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5 days ago We collected the list of , , , & released Subscribe Current Affairs PDF to Download Books & Authors PDF AC – Lot more Study PDF coming Soon for SBI,IBPS,RBI,LIC,NIACL, SSC etc. Monthly Current Affairs Capsule May CONTENTS Sno Get the Wwwibpsguide - Bankers Adda GK Power Capsule - bankersadda. Read important month wise current affairs for bank & competitive exams and current affairs download. Candidates those who are preparing for Upcoming IBPS / Banking / Insurance Monthly Current Affairs Capsule – May · June · May · April · March · February · January

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Monthly GK Capsule for all Bank and SSC exams. Check GK Capsule based on Monthly Current Affair Updates from The Hindu. Capsule · Insurance Capsules · Interview Capsules · Banking Awareness Pdf Hindu GK Review ( May ) Hindu GK Review (December) · Hindu GK Review. Daily Gk Updates 11th May, - May 11 Current Affairs BankersAdda. Srinivas Srk. Uploaded by. Srinivas Srk. Daily Gk Updates 11th May, - May 5 days ago Banking Awareness PDF: we have gathered all the banking, finance and economy subscribe the Banking Awareness Plan, Bcoz Current Affairs Plan download Banking & Economy Questions PDF (July – Dec).

Forbes in its inaugural edition of Global Game Changers List launched this year has ranked some of the biggest names in business. Topped by Mark Benioff of Salesforce. Rahul Bhatia Ranked 3 , The founder of the Inter Globe Enterprises, Bhatia has brought the discounted airline model to the developing world, extended it and made it profitable. The Award recognises Ninan's extensive contribution to business journalism through good editorial leadership which he provided over the years to a host of publications, says a release issued here by the Mumbai Press Club. Konkani museum to be set up in Mangaluru i. Mandd Sobhan, a Konkani cultural organisation, will set up a Konkani museum in Mangaluru.

One mock for a day was must for me and trust me guys, it really helped!!! Taking Mocks is the best thing you can do for banking exams. Though marks have not been declared yet I am sharing my attempts. I would like to say thanks to Oliveboard for two selections in the first attempt and giving this platform to share my experience with you. I am B. E graduate in Computer Science. Was never imagined as a child that I would become a PO! After engineering, I was not selected for campus placement as my aptitude was weak.

Then, I tried IT companies, but I was not satisfied. I took admission for MTech but when my MTech was about to finish, then again the same question came to my mind, what next?

Meanwhile, my sister got selected in SBI, she motivated me to opt for bank exam. During , I started preparing for Bank exam. RBI Grade B was my first exam. I cleared prelim but failed to crack mains. Then, I started working on my failures. Cleared Prelim, but I failed to crack mains by 5 marks. This failure had taught me much more. This time I come to know my capability that I can clear bank exam.

Cleared prelim but failed to crack mains. I attempted only in BOB which was very minimum attempts because others have attempted till , still, I cleared it by securing You can understand my accuracy. I worked hard for GD-PI. Now talking about subject wise Strategy. As I used to skip these topics, I was started getting afraid of these. But, gradually I started preparing for this by watching YouTube videos on word problems.

I used to solve reasoning from various resources available online. If any question was not solved, then I used to stick to it until and unless it was solved.

I used to read Editorial and Business page only by making a separate copy of synonyms, phrasal words. Before preparing for English, I was not interested in a reading newspaper. But as time passed, I had to put interest in this subject. Daily reading of newspaper makes me able to improve the reading ability.

So, prepare grammar well. This section is the game changer for me. And one thing, please start writing daily quizzes. Because whatever we write, it fits on the brain than reading. Please give more time to this section, it will help you beat the competition. Trust me guys, level of questions in both Mock Tests are very difficult. They make this because we should not panic during the actual exam. And I focus on accuracy, not on attempts. So, the purpose is to focus only on accuracy, not on attempts.

Minimum attempts with maximum accuracy lead to select diamonds from mines. I would like to thank Oliveboard for the amazing efforts on mock tests and I wish them all the best in helping the future aspirants to achieve their dreams and I would again like to thank Oliveboard team for my selection and being my part of success.

