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Editorial Reviews. Review. Sharma is my all time favourite and i don't miss any of his books As usual fantastic you Sir for the all time. Robin Sharma has written an exceptional book titled Mastery Manual, the book is a life-changing guide for personal and professional greatness. It is a must. The Mastery Manual book. Read 62 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A life-changing guide for personal and professional greatness!.

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The Mastery ManualTM . The Value of your Reputation – Robin Sharma manual, you know deep in your heart what your professional as well as your. The Mastery ManualTM Live Fully Now –– Robin Sharma. Too many . manual, you know deep in your heart what your professional as well as your personal. PUBLISHED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD!A Life-Changing Guide for Personal and Professional GreatnessA life-changing guide for personal and.

Shelves: haves What I liked about this book? Easy to follow. The reader need not be a lover of deep, prodding or philosophical style to gain something useful out of this book. The book is user-friendly, concise, most of the points given in bullet points and reinforces ideas time and again. Style of the author is interactive, not didactic. You know how some people are, who inspire from their own energy and lifestyle. Robin Sharma does that.

Why postpone what you can do today to some time off in the distance? Why put off playing your greatest game to some point in the future.

Why delay having a brilliantly good time until you are old? Take the long-view and prepare for a full life. As always, it's a balance. Do your plans. Save for retirement. Be strategic. And yet - at the same time - live in the moment. Play full out. Take daily risks. Fill your days with color. Hunt for the best that this very day will bring. Laugh a lot. Love a lot. Do your job like it's the most important job in the world, and treat everyone one as if they are the most important person in your life ever.

Being extraordinary amidst the ordinary is what really matters at end of day. Don't think about the next job, focus on doing the best with the job you have. Learn everything you can from everyone you can. Focus on the possibilities of each job, not the limitations. But we get what we give. Not later but now. And if not now, then when? Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Our destiny is ultimately defined by how we respond to these windows of opportunity.

Shrink from them and your life will be small. Feel the fear and run to them anyway, and your life will be large. Even with your kids, you only have a little window to develop them and champion their highest potential. And to show them what unconditional love looks like.

When that window closes, it never reopens normally as opportunity seldom knocks twice. But I'm a human being, and that means sometimes I slip.

Nothing wrong with it. But you should attempt to get up and keep going and ensure the same mistake is not committed again. Learn from the loss. Both negative and positive thoughts that we can get stuck on. Your thinking forges your reality. Your thoughts form your world. And what you dwell on shapes your destiny. Because the ancestor of every action is a thought. What thoughts can you just not shake?

And is it a superb one? Early Rise. Getting up early is a gift I give myself. Waking up with the sun boosts my willpower and willpower is so important to get to your dreams and gives me time to think, plan, learn and self-improve. Easy to get so caught up in the rush of busyness and the call of our routines that we forget the imperative of being aware of the very things we are doing. Human beings are the only creatures in the world that can step out of themselves and reflect on their thoughts and actions.

Monkeys can't do this. Dogs can't. Cats can't. Only we can. Making the best of changing times. Celebrating the people around you. And being aware. Aware of your thoughts. Aware of your actions. Aware of your mission. Aware of your priorities. Aware of your talents. Aware of your fears. Aware of your passions. Aware that time is short. Aware of the brilliance presented to you by the life you get to live. Every collaborator who enters our orbit brings with him or her world more strangely and complex than any we could ever hope to imagine.

Manual robin pdf mastery sharma

By listening to the details and the subtlety of their needs, desires, or ambitions, we fold their world onto our own. Neither party will ever be the same, sys, Bruce Mau. We are shaped by our conversations. We are influenced by the ideas we hear and the people we meet.

Listening is a master skill for personal and professional greatness. Get behind their eyeballs and learns, grow and evolve into our highest and best. Every explorer before him feared going too far from the shore. They clung to the known. They stayed stuck to security. They didn't dare. And so they never found the New World. Columbus did something different. He was brave. Went straight out to sea. Went perpendicular to the shoreline. And found a new world. Good on him. Greatness - 17 as a leader and as a human sometimes requires that you leave the constraints of safety.

Sometimes you just have to let go of the known. To try a new way. To think a new thought. To dare. Every one of us has so many more choices than we can currently see. Remember, we see the world not as it is but as we are. Most of us see through the eyes of our fears and our limiting beliefs and our false assumptions And as you question your assumptions, you'll realize that so many of them are borne of fantasy.

