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The Harry Potter Prequel is an word story written by J. K. Rowling, and was published online on June 11th, Set three years before the birth of Harry. The Harry Potter prequel that JK Rowling wrote for charity is now available online . To read it, click here, then click "Read our authors' stories,". jk rowling new harry potter prequel ebook, jk rowling new harry potter prequel pdf , jk rowling new harry potter prequel doc and jk rowling new harry potter.

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THE PREQUEL he speeding motorcycle took the sharp corner so fast in the darkness that both policemen in the pursuing car shouted. “Whoa!” Sergeant Fisher. Harry Potter Prequel ny J. K. Rowling Kindle eBooks available for free download. The Harry Potter Prequel is an word story written by J. K. Rowl Shelves: ebooks, short, golden-stars, fav-hero, my-recommendation, re-read, reviews.

Rowling is on her way to becoming the most successful indie author in the world. The writer who made millions off the Harry Potter franchise is now publishing some new Harry Potter eBooks that will be available through her Pottermore Publishing imprint. It is also inspired by the British Library exhibition of the same name. Gandalf vs Dumbledore: George R. Martin Knows Who'd Win. Ever wondered where magic really came from?

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Harry Potter: The Complete Collection

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Rowling's Wizarding World light spoilers throughout. Rowling's first novel, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" — okay, Philosopher's Stone if you'd like — turns 20 years old this month. There was a time when you might've thought it was easy to know Rowling's fictional universe inside and out. All you'd have to do is read the books, right? Alas, dear reader, this was never the case. Before the second book came out, Rowling was already adding supplementary material, writing wizarding newspaper articles for the nascent Harry Potter fanclub.

Prequel harry ebook potter

Nowadays there's enough to pack a roomy vault in Gringotts. Rowling's "Wizarding World" is still a thriving franchise juggernaut: last year's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" film is set to receive four sequels and England's "Cursed Child" stage production will cross the pond for Broadway in Potter and pals are also more than just entertainment cash cows: the Harry Potter books are practically a Millennial culture Rosetta stone.

You could say "The X-Files" was the first pop-culture phenomenon to evolve alongside the early web, but modern internet fandom took off with Potter. When recommending the best way to experience J. Rowling's Wizarding World, it's unfortunate that we can't hook you up with a Time-Turner; as the books trickled out, loving "Harry Potter" was much about speculation and the wait between installments as it was about devouring every new addition.

The Best Way To Consume 'Harry Potter' - Digg

That experience is all in the past now and, as we'll get into, it's unlikely that future stories from Rowling will generate that same excitement. Our recommendation is tailored to cover the Potter stuff that newcomers and old diehards will find excellent and essential, regardless of where the series goes in the future.

Let's get to it. This means the novels, last year's sequel play, the Eddie Redmayne-led prequel movie, all J. Rowling-written or approved content and even Rowling's on-the-record comments in interviews or in tweets. Our recommendation acknowledges all these parts but does not endorse every last one.

Harry Potter: The Prequel

Rowling's Interviews, Tweets, out-of-print chocolate frog trading cards Hopefully, this order should help you get the most out of the Wizarding World — both from the stories, and from their cultural impact. First, there's no airtight rule on originals versus adaptations to follow here.

Second, if you're just starting out with "Harry Potter" and you'd rather watch the movies over reading the books, that's fine!

In fact, if you want to appreciate the movies for their qualities as films first-and-foremost, that will probably be easier if you haven't read the books. A lot of fans experienced the Harry Potter movies the other way; the first thought on their minds after leaving the theater was "how does it compare to the book?

Welcome to the Great Hall

There's nothing wrong with having high standards and high hopes for film adaptations, just like there's nothing wrong with the "Harry Potter" films making some departures.

Critically, the films all performed well: every installment is rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Prequel harry ebook potter

The incredible art direction earned the series a third of its Oscar nominations. They might not be great, but to argue that any of them are terrible is pretty harsh. The books and movies should be appreciated and critiqued as separate works at least to this extent: Worrying over the differences between them like they're supposed to tell the exact same story will get you nowhere fast.

The books and movies can't be canon together. Take this example: A side character whose fate after a climactic battle is left ambiguous in the last book is shown to be pretty dead-looking in the movie. That's a difference between the books and movies that wouldn't have caused too much of a stir on its own. The problem blew up years after the movie came out when Pottermore, the officially-sanctioned hub for J. Rowling's Wizarding World, launched profile pages for individual characters.

The page for that student weirdly listed them as "presumed dead" spoilers in the links to follow. Fans noticed this and had a small freak out , followed by another freak out when the statement was removed from the Pottermore page. From one perspective, the argument is settled. The student's fate was ambiguous in the books, they're dead in the movie and an official website tried to split the difference before deciding to just sweep the issue under the rug.

It's an admission that it's messy and downright annoying to try making the books and movies seem like they match up on canon. What is and isn't canon really matters to Harry Potter fans for a reason we're about to touch on. The judgement here, though, can be said to apply to most franchises: in the case of an adaptation, you can either defer to the source material as canon or talk about the two as separate, uncontradictory universes.