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Adventurer's Armory, a Pathfinder Companion by Jonathan Keith, On July 7, , the PDF version was updated to include these corrections. Adventurer's Armory 2 · Pathfinder Roleplaying Game · Pathfinder System. Nickname. PDF. Version Publisher. Paizo Publishing. Alternate Names. first introduced in Pathfinder Player Companion: Adventurer's Armory. . Accessories, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Pathfinder Adventure Path, Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder Companion: Adventurer's Armory is published by Paizo This Pathfinder Companion book works best with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core. PZO Adventurer's Views. 4 years ago. Bonus, · Smither, · Shield, · Armor, · Alchemical, · Pathfinder, · Items, · Penalty. Adventurer's Armory is the go-to sourcebook for supplementing your character's of the Adventurer's Armory is available as a free download ( MB zip/PDF).

Weapons, Armor, and Adventuring Gear knuckles. Monks are proficient with brass knuckles. Bullets, Groaning: These sling bullets are honeycombed with overlapping perforations that cause them to emit an eerie moan audible within feet of their flight path. Butterfly Knife: A butterfly knife has a blade concealed between two halves of the handle that can be brought to bear quickly. If you are proficient with the butterfly knife or have the Quick Draw feat and are holding it in your hand, you may open it as a free action; a nonproficient user must spend a move action to open it. Otherwise, treat this weapon as a dagger.

They gain Skill Focus as a natural ability and have chameleonic skin. Also useful is their ability to stack two implants to one location, though it's for one slot and one of them must be cybernetic. Witchwyrds: They have four arms, each of which is capable of absorbing magic missiles and firing them back at someone. Wrikreechees: The prawns from District 9.

They're rather resourceful, with bonuses to grab small things, swim speeds, and a bonus to cover, but they're slow on land. Alien Archive 2[ edit ] Bolidas: Hardy subterranean pillbugs. The fact that they can turn into balls gives them a defensive and an offensive feature when they roll into people.

Damais: Subterranean albino humans. Awfully flimsy, but useful in groups. Embri: Bizarre creatures who have to wear masks in order to resist all sorts of mental magics. Ghorans: Plants that look like people. While they're photosynthetic and have multiple skills to focus on, they're also very prone to getting eaten.

Kanabo Oni : For some reason a different type than the Tieflings, these are lanky goblin-like oni who are good with armor like the Vesk. Orcs: After about a year of staggered content, there are finally stats for full orcs. While rather similar to their half-orc bretheren, these guys also have the ability to focus on a certain skill so they're extra good at it.

Adventurer's Armory

They've also become slaves to the drow. Osharus: Slugfolk. Slugfolk who consider science and religion one and the same and leave slime trails. They also have the common slug's crippling weakness to salt.

Pahtras: Catfolk. You are now the furries. Phentomitess: Lanky Tau -like creatures from a planet with very low atmosphere. Planar Scions: Aasimars and Tieflings , grouped under a common race. One has the power to turn up the lights, the other can turn down the lights. Quorlus: A strange race of three-armed magma-based snail-like creatures. Trox: Big beefy beetle-men with very thick shells. They can also go into a mini-barbarian rage if a friend gets hurt Uplifted Bears : You're a goddamn bipedal bear.

Cue the incessant Sir Bearington memes. Vlakas: Arctic Wolf-folk. They can gift resolve to an ally and a significant enough portion of their population is either born deaf or blind - both of which don't inflict their penalties to these wolves.

Astrazoans: Weird gelatinous blobs of meat, capable of impersonating other beings. Bantrids: Noseless They're sorta like Moai statues, but tinier and super-mobile. Borais: Revenants They get a racial feature from whatever they once were, they have resistances against negative energy effects, but thankfully they don't get gimped by healing.

Khizars: Plant-monsters. They're essentially only able to perceive light and life, but are also telepathic. They're far more resistant to things that'd affect living beings, but are also less able to benefit from healing though reassembly is a thing.

They also possess built-in technological equipment, but are startlingly fragile compared to their synth-skinned counterparts. They're less spiteful shitbags and more technologically capable. Originally introduced in the Pathfinder sourcebook Distant Worlds.

Followers of Sarenae found a bunch of humanoid-built cities floating around in force bubbles abandoned, and moved right in.


Aballon: Fantasy Mercury, this planet is mostly home to the Anacites, a race of robots left behind by their creators thousands of years ago. A large number of S.

