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Sample JAVA_J2EE Interview Questions - Shivprasad Koirala (Questpond - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Good java j2ee interview questions. Uploaded by. yrnchowdary. Spring. Read the most frequently asked top J2EE Interview Questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf J2EE. JAVA Interview Questions. By. Shivprasad Koirala This PDF only has questions which can help you to judge what level do you stand.

I Can you explain state pattern? State pattern allows an object to change its behavior depending on the current values of the object. If the state of the bulb is off and you press the switch the bulb will turn off. If the state of bulb is on and you press the switch the bulb will be off. So in short depending on the state the behavior changes. When we click the press switch it toggles to the opposite state of what we have currently.

SharePoint extends the IIS web application structure to accommodate the above defined data structure using site and site collections.

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We will see in the later section how to create site collections. What is the main advantage of using site collections? By defining the structure in site and site collection we can now define roles and responsibilities according to data. For instance in the above figure we will assign all HR user to payroll, recruitment and assessment site.

These users will not be assigned to account site collection. Same holds true for accounts user. So when you design your hierarchy of site and site collection you need to keep in mind the enterprise hierarchy structure and design the same accordingly. What is the use of SQL Server in share point?

SQL Server is used to store content and configuration information.

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We have two types of databases one is the content database and the other is the configuration database. We had said previously that content is according to every site. So every site has his own content database. For instance if we have a payroll site and recruitment site they have their own content database. Configuration database is for the entire site as they are used in web farms, site configuration and lot of other things which are generic and common across all the sites.

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What is the concept of virtual path provider? Any project has two parts one is the standard and common part and the other is the customized version.


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Common pages are stored on file directories while customized versions of pages are stored in content database. So in other words we need an abstract mechanism by which we can render pages from SQL Server content database and also from the virtual directories.

This is achieved by using the virtual provider provided by SharePoint. So for all customized pages virtual provider reads from the content database and passes the same to the ASP.

Can SQL Server views be updated (SQL Server interview questions and Answers) ?

NET runtimes. For all common pages it goes to the directory, parses it and the passes the same across to the ASP. NET runtime. What is the concept of ghosting and unghosting in SharePoint? In SharePoint most of the site pages derive from templates. Pdf free download from direct This PDF only has questions which can help you to judge what level do you stand in the. Career mentoring is absolutely free through emails so do not shy of for sending mails for.

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If you are looking for Architecture Career email saying Career. What is database or databas This file you can free download and Judge for download the english. Net questions interview so reinforced torrent questions free. Answers is book by online dumps notes questions size: shivprasad Swati Agarwal Interview Questions. Swati Agarwal Interview Questions. How do you sign out from forms authentication.

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By Swati Agarwal in. NET 4. Shivprasad i Jul 26, Software testing interview questions Shivprasad Koirala, Sham Sheikh.

Good java j2ee interview questions pdf 4shared.