They are not real. Nope, not at all. Most of the things we are afraid will happen never do. Something to think about. Of all of the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul which have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening and fruitful of divine promise and confidence than this-that you are the master of your thought, the molder of your character, and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny, says James Allen.

Every time you say yes to something that is unimportant, you say no to something that is important. You can't be all things to all people. Know your priorities.

Know your goals. Say no to things that do not take you closer to your goals. Clarity precedes success. Everybody runs from conflict. Makes us feel bad so we avoid it. Never does-just festers like a bad wound. Conflict is nothing more than an opportunity for greater growth and a deeper connection. And every conflict - whether with a loved one or a customer - is a gorgeous opportunity to forge an even deeper connection with them.

By turning their dissatisfaction into a wow for them. Relish in the potential it carries. Celebrate it. Because, though it can feel messy, in truth it's a gift. Everyone has an obligation show to leadership daily in every possible way. It is not a popularity contest and we have to just be what we are.

Leadership is more about being right and less about being liked. Be caring and respectful, treat others well, but do not mock or flatter, see the best in people around, be kind to their virtues and blind to their faults, balance being tender and tough as circumstances demand, be compassionate and courageous.

Build monuments out of the stones the critics throw at you, i. Everyone needs to behave like a leader — no matter what they do. So everyone needs to take responsibility for getting the results that they are accountable for generating. Everyone needs to do his or her part to shape culture. Everyone needs to be positive and inspirational. Everyone is a leader. But not everyone is the same, everyone is a leader but not everyone does the same thing.

Everyone's into brand-building these days. Law firms. Accounting enterprises. Retail organizations. Individuals too. Ask Tom Peters. Develop a magnificently cherished and superbly respected brand. Ask how can we get from where we now are to where we desire to be, when it comes to our brand? Study top class people. Imitate their intent.

Originate your actions. Be creative. Constantly reinventing, relentlessly innovating. Endlessly improving. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude to a given set of circumstances, to choose one's way, Viktor Frankl.

Prisoners in Nazi concentration camps survived only due to highest human freedom: our ability to choose how we respond to and process any event that happens to us. We can look for some good or we can become haunted by the bad. Every time you say yes to something unimportant, you are saying no to something important.

One cannot be all 19 things to all people all the time. Fix your priorities, know your goals and needs and wants and desires, and say no to what doest not fit well with your priorities. Better to live your life aligned to your vision than according to the approval of others. Evolution Versus Revolution. There's so much to transform and so little time to do it.

And human beings don't like to change scares us. So we drift into overwhelm. And we don't even start. I suggest to you that there's a better way to get to world-class within the important areas of your life: evolution. Small baby steps. Daily and continuous micro- improvements. Steady and consistent elevations in the way you work, lead and live day by day, step by step, you can move towards your own personal mountaintop.

The life you are living today can be radically different from the life you can have 3 or 6 months from now. You can easily achieve professional and personal greatness you deserve through an evolution. Not a revolution.

Excellence is the surest way to lasting joy and boundless self-respect. Because playing at the level of mastery will flood you with energy.

Because being brilliant in the way you show up brings inner peace. The very thing that seems so hard to do is the very thing that will give us all we've been longing for.

The more you fight for them, the more they'll own you. Let them go. And step into your power. Leaders don't make excuses. They create results. Yes, beneath every excuse lives a fear. A fear of changing. A fear of the unknown. A fear of failure.

A fear of success. Today can be the day you burn the bridges that lead to your excuses. Today can be the day you step up to the possibilities that lay just off the beaten path of your life. Today can be the day you Lead Without Title. Experience is the best teacher, the best way to learn is through experiencing the lesson.

You can't master it by only reading about it in books. Fail Faster. You will see some failures. As we take more risks, this is something we must accept as part of the "regeneration process. Too many of us fear failure so we don't even try. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult. Too many of us think failure is bad. It isn't.

The Mastery Manual

There can be no success without failure - the companies and people who have reached the heights of success are the same ones who have failed the most. You need to fail to win. Out fail the competition. Out fail the person you once were. Fail to Win. The very nature of dreaming big dreams and stretching yourself beyond the normal is dangerous.

