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Howdy I'm sure a number of you had this problem too, a user complain that when he/she search the Lync client or phone address book for a. Like Lync , Lync has a random back-off period before downloading the locally cached address book file. This is to avoid a storm of. For more information regarding the attributes and flags see: Administering the Address Book Service, Lync After changing the AbAttribute table, make sure.

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For information about a tool in the Resource Kit specifically for the Address Book service, see Microsoft Lync Server Resource Kit Tools. You might come across a scenario where end users might report that they are not able to search for contacts through Lync/Skype for Business. Update-CsAddressBook for Address Book management in Lync Server Topic Last Modified: Who can run this cmdlet: By default, members of.

Also, keeping the ID values under saves space in the output files written by the Address Book Server. However, the maximum ID value is The value in the Flags column is used to define the type of attribute. The following types of Address Book Server attributes are recognized by User Replicator, indicated by the low byte of the value in the Flags column. Attribute Description 0x0 A string attribute.

So at least one of other required attributes should be set. Otherwise, contact that is, with value of required attribute OuPathId will still not be written to database. For example, if telephoneNumber and homePhone are defined as required attributes, only the contacts that have at least one of these attributes are written to the database.

If set, this identifies an exclude attribute.

Script to Force Download of the Lync 2013 Address Book

User Replicator uses this flag bit to filter out contacts that contain this attribute. If set, this identifies an include attribute.

User Replicator uses this flag bit to filter out contacts that do not contain this attribute. If both the 0x exclude attribute and 0x include attribute flag bits are set, the 0x bit overrides the 0x bit and the contact is excluded.

Book 2013 address lync

Although you can filter the Address Book to include only certain users, limiting entries does not limit other users' ability to contact the filtered users or to see their presence status. Users can always find, manually send instant messages, or manually initiate calls to users not in the Address Book by entering a user's complete sign-in name.

Also, contact information for a user could also be found in Outlook. While having full contact records in the Address Book files enables you to use Lync Server to initiate email, telephone, or Enterprise Voice calls that is, if Enterprise Voice is enabled on the server with users that are not configured for Session Initiation Protocol SIP , some organizations prefer to include only SIP-enabled users in their Address Book Server entries.

Update-CsAddressBook for Address Book management in Lync Server 2013

You can filter the Address Book to include only SIP-enabled users by clearing the 0x bit in the Flags column of the following required attributes: This also helps to exclude service accounts from the Address Book files. One is chosen during deployment—typically, the first Front End Server deployed. In the event of failure, the Address Book Service will move to another Front End Server, and requires no administrative attention.

Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Topic Last Modified: Attribute Description 0x0 A string attribute. User Replicator stores this in the blob without any conversion. Note If both the 0x exclude attribute and 0x include attribute flag bits are set, the 0x bit overrides the 0x bit and the contact is excluded.

Hi, I have aissue with search. User is not able to search specific people. I have problems with my phones numbers in AD, when I attribute a direct line to a user like tel: Somone help me please??? Verify if this is enabled for the users that have this issue. They need to be able to connect and authenticate to Exchange on autodiscover. If that is corrected you will see that contacts reappear. HAve you ever seen something like this? GetWebTicketActivity completed.

It's all about the Lync Address Book - Fots - Teams/SfB

If I go to my client and navigate to the URL of the correct lsabs file I can download it manually, but when launching the client the IIS logs continue to show a request to the wrong endpoint. I have a strange issue with Lync Contacts Search. When I am logged in to Lync externally , I can not find their contact even if I type their email or sip address. All users contacts appear properly in GAL. Your help is highly appreciated. I have a problem, where we had a demerger and one of the sip domain was remoeved.

All the users were deprovisioned from Lync and user objects are also removed from AD. When I do a search with any of the removed Domain users, I am still able to see. When I ran the command get-csuser, it says cannot be found, however when I do a test-csaddressbookwebquery, it is successful. My goal is to get those users removed from my lync search.

Forcing Lync Address Book Web Query

I feel that this could be due to Lync Contacts folder in exchange mailbox, but if this is true, then would i need to get all the users Lync Contacts folder purged? Do you mean the test-csaddressbookwebquery returns a successful result and the user can still be found?

If so, try using the update-csuserdatabase and after that has been successfully done run the update-csaddressbook cmdlet. Also those removed users need to be deleted from the Outlook contacts folder, as that folder will also be searched by the Lync client. Yes, the Test-csaddresswebquery shows success. I find that the Addressbook updates automatically every 2 hrs. Do you still recommend me to run the command? Yes, but note that the Update-CsUserDatabase is a different cmdlet.

This causes the database to re-read all the user-related information stored in Active Directory Domain Services.

Indicates that Galcontact. I have a question about departed users. Hi Hans, Sorry to ask a direct question — not sure if related to anything in this article or not…. If I drop to legacy OWA style, by using emulation mode in browser , the contact information is far from complete…. Author required. Email will not be published required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The process below is the same for Skype for Business. Lync Address Book Sync. AbAttribute Table. More Posts - Website Follow Me: Reply Mohammed Hamada Feb 21, Reply LyncAdmin Mar 20, Reply Jean GL Jul 15, Reply Simon Jun 8, Reply admin Jun 10, Kind regards, Hans Sleurink. Reply Frode Jul 15, Try using the WebSearchOnly value in the Lync client policy. First make sure these numbers of the user are in E.

Something else…? There are a lot more questions, tools and issues regarding the address book.

Feel free to contact me or drop a comment. And even more information about the Address Book:.