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John Boyd Dunlop, s/n., Jd. Ipaussurama, , Campinas, SP, Brasil. Resumo. Tanto a criatividade quanto a inovação vêm sendo ressaltadas como habilidades essenciais para o século XXI, .. images/// GUIN, M. D. (). Qualidade, produtividade e criatividade: caminho para a escola exelente do século São Paulo. São Paulo: Ed. Paz e Terra. Available in pdf>. São Caetano do Sul, SP: Difusão Editora. A cultura da participação: criatividade e generosidade no mundo conectado.

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PDF | The human creativity has already been theorized in practically all sciences. four identifiable phases: preparation, incubation, inspiration and verification ( Wallas, Criatividade: a engenharia cognitiva da inovação. Article (PDF Available) in Educational Psychology Review 10(4) · December and is. probably most well known. for his. Torrance Tests. of. Creativ e Think- Tais definições distanciam-se da definição de criatividade que embasa o. PDF | The generation of architectural form is by definition a creative activity. Artists. and de-. signers. are. among. the. most ardent makers. of drawings: In.

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Rio de Janeiro: Editora Fiocruz; Graneheim UH, Lundman B. Qualitative content analysis in nursing research: concepts, procedures and measures to achieve trustworthiness. Nurse Educ Today. In the discussion, the content of the interviews was also related to the categories described by Goddard et al. The NHS performance framework: taking account of economic behaviour. Mannion R, Braithwaite J.

Unintended consequences of performance measurement in healthcare: 20 salutary lessons from the English National Health Service.

Int Med J. Gerschman S. Rio de Janeiro: Fiocruz; The consolidation and expansion of the network in all governments since has largely occurred through partnerships with private entities, mainly through Social Organizations Obviously, these data in isolation do not explain much about the financing and the management dynamics of SUS via SO in the city, but they translate, although in a superficial way, the dimension of this management model.

These are some aspects of the scenario in which approximately eighty thousand workers Two studies Medici A, Murray R. En Breve. These studies, funded by the World Bank, have shown advantages in terms of average occupation rate and average rate of permanence per bed, presenting lower costs and a lower general mortality rate.

These studies may seem, at first sight, inescapable evidence of the better performance of the SOs, but it is necessary to analyze these processes more carefully here. Studies like those of Goddard et al At one extreme, if no appropriate incentives are put in place, the data produced may be largely ignored and produce no meaningful action.

At the other extreme, the livelihood of managers and health care professionals may depend crucially on reported measures, leading to the potential for excessive attention to reported performance as opposed to patient outcome and misrepresentation We will begin by highlighting some distortions related to the measurement of indicators: - measurement fixation: occurs when there is an emphasis on meeting the target rather than on what motivated it; - tunnel vision: in which incentives for the service to perform some tasks better can displace other important but unmeasured aspects of performance; - myopia: in which excessive concentration on immediate and short-term targets may have a negative repercussion in the long run; - ossification: in which focusing on performance indicators may result in organizational paralysis; - quantification privileging: [ These are not readily quantifiable [ Their morale decreases and they lose belief in the organization, which negatively affects their future performance; - bullying: occurs when pressure concerning targets end up causing harassment and intimidation.

It was possible to identify, in the interviews, elements that are aligned with this categorization of possible distortions of an assessment model centered on quantitative targets. In these fragments of Chart 1 , it is possible to identify some distortions that were listed above, like measure fixation and quantification privileging.

Both fragments draw attention to the risk of neglecting this complexity tunnel vision and failing to value the permanent education of professionals who work in primary care, focusing only on short-term targets myopia.

Furthermore, he believes the targets are insufficient to guide internal clinic management and care coordination actions.

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This can be seen as a kind of resistance against measurement fixation. Workers may get sick due to these situations, and this may discourage good performance reduced staff morale. Blanch and Stecher All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. Separei meus 4 livros ideais para criativos, ou para quem quer estimular a criatividade. Conhece algum desses livros? Os organizadores.

Afinal, o que vem depois das marcas? Literatura africana em sala de aula: abordagens do It is intended, in this perspective, besides developing more dynamic and mo-tivating lessons, also disclosing the African literature, barely worked in high school.

Keywords: African literature, classroom, Mia Couto. Um teste de habilidade criativa foi utilizado para medir a criatividade de estudantes de artes por Abass Enquanto os outros quatro estudos Chen, ; Christ et al. Arnald et al.

Frossard et al. O estudo de Patera et al.

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As TICs podem apresentar potencial para estimular o desenvolvimento de comportamentos criativos. Abass, B. Obafemi Awolowo University as a case study. World Journal of Education, 1 2 , Alencar, E.


Alias, N. Effectiveness of facebook based learning to enhance creativity among Islamic studies students by employing Isman Instructional Design Model. Recuperado de http: Amabile, T. Creativity in context. Boulder, CO: An, H. A bottom-up approach for implementing electronic portfolios in a teacher education program. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 26 3 , Arnald, S.

Relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Creativity: Literature Review

Besnoy, K. High-tech teaching success!

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A step-by-step guide to using innovative technology in your classroom. Waco, TX: Burkhardt, J. Creativity in the age of emerging technology: Creativity and Innovation Management, 19 2 , Chang, Y. Student technological creativity using online problem-solving activities.

International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 23 3 , Chen, J.

Pdf criatividade s/a

Research Studies in Music Education, 34 2 , Chong, S. Developing a pedagogical-technical framework to improve creative writing.

Education Technology Research Development, 60 4 , Christ, O. Coll, C. Monereo Eds. Freitas, trad. Porto Alegre, RS: Cropley, A. Csikszentmihalyi, M. Implications of a systems perspective for the study of creativity. Sternberg Ed. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Cysneiros, P. Novas tecnologias na sala de aula: Dale, C.

Eyadat, W. Instructional technology and creativity among university students: World Journal on Educational Technology, 2 2 , Ferguson, R.

S/a pdf criatividade

Meaningful learning and creativity in virtual worlds. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 6 3 , Frossard, F. A learner-centred game-design approach: Digital Education Review, 21, Gangadharbatla, H. Technology component: Creativity Research Journal, 22 2 , Goulah, J.