Dangerous in the sense that you leave safety, you leave routine, you leave the common world where unhappy people smile giant smiles when they are asked to pose for a picture. And as you leave your cocoon of comfort, you will certainly fail more than your neighbors and those who live a life called ordinary.

One must be willing to risk greatly to reach your personal mountaintop and your authentic definition of success. And I'd rather reach high and be disappointed than not even try to reach when I fall, I get up, get back, I start again. And more committed. Failure is the highway to success. Same conversations for twenty years.

Same breakfast for twenty years. Same drive to work for twenty years. I have no judgment on that kind of 21 a life. If it makes you happy, well that's a beautiful thing. But I don't know of anyone who is happy living like that.

True joy comes when you put some skin in the game and take some chances. Yes, you will start to experience more failure. But guess what, success also starts to pay more visits. Failure is just part of the process of getting to greatness. Ask for the best table in your favorite restaurant.

Ask for an upgrade into first class on your next flight good luck. Ask your teammate at work for more understanding. Ask your mate at home for more love.

Do it. I dare you. And just remember, you can't win the game if you don't even play. Find Pockets of Peace. Take a daily vow of silence. This one isn't just for monks.

Be silent for 15 minutes a day at the very least. You'll have more energy. More peace. More joy. Better performances so hunt peace down. Fight the noise.

Get away from the maddening crowds as much as you can, and stay close to Silence, Solitude and Stillness. That best practice will make you so much better at work, at home, with self. Find what you Seek.

Every second you spend thinking about what you don't want in your life is a second denying focus and energy from getting what you do want I see more of what I look for. Clarity precedes mastery. I look for what I want, the more powerfully I generate that result in my life. By setting clear goals in the important areas, I see more of what I'm searching for.

By looking for the best in others, I generally find it. And by looking for the good things in my life and expressing gratitude for my blessings, your thoughts form your world. Because you will never act against your thinking. Every action is the offspring of a thought. Finest Principles for Great Relationships.

The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your relationships and being a great human connector is pretty easy stuff, and success is all about a precise consistency around 22 fundamentals. Be the first one to greet, -smile a lot - get devoted to calling by first name - look people in the eye when you speak to them - listen empathetically - offer sincere compliments — be nice to everyone.

Focus to Win. What you concentrate on, you cannot help but get great at. The more you focus, the better you get. Say no to everything else. Life's short. You only get one shot at great. Will you accept The Call? Or let the opportunity slide by you? Forget what anyone's ever told you. Stop listening to the small thinkers. Muffle the voices of the critics. Get to the truth: you are meant to play big with your life.

Someone from within this very community will make a decision over the coming hours to raise their standards and step up to their highest potential.

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Someone around us will do something - even if it appears to be a little gesture - that over time will cause breathtaking improvements and results in the way their life looks - in all its dimensions.

Why not make that person you? So make this day a special and unforgettable one. One small step can have gigantic consequences over time. Remember who you truly are. And all you have been built to be. Forms of Success 1: Inner Success. This includes a positive mindset, high-self respect, internal peace and a strong spiritual connection.

Your health is your wealth. What's the point of getting to a great place in your career if you get sick doing it?

q/Discover Your Destiny - Robin Sharma

Why be the richest person in the graveyard? Family Success. When your family life is happy, you will perform better at work. No one gets to the end of their lives and regrets making their family a top priority.

Career Success.

The Mastery Manual

Actualizing your highest potential by reaching for your best in your career is incredibly important. Getting to greatness in your profession brings a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. Economic Success. Money is important. Makes life easier and better. Money allows you to live in a nice home. Take beautiful vacations and provide well for those you love. Community Success. Human beings have a psychological need for connection and belonging.

A rich network of mentors, interesting thinkers and valued friends just makes life better. Adventure Success. To be fulfilled, each of us needs mystery in our lives. Challenge is necessary for happiness. The human brain craves novelty. And we are creative beings so we need to be creating constantly if we hope to feel joy. Lots of adventure ranging from meeting new people to visiting new places is an essential element of success.

Impact Success. Perhaps the deepest longing of the human heart is to live for something greater than itself. Each of us craves to be significant.

To make a difference. To know that the world has somehow been better because we have walked the planet.

