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Product description. This is a Perfect Viewer plugin. Let Perfect Viewer support PDF file. To use this plugin you must install Perfect Viewer ver + first. The two other answers are not helpful. Pefect viewer is best if you got a really larfe pdf file. HOW TO OPEN You need to intsall their pdf plugin: 1. Install perfect . Perfect Viewer - Fast comic/image viewer Perfect System Monitor. Need install Perfect Viewer donation application). Page layout: Perfect Viewer PDF Plugin.

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This is a Perfect Viewer plugin. Let Perfect Viewer support PDF & DJVU file. To use this plugin you must install Perfect Viewer ver + first. *Attention! please. Perfect Viewer PDF Plugin is an app that lets you open PDF documents using Perfect Viewer, one of the best comics readers that you can find. Download Perfect Viewer PDF&DJVU Plugin apk for Android. This is a Perfect Viewer Perfect Viewer support PDF & DJVU files.

If you have Perfect Viewer on your Android device, however, you can tap Play slideshow, and then Chromecast to stream comic book pages to your Chromecast. Note that this feature doesn't support swiping across pages. As noted by the developer, you may have to restart Perfect Viewer or your device before the plugin works. Since Perfect Viewer is dedicated to read-only tasks, however, annotations, forms, and PDF editing aren't supported. Perfect Viewer Settings Mobile app users often expect apps to magically work without any user intervention whatsoever. The best apps, however, let you customize and configure app preferences.

I mean I have to wait a few seconds before skipping to next page, and the scan of my collection takes forever. When i was on SD on my Note II, it took less than a minute, and skipping pages was always fluid and smooth.

Any idea what is my problem from? Sorry for my bad english. Dec Really love that apps. Thank you.

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Well i have a probleme in my bookshelf on a galaxy note 3. The "how much i read that book" icon don't display on the files. Is it normal? I dont see any setup to activate. This icon is very useful how can i see it again?

Perfect Viewer PDF&DJVU Plugin APK

Sep Feb Problem with deleting files from SD Card. I was using a Yarvik Now I got the new Samsung Galaxy note pro I have my comics in the sd card.


The problem is that Perfect Viewer cannnot delete files from SD Card on the other tablet this function was working correctly. I try to delete the file from Library but I keep getting the message "Impossibile eliminare il file" that translated in english is something like "cannot delete file".

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Do you know what is the problem? Thank you in advance for your attention. Problem Solved following this Guide: Make external media writable I made this a new thread, hope thats OK Here is how you can make the removable media memory writable. Open ES File Explorer and select your "menu" button on your phone or android and then select "settings".

You will be checking the checkbox on two options. Scroll down and check "Root Explorer" and select "yes" for the experimental feature. Superuser will pop up so "allow" it and check "remember". Select your "back" button on your phone. How to write a seo friendly articles?

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How to make money from blogging? Besic SEO Tips How to monitize your blog site. Tips that give you website approve on Google AdSense. Top AdSense alternatives for your blogger. Thanks a lot. Jason W. Perfect Viewer with pdf plugin is still tops when it comes to oversized files. Where Adobe bogs down, this keeps going, will donate again. A Google user Its been 7 years im using perfect viewer,it wud be great if you add "word search" function for pdf.

Developers at Rookie please take notes,and solve this. A Google user Excellent!

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Should be main part of the PV! Could then be positioned stronger as that for marketing, more then only as a comic reader.