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Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Intrigue (1st printing). darpg UlTImaTe INTr¹gUe. Page 2 and 3: CHAPTER 3 MASTERING INTRIGUE Betray. Page and. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue (PFRPG) Show Description For: Non-Mint. Add Print Edition $ Add PDF $ Non-Mint Unavailable. Binding, Hardcover, softcover, PDF Artwork from Ultimate Intrigue. Ultimate Intrigue, a hardcover core Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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logo, and Pathfinder Society are registered trademarks of Paizo Inc.; Pathfinder Accessories, Pathfinder Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue contains the tools for. Yumpu PDF Downloader. Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Intrigue (1st printing). Print as pdf. All rights reserved to Greetings My name is Millie Copeland and I am here to share my feelings on this awesome book written Pathfinder Roleplaying. Game: Ultimate Intrigue known.

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A smaller, softcover Pocket Edition of Ultimate Intrigue is expected to be released in January , containing all of the original content of the hardcover book in a smaller, 8. Whether the heroes are taming the blood-soaked back alleys of their favorite metropolis or jockeying for the queen's favor alongside highborn nobles, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue is an invaluable companion to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

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This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50, gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into a new era. May 26, Retrieved from " https: Hidden category: Loyalties and Tension: All characters have their own agenda and loyalties, even those allied with the PCs.

Characters act and respond to the events in the world around them in ways that serve their interests and match their worldviews. Some of the tension in such games comes from the uncertainty of how others will act, particularly at a decisive moment when conflicting loyalties clash. Can the PC thieves trust their friend in the guard not to crack when her commanding officer puts pressure on her, or will she reveal what she knows?

How NPCs react in these high-pressure situations also serves to characterize and humanize them.

Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Intrigue (1st printing)

The exception to this guideline is in a grittier, more cynical game where alliances are necessary to even survive but betrayal is the status quo. Hierarchies: Hierarchies are a structured system of loyalties, whether political, social, military, or another sort entirely.

Progression up a hierarchy is a great way to track the nonmonetary rewards in an intrigue-based game. Hierarchies are also an excellent source of interesting plotlines and conflicting loyalties, from either direction on the hierarchy. Becoming a member of a hierarchy gives PCs a strong sense of belonging and reason to take actions and pursue an intrigue adventure.

Enemies operating within a hierarchy make great opponents, as their membership in the hierarchy can be alternately a source of strength and a vulnerability. If the enemy and a PC are both members of the same hierarchy, things can become particularly interesting, as both characters are empowered and constrained by their places in the system. In this regard, it can be fun to include new spells, perhaps from an obscure spellbook , or even invented by a PC.

Be careful when using this element. This advice is even true for the basic spells. The PCs and the precautions they take and expect are a bellwether of the approximate precautions the NPCs should be taking. For such a group, the first time they learn about using basic countermeasures might be when an NPC has used them.


For example, say the PCs begin an investigation of a crime at the request of an NPC; the NPC could start by telling the PCs what investigative measures he has already taken—and thus what countermeasures he suspects the perpetrator might have used.

This introduces the PCs to those measures and countermeasures seamlessly as an established element of the game world, rather than an obstacle that comes out of the blue during play. With this sort of introduction planned, you can design a plot revolving around bypassing or exploiting those countermeasures from the outset.

The Importance of Appearances In some games, success and failure are measured in the court of public opinion, and appearing to be a certain way is often more important than being that way.

This leads to plenty of deception and betrayal, and can also lead to wars of popular belief, wherein both sides seek to paint the other as evil and subjective opinions hold sway over the truth of the matter.

Ultimate pdf pathfinder intrigue

In these situations, it is important to be able to keep up appearances, which is a key skill set in an intrigue-focused adventuring party. Using social pressure to restrict the actions under consideration is a great way to highlight the varied skills and abilities of each party member, as long as these restrictions make sense and fit into the way the situation is structured.

Similarly, if a certain type of magic, such as necromancy or compulsions, is illegal in a society, then it makes sense that the PCs must use those tactics sparingly to avoid their deeds being overshadowed by their unlawful uses of magic.

