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Malory Towers is a fictional Cornish seaside boarding school which features in a series of six novels by British 12, Goodbye Malory Towers, Download. 02 Second Form at Malory Tower. Read Now Read Now. Winter- Goodbye Malory Towers_Enid Blyton. 06 - Last Term at Malory Towers - Free ebook download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Sally's small sister called out loudly: 'I'm coming to Malory Towers one day ~ in six years' time.' Goodbye Malory Towers_Enid Blyton.

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15 Miss Nicholson saves the day. 16 Unexpected arrivals. 17 Reunion at Malory Towers. 18 A shock for Gwen. 19 A very successful gala. 20 Goodbye Malory. After taking their Higher Certificate, the sixth formers want to relax this term. But the Head has a surprise: a finishing school course, with old girl Gwendoline. Malory 04 - Upper Fourth At Malory Towers · Read more · Third Year at Malory Towers. Read more · Upper Fourth at Malory Towers Goodbye Malory Towers.

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Well, Im very pleased to hear it, said Felicity with a smile. Wed better get along to our class-room now, for Miss Oakes will be there soon and she wont appreciate it if we are late. Is that our form-mistress? What is she like? I dont know her very well, said Felicity. But according to last years sixth formers she can be rather stern, though she is always fair.

Pdf goodbye malory towers

And she doesnt have much of a sense of humour, which is a shame. Miss Oakes didnt have a great sense of humour, but she was a fine teacher and, although she didnt suffer fools gladly, took a keen interest in the welfare of her girls. There was a low hum of chatter in the sixth-form class-room as the girls waited for their mistress, but no ragging or fooling about. As top formers, that kind of thing was quite beneath the girls dignity. In the first-form class-room, however, it was a very different story, and the girls were making a terrific racket as they waited for their mistress, Miss Potts.

The head-girl of the first form was a quiet, rather colourless girl named Faith, and she had been chosen because she had already been at Malory Towers for one term. Faith is not a natural leader in any way, Miss Potts had said to Miss Grayling, when they were discussing who should be head of the first form. But it would be quite unfair to make one of the new girls head-girl over her. Very true, Miss Grayling had agreed. Besides, we dont yet know the characters of the new girls, and what qualities they have.

So it would be quite impossible to predict which of them might make good head-girls. Quite, Miss Potts had said. And who knows, this might be the making of Faith, and bring out some hidden depths in her.

So Faith, rather to her alarm, suddenly found herself head-girl of a very unruly first form. But, although Faith might be head-girl, Daffy Hope was emerging as the true leader of the form. Naughty, lively and mischievous, every girl wanted to be her friend, whereas poor Faith was too quiet and shy to be very popular.

Someone who was decidedly unpopular was Violet, and the first formers had soon grown heartily tired of her conceit, her boasting and her stuck-up ways.

Violet had also taken an intense dislike to Daffy. Not only was she extremely jealous of the girls popularity, but the horrid nickname that Daffy had given her Your Highness had stuck, and how she hated it! Daffy was telling an amusing story about something that had happened in the holidays, keeping the others in fits, while Violet watched, her little snub nose in the air and an expression of disdain on her round face.

Katie spotted her, and said, Whats the matter, Your Highness? I know what it is, said Daffy, giggling. We forgot to curtsey when Violet came into the classroom.

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And, with that, the naughty girl got to her feet and curtsied dantily, while the others roared with laughter, so loudly that they didnt hear Miss Potts approaching.

Violet, turning red, jumped to her feet and began giving Daffy a tremendous scold. Unfortunately for her, however, she had her back to the class-room door, and didnt see the form-mistress come in. But wicked Daffy did, and at once she put on a very hurt, scared expression, saying to Violet in a soft, trembling voice, Oh, how cruel and hurtful of you! I cant think what Ive done to make you dislike me so.

Miss Potts, accustomed to the utmost respect from her classes, was not at all pleased. The girls hadnt stood up when she came in, and no one had held the door open for her. Her sharp eyes took in the scene at a glance, looking from Daffys innocent face to Violets red, angry one. Would someone care to explain to me what is going on here? No one did, a scared hush falling over the first form now, and Miss Potts turned to Faith, saying, Well, Faith?