My journey of Banking Exams started in July and I achieved this grand success after burning the midnight oil for almost two years. But with the support of my family, I decided to take up the path of banking exams which looked rusty at that point in time. With lots of courage I pushed myself just by keeping one thing in my head that if I will make it, my parents will be the happiest people in this world. I feel that spark inside my belly only helped me to achieve this.

If you are putting a significant amount of hard work which is blended with a proper strategy, then things will surely fall onto the place. As I hail from an engineering background, I was slightly confident about Mathematics and Reasoning.

So, I chose to start Quants and Reasoning with Arun Sharma whose step by step explanation helped me a lot in brushing up my basics. I feel that General Awareness is getting crucial day by day and it is significantly arising as a deciding factor in exam, so I would like to recommend that be thorough with current affairs as it will not only help you in scoring marks in Prelims and Mains, but it will also get you brownie points in the Interview.

During your preparation, I will strongly recommend you take as many mock tests as possible as it will give you deep insight into your preparation. Oliveboard scores the maximum marks by providing you almost similar kind of test paper which you can expect in real SBI PO exam. I still remember I used to take one mock test on a regular basis and I think that helped me a lot in terms of optimizing my timings and helped me in finding out my strengths and weakness.

So that was my journey in nutshell. I am sure it will ignite some spark inside you. Be positive, work hard, make your parents proud and cherish this wonderful life.

Do well! After completing my Post graduation in I took these exams seriously. Although i am a science graduate and solving maths was easy to me but the time constraint always bogged me down. Then I came to know about Oliveboard from a social networking site and thought about giving it a go to all the mock tests available. I enrolled for SBI PO course and I found that the interface and all the graphs and datas after the exams absolutely brilliant.

I would also rate highly for the quality of questions given in the mocks. So in all was a mixed year for me with little bit of fortune not going my way but i would like to say in the end that Oliveboard do helped me in improving my speed a lot and I would also recommend it to maintain its quality of questions and if possible also make it more tough as we can see that the patterns are changing each and every year and also competition and the level of questions is getting tougher each passing day.

I joined as an Auditor but I knew that I can do much better than this. This time I managed to get AIR and was very satisfied with my performance. Preparation Strategy Quants: Please clear your basics before you start giving mock tests. You will end up giving n number of mock tests without having any proper direction to attempt the questions if your basics are not cleared.

Once you clear your basics, please proceed and solve a good number of mock tests. Solving good number of questions will help you to improve your accuracy and speed which is very important for this section.

Reasoning: Generally the Reasoning section for SSC exams are quite easy and you actually do not need to prepare for it separately.

Just try and solve 5 questions daily and you are good to go. I was also preparing for CAT earlier so my Reasoning section was pretty much sorted and thus I did not require any extra preparation for this section. It will help you to improve your vocab, spelling, grammar etc.

I used to read a lot of Novels and Editorials. Never restrict yourself and read everything and anything. This is one of the best books for English and will help you to clear all your basic concepts. Try and read newspapers daily to keep yourself updated. I referred few Essay Books to prepare myself for this area. Try to cover one Essay topic daily and do keep yourself updated with current happenings. Try to support your essay with good amount of facts to score well in exam.

Just beating around the bush will never help to score well in Essays. Role of Oliveboard: You need to have a proper direction during your preparation days. Just solving questions blindly will lead you nowhere. To be honest, Oliveboard helped me to approach the questions in the proper manner. Do analyse the answers after every mock tests.

Analysing your weak areas will help you to strategize your further study plan in the right manner. Tips to Aspirants: Never settle for ordinary. Everyone is capable of achieving their dreams …. So, there will be times where you might feel left out and deviated but remember that the path to success is never easy. I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

These are easier, compared to PO exam level. Logical, Data Sufficiency may also come. Practise all these and do give mock tests from Oliveboard. They have good mock tests which will assist you and boost your success. Maths: This topic is also important for clearing prelims.

Just don't think about clearing sec cut off. This will help in securing marks required for qualifying for mains. Prepare topics like time and work, speed, time and distance, geometry brief knowledge, DI, time and work, pipes and cistern.