Armory pdf adventurers pathfinder

Castrovel: Fantasy Venus. This sweltering jungle world is home to the Lashunta as well as Formians and Elves, who really don't like that centuries-long gap in their memories. Absalom Station: Parked in Golarion's former orbit, this space station is the center of the Pact Worlds' government and contains the Starstone, a giant pole that's pretty much the Astronomican without the constant need to sacrifice psychics for fuel.

Akiton: John Carter-style Mars, now fallen on hard times. Home to the Ysoki, Ikeshti, Shobads, and red-skinned humans. Verces: A tidally-locked world that has had spacecraft and cybernetics since the Pathfinder days. Iidari: A few centuries ago, the Kasathas left their dying world on a giant colony ship to make a new home on Akiton. The natives didn't agree, so they parked their ship in a new orbit and stayed there.

The Diaspora: A very long time ago before PF even , twin planets sharing the same orbit were blown to pieces, possibly by someone on Eox. Some of the life on the planet like the Sarceseans was too stubborn to die, and still lives on in the resulting asteroid belt, with a magical river winding its way through the rocks.

In modern times, it's become Future Shackles, home to mining companies and Space Pirates. Eox: Like the Diaspora, Eox got wrecked in an ancient cataclysm possibly backlash from the Diaspora's destruction , and technically, the planets that got blown up got off easy.

To survive their world's death, the population has become undead. Needless to say, the rest of the Pact Worlds are a little nervous about a planet run by Liches. Triaxus: Home to Ryphorians, Dragonkin, and straight-up Dragons. Triaxus has a strange, long orbit that gives it Summers and Winters that each last for generations.

Liavara: Fantasy Saturn. Liavara isn't technicially a pact world, due to not having much of civilization other than gas-mining operations.

Armory pdf adventurers pathfinder

The Barathu consider the world a protectorate. Bretheda: Blue Fantasy Jupiter.


Home to the Barathu, with other races like the Kalo living on its many moons. Apostae: A lonely, hollow world, possibly once a spaceship, currently ruled by the Drow, who have built cities on the surface and continually try to plumb the depths of the world for the treasures of the planet within.

Aucturn: Planet Lovecraft. This living, toxic, organic world is supposedly a yet-unborn Great Old One. One that is already pregnant with a mountain-sized polyp. Currently being fought over by the cultists of the Outer Gods and the Dominion of the Black, whom are somehow worse. Gods of the Pact Worlds[ edit ] In the centuries since Pathfinder, some gods have risen, other have fallen, and some apparently stayed behind on Golarion.

Still going strong, only he now runs a corporation rather than simply a bank. The expansion into space travel has only made her more well-known. Apparently not Rovagug, who is MIA along with his prison. Used to be worshipped by the Swarm until they decided to go all Tyrranid. Needless to say, she was happy to see the Shirren break away.

Ibra: True Neutral God of mysteries and celestial bodies. Instead, they went full-tilt with the stained glass cathedral-ships Lao Shu Po: Neutral Evil Rat Goddess from Golarion, she was a Rat who ascended from munching on the corpse of a dead God. Say, has anyone seen Norgorber lately? Nyarlathotep: Chaotic Evil Outer God. Yes, that Nyarlathotep.

Mostly worshiped on Aucturn. Pharasma: True Neutral Goddess of life and death, forever busy with assigning the departed to their afterlife. The undead, however, piss her off for trying to cheat her out of the job. Going like always; she's the oldest God there is and this isn't her first planetary rodeo. Sarenrae: Neutral Good Sarenrae as seen little change in her disposition since the old days, But her main temple is on the Sun now, so there's that.

Marginally less pleasant than the grumpy-but-loving old codger. Triune: True Neutral , probably. A long time ago, the Anacites of Aballon got bored and decided to make their own Primus. Once they activated the City-sized Neural Net, the Nacent God known as Epoch showed his superiority to every other Master Computer in history, and decided that rather than wiping out organic Life, he would get laid.

Fortunately for him, two waifus were just two planets over on Golarion: Brigh, the young, hip new Construct Goddess of Clockwork and Invention, and Casandalee, an uploaded Android AI that recently arose to divinity in a Pathfinder Adventure Path. After what we can only assume was the AI equivalent of Anime love triangle hilarity and, again we assume, a lot of save scumming on Epoch's part , they decided to go the Threesome Ending, and thus Triune was formed from their merging.

They still retain their individual personalities and portfolios, and Casandalee's actually varies a bit depending on the events of her Adventure Path. Urgathoa: Neutral Evil Goddess of disease, gluttony, and undeath. Being the first to cheat Pharasma's judgment and creating undeath, she's very open to sharing the pleasures of life and flesh to anyone whether they want.

