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Garments merchandising book pdf. You are free to download this software without any cost. Read ArtWeaver review. New updates available in the store. Description this book Apparel Merchandising: The Line Starts Here analyzes the evolution and development of the merchandising function in. Costing Format, Cotton, Spinning, Yarn, Knitting, Fabric, Cutting, Printing, Embroidery, Sewing, Washing, Finishing, Iron, Packing, Carton, Cost.

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Apparel merchandising job is like a hot cake in Bangladesh. Maximum textile But main problem is lack of garment merchandising books. . Dear admin I would like to get apparel merchandising books in Bangla. My email id. Apparel Merchandising Books Free Download. Apparel merchandising job is like a hot cake in Bangladesh. Maximum textile engineers dream to become a. garments merchandising book in bangla: Displaying all results about garments merchandising book in bangla. You are reading post no. FIFTEEN, have a look.

Maximum textile engineers dream to become a successful apparel merchandiser. Not only textile engineers but also general graduates want to become garments merchandiser. Why they want to become garment merchandiser? Obviously there are many reasons behind of it. Because of working environment is excellent, handsome salary, in a few days to reach in goal. Besides, it is also a challenging career. If you can become smart and sincere in your job then you can quickly reach in your destination place.

Question and Answer session. The diploma program is designed to impart basic skills in all functional areas of the industry and students are ready to enter the industry. In this professional program students are able to specialize in chosen areas to meet the demands of their workplace or pursue their interest in consultation with academic advisors.

Students can improve their knowledge, skill, and efficiency and finally to buildup the confidence of the participants in merchandising to meet the challenges in the quota free global apparel business. The participants will aware of high standard merchandising process and motivate to practice their professional education regarding apparel business in their real life situation.

Introduction to merchandising. Responsibilities of merchandiser. Quick Response Merchandising. Introduction to different section of clothing industry.

Factory organogram. Organogram of garments industry. Order Follow-up. Textile fiber and yarn. Woven fabrics.

Book bangla merchandising apparel in

Non-woven fabric. Cut and sewn knitwear fabrics. Textile testing. Types of garment. Standard ways of measuring garments. Zone classification of garments. Levels of quality. Defect in garments manufacturing process. Standards short terms for quality reporting. Types of sample. Understanding purchase order sheet. Quality specification. Quality controlling in every section.

Introduction of pattern. Basic shirt and variations. T- shirts.

Basic pants and variation. Pattern and marker.

Style variation. Grain line. Time study, method study and motion study. Lay out for cutting, sewing and finishing section. Operation analysis. Basic garments making. Analysis chart for garments. Sewing construction. Spec sheet analysis. Work design. Principle of motion economy. Standard rating system. Case study and implementation. Flow chart. Line balancing, line lay out. Section flow grid. Useful productivity technique. Balancing for finishing floor.

Improving process by work-study department. Formula calculation implementation. Improve method. How can you manage more WIP? Efficiency techniques. Line coding system. Operation bulletin making Basic garment operation. Operation breakdown, efficiency practices.

How you fix target? Machinery plan. Adjustment plan. Introduction about plan. Flexible knowledge. Basic term and terminology. Optimum working method. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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Book in bangla apparel merchandising

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Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Production program planning. Store room planning Material resource planning.

Sourcing plan. Integrated plan, marker plans. Production adjustment plan. Order management against factory capacity. Merchandising planning. Time, goal and action. Practice report and reporting system. Operation wise plan. Critical path for planning. Factory shipment planning. Inspection planning.

Planning, production feedback. Planning for raw material. PP meeting and details. Traffic light system. Auditing in traffic light system. Quality control circle. Finishing and packing. Preparing packing list. Acceptable quality level. Pre-shipment Inspection. Responsibilities of Q. C personnel. Quality control flow chart. ISO Supply chain management. Commercial procedure in RMG trade. Shipment procedure. Accessories consumption and costing for garment.

Social Compliance Corporate Social Responsibility Local labor law. Code of conduct.

Merchandising bangla apparel book in

Workers psychology. Personal file module. Age verification module. Procedure for monthly wages of worker and Piece rate worker. Light, sound, temperature requirement.

Work space, Formation of workers welfare forum. Formation and requirement of various committees. Environmental law.

Fire safety. Fire drill. Fire fighting equipments. Electrical safety. Machine guarding. Machine safety guarder. Chemical spill control. Earthquake drill.

Apparel Merchandising

Various Committees related to ESH. Policies related to ESH. OSH Standards. Hazardous material disposal system. Water treatment plant and its parameters. Sanitary land fills system.

How to Become a Smart Merchandiser

Formation of First aid, Fire fighter, Evacuation team. Broken used needle used Cutting knives, Buttonhole knives, and Tacking needle etc. Flow chart for change of needle. Metal detector calibration and its recall system. Button pull test system. Fusing pull test and recall system. Factory Auditing: Walk through procedure.

Workers interview procedure. Document checking procedure Personal file, Time card, salary sheet, Licenses, Store, record, Production report etc Fact finding, Exit meeting, Corrective action plan. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. The Duties and Responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. How to Become A Smart Merchandiser Merchandising in Garments business is an elite and technocrat profession for educated people. Contents of Training: Case Study 1. Faisal Akhter Ruhin. Komol Kabir. Sudha Singh. Ars Khan.