Pdf affairs may current 2015 bankers adda

Practice these topics daily. I only gave mock tests, that was enough for me. English: This is the easiest section if you are strong in English. I used some English videos on YouTube channel and gave Oliveboard mock tests on a regular basis. Professional knowledge: This is the section which will decide whether you will get the job or not.

There are standard books for DBMS and networking, you can refer any of them. My Daily Routine: I will not advise anyone to study whole day or for hrs. This is not UPSC exam. Practice Maths and Reasoning for 2 hrs daily. In English, regularly practice speech, subject, verb agreement etc.

Similarly, for Professional Knowledge, giving mock test is important and you should attempt as many as you can. In the end, I would like to thank Oliveboard mock tests, as they really helped me in improving my scores gradually.

Wishing you all the very best for your exams! Here is his inspiring story: If I were to quickly walk you through my 23 years of existence on this planet, you'd get to know that I'm a student of commerce, and I've done my 12th from Doon International School, Dehradun CBSE in I graduated in So I tried again, and took coaching and gave Mocks at Oliveboard I'm sure you've heard of it, it's one of the best sites for Mocks.

I can vouch for their SBI series! Rest, go check them out ;. Preparation Strategy: Quants: Strategies are subjective.

Monthly GK Capsules (based on Hindu)

One needs to personalise one's strategy with one's capabilities to get maximum benefits. The Preliminary exams check your knowledge and speed, so I did the syllabus by myself it gave me a good understanding of the underlying concepts; this helped me in my Mains as well. Reasoning: Same for the Reasoning as well.

Practice as much as you can. I made sure that I gave a good number of mocks to prepare myself for the exam. Read some good newspapers to work on your vocab and to improve your reading skills. Make short notes so you can cover them easily during your revision time. Role of Oliveboard: Oliveboard mock tests was critical to my being able to crack the exam. Knowledge and Speed are imperative for these exams but you also need confidence in your own abilities.

A strong intuition needs to be developed to manage risks when one is confronted with tricky questions. This is best done by giving a lot of Mocks. I absolutely loved it! Tip to Aspirants: Be confident and believe in yourself. You may face difficulties or get demotivated at times but never let that affect your preparations. All in all, a lot of effort went into my being able to Crack SBI PO, and everyone played their role in my success, be it my family, my coaching institute, or the Oliveboard mock series.

I would like to wish best of luck to all the aspirants. Go ahead and achieve your dreams. The journey started when I completed my B. When I came out of engineering, I was employed in a private sector job. I used to take care of the quality section but was neither satisfied with the pay scale nor with the temporary nature of my job.

After a lot of inner fights within the self, I somehow managed to take a decision of leaving my job and prepare for Banking Services in January From the very 1st day, I was crystal clear with my decision that I want to go only for Banking no any other option like SSC etc. Then came the biggest obstacle. I had already taken lacs of rupees from my parents. How could I ask for more money again? So, I decided to live in my home and prepare by myself. I took guidance from a local coaching for some time, just to kick-start myself.

After some time, I suffered from acute typhoid for a long time. Though I could not qualify for the Mains examination, that certainly gave a motivation to my sinking ship. Tension starts pouring in when you have to live in your home after all your engineering days. You're the hot topic of the gossips at every nukkad and corner of your mohalla.

And to add fuel to fire, Bank-people also started sending notice to me for the recovery of education loan I took to pursue engineering.

I requested them to wait until my next results are announced. I had a mixture of self-belief and fear. Anybody with a great academic background couldn't bear all of this, but I kept quiet as I knew I will make it.

I have opted PO in Prathama Bank, gone through document verification and job orientation programme, and waiting for my foundation course to begin. Oliveboard Mock Test Series covers questions of all difficulty types which prepares you for the best and worst papers.

I didn't follow so many sources, but I revised few sources many times. With hard work and dedication, one can make any dream come true. The sky's the limit. Best wishes for all your endeavours!! I bought a popular mock test series but didn't like the difficulty level and the quality of GK questions. The best thing about Oliveboard Test Series was the varied difficulty levels in different mock tests. Even when I didn't use to score much in the OB Mock tests, they gave a hang of the actual exam and made me ready to face any kind of difficulty level on the exam day.

