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This is a series of articles that cover all the essential subjects in WAEC, NECO and JAMB and list of recommended books that any student. textbooks of lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary were revised Students can gain knowledge about Biology and their interest in science will .. Both plants and animals are the essential components of natural environment. It. render my articles on biology and evolution accessible to . to considering the biological contents of my book, without .. essential feature of fertilisation.

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Essential Biology book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. This brief text consistently relates core course material to students' l. Essential Biology for Cambridge IGCSE® Student Book and Workbook Pack Biology , Collins Cambridge IGCSE - Biology Student Book. The biology textbooks are: (a). Modern Biology for Senior Secondary Schools by Sarojini T. Ramalingam, (b). Essential biology for Senior.

Complete biology app is among the best biology app in the market. With more than 35 topics in Biology, students will learn everything they need in preparation for their exams. The app has around eight categories that deal with tutorials, formula, possible exam questions, biology practical and dictionary. If you are a biology lover, you will definite like this app. The following topics are covered in this app: If you have any suggestion or question about this app, please kindly use the email below to get in touch with us.

Here he learned about nature -- he remembers thinking about the ants in the yard working hard to serve their colony. They seemed selfless and he wished for a world with their cooperation. His books show us why those ants are not so good as they appear and why science compels us to question.

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A theme of his books is to bring forth our scientific skepticism so the media and big business do not fool us. This text gives the foundation in biology to help students become their own advocates, from food and wellness to medical care.

He moved to the Catskills as a teen and obtained an education in science and biology to the doctoral level. His goal has been to improve science literacy, contributing to the betterment of science education.

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He is a science advisor in the standards-based reform effort, and has also authored several refereed journal articles, various science reviews, a laboratory manual, Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: A Guide to the Human Body, and lectures to scientific and general audiences. He earned his Ph. He focused on science content applications to psychometrics and test design in relation to standards development.

He is known in the science literature for publications focusing on the development of scientific reasoning, retention of students in science, studying the tenuous transition between secondary and post-secondary science programs, and human biology and microbiological applications.

This new text contributes to the effort begun by the standards-based reform movement and the Common Core curriculum to improve national science literacy and advance the importance of scientific thinking. Daempfle is dedicated to his family, his wife Amy, his children, Justina and Konrad, and his father, Tobias.

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No culturally insensitive or offensive material noted. Few inclusive examples provided. Comments This could be useful as a review for a general biology course or testing program.

Not really detailed or comprehensive enough to use as the primary text for a biology course in a science-based program. However, the book lacks the detail required to be the primary textbook for students.

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It is a good outline for an introductory class for the It is a good outline for an introductory class for the instructor. The material is often presented in bullet points, which I don't have an issue with, but there needs to be more information to help connect those bullet points together to get a more complete picture.


However, an instructor could use this as a guide and fill in the gaps themselves. Additionally, multiple of the Genetics sections and a couple of the later chapters appear to be incomplete. Accuracy rating: 4 The majority of the information appears to be accurate.

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Noticed a few mistakes but nothing that could be fixed quickly by the instructor or authors.