Genius Point. Focus on any area or skill with a relentless devotion to daily improvement and a passion for excellence and within three to five years, you will be operating at a level of competence and insight such that people call you a genius. Focus plus daily improvement plus time equals genius. Know what you can excel at - your 'genius points'.

Discover your talents and then work like crazy to polish them. Know what you are really great at. Reflect on those abilities that others admire in you. Start today and in three to five years people will be writing about you. Calling you a genius. Genius, both you and I are.

Focus on any area of skill or talent or knowledge with a relentless devotion for daily improvement and passion for excellence and you will be operating at a level of competence nobody could dream of and will be nothing but a genius. Take what the nature gives you and then work upon it to improve further and buy the best with focus and concentration, work slowly and continuously. Practice makes perfect. Discover your talent, 24 and polish it, so that it not only flows effortlessly but those capabilities become beyond compare.

Start now and Stop not developing on your strengths. Get Good or Get Out.

Pdf mastery sharma manual robin

Peter Ducker's specialty is that he didn't just put out good ideas - he offered great insights. Brilliant ones actually. Well, most businesses - and people - are so busy doing so many things that they forget that focus creates mastery. Why play in a space you can't win in?

Why waste your time? Instead, get to know what you're really good at. And then have the force of will to go there, and be dazzled by the rewards. Some pundits encourage us to enjoy the moment and appreciate what we have, suggesting that constantly striving for more is unhealthy and the primary source of our discontent.

And others say that, as human beings, we were built to push beyond our comfort zones each day and reach for something higher. And yes, as we set higher dreams and raise our personal standards, we will create discontent. But this world was built by people who felt some discontent with the way things were and knew they could do better. Giant Leap. Small steps become big steps. Little decisions can, over time, cause stunningly wonderful results.

Tiny changes lead to real and sustained transformation. It's all about evolution rather than revolution. One decision you make over the coming hours could be the giant leap that launches a tidal wave of greatness that leads you to a place well above your boldest dreams.

No decision is unimportant. Every action leads to a reaction. Each move we make creates a consequence and ripples across our destiny. The first move is always the hardest. Everything's easier after that. Step by step, changing and elevating your game gets easier. And more of the person you were born to be. Give 2 Get. Heard somebody seeking alms saying "Have you helped someone today besides yourself?

For his Cause. But it got me thinking. About giving. Give more love to be loved. Help others reach world- class. And they'll joyfully help you get to your best. Go Get your Dreams. There will never be the ideal time to do the dreams in your heart.

So get out there. And never let anyone tell you that your dreams can't come true. Push the envelope. Step up to greatness-in the work you do and within the life you have the privilege to live.

Most of the stuff we are afraid of never even comes close to happening. Go the extra mile, for leadership begins there and success waits at the end of it. People get frustrated and quit at the last mile. All their efforts go waste due to lack of persistence. Dig deeper. Go farther. Stop not till the goal is reached.

You can achieve. Jog not because it is fun but because it is wise to do so for your health. Cultivate passion to perform.

Extraordinary careers and spectacular lives will be yours if you start going the extra mile and deliver a little more than what is expected, every time, all the time. That is where the secret is. Good manners really mean nothing more than making people feel comfortable and respected. It shows an appreciation for others.

Manners matter. They are the hallmark of respect. And respect is the building glue of great relationships, organizations and human lives. Good Things Take Time. I'm impatient. I move fast and love things done now. I get an idea and want it realized tomorrow. But life's not like that, is it? But the nature of business and life is more organic.

A gorgeous wine takes time to mature. A precious garden takes time to bloom. Those small daily improvements that, over time, lead to stunning results. It's the small steps that matter most. Drop by drop makes an ocean. Focus more on consistent and steady improvements in the way you work and in the way you live. What you value in your life increases in value. What you think about and focus on grows. What you appreciate begins to appreciate.

Today, list 50 things you are grateful for the first ten are easy dig the pearls always require deep diving. Be grateful and get grateful to others. Bless the farmer whose effort brought the fruit on your breakfast table the attitude of gratitude. Counting your blessings. Not taking things for granted. I'll bet you have a lot more to be thankful for than you currently see. Just think about it. Just get grateful. Great Stories. People step into the stories you create for them. People generally behave in a way that meets the expectations you have of them.