Also the GK questions in the mock tests are regularly updated and you can find even the latest current affairs questions in each of the tests, a feature that I found really unique. My basics were clear so I never used any particular book for any section and I extensively used websites, mobile apps and magazines. I completely relied on online resources. Oliveboard Mock Tests' difficulty level is really at par or even more in some tests with all the exams that I took. The solution part is extremely helpful and you can consider OB Mock test as really trustworthy.

The interface is pretty intuitive and the questions are excellent. Oliveboard's analyses of my mock performances really helped me fine-tune my strategy during the phase-1 exam. For the phase-2, Oliveboard's questions helped me develop familiarity with the different types of questions. In both the exams, having solved Oliveboard's mocks helped me soothe nerves and give my best! Here is his inspiring story: I have been working for an IT company for the past two years.

Meanwhile while working with the company I planned to start my preparation for Banking exams. Let me tell you, it was not an easy journey.

In short, it has been a journey of ups and down with a great learning curve. I would love to share my success story with other aspirants so they can keep themselves motivated during their preparations. Preparation Strategy: Quants: My only mantra to clear this section was practice, practice, and practice. I just gave as many mocks as I can and nothing else. Moreover, after every mock I thoroughly analysed my weak areas and worked accordingly to improve. Make sure you are well versed with all the formulas, rules, tables etc before giving the mocks.

Reasoning: For Reasoning I would like to tell you guys that give a mock test daily rather than just preparing the chapters as giving mocks will help you to identify your skills and time management abilities. Rather than hard work opt for smart work and you will definitely see yourself succeeding in the upcoming exams.

For English also I was solely depended on mocks which I gave on Oliveboard Hands Down the finest and the toughest of them all.

Meanwhile read newspapers to work on your vocab and reading skills. Give daily quizzes and mocks. Interview: For me, Interview part was the easiest of them all. Be honest and confident throughout the interview process. Role of Oliveboard: Without any doubt, I would like to give Oliveboard mock tests a major credit in my success. The mock tests which I gave were of very good quality and helped me to get accustomed to the modern approaches and methods towards solving any problem. Lastly, I would highly recommend it to all the aspirants That's it, this was my not-so-magic mantra for clearing the exams and to be honest if you invest hours daily in your preparation, you are good to go.

I am an engineering graduate from Immediately after college, I started to prepare for UPSC without any guidance and failed badly in my first attempt, which forced me to move towards other exams. Then for one year, I tried for Maharashtra state services exam and again failed in the Prelims Exam. Meanwhile, some of my friends qualified banking exams and I realized that since I am good at Mathematics, I can also go for it.

Got BOI. Did not join. Big disappointment. Hence, failed to clear final cut off.

Affairs pdf adda current bankers may 2015

Guys, you may laugh at me by watching these numbers. But the numbers are the only deciding factors. Many times, I failed by a small margin and got frustrated but finally, the same small margin made me to qualify the exam. So always keep in mind that even 0. In this whole journey, I followed the Oliveboard Mock Test Series for every exam, which made me familiar with difficult papers.

The last thing I would like to share with you guys is that 'Never waste your time in answering the people who doubt your abilities, your success will answer them better than your tongue. All the best to all those who believe in themselves for their future journey.

Not necessarily I achieved success in my very first attempt rather faced some hurdles during the process. I always had in my mind to go for research work in my field operation research. Also being a gold medallist I did not want to miss my dream. But during that period, I was also afraid of the fact of wasting my age because being a general candidate it is not so easy to get a job in academic field, for that you need to spend years up to So, keeping everything apart started my preparation for banking and Insurance exams.

Faced a lot of trouble in the beginning for time management which plays the biggest factor. As to speak for the skills that I possessed, absolutely nothing except for Quantitative Aptitude which was due to my never-ending interest in Mathematics. But that was not sufficient. I was good in preparation for the process but not sufficient to get enlisted in the final list. I went through google, searched many websites and all but then I got to know about Oliveboard, which was the booster of my success.

I used to download mock tests from Oliveboard, which were specially made for the exams. Level was up to mark, and yeah it made my path clean. I used to appear a mock test every day and individual tests from this website. Also, I used to practice from other websites and books with the help of stopwatch. As a result my speed was up to the mark.

