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All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds are against them. Kronos is stronger than ever, and with every god. kxmkxm Well, he made some related to the books named "The Heroes of Olympus" Series. They have Percy Jackson as part of the book, but it's written in. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Five the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The Last Olympian is a novel by Rick Riordan, published on May 5, It is the fifth and final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This conclusion to the saga revolves around Percy publisher. Hyperion Books. The Last Olympian is a fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology by Rick Riordan, published on May 5, It is the fifth and final novel of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and Upon release, the book received highly positive reviews from various critics. It was also the #1 USA Today bestseller, the #1. In this momentous final book in the New York Times best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy's.

It is the fifth and final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This conclusion to the saga revolves around Percy Jackson , the son of Poseidon , as he leads his friends in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus and the rest of the world from Kronos and his army of titans and monsters. There, Rachel reveals that her father is trying to get her to go to a finishing school, Clarion Ladies Academy , that she does not want to go to. She asks if Percy has decided whether he would go with her and her family for vacation or not. Beckendorf announces that it is time for them to take out the Princess Andromeda. Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

In his dream, Rachel looks over two photos she has recently drawn. The first is a picture of Luke when he was younger, and the second is a picture of Mount Olympus surrounded by lightning and figures wielding weapons. The next day, Percy and Annabeth review the camp's cabins and the reports sent into the camp. Percy then reveals that Grover Underwood has disappeared without a trace and that their empathy link is weakening.

Annabeth tells him that the source of the fight between the Apollo and Ares cabins is a chariot that the Apollo campers took in a raid that the Ares campers led. Needing a break, Percy wanders to the training arena to visit Ms. O'Leary , his hellhound. When he arrives there, Ms. O'Leary runs into the forest, causing Percy to chase after her.

He follows her to the clearing where the Lords of the Wild hold their meetings. Leneus initially refuses to help Grover, but is forced to by Percy. Nico tells him that he could have the same advantage. Percy hesitates, but Nico insists very fiercely, which is unlike him.

Percy relents and they then travel together via shadow travel on Mrs. Percy and Nico arrive at Luke's mother's house in Westport, Connecticut and find that she is in a psychotic state. Castellan greets the two boys as Luke when they arrive. She then invites Percy and Nico to lunch with her. Percy and Nico discover that Luke ran away in order to protect his mother from the monsters that are constantly hounding him. They also learn that when he gave his body as a host for Kronos, he required his mother's blessing.

Disturbed, Percy and Nico say goodbye and run from the house to find that Mrs. O'Leary has been approached by the goddess Hestia. Hestia provides lunch for the boys and then tells Percy that no matter what side he chooses, he must remember her because she is the last Olympian.

She goes on to explain that while all the Olympians are gone, she is the only one who remains for she is the goddess of the home. Hestia then sends Percy and Nico to Percy's own home where they are greeted by his mother, Sally Jackson , and Paul Blofis who finally believes Percy's mother about everything that has to do with the supernatural.

Percy and Nico tell her of their plan and she reluctantly gives Percy her blessing, and asks him to give her a signal if he does survive the war. Ready to carry out the plan, Nico and Percy shadow travel to Central Park to reach another entrance to the Underworld. Suddenly, Percy feels Grover's presence and, uses his empathy link to awaken Grover out of a deep sleep.

Grover then falls out of a tree near Percy and Nico. He explains that he was spreading the news about Pan 's death and recruiting fighters when he saw a strange man walking through Central Park. Everyone within the immediate vicinity of the strange man would fall asleep, and when he has passed them, they would awake as if nothing had happened. As he went to confront the man, the man put him under a deep sleep. After Grover's story, Nico says that Grover had encountered Morpheus , the god of dreams, and that his presence meant that the invasion is coming sooner than it was expected.

The two then tell Grover their plan, and Grover, though scared for Percy and frightened of the Underworld, plays a song to open the gate to the Underworld before leaving to tell Juniper that he is alive. Traveling into the Underworld, they soon reach the River Styx. As Percy realizes he has been tricked, he fights against Nico but is stopped by the Furies and has his sword thrown off a cliff, leaving him defenseless.