People generally conduct themselves in alignment with the belief, faith and trust you've developed around them. And they mostly behave in accordance with the tightly cherished perceptions that you've structured about them. For every person you meet, suggest by your words, your tone, your behavior and your energy that you have a story deep in your mind of how great they are.

See the best in people. Look for the greatness inside them. Remind people that they were meant to shine. Do so and you've just reminded a human to be human and spread some of your stardust. Greatness comes by beginning something that doesn't end with you.

To live on in the minds and hearts 27 of the generations who will follow you is to cheat death. To make such a difference through the way you lead and show up is to find immortality. To have a lasting impact on human lives-by being a great champion at work or a great parent at home or a great leader in your community-is to live forever. Every one of us will die. But so few of us really live. Grow the leaders, faster, smarter and better, increase employee engagement, enhance culture, boost performance, and produce superior results.

Everyone can be entrepreneurial and proactive. You should work for the fist mover advantage. If you don't do now, somebody else is already working on it, and opportunity seldom knocks twice, though fortune favors the brave. Show leader ship in each of your acts.

Growth is the only evidence of life to grow and expand through the work we do, the actions we take and the lives we lead don't just live your life - lead it.

Growth matters. It's what ultimately makes us feel fulfilled. Energizes us even when it's uncomfortable - and most growth is. Makes us who we truly are. Guest is God. When someone comes to our home, we treat them with the highest of respect and love. Even if we have to miss eating, we make sure they are well fed. That's our culture. It brings us joy. What would your personal life look like if everyone who visited you and intersected the journey of your days were treated like a god whether that person was a family member or a stranger on the street?

What would your professional life look like if you treated your customers with reverence and admiration? You'd be world- class. You'd be more successful. You'd be happier. Habits that you espouse will define how close to your personal mountaintop you get. Ones I suggest to you include getting up early, under promising and over delivering always give people far more than they expect and you'll win , being a passionate learner by reading daily and 28 listening to audio programs by big thinkers , spending the first 30 minutes of each day planning or thinking , leaving every person you meet better than you found them, working out regularly.

Just a few to pick from. To get you going. To plant your seeds Happiness is all about gaining a sense of proportion. And we all have lots of good in our lives. Like people who love us or work that gives us a sense of mission or healthy kids or simple gifts like food on the table and two eyes to see out of. Like the perfect moment in the parking lot. Life is short.

Yes, it's important to focus on getting to world-class in your career and arriving at success. I totally agree with that value. But equally important is enjoying the ride. Having fun. Enjoying life. And not missing out on perfect moments. Mostly, they are free. Harder you work, luckier you get. Fear of success and Fear of failure does hold you down, but you can work you way up to success.

It is all in the choices you make decisions you make and path you take. There is an intelligent coherence in the way our life unfolds, but we can tune it and turn it towards better results, for life favors the devoted, determined and diligent. Heights by great men reached and kept were results of toils and moils all the night and not just by single flight. Efforts bring rewards. As you sow so shall you reap! Wear your passion on your sleeve and hold your heart in the palm and work really hard so that the doors open and world takes note, and life gets you the very best.

Luck favors hard workers and smart workers. He'd forgotten who he was meant to be. Because life had hurt him a lot. Life has a habit of making us forget. We fall into routine. We take things for granted.

We stop taking risks. We stop reaching for the mountaintop. We stop speaking truth. We play small with the gift of our lives.

But we deserve 29 better than mediocrity. Ordinary people can do remarkable things. Heart not purse influences the buying decision. If the product or service has a positive emotional appeal, customers will go for it. Feeling good is what matters for every one every time. Emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions. People come to you if they are made to feel cared for, good and special, and thus it is about how love and trust brings loyalty.

How big is your dream, how relentless are you, and fast you progress and how quick is your innovation and reaching for something better, even if you are the best, by means of timely course corrections. This is truly a life-changing book. Each page gives the reader actionable points to improve the quality of their existence. The best parts were the soul searching questions at the end of each chapter.

I am definitely going to read this book again. Feb 21, Ashok Krishna rated it liked it. A good way to recall what I have learnt from the previous 10 books of Robin Sharma.

Nothing new to learn here, but a reminder of all those things that he has already told in all his previous books. Pick this up only if you haven't read his other books yet. Mar 22, Deepu George rated it liked it. A rehash of what all things that he has already said in his previous books.