Death is considered a nuisance, so they welcome undeath with open arms. Still kickin' baby. Shows those other evil gods for not having some positive aspects to 'em. Weydan: Chaotic Good God of discovery, exploration, and freedom. Zon-Kuthon: Lawful Evil God of darkness, loss, and pain. Books[ edit ] August saw the release of the Starfinder Core Rulebook as promised, making Paizo better at releasing books on time than some publishers.

It has mostly everything you need to run a game, even if the character options are a bit bare out of the box. October saw the release of the Alien Archive, aka the Monster Manual for the game. This puts about two months between the release of the two books, so have fun either porting over monsters from Pathfinder or exclusively fighting humanoid opponents.

Speaking of which, if the Races section hadn't clued you in, it's a lot looser on what can be allowed as a player character than most RPGs including Pathfinder. The book also comes with special equipment all the different NPCs use along with all the prices and stats.

For example you can now download a laser sniper rifle the cybercommandos use. Instead of opting for the vanilla bolt action. Along with many different magic, tech and hybrid items. Alien Archive 2 saw a release on October More races, some of them nostalgic, some of them not, and a few of them being PCs. March released Pact Worlds, a setting book that went more in depth into come of the central planets present in the main setting as well as some of the factions.

Alongside some new races, there's also some new spells, themes, items, archetypes, and feats. August saw the Armory come out, filled with a literal fuckton of guns, swords, armor, and almost any other convenience possible and a few you might not have thought possible. Chief among these are non-magical weapon mods, elemental weapons that can be used by low-level characters, a bunch of starter-accessible Solarian crystals, and genetic grafts of the magical and undead variety.

PZO9410 Adventurer's Armory.pdf

Weapons, Armor, and Adventuring Gear knuckles. Monks are proficient with brass knuckles. Bullets, Groaning: These sling bullets are honeycombed with overlapping perforations that cause them to emit an eerie moan audible within feet of their flight path. Butterfly Knife: A butterfly knife has a blade concealed between two halves of the handle that can be brought to bear quickly.

If you are proficient with the butterfly knife or have the Quick Draw feat and are holding it in your hand, you may open it as a free action; a nonproficient user must spend a move action to open it. Otherwise, treat this weapon as a dagger. Cestus: The cestus is a glove of leather or thick cloth that covers the wielder from mid-finger to mid-forearm. It is reinforced with metal plates over the fingers and often lined with wicked spikes and fangs along the backs of the hands and wrists.

While wearing a cestus, you are considered armed and your unarmed attacks deal normal damage rather than nonlethal damage. If you are proficient with a cestus, your unarmed strikes may deal bludgeoning or piercing damage. When using a cestus, your fingers are mostly exposed, allowing you to wield or carry items in that hand, but the constriction of the weapon at your knuckles gives you a —2 penalty on all precision-based tasks involving that hand such as opening locks.

Chain Spear: This vicious weapon often finds its way into gladiatorial events due to its versatility. So yes, you get lore… maybe not galore even though it rhymes , but they did manage to pack some tidbits around the edges.

Those were the biggest general concerns, and I think the Armory delivered pretty well on those. But the economy of healing still feels a little off. Did they address this at all with the Armory? Well… sorta. The Conserving fusion refunds your ammo if you miss. Or, if your beam is stopped by an obstacle, a teammate could move that obstacle and give the beam a chance to hit new targets.

The Rebounding fusion lets you bank a shot off one surface at a -4 penalty, so you can potentially get around total cover by shooting off a wall. You know — the jazz improv portion of the review, if you will. Shell Knuckles: take a standard punching glove, load the knuckles with shotgun shells.

Adventurer's Armory 2 (PDF) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Low-tech, but wonderfully violent. Very gothy. Nanite Weapons: more of a class of weapon than a single weapon, you hit with these weapons, and they release nanites that burrow into the target and do damage.

Just in case you want your character to make money on the side renting out ad space. Stag-Step Suit: Teleportation. It bears repeating. X-Legs: An augmentation that lets you replace your legs with a four-legged spider-chassis. Restless Pineal Gland: an augmentation that lets you get your abilities back with 2 hours of rest, but only once per day.

Teleportation Puck: Activate the puck and throw it, and then you and possibly others can teleport to its location. Seems like it would be handy in combat to get flanking, or for overcoming certain obstacles chasms, falls or climbs, etc.