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Season 1 | Episode 17 in Avatar: The Last Airbender () Jack De Sena in Avatar: The Last Airbender () Daniel Samonas in Episode cast overview. Watch SK by Sammie Kohn is your source for reactions, cosplay and more. Avatar, Book 1, Episode "The Northern Air Temple".

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Watch Avatar The Last Airbender Book 1 Episode 17 online only at legendofkorra .tv!. 17, 17, "The Northern Air Temple", November 4, 18, 18, "The Avatar The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collection, All episodes of Book One. Aang discovers Earth Kingdom civilians have moved into one of the air "The Northern Air Temple" is the 17th episode of Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last .

Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the 17th of the overall series. It debuted on November 4, Aang discovers Earth Kingdom civilians have moved into one of the air temples, something he initially dislikes because one of the civilians, a mechanist, has overseen the destruction of most of the original temple in order to make room for new technological devices he has invented. Aang learns that the civilians are outcasts and that the mechanist is constantly threatened by the Fire Nation to provide them with new war machines.

I find myself wondering, not for the first time, how large the population of the Fire Nation actually is. It is quite possible that I am overthinking the show at this point. As I am pondering the mundane and squashing the magic out of this delightful show, the Aang Gang arrives at the unnamed city of the Northern Water Tribe, which is a yet another masterpiece of design.

It is a frozen Venice with elements of Indian architecture in the palace. Meanwhile, back in Ice Venice, Master Pakku turns out to be a real grumpy old turd is that something that just happens to someone who masters an element? Because we could describe many of the master benders this way.

Avatar The Last Airbender S01 Ep17 The Northern Air Temple HD Watch - Dailymotion Video

Apparently, the Northern Water Tribe has a sacred custom of forbidding their women from learning to waterbend, and Pakku refuses to teach Katara.

Given that we learn that there is some transfer of people among them, it seems that the customs of the Northern Water Tribe would be, by sheer numbers, the dominant customs of Water Tribe people.

So where was I? Even though there are many, many waterbenders in Ice Venice, apparently Master Pakku is the only one who can teach Aang. Unable to convince Pakku to teach her, Katara takes in a healing lesson and also learns that her necklace is a Northern Water Tribe betrothal insignia, part of their whole arranged marriage culture.

The healing teacher, in fact, knew her Gran-gran, who left the tribe suddenly some 60 years prior. This teacher drops that she knows the man who carved it for Gran-gran, too, but instead of offering this information to Katara, she decides to take a cue from Lost and clams up. Katara, who seems to also believe that she is a character on Lost for the moment, does not ask the obvious follow-up question that would shortcut some of the drama to come. Advertisement So, the drama. Aang shows Katara some of his moves, offending Pakku.

My top 10 favorite Episodes/Moments of Avatar The Last Airbender

Pakku, more concerned with being an ass than with the fate of the world, refuses to teach Aang further until he can humiliate Katara a bit. Katara challenges Pakku to a duel.

Fighty splish splash fight fight. The next day, Pakku is being far more genial and he has allowed Katara to join his class.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

So… all that stuff about their long traditions of keeping the ladyfolks down was just hot air? Now that he know that his true love ran off to the other side of the world and had kids and grandkids, Pakku is more at peace with himself? That promises to be good. He is a good strategist.

Avatar The Last Airbender S01 Ep17 The Northern Air Temple HD Watch

Katara — Katara is mostly support in this episode but we see her empathizing with both the refugees and Aang showing just how important both sides of this story are. She is our eyes in this episode and reminds us to remember the dead while caring for the living.

1 17 episode book avatar

She also destroys one of the Fire Nation Tanks in some pretty badass Waterbending. Aang — Aang is fantastic in this episode! We hear how he used to play games at this Temple and had friends here before everyone died and he even makes friends with Teo, who reminds him of his Airbending friends of the past.

He also makes the Inventor accountable and kicks out the Fire Nation who are using it as a base to build weapons.

17 1 avatar book episode

He is the moral core of his episode. Aang wants them to stay after the battle and realizes that he can help them remember his people while still focusing on the living so that Airbender Culture will not fully die. This episode was powerful, had stakes and dealt with important issues like safeguarding memories of the past, remembering the dead and taking care of the refugees.