Nico explains that his father had promised him information on his past if he turns Percy in. Percy ends up having yet another dream. He sees Rachel with her family on vacation and feels sad that he is unable to join them.

He also sees that she is drawing in the sand in ancient Greek. The dream changes to a view from the top of the St. Louis Arch. Percy sees the monstrous shape of Typhon and barely makes out the gods as they fight him off.

Percy wakes up and sees Nico. He immediately pins Nico to the floor of his cell. Nico truthfully explains to Percy that he had no idea that capturing Percy was what his father had in mind.

Nico then helps Percy escape to the River Styx on Mrs. When the two get there, Percy has a talk with Achilles before bathing in the River Styx to become nearly invincible leaving only the small of his back, opposite the naval, as his weakness.

As Percy wades out of the river, he is attacked by Hades' minions and Hades himself.

Percy escapes after defeating Hades and his minions using his new found strength. As he leaves he tells Nico to stay and convince Hades to fight. Percy then travels out of the Underworld and towards the Empire State Building.

Though he remembers that one of them is the spy, he tells all of them anyway of his plan to get Zeus to defend Mount Olympus. It is here that Percy is officially recognized as the camp's leader. They head to the th floor and find the throne room empty except for Hestia , who is still tending the fire.

She then shows him a vision of the day Luke and Thalia Grace found Annabeth — the same day Luke gave her the knife she still uses — and when Luke meets his dad, Hermes , for the first time. Percy almost collapses, overwhelmed by the vision. Hermes suddenly arrives, and Hestia leaves. Uneasy because nothing is going as planned, Percy and Annabeth send the other demigods away to scout Olympus, leaving the two alone with Hermes.

The god relays a message from Athena saying that they must defend Manhattan by using Plan To Percy, Athena tells him to remember the rivers and to stay away from her daughter. Annabeth mentions Luke, and Hermes, angry that she has brought up the subject, accuses her of being unable to prevent Luke from hosting Kronos. Percy defends her, and the god of messengers departs with sadness and grief. The campers gather in a small park at the edge of the mountain and find that Morpheus has caused all the mortal residents of Manhattan to fall asleep to prevent human intervention.

They look beyond the borders of Manhattan and figure out that Kronos and Hecate must be using their powers to slow down time around the vicinity of Manhattan in such a way that the closer mortals get to the island, the slower time is.

The group then exits the building. Percy divides the campers into groups to guard the bridges and tunnels that the enemy may use to get to Olympus. The group dissipates to meet the incoming invasion forces. Percy and Annabeth then fly on pegasi to activate Plan They proceed to help the Apollo campers on Williamsburg Bridge , the bridge connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. The Apollo campers, Annabeth, and Percy manage to drive the enemy back to Brooklyn when they realize that enemy reinforcements, headed by Kronos himself, are on the other side of the bridge.

The group falls back, but they fight nonetheless. During the battle, Annabeth intercepts a stab meant for Percy that was directed towards his weak point. The demigods retreat when Percy realizes how much strength he has and strikes Riptide into the bridge with such force that the bridge breaks.

Michael Yew goes missing, seemingly like he fell off the bridge. Percy tells some Apollo campers to search for him. Kronos turns back and the campers and Hunters regroup and settle down for the night in their new headquarters, a hotel at the southeast corner of Central Park. Still, she seemed so much more mature. It was kind of intimidating. I mean, sure, she'd always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful.

I kind of wish I had read it when I was younger as I think I would have really loved it but it was still fun to read as an adult. The characters really took my heart and these books went by so fast because they were so entertaining. I will definitely move onto Heroes of Olympus because I want to know what happens to my boy Nico. View all 5 comments. See this review and more like it on www. I just had a number of problems with this particular entry to the series that I couldn't overlook and plan to discuss in depth.

Don't get me wrong, The Last Olympian is definitely an entertaining spectacle from start to finish. Rick Riordan certainly knows how to capture the audience's attention with those chapter titles and the wild fight scenes dispersed throughout the story. Riordan also doesn't disappoint in his inclusion of all sorts of mythological creatures, which are my favorite aspect of this series.