The other girls might be new, but you have already been in my form for a term, and know the standard of behaviour I expect. That is why you are head-girl. And, as head-girl, it is your duty to keep the others in order. Sorry, Miss Potts, mumbled a very red-faced Faith, getting to her feet.

The others hastily stood up too, and Daffy, feeling a little sorry for Faith, came to her rescue. Im terribly sorry, Miss Potts, she said, at her most charming. Violet and I were having a a little disagreement, and that is why we didnt hear you come in. It wont happen again, I promise.

I should hope not, said Miss Potts sternly, looking hard at Daffy. You are Daphne Hope, arent you? Yes, Miss Potts, answered Daffy. My older sister, Sally, was in your form many years ago. Yes, I remember Sally well, said the mistress, her stern features relaxing a little.

Sally had been a model pupil reliable, hard-working, honest and trustworthy and Miss Potts hoped that her younger sister would take after her. Well, she said at last. As this is the first full day of term, we will say no more about it.

But be warned, all of you, that any further incidents like this will be punished most severely. Now, please sit down. The girls did as they were told, but not before Daffy and Violet exchanged angry glares, while Faith looked from one to the other uneasily.

Her first day as head-girl, and she was already in hot water with Miss Potts. How on earth was she going to win the respect of her unruly fellow first formers and keep order? Oh dear, it looked as if her first term as head-girl could also be her last!

Things were going much more smoothly for the sixth formers, though those taking Higher Certificate grimaced when they received their timetables, and realised how much extra work they would have to do. Felicity felt quite envious when she overheard Delia whispering to Nora, I say, we have quite a lot of free time each week, as we dont have to study for Higher Cert. I think that Im going to enjoy this term!

Alice wasnt studying for Higher Certificate either, and she intended to make good use of her free time by making herself as helpful as she could to the others, as well as to the mistresses. Her brains werent of the highest order, and she was no good at sports, yet she desperately wanted to become one of Malory Towers successes. And she meant to do her best to become a good and trustworthy person, the kind of girl who would make Miss Grayling proud. So, when Miss Oakes asked for a volunteer to hand out books, Alice leapt to her feet so quickly that she almost knocked over her chair.

Ill do that, Miss Oakes, she said eagerly. And another opportunity to be of assistance arose later, when Miss Oakes, who had to dash off to a meeting, asked if someone would be good enough to stay behind and clean the blackboard at break-time. Alices hand was in the air before anyone else had a chance to raise theirs, and she remained behind in the class-room while the others went outside to get some fresh air.

Dear me, drawled June, a touch of malice in her tone. It seems that Alice is going to be a teachers pet. Dont be unkind, June! Shes probably just keen to make a good impression. Yes, give her a chance, said Susan. Perhaps this is Alices way of trying to fit in. Well, if she wants to make a good impression, she would be far better off running errands for us girls, laughed Nora.

Now, if Alice offered to do my darning that would certainly impress me! The others laughed at this, but they soon discovered that Alices good deeds werent confined to the mistresses.

Secrets at Malory Towers - Enid Blyton

At lunch, Freddie dropped her fork on the floor, and before she could bend to pick it up, Alice had retrieved it, before announcing that she would go to the kitchen and fetch her a clean one. Then, when Delia half-jokingly said that she would love a second helping of pudding, Alice offered to give hers up. Oh, I couldnt possibly take your pudding, Alice, said Delia, quite flustered. I eat far too many sweet things, anyway, and Im sure that it wont hurt me to go without.

Oh, please take it, Delia, said Alice, pushing her pudding plate towards the girl. Really, I feel full up and dont think that I can eat it.

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Well, if youre quite sure, Delia had said, a little reluctantly. And Alice had insisted, a beaming smile spreading over her face as Delia began to eat. And, watching her, Felicity once again had the sensation that she had met Alice before. Pam, sitting next to Felicity, said in a low voice, How very odd! What is odd, Pam?

