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When designing solutions for people you need to know what the experience is like for them. Empathy mapping is a powerful way to understand the richness of. We designed the Empathy Map at XPLANE many years ago, as part of a Download a PDF of the new Empathy Map Canvas. Subscribe to the. Designing great experiences starts with a deep understanding of the people for whom you are designing. By creating and using empathy maps we are.

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Empathy Map Canvas. Designed for: Designed by: Date: Version: WHO are we empathizing with? What do they need to DO? What do they. WHY use an empathy map. HOW to use an empathy map. Good design is grounded in a deep understanding of the person for whom you are designing. An Empathy Map is a collaborative tool designed to provide deeper insights into people's musicmarkup.infon%20Visualizing%20Change%20a%20Guide_pdf or.

I know what users think. These are phrases UX professionals do not say. As designers, we are not the users. We can research, observe, ask, and surmise. And when we take the time to better understand them, we can empathize.

It is natural and extremely beneficial to see juxtaposition between quadrants. You will also encounter inconsistencies — for example, seemingly positive actions but negative quotes or emotions coming from the same user. This is when empathy maps become treasure maps that can uncover nuggets of understanding about our user.

It is our job as UX professionals to investigate the cause of the conflict and resolve it. Some of these quadrants may seem ambiguous or overlapping — for example, it may be difficult to distinguish between Thinks and Feels.

Do not focus too much on being precise: if an item may fit into multiple quadrants, just pick one. One User vs. Multiple-Users Empathy Maps Empathy mapping can be driven by any method of qualitative research and can be sketched even if research is lacking.

They can help UX professionals understand what aspects of their user they know and where they would need to gather more user data. Aggregated empathy maps represent a user segment, rather than one particular user.

They are usually created by combining multiple individual empathy maps from users who exhibit similar behaviors and can be grouped into one segment.

Pdf empathy map

The aggregated empathy map synthesizes themes seen throughout that user group and can be a first step in the creation of personas.

However, empathy maps are not a replacement for personas. But they can be one way to visualize what we know about a persona in an organized, empathetic way. Aggregated empathy maps can also become ways to summarize other qualitative data like surveys and field studies. As more research is gathered about that persona, you can circle back to the empathy map and add new insights or remove those that have changed or been invalidated. Why Use Empathy Maps Empathy maps should be used throughout any UX process to establish common ground among team members and to understand and prioritize user needs.

In user-centered design, empathy maps are best used from the very beginning of the design process. Both the process of making an empathy map and the finished artifact have important benefits for the organization: Capture who a user or persona is The empathy-mapping process helps distill and categorize your knowledge of the user into one place.

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It can be used to: a. Categorize and make sense of qualitative research research notes, survey answers, user-interview transcripts b.

Discover gaps in your current knowledge and identify the types of research needed to address it. A sparse empathy map indicates that more research needs to be done. Create personas by aligning and grouping empathy maps covering individual users Communicate a user or persona to others An empathy map is a quick, digestible way to illustrate user attitudes and behaviors.

Once created, it should act as a source of truth throughout a project and protect it from bias or unfounded assumptions. An example empathy map Collect data directly from the user When empathy maps are filled in directly by users, they can act as a secondary data source and represent a starting point for a summary of the user session.

Empathy Map

Moreover, the interviewer may glean feelings and thoughts from the interviewee that otherwise would have remained hidden. Process: How to Build an Empathy Map Go through the following steps to create a valid and useful empathy map: 1.

You relate to them on a human level. Sympathy, on the other hand, is when you feel sorry for their troubles. With that knowledge, a customer empathy map is a tool that helps you connect to your ideal customers.

Used right, it helps you craft products that truly enrich their lives. In the past, companies have focused on selling their products to customers, choosing to do research on how they can earn money from their targeted customer segments.

Whether the customer liked the product or not was not important; all that mattered was making sure they bought it. In comparison, a customer-centric approach requires businesses to address customer aspirations and solve problems for them.

As we build a marketing strategy, we face dangerous cognitive biases that trick us into stereotyping our customers. Mind-reading your target segment is never a good idea: Insects have six legs, and customer empathy maps also have… six… legs? How do different products make her feel, and what inspires her to whip out her credit card? We get advice—usually unwanted—all.

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They get advice and recommendations from their friends, their college classmates, their teachers, their parents, their ex, their obnoxiously nosy second-aunts-twice-removed, the people they follow on Instagram…. Suffice to say, most downloaders are influenced by the people around them. This section aims to solve the mystery of whose advice matters the most, and how that advice reaches them. Dark, drab colors? The ominous mouth-shaped entrance gate? The bolt of lightning illuminating the night?

All of these design elements convey one thing: Align your web presence, social media and content copy, document designs, product mockups…. There are a million ways to mess up your visual marketing, so make sure your web presence, social media and content copy document designs, product maps, and all that other good stuff is aligned. Fortunately for everyone on the planet, we live on Earth—not in the frigid, lonely vacuum of space. Humans interact with other humans every day, communicating through their phones, with their voices, and via a whole bunch of online and offline channels.

In this section, you can also include direct customer testimonials.

Map pdf empathy

Your customers are people with distinct and complex personalities, and they interact with the people around them in many different ways. Learning about what your customers say and do can help you figure out their true motivations.

Do they dedicate more time to helping others or to making lots of cash money? There are plenty of scary, stressful triggers in the world, and some of them will affect your customer. Better yet: When a customer spends money, they want to obtain something of value.

Pdf empathy map

Even better—impress them by offering more value than they expected. The customer empathy map is the perfect tool for companies who want to creatively approach their customers and build authentic connections with them. Spend a few hours with your team and throw a post-it note party! Post Comment. Blog Archive Media Kit Sign-up. Filter By: Download the app Get Toggl.

AEIOU Empathy Map

What do they do all day? What factors do they consider in their downloading process? Give that person a name and a title, so that you will be able to relate to him or her.

You can use different colour sticky notes or stickers to show if your persona is happy or unhappy in each sections. Each person should try to add at least one sticky to every section.

Use it on TUZZit. Empathy Map's Creator.

Map pdf empathy

Methodology You can use the Empathy Map alone or in a group as a visual collaboration exercise. To help the team in the process , you may ask the following questions: