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Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress is Charles Dickens's second novel, and was first published as a serial – The story centres on orphan Oliver. Oliver Twist book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A gripping portrayal of London's dark criminal underbelly, publishe. Set in the first half of the 19th century, the classic novel presents the story of young orphan Oliver Twist, who endures tumultuous events in a society burdened by.

Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress is Charles Dickens 's second novel, and was first published as a serial — After escaping, Oliver travels to London, where he meets "The Artful Dodger ", a member of a gang of juvenile pickpockets led by the elderly criminal, Fagin. Oliver Twist is notable for its unromantic portrayal by Dickens of criminals and their sordid lives, as well as for exposing the cruel treatment of the many orphans in London in the midth century. In this early example of the social novel , Dickens satirises the hypocrisies of his time, including child labour, the recruitment of children as criminals, and the presence of street children. The novel may have been inspired by the story of Robert Blincoe , an orphan whose account of working as a child labourer in a cotton mill was widely read in the s. It is likely that Dickens's own youthful experiences contributed as well. Oliver Twist has been the subject of numerous adaptations for various media, including a highly successful musical play, Oliver!

London, the Artful Dodger and Fagin[ edit ] George Cruikshank original engraving of the Artful Dodger centre , here introducing Oliver right to Fagin left Nearing London, Oliver encounters Jack Dawkins, a pickpocket more commonly known by the nickname the " Artful Dodger ", and his sidekick, a boy of a humorous nature named Charley Bates , but Oliver's innocent and trusting nature fails to see any dishonesty in their actions.

The Dodger provides Oliver with a free meal and tells him of a gentleman in London who will "give him lodgings for nothing, and never ask for change".

Grateful for the unexpected assistance, Oliver follows the Dodger to the "old gentleman's" residence. In this way Oliver unwittingly falls in with an infamous Jewish criminal known as Fagin , the gentleman of whom the Artful Dodger spoke. Ensnared, Oliver lives with Fagin and his gang of juvenile pickpockets in their lair at Saffron Hill for some time, unaware of their criminal occupations.

He believes they make wallets and handkerchiefs. Soon, Oliver naively goes out to "make handkerchiefs" with the Artful Dodger and Charley Bates, only to learn that their real mission is to pick pockets. The Dodger and Charley steal the handkerchief of an old gentleman named Mr Brownlow and promptly flee.

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When he finds his handkerchief missing, Mr Brownlow turns round, sees Oliver running away in fright, and pursues him, thinking he was the thief. Others join the chase, capture Oliver, and bring him before the magistrate. To the judge's evident disappointment, a bookstall holder who saw the Dodger commit the crime clears Oliver, who, by now actually ill, faints in the courtroom. Mr Brownlow takes Oliver home and, along with his housekeeper Mrs Bedwin, cares for him.

Bill Sikes by Fred Barnard Oliver stays with Mr Brownlow, recovers rapidly, and blossoms from the unaccustomed kindness. His bliss is interrupted when Fagin, fearing Oliver might tell the police about his criminal gang, decides that Oliver must be brought back to his hideout.

When Mr Brownlow sends Oliver out to pay for some books, one of the gang, a young girl named Nancy , whom Oliver had previously met at Fagin's, accosts him with help from her abusive lover, the robber Bill Sikes , and Oliver is quickly bundled back to Fagin's lair.

The thieves take the five-pound note Mr Brownlow had entrusted to him, and strip him of his fine new clothes. Oliver, shocked, flees and attempts to call for police assistance, but is dragged back by the Artful Dodger, Charley, and Fagin. Nancy, alone, is sympathetic towards Oliver and saves him from beatings by Fagin and Sikes. In a renewed attempt to draw Oliver into a life of crime, Fagin forces him to participate in a burglary.

Nancy reluctantly assists in recruiting him, all the while assuring the boy that she will help him if she can. Sikes, after threatening to kill him if he does not cooperate, puts Oliver through a small window and orders him to unlock the front door.

The robbery goes wrong and Oliver is shot by people in the house and wounded in his left arm. After being abandoned by Sikes, the wounded Oliver makes it back to the house and ends up under the care of the people he was supposed to rob: Miss Rose and her guardian Mrs Maylie.

Monks denounces Fagin's failure to turn Oliver into a criminal, and the two of them agree on a plan to make sure he does not find out about his past.

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Monks is apparently related to Oliver in some way. Back in Oliver's hometown, Mr Bumble has married Mrs Corney, the matron of the workhouse where the story first began, only to find himself in an unhappy marriage, constantly arguing with his domineering wife. After one such argument, Mr Bumble walks to a pub where he meets Monks, who questions him about Oliver. Bumble informs Monks that he knows someone who can give Monks more information for a price, and later Monks meets secretly with the Bumbles.