Well, said Pam. When Alice smiled just then, I had the strangest feeling that I knew her. That really is strange, said Felicity. Because I had exactly the same feeling. And I felt it when we were on the train together, too. So did Susan, and June. How very peculiar! Perhaps she has a sister. She doesnt have a sister who came to Malory Towers, Felicity interrupted. She told us that she is an only child. Oh, said Pam, crestfallen. But the funniest thing of all is that when I look at Alice now, I feel quite certain that I have never seen her before.

It seems to be only when she wears certain expressions that I think she seems familiar. Its very queer indeed. Theres nothing strange or queer about it. Alice simply reminds us of someone, and one day it will come to one of us, when we are least expecting it.

Well say, Oh yes, she looks like that girl so-and-so, who used to be in South Tower. Youll see! Junes explanation was so reasonable and so matter-of-fact that Pam and Felicity felt sure that she was right, and even felt a little ashamed of themselves for allowing their imaginations to run away with them. Alice found another opportunity to help that evening. Susan had come to Felicitys study, and the two girls were talking about the work they would have to do for Higher Cert.

I intend to knuckle down right away, said Susan, a determined look on her face. I want to get a head start. Good idea, said Felicity. I shall do the same, though it will seem awfully queer studying alone.

Im used to doing it in the common-room, with everyone groaning and sighing. I dont know that I shall be able to concentrate without it! Well, I expect we shall soon get used to the peace and quiet, said Susan, getting up. Im off to get a couple of hours reading in now, before bed-time. Shortly after Susan had departed, someone tapped softly at Felicitys door, and she called out, Come in! The door was pushed open, and Alice peered round, a rather nervous smile on her face.

Can I help you, Alice? The girl ventured further into the room, saying rather hesitantly, Actually, I was hoping that I might be able to help you.

You see, Felicity, I overheard you talking to Susan earlier. Not that I was eavesdropping, but your door was open and I happened to be walking past.

And I thought that perhaps I could help you with your studying. Its very kind of you to offer, Alice, said Felicity, looking rather puzzled. But I really dont see how you can help.

Towers pdf malory goodbye

Well, when I was studying for School Cert a couple of years ago, my father used to test me on how much I had learned by asking me questions, explained Alice. I found that it helped me tremendously. Thats not a bad idea, said Felicity, smiling. Sit down, Alice, and grab that history book. Delighted that her offer of help had been accepted, Alice sat in one of the armchairs and opened the book.

Then she began to test Felicity by asking questions, feeling very impressed indeed when the girl answered most of them correctly. My goodness, youre clever! I should think that you will pass with flying colours. Im not particularly clever really, laughed Felicity. Though its very nice of you to say so. Its just that I spent a lot of time in the holidays studying.

Now, June, on the other hand, is really clever and very lucky! She has the most amazing memory, and facts just seem to stick in her head. She hardly needs to study at all. Yes, said Alice, with a laugh. I remember Then she stopped suddenly, turning rather red, before continuing hastily, I remember when I was at my last school, there was a girl like June. She could read a poem once, and then recite it perfectly.

How we all envied her. Then Alice glanced at her watch, and, jumping to her feet, said, Heavens, is that the time? I must go and finish my Maths prep before bedtime.

Ill see you later, Felicity. And she dashed from the study before Felicity even had time to thank her for her help. Felicity had a feeling that Alice had been about to say something else when she had started talking about the girl at her old school, and just stopped herself in time.

And, now that she came to think about it, Miss Oakes hadnt given them any Maths prep today! How odd. And what a strange girl Alice was.

Of course, it took longer for the new girls to settle in, especially the first formers. Violet continued to irritate everyone with her boastful, conceited ways. It was quite obvious, from her expensive clothes and wonderful belongings many of which she had brought to school with her that the girl came from a wealthy family.

And, as Daffy said, she never missed an opportunity to rub peoples noses in it. My parents wanted to send me to a much more exclusive school, Violet said in the dormitory one evening, looking at her surroundings with an air of disdain.

The dormitories were so much nicer than the ones here, and even the lower school had studies of their own instead of common-rooms. Well, why didnt they? Im sure that you would have fitted in much better at one of those snobbish places than here, at Malory Towers. Perhaps the school was a little too exclusive for Violet, said Daffy slyly. And the Head refused to take her. Nothing of the sort, said Violet, with a haughty toss of the head. If you must know, my grandmother insisted that I should be sent here.