Mar 01, Renjith R Nair rated it it was ok Shelves: It's a compilation of inspirational quotes and ideas which are already presented in many other authors' works and Robin's work too. Moreover the content of this book is handled in the form of covert advertising.

He intelligently sells and markets his books, shows and talents through this book. If you don't read any inspirational stuff before, you can go for a try.

It may inspire you. But, personally I felt that the ideas are repetitive, conflicting and impractical, moreover he wrote it keeping i It's a compilation of inspirational quotes and ideas which are already presented in many other authors' works and Robin's work too. But, personally I felt that the ideas are repetitive, conflicting and impractical, moreover he wrote it keeping in mind the elite class. Aug 14, Muthu Anand rated it it was amazing Shelves: Trying to implement the 21 days habit development.

Jul 23, Mallika rated it liked it Shelves: What I liked about this book?

Easy to follow. The reader need not be a lover of deep, prodding or philosophical style to gain something useful out of this book. The book is user-friendly, concise, most of the points given in bullet points and reinforces ideas time and again.

Style of the author is interactive, not didactic. You know how some people are, who inspire from their own energy and lifestyle. Robin Sharma does that. Revisiting your own ambitions and ideas - Questions have been a What I liked about this book? Revisiting your own ambitions and ideas - Questions have been asked at the end of each chapter which you have to answer. I made annotations on the same page as I read the book on Kindle.

When you go back and read that page again, you read not only the author's ideas but revisit your own. It reinforces your goals. What I didnt quite like about this book? Relevance - The target audience of the book is the business fraternity. Since the book is already compact, a sizeable percentage of it isnt relevant to you. I'd recommend this book to beginners. It really hits home a couple of points which will help you to bring key changes in your daily routine which are small but have drastic impact.

Also, it'll make you a more focussed, dedicated person. Pick this one up! Sep 12, Anil Anvesh rated it really liked it. In his book The Mastery Manual, Robin Sharma has discussed various leadership traits required to excel in both personal and professional life. Few lessons from this book: Find your call.

Identifying your area of interest and dedicate yourself to reach high levels in that area 2. Leadership precedes fellowship. Don't just blame your employees for your leadership failure.

Turn every employee as a leader so that they perform at their highest levels contributing to the success of your business. People first, Business next. The Steve Jobs question What would I do if this was last day of my life? The importance of planning your day and Journaling your thoughts at the end of the day. The power of traveling and reading good books. Mar 24, Abhishek Thakkar added it. Yes, it's inspiring.

I love the way Robin writes. I love his passion of helping people and I love the way he explains us the importance of writing a journal, travelling and reading.

But a lot of things seem to be repeated. That is what I didn't like. We need fresh tips and fresh concepts now. Robin's other books had raised such a standard that this book somewhere doesn't meet them completely. But the book is worth a read and worth investing. I have always adored Robin and loved his books. He is my Yes, it's inspiring.

He is my inspiration but I expected more from this book. I give this tale three stars out of five. May 11, Gaurav Prabhu rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The book encompasses all the wisdom Robin has been preaching since ages now. This time, in form of 36 neat chapters followed by a journal review, he will make you think about your life.

As you write your thoughts in your journal, you will get amazing clarity on your life at the moment. A wonderful book for gifting. Feb 25, Maninder Singh rated it really liked it.

Repetitive concepts I would say. If you have read most of his books then this book would not be of any use.

As I have just read Who will cry when you die, so for me it was a nice read. At Least few things are better than nothing if followed religiously and especially when they make your habits better. Aug 13, Sachin Prabhu rated it really liked it.

This book by robin will make u realize your strength and push you to make world a better place. I really enjoyed reading it. At times it may seem repetitive and reference to his other books which could have been avoided.

Manual robin sharma pdf mastery

Has very few good ideas, but this one appeared to be more of a self promotion that parting wisdom. Monk who sold his Ferrari was a gem, but this book stands no where close. May 09, Isha Pandit rated it really liked it. Surely, '' Books help you to see what is already in yourself. Oct 08, Pratik rated it really liked it. This book contain vital lessons for personal development. It reflects winning formulas and tactics of high performers.

It is full pack with wise quotes of great living as well. The question asked in this book is effective way to reflect on our life and routine. Dec 27, Sandip K B rated it really liked it. Robin does it again. Gives you that one extra reason to live positively