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Large format The Remarkables Ski Trail Maps. Plus many more Free downloadable ski trail maps from around the world. The Remarkables, New Zealand Ski. Emerald. Buttress. Gallipoli. Chutes. Curvey. Trail. TNT. Water Race. Serpentine. The Nose. East Face. Boulder Basin. Mid Station Bowl. Homeward Run. Browse our high resolution map of the pistes in Remarkables to plan your ski holiday and also purchase Remarkables pistemaps to download to your Garmin .

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The Remarkables Piste Map Downloads. pdf icon The Remarkables Piste Map. jpg icon The Remarkables Piste Map. Mt Ruapehu Ski Resort Logo Porters Ski. Coronet Peak: Closed for season, 80cm base · Snow Report Snow Forecast Prices Area Trail Map. Download PDF. Image of trail map for The Remarkables . View the The Remarkables trail map for a preview of the trails and lifts at the ski resort.

Share This Trail Description Looking up the ski field from the car park, you will need to be heading for the track that leads up, under the right hand lift Shadow Basin Chair Lift. Follow the obvious track to the top of the chair. From here, you will need to join the single track that leads to the Lookout this point is marked on the ski field map. At the obvious Col, turn left up the scree slope, aiming for the cairns on the ridge. Once at the top of the short scramble, the path is fairly obvious across the front face of the Remarkables. This is a very dangerous route in winter conditions, and should NOT be attempted as a run except in clear snowless conditions.

708 :: Paiute ATV Trail [Fish Lake National Forest, BLM]

This is a very dangerous route in winter conditions, and should NOT be attempted as a run except in clear snowless conditions. Many experienced mountaineers have come to grief on this section during Winter. At the end of the track, you will enter a large boulder field.

Traverse this section under the front face of Single Cone. Unless you are a very sure footed Mountain Goat, this section will be slow!

708 :: Paiute ATV Trail [Fish Lake National Forest, BLM]

Continue around, until you come to a spur that leads down from the summit - you will see a series of Lakes below you. Follow this spur down to the outlet of the lake.

Cross the outlet, then start heading North towards Wye Dome. The running at this point is across cushion moss and light bog - it's a welcome relief after all the boulder hopping.

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Wye Dome is the hill sandwiched between two cols. The map illustrates almost a dozen places to park and access the trail.

The Queens Drive and Wye Dome., Queenstown, Otago - Trail Directory - Wild Things

A remarkable amount of volunteer work is necessary to maintain the trail after storms, prepping for mud season, or responding to constant goals of improvement with signs, kiosks, benches, and more.

Replacement of wooden structures is already necessary, following several years of usage and weather.

Pdf download remarkables trail map

Phase 2 will eventually run from Route 1 west to the existing trail network in the Applewoods subdivision. Phase 2 will feel different than the current West Side Trail Phase 1 , which — because of terrain — was designed for single-track technical mountain biking and single-file walking or running. For some, Phase 2 will be more about transportation — an off-road respite or short-cut for folks commuting on a bicycle — rather than recreation.

For others the trail will present better alternatives to get to the three nearby schools.

Future stages of Phase 2 are planned for The focus areas will be northwest of I, connecting major Yarmouth neighborhoods including Oakwood, Applewood, and McKearney Village. The gravel trail will have street connections to Hillside Avenue, trail connections to neighborhoods and schools, and sidewalk connections across town.