You see, she was a schoolgirl here, many, many years ago. And, when I was born, she made Daddy promise that he would send me here too. He tried to make her change her mind, so that I could go to a more superior school, but Grandmother wouldnt hear of it and held him to his word. Well, at least theres one sensible person in your family, said Katie. And I, for one, think that Malory Towers is a jolly fine school, although I havent been here very long.

Malory pdf goodbye towers

The others agreed heartily, and Violet pouted crossly, turning away to pick up a silver-backed hairbrush from her bedside cabinet. All of the first formers had personal belongings on top of their little cabinets a photograph, a mirror, or some little trinket that they had brought from home.

But Violets cabinet was absolutely crammed with things. There was the silver-backed hairbrush and a matching mirror, a little jewellery box and various perfumes and lotions.

Then there were two photographs, both in very ornate frames. One was of her beautiful Siamese cat, Willow, and the other was of Violet and her parents. The girls had been most amused to see the family photograph, for, although Mrs Forsyth was quite a pretty woman, it was clear that Violet had inherited her looks from her father, for he had the same small eyes and snub nose.

Violet had also brought a number of dresses to school with her and, as she hung her school uniform in her wardrobe, Daffy caught a glimpse of one hanging up. It was a pale pink party dress, festooned with frills and ribbons, and the girl couldnt think why Violet had brought it to school with her. And suddenly a wicked idea came to her. As soon as Violet went to the bathroom, she gathered the others round and explained it to them.

Oh, I say! What a super idea, Daffy! You are naughty, Daffy, but so funny. Even Faith, the quiet head-girl, giggled, though all the girls made themselves look perfectly serious when Violet returned. Our first Saturday at Malory Towers tomorrow night, said Daffy, climbing into bed.

I must say, Im looking forward to tomorrow evening. Why, whats happening tomorrow evening? Dont you know? On Saturday evenings, everyone dresses up for supper. Im going to wear the yellow dress with the satin bows that Mother made for me in the holidays.

What about you, Daffy? I shall wear my blue one, with the lace collar, Daffy said. It really is beautiful. Violet, you simply must wear your pink party dress. I bet that youll look lovely in it. Violet, quite unaccustomed to compliments from Daffy, looked at her a little suspiciously, but, as the others launched into descriptions of the imaginary dresses they intended to wear, her suspicions vanished and she became caught up in the excitement.

The first formers talked until long after lights out, and poor Faith simply didnt know how to stop them. At one point she ventured to say, No more talking, please, girls. But her voice was so quiet that the laughter and chatter of the others quite drowned it out. In fact, they were making so much noise that no one heard footsteps approaching, or the door open. It wasnt until the light was suddenly switched on, making everyone blink, that the first formers realised Mamzelle Dupont, who was on duty that night, had entered.

Ah, mchantes filles! You are very bad, to be talking after the lights have gone out. See how you disturb the poor little Daphne? Daffy, who had swiftly become one of Mamzelles favourites, was blinking and rubbing her eyes, a very disgruntled look on her face. No one would have guessed that she was the one who had been making most noise! Mamzelle certainly didnt, and she turned to Faith now, saying sternly, Faith, it is not right that you allow these bad girls to disobey the rules!

As head-girl, it is your duty to see that they behave properly, and you have failed. Sorry, Mamzelle, mumbled Faith, looking very downcast indeed. The others began to feel a little uncomfortable. They had quickly realised that Faith was too weak to be a good leader, and had taken advantage of this. But no one wanted to get the girl into trouble. Ivy spoke up, saying, We are all sorry, Mamzelle. It wasnt Faiths fault, truly it wasnt. No, she did tell us to be quiet, said Maggie, who slept in the bed next to Faith and had heard her halfhearted attempt to remonstrate with them.