This book was sort of unusual in that when it starts the adventure and preparation for Kronos' attack on Olympus is already ongoing, so there's no usual retun to Camp Half Blood at the start, or any of the small events that go along with the time Percy usually spends there.

In a way I missed it, but in another I actually somewhat liked having no down time. Having the book jump straight into the chaos of war was a necessary choice for the final installment. The book even ends with a great deal of promise, which has made me sufficiently hyped to start Heroes of Olympus soon!

But, I had some problems with it. Particularly the resolution of storylines, and the plot armor afforded to the main characters. First of all as much as I love all of these characters, I was a bit perturbed by how easily anyone important seemed to avoid lasting harm.

Not that I want to see all my babies in danger, but for the final book in the series you'd think the stakes would be raised a bit.

Book last percy the jackson olympian

Percy in particular gains some pretty unbelievable plot armor. I know Riordan was attempting to work in a bit more mythology here, but making Percy nearly impervious to harm in the 11th hour was a bit of a danger killer.

Another thing that I take slight issue with is the scope and emotion included in the prose; More specifically, how it never seems to grow. I hate to compare Middle Grade series to Harry Potter, but in my opinion, that's the series that understood its audience was growing along with the books and adjusted accordingly.

The tone of this series remains pretty steadfast from book 1 to book 5. It's super funny, and full of action, but I had difficulty connecting with the characters emotionally, especially in this book. They seemed to dance around each other and saying what they meant in this book quite a lot, meaning certain subplots took much longer than they needed to to get resolved.

Speaking of subplots: There was an awful lot of half-started, promptly-abandoned storylines here. Rick Riordan did well tying up the main prophecy arc, but there are some brand new plot lines thrown in as well about some of the minor characters that seem to have been half-finished or not handled with much grace.

Frankly, I was hoping for a lot more from the characters of Rachel and Nico in particular. I understand that the next series has some of these characters in a reoccurring fashion, so hopefully they get a bit more development there.

Oh, and what was up with the Last Olympian, who is in this book for all of like 15 pages? Considering the book is named after her, I expected more there as well.

Ultimately, I'm still really glad I read this series! I enjoyed every single book, and though I wasn't particularly wowed by the ending, I can't wait to jump into Heroes of Olympus next!

I was stupid to think that this book would cure me of my slump and not, instead, make me want to reread the Heroes of Olympus series someone please stop me. Sep 09, Valerie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I finished this with a smile. Why specifically I knew this, I have no idea. But I was right and I'm happy when I'm right. I liked this book so much for the same reasons that I liked the other books. It was so funny. The part with the peanut butter had me laughing I finished this with a smile.

The part with the peanut butter had me laughing out loud. The characters are adorable. Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson are so sweet. However, don't expect a whole lot of mushy stuff it's mostly action and action. This one has the most of the series.

Compared to the other Percy Jackson books this one was a bit less chipper because of all the problems but Percy takes it in stride for the most part. It is in no way a downer book. It's so good to finally know everything, and Percy is a lot smarter.

After finishing the book I thought of how great Percy is, hands down the best demigod. Hercules who? Riordan is such a sly author too. He put in another prophecy in the end for another series. So now we just have to see how that might turn out. Okay so maybe you don't have to know but I want to. View all 16 comments.

Wow, I can't believe this series is over! Buddy read with Sylwia! View all 11 comments. Wake me up later. I am forever trash for this series. Honestly, reading this makes me feel like it's all over again. Now that's a nice thought. Dammit, I'm already getting nostalgic.

The Last Olympian – Rick Riordan

I'm just here for some fluff, okay? Maybe I should've started HoO. A little Leo Valdez can't hurt, can it? Luke, I'm coming for you.

View all 29 comments. And that is how you finish a series! Jun 12, Sophie Olson rated it it was amazing Shelves: So they're a couple now. Yeah, of course I'm fine!!! Why wouldn't I be???!?! View all 4 comments. Finished re-reading this——and yup, it's still amazing.