No one has achieved success in his very first attempt. Success comes to those who try for it and have seen enough failures. Fall short of 1. Fall short of 3.

Bankers Adda Computer Quiz 12

I got Missed computer sectional by. I never accepted defeat rather took more care in my each step, devoted myself in the series of exams, mock tests which eventually helped me to upgrade and finally I made it. Got selected in two banks. My one and only suggestion practice as much as you can because practice makes a man perfect.

Day by day the pattern is getting changed and competition has reached higher level. So only your best performance can get you the best result. I would like to thank Oliveboard again for providing the best exam materials and mock tests which really helped me to achieve the success.

I did my graduation in Mathematics from Rajasthan University. During campus placements, I got selected in a private bank as a relationship manager. I worked with that bank for 1. After working as a financial advisor for 4 years, I was concerned as my career was not going to the direction I wanted.

I also lost my sister during this time and I really wanted a change. I craved for something more permanent and more enduring. My father at that time told me about the notification for SBI exam going to be held in July.

I was skeptical at first as I was 29 years old and it was the only chance I had. A little nudge from my wife and my father who is retired from Rajasthan Administrative Services worked wonders.

Half-heartedly I decided to give it a chance as I knew that I would regret for not trying it for even once. I started preparing for SBI exams in around June.

Top Interview Questions and Answers - Bankers Adda

Going through the old papers I thought it was quite easy as I had already given CAT exam, I also cleared the prelims exam without any preparation. My overconfidence backfired as I failed the Mains exam by 3 marks. I was quite outraged but finally I accepted my defeat.

Seriously introspecting over my choices, I changed my strategy for the upcoming exams drastically. I took these exams much more seriously than I had taken them before, you can say I took my failure to my heart. I was insulted and I wanted to show, not my family or my relatives or anyone else, but myself that I can conquer this hurdle and be victorious. Here is how I prepared: Quant: Nothing matters in Quant more than your calculation speed. If you can calculate amid pressure with top speed and accuracy, believe me you have tamed the monster.

I increased my calculation speed with several tactics and methods, two books really helped me in that — Sarvesh K. I strengthened my concepts in selected topics only. I knew that I cannot master each and every topic, so I selected few and practiced rigorously for them so that I would be able to attempt them no matter what the question is.

But first and foremost, I did everything with a timer, even while solving the exercises from books, I kept a clock nearby. So do everything with a timer, whether you are doing from a pdf or a book or a website. Reasoning: Before delving into Reasoning, I started from scratch.

I learned the basic concepts of Syllogism, ranking, direction from numerous sources and websites. For questions, again mock tests are your best bet as I never found a suitable book for reasoning. In books, the puzzles given are seldom challenging and then there is a problem of solving within time. So I only prepared reasoning from mocks, I downloadd mock test series, the best of which was Oliveboard.

The questions were at par with the exam level and quite challenging. It used to be my constant endeavor to build a simulated exam environment. So I used to search for puzzles and questions online, on websites that can match the difficulty of exam combining them with the puzzles and other questions of Oliveboard Mocks, that I was not able to solve during mock tests, I created my own little tests and used to solve them with timer.

This exercise helped me in building speed and enormously helped me during exams as I was quite accustomed to solving within time.

English: Like calculation speed in Quant, the thing that is most important in English is your comprehending prowess and speed. I was never quite fond of newspapers or editorials.

I devised a new strategy as the level was getting quite tough, you would get topics that you are unfamiliar of, even mock tests were giving questions that were quite easy as compared to the exam.

I chose one topic every other day and searched on the internet for it extensively. Reading about things that I was unaware of increased my comprehending skills.

I not only read these articles but scrutinized them for various English topics like how the conjunctions were used, how prepositions were applied, what could be the summary of the article or tone of the passage.

I applied each and every rule of English in my excursions to these topics. I also improved my vocab substantially through listing all the words I came across in a website called vocabulary.

50 Most Important Simplification Questions PDF for IBPS Clerk

So my advice, read each article from the point of exam, remember every question that came in the exams till now can be created from one article.