But we took no notice. Ah, you are all wicked girls, except for the dear Daphne, who has been trying to sleep, said Mamzelle, wagging her finger. Faith felt that it was little unfair that Daffy, who had talked more than all the others put together, was the only one not to be scolded, but she would not dream of sneaking on the girl. Why, that was quite unthinkable! I do not want another sound from this dormitory tonight, said Mamzelle. I shall be back later, and if there is any noise you will all get extra French prep next week.

No one wanted that, so as soon as the door closed behind Mamzelle, everyone snuggled down under the bedclothes, and, as they were really very tired, it wasnt long before everyone dropped off. Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and it was unusually warm for the time of year. I might go for a dip in the pool, said June, at the breakfast table.

Anyone care to join me? Id love to come, said Felicity with a sigh. But I suppose I had better do some studying. Miss Oakes happened to walk by the sixth formers table at that moment, and overhead this. Felicity, she said. I insist that you go for a swim. In fact, I insist that all of you Higher Certificate girls take some time off today, for I know how hard you have been working.

I positively forbid you to study! The girls were very pleased to hear this, for they really did feel in need of relaxation, and, as Pam said, We cant possibly disobey our form-mistress.

Ill join you for that swim, June. In the end, most of the sixth formers went to the pool. Amy and Bonnie, who hated any kind of exercise, went off to Amys study for a good gossip, while Julie and Lucy went horse-riding.

Alice refused to get changed and get into the pool, saying that she wasnt a very good swimmer, but she went along with the others and sat at the side, watching them. The girls had a very pleasant time indeed, the strong swimmers like Felicity, Susan and June doing as many lengths as they could, while others, like Delia and Nora, preferred to paddle around in the shallow end.

But their peace was rudely shattered when they were joined by a group of first formers. Hallo, Felicity, said Daffy. Do you mind if we join you? Miss Potts said that we might swim today, as the weather is so lovely. The sixth formers could hardly say no, as Miss Potts had given her permission, but the pool suddenly seemed rather overcrowded with a dozen or so giggling, excited first formers splashing around.

Violet Forsyth, who looked most ungainly in her swimming costume, stood uncertainly on the edge. She couldnt swim and was afraid of the water. The girl would much rather be indoors, but unfortunately she had made the mistake of boasting about her swimming-pool at home.

Somehow the boasting had got out of hand and turned into downright lies. The first formers had come down to see the pool on their first day and, while the others had been in raptures over it, Violet had merely shrugged, and said in a bored manner, I suppose its all right, but its nowhere near as nice as our pool at home. Oh, do you have your own swimming-pool? Katie had asked, pretending to sound most impressed. How marvellous! Encouraged by this, Violet had gone on to tell the listening girls about the marvellous garden parties her parents held in the summer, where all the guests swam in the pool.

Ill bet youre a wonderful swimmer, Violet, Daffy had said admiringly. And foolish Violet, who loved nothing more than being the centre of attention, had got quite carried away, and told the first formers of how she swam several lengths in the pool every day, when the weather was warm enough.

But Daffy noticed now that the girl hung back and didnt venture too close to the edge hardly the behaviour of someone who felt quite at home in the water. Besides, if Violet swam every day, as she claimed, surely she wouldnt be so plump, thought Daffy.

It was quite true that Violet had a swimming-pool at her home, but the girl never used it. And now she was regretting her boasting, for she had been quite unable to get out of going down to the pool with the others, and soon her lie would be exposed in front of them all. Come on, Violet! Daffy called out.

Last Term at Malory Towers

Jump in! Violet had no intention of jumping in, but she realised that she couldnt stand shivering on the edge forever. So she walked gingerly down the steps, fervently hoping that, amongst such a crowd, no one would notice that she wasnt actually swimming. But Daffys sharp eyes were watching, and she smiled to herself as she saw Violet clinging to the side in the shallow end. Some of the sixth formers didnt care to share the pool with the boisterous youngsters and got out.

Soon only Felicity, Susan and June were left, and they had to call the first formers to order on several occasions. Violet, who had been barged into by Maggie and splashed by Ivy, had had quite enough of the pool, and decided to slip away and get dressed. No one seemed to have noticed that she wasnt joining in with the swimming, and, with luck, the weather would turn cold soon, so she wouldnt have to come down to the pool again. She had got away with it! But Violet was quite mistaken, for Daffy spotted her getting out of the pool, and followed her.

