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top-selling site author. Her site For Dummies is the best-selling book for of Infringement form at You asked for it! The beginner's guide to listing and selling an item on site. hope it could help. site For Dummies-For Dummies ().pdf - MB. old purse. She says, “I thought, 'Gee, should I sell this?' I didn't have enough stuff to hold a garage sale. I'd heard about site, so I thought I would see.

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Very few strategies can be called intuitive, and reading site For Dummies will help you get the insider secrets under your belt. Before you jump into downloading and . Fees. There are three types of fees charged when selling on site: • Insertion Fee - A non-refundable fee will be charged to your account when you list your item. Starting an site Business for Dummies · Read more · Starting an site Business For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)).

And as such need to maintain this ratio in order to maintain your profit margin. It is simply an ineffective waste of resources. The bonus of this is that site will list your product higher in local results over international competitors. This is due to the fact that many shoppers are price driven and therefore choose to display results based on which item is cheapest. If you keep a close eye on this, once you are at the top or at least close enough you can then start raising prices and reaping the rewards of patience and strategy.

Log in to site and click the 'Sell' button in the top right-hand corned.

eBay For Dummies 9e: Marsha Collier: Books

Type in what you want to sell. You can choose from the suggested list or browsed for an alternate category you think will suit your item better.

I recommend only choosing one category if you are selling something cheap - although you can choose a second, site will tack on an extra fee.

Just follow the site prompts. When choosing a title, think of what you words you would use if you were looking to download your own item.

Pdf dummies ebay for

It might be a good idea to search site for items similar to yours and see what keywords other sellers are using in their auction titles.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your title - you want your auction to be seen by as many people as possible. I highly recommend taking pictures of whatever you're selling.

Pdf dummies ebay for

People online can't pick up and observe an item like they would normally be able to do in a traditional store. Make it easy for them to see what you're selling - provide images from several angles. However, you must pay for additional pictures, which is an unnecessary cost.

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Upload your pictures instead to a free host, such as www. Doesn't have to be anything super-fancy, just describe the item the best you can. If you know HTML, you can code your auction by switching the tab.

Since this is an auction-styled listing, you need to set the price bidding will start at. It is a good idea to do a quick search for items similar to yours to get a ballpark estimate of how much it is selling for.

Keep in mind site charges you more the higher your starting price is.

Ebay For Dummies -

You also set how long your auction will be open for bidding - either 3, 5, 7, or 10 extra fee days. Try to end your auction on a Wednesday or Thursday, as these are supposed to be the days where site gets the most traffic.

Tell downloaders how to pay you. I recommend signing up and accepting Paypal payments - instant cash no need to wait for checks to come in the mail will speed the process up. You can upgrade your listing to gain more visitors - for a fee. Offer international shipping: A good percentage of sales are international sales and should not be overlooked.

Ship the correct item: Check items that are going out to make sure you are shipping to the correct person. Shipping mistakes can be prevented by taking the time to organize your workspace and method. Excellent customer service will guarantee good feedback: Your site rating and its subsequent benefits are dependent on getting good feedback from your customers.

Many site shoppers decide whether to download from a seller based on the number of positive feedbacks. Remembering to give feedback when you download on site and you should may encourage a seller to return the favor. This is a great way to boost your presence on site in the beginning and show potential customers that you have experience. You will be glad you did!

BigCommerce is one of the only ecommerce platforms to allow for this. You can download one of their cheapest plans to start out, manage inventory on their backend and push products to site through their free Channel Manager. All analytics and sales will be tracked, as well as inventory.

This also allows you to easily expand your site sales to your own storefront in the future as you grow. Know your rights and the rules!

An owner of such a right may inform site of an infraction and have your listing removed if indeed there is validity in their claim. Be aware that if too many trademark infractions occur, you will risk having your account suspended.

Do your research: How do you determine whether or not an item is worth selling and how much to sell it for? Obviously, you want to have as little investment in an item as possible and sell for the highest amount the market will allow. To get a good idea of how to price your item, you will need to do your research. Anyone can place any price on any item, so to get an accurate and realistic amount to price for the item you are researching, you will need to search only those items that actually have sold.

You will soon see a range of prices for which you can realistically expect to sell your item. To sell fast, price at the lower end of the previously sold items. If you are willing and able to wait a bit for your item to sell, you can price at the higher end of the spectrum. Grow a profitable site business: Be willing to do the research and open your mind to the many possibilities for profit. Keep your eyes open for good finds and remember to check your list. Then I can decide whether to download this item.

Often, I just take pictures of items especially the brand, model number, etc that I will research later at home and add that to my list for future reference. In order to make the online downloading experience as pleasant as possible for our clients and in order to ensure positive feedback and repeat business we must: Inform the customer of the delivery process directly after the download is completed Provide a tracking number and link the second the item is sent out Email the customer a few days after the package was sent out to ensure they received it or to reassure them of its imminent arrival Once the item has been received we must ensure that everything is to the liking of the customer and offer our assistance in assembling or using our product 6 : Provide the customer more information than he requests Make sure to offer customers more information than they ask for or expect.

For example if a man asks you if a shirt you are selling which is a Large will fit him even though he is an Extra Large. Instead of simply replying yes or no you may want to say that although it is advertised as a large the shirt happens to be larger than most larges on the market.

Additionally you can measure the shirt arm to arm and give him this information and ask him to measure his chest to and compare lengths. This type of engagement with a customer will put them at ease and may very well be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. If you only sell on site, you should make it your goal to sell on another channel within the year.

Once this is determined you can preempt these concerns and undercut your competition. A key example from my personal experience is discovering that customers were concerned about the one year warranty on GPSs, so we doubled it to two years on our product. Try and sell seasonal items in the correct season. Swimming items in summer and Christmas items around the holidays.

Also consider the demand factor — if you know there is going to be a championship game and you are selling Yankees paraphernalia for example, wait till the week before when price and demand are high. Avoid ending auctions at 4am in middle of the week when very few people are active. You run the risk of a customer finding out and feeling completely duped that you marked up a product from site and made a profit at their expense.