After Mrs Bumble tells Monks all she knows for a price, Monks takes the locket and ring proving Oliver's parents, which had once belonged to Oliver's mother, and drops them into the river flowing under his place. Monks relates these events to Fagin, unaware that Nancy is eavesdropping on their conversations and plans to inform Oliver's benefactors.

Mr Brownlow returns to London, where Oliver sees him, and brings him to meet the Maylies.

Now ashamed of her role in Oliver's kidnapping and worried for the boy's safety, Nancy goes to Rose Maylie, staying in London. She knows that Monks and Fagin are plotting to get their hands on the boy again, and offers to meet again any Sunday night on London bridge. Rose tells Mr Brownlow, and the two then make plans with all their party in London.

The first Sunday night, Nancy tries to leave for her walk, but Sikes refuses permission when she declines to state exactly where she is going. Fagin realizes that Nancy is up to something, perhaps has a new boyfriend, and resolves to find out what her secret is. Meanwhile, Noah has fallen out with the undertaker Mr Sowerberry, stolen money from him, and fled to London with Charlotte.

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Using the name "Morris Bolter", he joins Fagin's gang for protection and becomes a practicer of "the kinchin lay" robbing of children , and Charlotte is put with the girls. Fagin sends Noah to watch the Artful Dodger on trial, after he is caught with a stolen silver snuff box; the Dodger is convicted while showing his style, with a punishment of transportation to Australia.

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Next, Noah is sent by Fagin to spy on Nancy, and discovers her meeting with Rose and Mr Brownlow on the bridge, hearing their discussion of why she did not appear the prior week and how to save Oliver from Fagin and Monks. Fagin angrily passes the information on to Sikes, twisting the story to make it sound as if Nancy had informed on him, when she had not.

Believing Nancy to be a traitor, Sikes beats her to death in a fit of rage that very night and flees to the countryside to escape from the police and his conscience. There, Sikes is haunted by visions of Nancy and alarmed by news of her murder spreading across the countryside. He returns to London to find a hiding place and intends to steal money from Fagin and flee to France , only to die by accidentally hanging himself while attempting to lower himself from a rooftop to flee from a mob angry at Nancy's murder.

The writer even brought attention to the sordid lives of the criminals and the criminal practice of the Victorian Era. This book review of Oliver Twist contains a summary of the plot as well as thoughts on the overall novel.

Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse where his mother died leaving him orphaned. The young man grew up in an orphanage where he got his name. Bumble took him away from the orphanage and put him to work. At the workhouse, his job was to pick and weave oakum.

Oliver was nine years of age at that time. He was sold to a coffin maker named Mr. Sowerberry as an apprentice by Mr. Bumble later on. He fled from there after by Mr.

Sowerberry had hit and punished him for getting into a fight with Noah. He traveled all the way to London on foot, hoping to get away from the miserable life he had lived till then. He was taken to Fagin by the pickpocket.

Oliver stayed with the gang of pickpockets at their lair, believing that they make wallets and handkerchiefs not being aware of their criminal line of work.

From an old man called Mr. Bronlow, Bates and Dodger steal a handkerchief. When he noticed, however, young Oliver caught his eye and he suspected him of theft. Trying to run away out of fright, he got caught and taken to the magistrate.

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But seeing his innocent face and nature, Mr. Brownlow doubted the fact that it was him who was the thief. Brownlow took the child to his house and was under the care of Mrs. Bedwin as he fell sick in the courtroom. Oliver blossoms and has a rapid recovery from the unexpected kindness from them. Fagin, fearing that Oliver might disclose their wrongdoings to the police, wanted Oliver back in his lair.

Oliver Twist

So, when Oliver was sent on a duty to pay for the books, Nancy and Bill Sikes — both working alongside Fagin, put on a successful act to capture and bring him back. The thieves took away the books, the five-pound note and took his new clothes off. Oliver tried to run away again calling for the police. Yet, Dodger and Fagin caught him. Nancy was the only female character with a different sense of righteousness there who was sympathetic to Oliver.

To re-involve Oliver in criminal activities, Sikes planned a burglary and threatened to take his life unless he cooperates. He was then taken to a house, asked to open the lock of the main door before being pushed into a small window to enter the house. They were heard and the robbery went wrong. The inhabitants of the house mistakenly shot Oliver and left him wounded. The people of the house, Mrs. Maylie and Miss Rose, took him in to care for him.

The following day, Mr. Brownlow returned to London from a trip when Oliver sees him and takes him to meet the Maylies.