Not going in already, are you? You havent even been in the deep end yet. I think Im getting a cold, said Violet, turning red. Its probably best if I dont swim any more today. Daffy grinned to herself, knowing that the girl hadnt swum at all. But she looked most concerned, and said, I daresay youre right. Listen, Violet, when you have changed, would you mind coming back to the pool and throwing some pennies into the water, so that I can dive for them?

Since she had nothing better to do, and didnt really feel like sitting in the common-room on her own, Violet agreed. The girl was soon back at the pool, fully dressed, and she stood at the side, close to Alice, calling out, Daffy, I have some pennies in my pocket when you are ready. Daffy climbed out of the pool and up on to the lowest diving board. Standing poised on the edge, she shouted, Throw one in now, Violet!

Violet obliged, and Daffy did a beautiful dive into the water, causing June to say to Susan, That kid dives jolly well! I shall have to bear her in mind for the swimming competition next summer. Yes, shes a strong swimmer, too, said Susan, as Daffy swam to the side of the pool and stretched her arm up so that Violet could take the penny back from her.

Violet bent forward to take the coin from Daffy, feeling rather nervous, for she didnt like being so close to the edge. And suddenly, the girl felt Daffys hand close round her wrist in a firm grip, there was a tug on her arm, and Violet felt herself being pulled towards the deep water.

Instinctively, she flailed about with her free hand, trying to find something to hold on to. Alas, the only thing was poor Alice! Somehow, Violet managed to seize her ankle as she was falling into the water, and the whole thing was like some terrible chain reaction, as, with a squeal of terror, Violet fell into the pool, and Alice fell in right behind her. Violet sank like a stone, and although Alice could swim a little, she didnt like the deep end, and the weight of her clothes was dragging her down.

June and Susan, taking in all that had happened in a glance, went to the aid of the two girls at once. Felicity, at the other end of the pool, didnt realise what was happening at first, but as soon as she heard the commotion she swam down to the deep end and helped Susan get the shocked Alice to the surface and out of the pool. Are you all right, Alice? Quite unable to speak, Alice could only nod, and Susan said, Let her get her breath back, then we had better get her to Matron.

Violet, too. Here are your glasses, Alice, said Felicity, who had found them at the edge of the pool. They must have slipped off when you fell in. Alice took them from her, and, in the split second before she put them on, Felicity felt that little stirring of recognition again.

Then, once Alices glasses were on her nose again, it vanished. Felicity gave herself a little shake, telling herself sternly that she was making far too much out of it, and it was as June had said Alice merely reminded her of someone. There were far more important things to think about now, anyway. It had taken all of Junes strength to pull Violet to the surface, for the girl was plump and heavy.

Felicity helped June to get her out of the pool, and they laid her on the ground. Violet was still, her eyes closed, and, for a moment, Daffy thought that her heart would stop in fright. It had only been a prank, she had just meant to scare Violet, not do her any harm. Then, to Daffys tremendous relief, the girl opened her eyes and began to sob noisily.

Well, there cant be much wrong with her if she can cry so loudly, said June drily. Then she turned to Daffy and said sternly, That was a very dangerous prank, which could have had serious consequences if we sixth formers hadnt been around. Daffys knees trembled, for she was a little in awe of the games captain. Whatever do you mean, June? Surely you arent suggesting that Daffy pushed Violet and Alice in.

She didnt push Violet, she pulled her, said June grimly. I saw her. Poor Alice just happened to get in the way. Its true, Felicity, said Susan, seeing her friends look of disbelief. I saw Daffy deliberately pull Violet into the water as well. Felicity was quite speechless, so June said, Whatever were you thinking about, Daffy, to pull a girl who cant swim into the deep end?

You must have known how dangerous it was. We didnt know that Violet couldnt swim, piped up Katie, in defence of her friend. She is always bragging to us about her swimming-pool at home, and telling us what a marvellous swimmer she is. Daffy said nothing, for she had realised that Violet couldnt swim, yet she had plunged her into the deep end anyway.