Reading for the sake of reading is unproductive, ask questions, be curious, ask yourself what the examiner asks you in the exam. General Awareness: I followed many websites for General Knowledge. As the questions can sometimes be unpredictable, I kept the purpose of each website I followed separate.

There was only one website I followed everyday for General knowledge and I followed it daily. I used to read everyday news from it to keep myself updated and then go through the pdf's it offered.

Another site I used for quizzes, after every week I tested myself through its quizzes, making sure I remember while making notes of anything new I came across. Doing quizzes from one website can make you acquainted with the language of the question and the answer, while in the exam the same question can be asked in a different form and you might not be able to answer that.

Current pdf adda 2015 bankers may affairs

So before exams, I used to do quizzes from other websites than those I mentioned, creating layers and layers of information. Besides, GK section in mock tests always presented some unexpected questions especially the Oliveboard mocks, so I always made sure to do the GK section from OB diligently. I also searched for every topic on internet so that I can extract a little bit extra information.

I always tried not to do GK from quizzes only, whenever the need arises I used to search the news on internet and read from the original article. I was always quite innovative with my study methods so that it does not get monotonous. One thing I did to re-enact the examination environment was giving mock tests one after another. In exams, one variable we often forget to take into account is nervousness and pressure, the constant passing of time and with it increasing anxiety and the buildup of pressure.

It did not matter how many marks I got, how much I got correct or incorrect, but just attempting mocks without interruption. Once you get to the 3rd or 4th you would start feeling that same pressure you felt in exams, with your head throbbing, your fingers tired, your patience giving away but at that time if you can concentrate, if you can resist the urge to leave, then mind me you have perfected the stress.

For Mains, attempting mock tests are sufficient in one sitting. I am currently working with Canara Bank as a Marketing Officer. I wish my sister was here to see me succeed but I hope she is right now looking at me feeling proud. At the end I want to say that believe in yourself, I cleared these exams not only in my first attempt but technically in my last attempt.

Give each and every exam, whether you want to opt for it later or not, as it strengthens your practice. I did my B. But, I was not interested in the corporate culture. UPSC was always my target. After my graduation, I started my CSE preparation. But, due to some health problem, my preparation got affected and I lost 1 year. By the end of , I recovered and was determined to get a job.

I started applying for competitive exams. I never prepared exclusively for Banking Examinations. Meanwhile, I decided not to write multiple exams but focus on few exams. I worked for 4 months at Laxmi Villas bank. I have a habit of reading newspaper since six std. It really helped.

Current affairs may bankers 2015 pdf adda

So, this section does not require much preparation if you are really good at basics and regularly read a newspaper. Besides, Oliveboard mock test series really helped me on various account. Quantitative Aptitude: Banking exams are getting tougher and trickier every year. Since I was from the engineering background, my maths basics were strong.

Nepalese Sherpa climber Kami Rita has scaled Mount Everest for a 23rd time, breaking his own record for the most successful ascents of the world's highest peak. He first scaled Everest in He reached the 8,metre 29,feet summit with other climbers via the Southeast Ridge route. Sikkim Statehood Day: 16th May i. President Ram Nath Kovind has greeted the people of Sikkim on their statehood day. It was on 16th May that Sikkim officially merged with the Indian union and became the 22nd state of the country.

Reserve Bank of India has released a vision document 'Payment and Settlement Systems in India: Vision - ', with its core theme of 'Empowering Exceptional E-payment Experience' for ensuring a safe, secure, convenient, quick and affordable e-payment system. The move comes as the apex bank expects the number of digital transactions to increase more than four times to 8, crores in December Overall imports in April is estimated to be around 53 billion dollars with a positive growth of 4.

To give a fillip to digital lending, Small Industries Development Bank of India SIDBI has put together a pilot scheme to extend financial assistance of up to Rs10 crore to new-age fintech non-banking finance companies NBFCs engaged in financing small businesses and other income-generating activities. Sudha Murthy is the chairperson of the Foundation. IT services firm Tech Mahindra and French digital content publishing firm Rakuten Aquafadas signed an MoU to collaborate on building enhanced customer experience offerings.

Rakuten Aquafadas and Tech Mahindra aim to build a Customer Experience Offering leveraging the suite of software that Rakuten Aquafadas provides for digital publishing.