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Anda pengguna Linux tentu sudah cukup familiar dengan software Office berlisensi terbuka, Libre Office. Libre Office sendiri awalnya dikembangkan dari Open Office yang telah diakuisisi oleh Sun. Sementara bagi Anda pengguna Windows atau Mac, tetap bisa mencoba aplikasi office gratisan ini dengan mendownload di situs resminya, http: Dari sisi pengoperasiannya, Libre Office sebenarnya tidaklah sulit. Anda yang sudah terbiasa menggunakan Microsoft Office akan dengan mudah menggunakan aplikasi ini karena fungsionalitasnya sama.

What you really need is the nutritional expert who designed the meal to be posting regularly to a blog, talking about what makes a healthy diet. A blog like this would include lots of linkable content, would be able to build a regular readership and would produce keyword-rich copy.

The problem is that this is not how organizations are set up. The Long-Term Solution Ultimately organizations need to change so that online marketing is a more distributed role with everybody taking responsibility for aspects of it. I am not suggesting that the central marketing function has no role in digital, but rather recognizing that they cannot do it alone. Others will need to have some marketing responsibilities as part of their role.

For example a company selling healthy meals should allocate one afternoon each week for their nutritional experts and chefs to share their expertise online. Unfortunately, these experts are often the most valuable resource within a business, and so their time is incredibly valuable. However, in the short term there is still much that can be done. A Short-Term Solution As we wait for companies to wake up and change the way they are organized, there are ways of working within the system.

You can partially finance it with the money you save by getting rid of your SEO company. If that is beyond your budget, consider hiring a short-term contractor or a part-time staff member. You could even use an existing member of your staff as long as they have time set aside to prevent the Web being pushed down the priority list.

Arrange meetings with these experts and talk to them about their role. Identify various subjects based on their knowledge and then either record a video interview or write up a blog post based on what they share. Also ask these experts what news sources they read or which people within the industry they follow. Monitor these sources and ask your expert to comment on what is shared.

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These comments can be turned into posts that add to the wealth of content on your website. Finally, you may find that the experts within the business are already producing a wealth of content that can act as source material for content that users will find interesting. For example, our fictional nutritional expert probably already has documentation on the health benefits of certain food types or how certain conditions can be helped through healthy eating.

Admittedly this kind of material might be too dry or academic, but with some editing and rewriting it would probably make great online content. The content you post does not have to be long, it just has to be link-worthy.

The key is to share the opinion of your expert and provide content of value to your audience. As that audience grows, start asking questions. Maybe even get some of your readers to share their experiences or knowledge. Over time you will discover that not only will your readers want to contribute, so will your experts. As they see the value in posting content regularly to the website, they will start blogging themselves.

All you will have to do is suggest topics and edit their output. No More Excuses I realize this is a big cultural shift for many organizations. Marketing teams will feel they are losing control, the person responsible for blogging will feel out of their depth and the experts may resent being asked lots of questions.

However, what is the alternative? For better or worse, Google demands good content in return for high rankings. Once you overcome the initial hurdle, you will find that producing quality content on an ongoing basis becomes second nature. Update There seems to be the perception that I want to see an end to the SEO sector.

Although I have issues with the name, I do believe they have a role. My message can be boiled down to the following points: Website owners are unhealthily obsessed with their rankings on Google.

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We should be creating primarily for people and not search engines. The best way to improve your ranking is to produce great content that people link to.

That great content is better produced in-house, rather than being outsourced to an agency. A good web designer can take you a long way in making your site accessible to search engines. Before you spend money on an SEO company, make sure you have the basics in place first.

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An unfortunate response Unfortunately this caused a massive and aggressive reaction in the SEO community. Smashing Magazine was attacked for publishing the post, I was told I was out-of-date and ill informed which is of course entirely possible , but worst of all there were a shocking number of attacks on me personally.

I have been working with the web long enough to be all too aware of the over reaction it creates in people. However, it is always hurtful when somebody attacks you as a human being, rather than your opinion. Of course not everybody was like that.

Pada ebook ini dipaparkan mengenai LibreOffice Writer sebagai bagian dari LibreOffice yang dimanfaatkan untuk pengetikan dokumen.

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Ebook ini baru tersedia untuk LibreOffice versi 3. LibreOffice Calc Guide.

LibreOffice Calc merupakan perangkat pengolah angka spreadsheet yang sangat baik. Document Foundation menyediakan ebook yang membahas secara mendalam LibreOffice Calc, namun baru tersedia untuk versi 3. Ebook terdiri dari halaman yang dilengkapi gambar-gambar sebagai ilustrasi sehingga cukup mudah dipahami. Download ebook disini.

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LibreOffice Math Guide. LibreOffie Math adalah bagian dari LibreOffice yang bermanfaat untuk membuat formula-formula matematis. Formula dapat di-embed dipasang di perangkat LibreOffice lainnya. Ebook yang disediakan pada bagian ini baru tersedia untuk LibreOffice versi 3. Download gratis disini.

LibreOffice Impress Guide.

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Ebook tersedia untuk LibreOffice versi 3. Silahkan download ebook disini.

LibreOffice Draw Guide. LibreOffice Draw merupakan perangkat yang disediakan khusus untuk membuat grafik atau diagram sederhana.