But in an intrigue-based game, where each character acts according to her interests and loyalties, there comes a point where the writing is on the wall, at which a reasonable opponent offers a bargain rather than follow the struggle all the way through to destruction.

In most campaigns, the PCs are going to win, but this sort of offer is a great opportunity for the PCs to establish their priorities and make a real decision about how they win.

For example, suppose the PCs have a main goal of emancipating enslaved halflings , and during this conflict, the proslavery faction bribes an influential magistrate to make life difficult for the PCs.

Can the PCs trust her?

PZO1134 Ultimate Intrigue (1st Printing)

Which is stronger, their desire to help the halflings , or their desire to see the magistrate get her just desserts? Secrets are tied into all the other elements of an intrigue-based game.

Intrigue pathfinder pdf ultimate

They can destroy relationships and change loyalties, often to the advantage of the one who holds or releases the secret. Secrets are also part and parcel of blackmail plots, which can lead to fascinating bargains and backroom deals.

Because of the dangers of leaked secrets, protecting secrets is a main impetus of the arms race of measures and countermeasures mentioned earlier. Intrigue Themes If intrigue elements are ingredients, then the following intrigue themes are sample recipes that combine those components in various specific ways, opening the door to adventures and campaigns that delve deeper into the world of intrigue than ones that contain a mere sprinkling of elements here and there.

In this theme, since the major players exercise great influence, the stakes are extremely high, allowing even lower-level PCs to become big movers and shakers as long as they are experts at playing along. When using this theme, it is understood that everyone has their own agendas and attempts to increase their personal standing, so self-serving actions are the status quo, whereas moments of true sacrifice and loyalty are rare and touching.

The Criminal Underworld Though it can benefit from the use of other elements, a campaign set in the criminal underworld is fundamentally built around the tensions from the Relationships and Loyalty, Measures and Countermeasures, and Bargains and Compromise elements.

In the criminal underworld, the relationships a character builds and her loyalties and reputations are the main things keeping her alive. Adventures exploring the criminal underworld tend to involve nongood PCs with a central goal of acquiring money and power. However, it is certainly possible to have a group of well-intentioned outlaws in the vein of Robin Hood fighting against a corrupt government or trying to aid the oppressed.

In this case, navigating the criminal underworld is even more challenging and dangerous, as the PCs might find that their moral qualms make bargaining and building trust and reputations among other criminals more difficult. An engaging criminal campaign often involves heists, cons, and other underhanded antics.

Pdf intrigue pathfinder ultimate

In a campaign with this theme, the hidden world of criminals lurks under the surface of even the most harmless places and people. A benevolent group of healers who cross national borders to help cure disease outbreaks might contain an element that smuggles in illegal alchemical substances. The PCs, as people in the know, experience this secret underbelly wherever they go and live in this shadowy realm of murky morals. He makes this choice each time he activates Arcane Strike, and it lasts for the same duration.

At 16th level he adds anarchic, axiomatic, f laming burst, icy burst, holy, shocking burst, and unholy to the list he can select from. He can choose to apply an alignment-based weapon special ability only if it matches the alignment of his vigilante identity. Since he doesnt possess the throw anything alchemist class feature, he does not add his Intelligence to his damage rolls with his bombs. He treats his vigilante level as his alchemist level for this purpose, and must meet all other prerequisites.

If he also has levels in alchemist, his vigilante levels and alchemist levels stack for the purpose of determining bomb damage and meeting prerequisites for alchemist discoveries that modify bombs. Bond of Blood Sp, Su : The warlock vigilante has a magical bond to life-giving blood. When he deals 5 or more points of piercing or slashing damage to an adjacent living creature that has blood, he gains 1d6 temporary hit points.

These temporary hit points last for 1 hour, and he cant gain temporary hit points again from bond of blood during that hour even if he loses all the temporary hit points from bond of blood before that time. The number of temporary hit points gained increases by 1d6 for every 4 vigilante levels he possesses.

Intrigue pdf ultimate pathfinder

At 6th level, the warlock vigilante can activate blood armor Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide once per day as a spell-like ability as a swift action.

He gains this benefit only if he is threatened by a creature that could have made an attack of opportunity against him had he failed the check.