June was quite right she hadnt stopped to think how grave the consequences could have been.

Goodbye Malory Towers

Fortunately for Daffy, however, June had now turned her attention to the still-sobbing Violet, who was sitting up now. June said firmly, Do stop crying!

Violet, is this true? Did you lead the girls to believe that you could swim? With the eyes of the first form upon her, Violet turned red and kept her eyes down, as she muttered, Yes. Well, what a foolish thing to do! I hope that you see now, Violet, what trouble lies can lead to. How was I to know that that mean beast Daffy would pull me in? Daffy will be punished, you may be sure of that, said Felicity.

Then she glanced at June, saying, But I think that a few extra swimming lessons for Violet may be in order? Exactly what I was thinking, said June with a grim smile. Violet, please come to my study this afternoon and we will make out a time-table.

Poor Violet groaned inwardly, but she did not dare disobey June. She would find a way of paying Daffy Hope back for this. And you, Daffy, will come to my study this afternoon, said Felicity, sounding unusually annoyed, for she felt very disappointed in Daffy. Where I shall give you a suitable punishment. Yes, Felicity, said Daffy, looking and sounding very subdued indeed.

But, now that she knew that Violet was going to be all right, Daffy felt quite unworried. She felt certain that Felicity, who had known her family for years, would not come down on her too hard.

In fact, Violet had come off very much worse, for, as well as her unexpected dip in the pool, she now had to face the prospect of extra swimming lessons with June! As Felicity, Susan and June bore the two dripping wet girls off to Matrons room, Daffy smiled to herself.

Everything was going her way! She was ruling the roost in the first form, and had convinced most of the mistresses that she was a good, sweet girl.

Pulling the wool over Felicitys eyes would be too easy for words! Whatever has happened? An accident at the swimming-pool, Matron, said Felicity. Alice and Violet fell in. Violet seethed, for it had been no accident and she opened her mouth to say so. Then June gave her a nudge, and a stern look of warning.

Violet knew at once what June was trying to tell her that it wasnt done to sneak. And Violet didnt really want to be sent to Coventry by the rest of her form, for it was pleasant to have people to boast to, even though the others never seemed very impressed.

So she said nothing, and decided that she would find some other way of getting even with Daffy Hope. Matron was bustling about now, putting the kettle on and giving the two girls blankets.

Go into the little bathroom there and get out of those wet things at once, she said briskly. Then wrap those blankets around yourselves while I make some nice, hot tea. When you have both warmed up a little I shall check that you have suffered no ill effects. Clutching their blankets, Alice and Violet trooped off to the bathroom, and Matron turned to the others.

An accident, you say? Well, I expect the first formers to fool around by the swimming-pool, but I am most surprised to find a sixth former involved. Alice really did get knocked in by accident, Matron, said Susan. She wasnt fooling around. Well, Im pleased to hear it, said Matron. Now, dont stand there dripping all over my floor! Off you go, and get changed. The three girls were still in their swimming costumes, for they had wanted to get Alice and Violet to Matrons room as quickly as possible.

Now they were beginning to feel a little chilly themselves, so they sped off back to the changing-rooms. I could do with a nice, hot cup of tea myself, said Felicity as they dressed. Lets all go back to my study and Ill put the kettle on. This was a very welcome suggestion indeed, and the three girls made their way to Felicitys study. They passed Bonnies study on the way, and, as her door was open, they could see the girl hard at work inside, her curly head bent over a book as she scribbled down notes.

Berta is in hiding from kidnappers, and she needs help. The Famous Five must risk danger to help out this stranger. Five On a Secret Trail Camping again! This time the Five have pitched their tent near an old ruined cottage, which looks as though it's been abandoned for years. When Anne hears strange noises at night the others don't believe her Could the cottage be haunted?

Five Go to Billycock Hill Hurrah! It's holiday time, and the Famous Five are spending it at Billycock Hill. Most exciting of all, they've made a new friend a real pilot! But when he disappears with top secret equipment, the Five are puzzled. Could their new friend be a spy? But who is living in the mysterious house near the chalet they're staying in?