Head First C#, Third Edition - - O'Reilly Media “Head First C# is a great book, both for brand new developers and developers. “Usually when.

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jQuery Pocket Reference. jQuery Mobile. JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual. Other books in O'Reilly's Head First series. Head First C#. Head First Java. Want to add more interactivity and polish to your websites? Discover how jQuery can help you build complex scripting functionality in just a few lines of code. Discover how jQuery can help you build complex scripting functionality in just a few lines of code. With Head First jQuery, you'll quickly get up to speed on this.

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A page may have header and footer elements with data-role of header and footer, respectively. In between, there may be an article element, with a role of main and a class of ui-content. Lastly, a nav element, with data-role of navbar may be present. One HTML document can contain more than one section element, and thus more than one screenful of content. This way it is only necessary to load one file which includes multiple pages of content.


One page can link to another page within the same file by referencing the page's id attribute e. In the example below, two other data- attributes are used. Another link will dial the restaurant phone number directly on the mobile device so that user can place a reservation.

The last part of this view is a select box, where the user can rate the restaurant. We will use this meta tag to gain better control of our viewport.

Without this tag, the browser will squeeze our layout in the whole page, and it will look ugly and very tiny.

Head First jQuery

The initial-scale property controls the zoom level when the page is first loaded and we will set it to 1, meaning no zoom in or out when page is loaded.

Then we will call our CSS files.

In older jQuery Mobile versions the CSS was in one file, but in the newer version they made a distinction between the structure and the actual design colors, gradients etc which makes it easier to create custom styles. We then need to load our jQuery, and jQuery Mobile JavaScript code at the end, since it needs the jQuery library to work. In our case, we will go for creating one HTML document per page. Pretty easy.

Pdf head first jquery mobile

You can find more transitions in the official documentation. Here is the HTML code, explanation of the tricky parts follows.

First mobile pdf jquery head

Note that this is a filter that will filter the items of the list, and is not a search bar. The last trick will be creating the little bubbles on the right of list elements, and we will do that by creating a span with the class and the numbers in it.

We already saw how to create a title bar in previous section. For the customer rating, we add a p element with two classes:. HTML is the trickiest of all, mainly because it has lots of elements on it. Donovan, California Bookwatch: All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Online editions are also available for most titles http: Series Creators: Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates Editor: Courtney Nash Design Editor: Louise Barr Cover Designer: Karen Montgomery Production Editor: Teresa Elsey Production Services: Rachel Monaghan Indexing: Caitlin and Bono; Ryan: September First Edition.

Head First jQuery -

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