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Category: Flight Simulator X - Miscellaneous Files All of the Captains Flows and Checklists items provided in 3 formats (Excel, PDF & epub). FS2Crew Captains Flows and Checklists for multiple aircraft and all SOP's, ZipDive! SOP2, PMDG , PMDG NGX SOP 1, 2 & 3, Aerosoft Airbus and the Majestic Q Based on the latest version of FS2Crew. Excel, PDF and EPUB. files with compact flows and checklists for all Aerosoft Airbus products. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Aerosoft Airbus X Series Voice Control General Requirements Quick Start Guide Speech Recognition Setup Windows XP Windows.

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To use a 'Voice Control' version of FS2Crew, you need to meet the following requirements: Required Aircraft: Aerosoft Airbus X Series. Welcome to FS2Crew's new integrated on-line Manual system! FS2Crew develops leading edge Flight Crew Simulations and Computer Based Training ( CBT). Searching for: 'fs2crew' in AVSIM File Library and below. This is my first Flowlist for the Fs2Crew Aerosoft Airbus X / I did this for an easier learning of the complete flow. FS2Crew Boeing Voice Commands PDF, ZipDive!.

I tested through loading a plan file and getting clearance. When installing Radar Contact it may try to install an older fsuipc4 which can't find the FSX path for registration. Just cancel out of that and continue install. Set the first property and advanced property windows both to run as admin to get user rights and program connection rights to FSX especially in any program files folder hierarchy. You may have to enter the path to the FSX folder in some steps including building the scenery database in RC. Never cancel out of that but change or accept the current selection.

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I forgot that the fs2crew had a version for the Airbus. Post a Comment. The Special Edition expands on the initial FS2Crew Wilco-Feelthere A version, which was released in the summer of , so that it may function with the major models from the recently released Wilco-Feelthere Volume.

FS2Crew Airbus Tools now available. Sep 14, am - DTG Cryss. Wilco Airbus Vol. Join our community just now to flow with the file FS2Crew Airbus X Voice Control Manual and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting. Airbus Series Evolution is for anyone eager to discover the fascinating world of Fly-By-Wire technology as well as Airbus high-end systems.

They unveil the modern technology and embarked systems typical to the Airbus philosophy. Please read the requirements carefully! Aerosoft airbus x fsx airbus x. Help and Trouble Shooting. User Interface Overview. Managing the Runway Database. Sharing your Custom Profiles.

Ultimate Ground Crew X. MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of various hunting and outdoor-related products. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Also, be sure to take a 2nd look at the manual and follow everything to the letter. Best, Share this post.


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The latest driver conflicts with the FS2Crew Audio engine. If you no longer have your original driver disk, click here to download the original driver. They solved their problem by doing a clean re-install of their OS or by repairing their OS. Follow this link to learn how to repair a corrupt Windows 7 installation. You will need to re-activate Windows 7.

Sometimes users have corrupt versions of the FSX. CFG file. Delete the FSX. It will re-build automatically when you load FSX. Your FSX. Solution: 1. This is something users from the UK or Australia often miss.

Open the Log with Notepad. In 99 percent of all cases the problem is because you forget to set your Speech Recognition Language Setting to English - US if using Vista or Windows 7, but sometimes the problem is associated with having a corrupt system that prevents the Speech Recognition engine from loading properly, particularly if the Speech Recognition Init log shows this error: Creating the ISpRecoContext object We also suggest trying a Systems Restore.

If you get this error: Creating the I SpAudio object It may be faulty. Aerosoft Airbus X Series. Random crashes can be attributable to numerous different sources and can be very complex to troubleshoot. They are often connected to bad video and audio drivers. Also, certain 3rd party scenery or AI traffic in Flight Simulator can be faulty and eat up huge amounts of memory. If you get a random crash, you should try flying in an area that does not use 3rd party scenery or AI traffic.

Certain 3rd party scenery add-ons are infamous for causing problems. FS2Crew adds very little overhead to the simulation in terms of memory usage. FS2Crew is not a heavy graphic program, and heavy graphics are what eat up the largest amounts of memory.

You may simply be pushing your system too hard. You may also want to consider deleting your FSX. CFG file as it may be corrupt. Upgrading to Windows 7 - 64 bits or later is highly recommended.

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Windows 7 handles memory more efficiently than XP or Vista. Gently press the brakes. The FO will only respond if there is a problem. So start taxiing to the runway, but do not try to call for the next Checklist until the FO tells you the cabin is secure. Before Takeoff 1. Stow Sliding Table. Button Control Takeoff 1. Release brakes.

Fs2crew Airbus Evolution Manual

Chrono on. Initial Climb 1.

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Ensure you are above the minimum flap retraction speed Note: The FO will perform a speed check for each After Takeoff 1. You will then perform an altimeter cross check.

This is a reminder to run the Approach Brief. You should run the App www. Fuel Monitor. Nav accuracy Check. Radar tilt Adjust.

Cabin temp Monitor. However, 'Descent Mode' is not activated internall Descent Preparation 1. Landing Elev Check. FMGS Prepare. Autobrake As Required. Run the approach briefing on the Brief Panel. Descent 1. Descent Initiate. LS Pushbutton As Required.

FS2Crew Airbus X Button Control Manual

There's a placard on the main instrument panel that lists the VFE for each flap setting. Stow sliding table. Rollout 1. Max Reverse. At 70 knots Reverse Idle. At taxi speed Reverse Stow. Before 20 knots, Autobrake Disengage. After Landing 1. Ground Spoilers Disarm. Chrono Off. Parking Note: Never forget to run the Parking Checklist if you intend to make a 2nd leg!!! Press the Secondary Button to ask the FO to turn off the nose light so you don't blind the crew ground. If you need external power and the APU is not running, ask the ground crew connect external power by pressing the Secondary Button while C.

Accu Press Check. Parking Brake On. Engine Master 1 and 2 Off. Beacon light Off.

Other Exterior lights Off. Seat Belts Off. DU's dim. The Ground Engineer will contact the cockpit to inform you that the chocks are in. You will hear a single "Chime" sound. Parking Brake Check On. Battery Switches On.

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Cockpit Lights On if Dawn or Night. Perform Walkaround.

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