It's been five years since I first read it, and that ending still makes me tear up. I'll put my old review under a spoiler because it was very spoilery and oh my gosh I was Ahh I'm like freaking out. I can't believe the ser Finished re-reading this——and yup, it's still amazing. I can't believe the series is over! So good! Just as exciting and just as hilarious and just as spectacular as the first four books, if not more. Best of the series.

Best book ever!!! Wow, I finished reading it during study. And the ending: I was sitting there grinning like a fool and everyone was probably looking at me funny but oh well. Luke died. View all 45 comments. Easily my favorite book in the series! It wrapped up this series perfectly and gave hints to what would happen in the Heroes of Olympus series! I'm definitely a little in love with Percy now and have a total girl crush on Annabeth and those last couple of pages killed me in a good way.

I'm so glad I finished this series and I can't wait to start the Heroes of Olympus next year! View all 9 comments. Another Complete 5 Golden Stars another favourite book in this series. I love that feeling of making them real like watching a movie. Watching the Olympus, the eternal city, shining above the empire states building. He knew his friends look at him as a leader, waited for his plan, so he couldn't show his fear or weakness.

I love to feel that way in case you wonder. Sometimes, these feelings were coming along with crying! I mean I even didn't know these guys, they just came in this book well, except Leneus who was a jerk before too but yet I cried. I'm just So much Laugh still so much Cry! XD - World building: Aug 01, Eric Boot rated it it was amazing.

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians # 5)

Aug 01, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I finished this book after five days I finished the previous book. Out of these five days, two days I didn't read at all as I spent them with family.

One day I was very busy, couldn't get enough time to read. I started this book two days ago and this was soo much full of action! Literally, this book is almost full action! You wouldn't get the chance to put it down once you started it. Olympus is threatened by Kronos' attack. Gods can't protect it as they are threatened by the most dangerous mons I finished this book after five days I finished the previous book. Gods can't protect it as they are threatened by the most dangerous monster of all time, Typhon.

So Percy and his camp-mates try to protect Olympus while the gods are busy in fighting with Typhon. There was also humor but still it felt dark. I loved him. His plan to fight Kronos was very frighteningly interesting. He took the bath in the Styx and became invulnerable I wanted that.

I hope gods wouldn't mess with that in next series. That was strange. Couldn't see that coming. I think it was okay but not great. Am I supposed to be satisfied by this?! I don't think so. We have just got another great prophecy and it sounds sooo great. I will must start the next series in a day or two but not now. I want to read some light stuff before starting the series.

The Last Olympian

Overall, I loved this series. I can't tell you which book is my favourite in the series. Because for me every book was pretty much enjoyable in its own way at the time of reading.

ALL Hero. Rick Riordan is an award-winning mystery writer. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and two sons. Leia mais Leia menos. Habilitado Page Flip: Habilitado Idioma: A batalha do labirinto Percy Jackson e os Olimpianos Livro 4. Rick Riordan www. His previous novels for adults include the hugely popular Tres Navarre series, winner of the top three awards in the mystery genre.

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Tente novamente mais tarde. Muito bom. Linguagem simples.

Jackson olympian percy the book last

Compra verificada. I really loved all the Percy Jackson series. It was wonderful to see how all the parts connected in the end, no lose ends. I love that these books don't leave anything open to interpretation and explain the story very well. I really enjoyed all the adventure, it was great! The characters are also very easy to empathize with, I already miss Percy and Annabeth. The one thing that left me a bit disappointed about this book in particular is that with it being the last one in the series revolving around the first great prophecy, and Percy finally having to play his very important part, I expected more conflict on him.

The percy book olympian jackson last

Percy is under a lot of pressure and tension, I think it would have been more realistic, and more pleasing therefore, to see more conflict go on within him, to see him struggle a bit more to make the right decisions and therefore see some growth in his own personality, to go deeper and give more meaning to the "yealding" Hestia talks about. In short: I think we didn't see Percy really "yealding". It seems that everything was a bit too easy for him when it came to making decisions.