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SM Medium Voltage Distribution. Modular units. Catalogue. With Schneider Electric, you have a complete range of tools to help you get to know. Medium Voltage Switchgear & Products on the MV Network - Catalogue . Schneider Electric strengthened its lead in the development of the Smart. User manual. Circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors. 04/ thereof. Neither Schneider Electric nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be responsible or liable for misuse of the information .. Compact NSX A - Catalogue.

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Medium Voltage Distribution. RM6 24 kV. Ring Main Unit. Catalogue. With Schneider Electric, you have a complete range of tools to help you get to. Catalogue ECOFIT™ proposal. With ECOFIT™, a true extended life time. can you get the Logic files (*.srl) and setting file (*.par) as soft copy or only pdf form?. Catalogue 01 Merlin Gerin Compact LV circuit breakers and Save this PDF as: The launch of Merlin Gerin Compact NS in revolutionised the world of Catalogue HPL IZM26 Circuit-breakers IN26 Switch-disconnectors t [s]

Compact NSX devices are protected against: bb overvoltages caused by circuit switching e. Immunity levels for Compact NSX comply with the standards below. Discrimination Compact NSX reinforces the discrimination capabilities of the Compact NS range by applying the rapid calculation capacity of the Micrologic trip units. Suitable for isolation with positive contact PB Installation of a rotary handle or a motor mechanism does not alter the reliability of the position-indication system. The isolation function is certified by tests guaranteeing: bb the mechanical reliability of the position-indication system bb the absence of leakage currents bb overvoltage withstand capacity between upstream and downstream connections. The tripped position does not insure isolation with positive contact indication.

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Go to our Download Center. Homaya Solar Home Systems Catalogue merlin gerin adaptation to your specificrequirementA comprehensive range with very quick adaptation of additional customisableversions per lot other heads, other operators, other contacts, other cableentries…. Wibe Cable Ladders 3.

Compact NS - file. Compact Compact CM. Merlin Gerin is now Schneider Electric UK ; Merlin Gerin, now Schneider Electric, is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high, medium and low voltage products for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems. Merlin Gerin technical guide Medium Voltage - eschneider. Providing design rules used to calculate the dimensions or ratings of an MV switchboard.

For temperatures higher than 40 C 65 C for circuit breakers used to protect motor feeders , devices must be derated as indicated in the documentation. Circuit-breakers should be put into service under normal ambient operating temperature conditions. Exceptionally, the circuit breaker may be put into service when the ambient temperature is between C and -5 C. Discrimination As standard, the Compact NS range ensures discrimination between two circuit breakers positioned in series in an installation.

Installation of a rotary handle or a motor mechanism does not alter the reliability of the position-indication system.

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The isolation function is certified by tests guaranteeing: The mechanical reliability of the position indication system The absence of leakage currents Overvoltage withstand capacity between upstream and downstream connections. They may be installed through the door of class II switchboards as per IEC standard , without downgrading switchboard insulation.

Installation requires no special operations, even when the circuit breaker is equipped with a rotary handle or a motor mechanism. See the temperature derating tables for other types of connections.

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Protection of long cables Protection of DC distribution systems t 1 TM thermal-magnetic trip units 1 0 Ir Im 1 overload protection threshold short-circuit protection pick-up I Ir x 50A Protection The protection functions may be set using the adjustment dials.

Overload protection Thermal protection with an adjustable threshold.

Im x 50A Short-circuit protection Magnetic protection with a fixed or adjustable pick-up, depending on the rating. Overload protection True rms long-time protection with an adjustable threshold. Test A mini test kit or a portable test kit may be connected to the test connector on the front to check circuit-breaker operation after installing the trip unit or accessories. The overload protection setting may not exceed 0.

Io Ir x In.


Trip units do not have a predefined rating. The tripping threshold depends on the circuit breaker rating and the LT long time current setting. Overload protection Long-time protection with an adjustable threshold and fixed tripping delay: c Io base setting 6-position dial from 0.

Short-circuit protection Short-time and instantaneous protection: c Short-time protection with an adjustable pick-up and fixed tripping delay c Instantaneous protection with fixed pick-up. Available ratings of external neutral sensors: , 50, , A.

Short-circuit protection Short-time and instantaneous protection: c Short-time protection with adjustable pick-up and tripping delay, with or without constant I t c Instantaneous protection with adjustable pick-up. Battery powered. Spare batteries are supplied in an adapter box.

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Self monitoring The circuit breaker trips if a microprocessor fault or an abnormal temperature is detected. The identical trip unit, with identical settings but installed on a Compact NS circuit breaker, will have an overload-protection threshold of: x 0. The value of each current I1, I, I3, Ineutral may be successively displayed by pressing a scroll button. LEDs indicate the phase for which the current is displayed. Zone selective interlocking ZSI A number of circuit breakers are interconnected one after another by a pilot wire.

In the event of a short-time or earth fault: c If a given STR53UE trip unit detects the fault, it informs the upstream circuit breaker, which applies the set time delay c If the STR53UE trip unit does not detect the fault, the upstream circuit breaker trips after its shortest time delay. In this manner, the fault is cleared rapidly by the nearest circuit breaker. The thermal stresses on the circuits are minimised and time discrimination is maintained throughout the installation.

Opto-electronic outputs Using opto-transistors, these outputs ensure total isolation between the internal circuits of the trip unit and the circuits wired by the user. Communications option COM This option transmits data to Digipact distribution monitoring and control modules. Transmitted data: c Settings c Phase and neutral currents rms values c Highest current of the three phases c Overload-condition alarm c Cause of tripping overload, short-circuit, etc.

These trip units are specifically designed to protect DC distribution systems. They are not interchangeable. The circuit breaker and trip unit are supplied fully assembled. Setting accuracy may be enhanced by limiting the setting range using a different long-time rating plug.

Overload protection True rms long-time protection.

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Thermal memory: thermal image before and after tripping. Short-circuit protection Short-time rms and instantaneous protection. Neutral protection On three-pole circuit breakers, neutral protection is not possible. On four-pole circuit breakers, neutral protection may be set using a three-position switch: neutral unprotected 4P 3d , neutral protection at 0. Micrologic control units that do not include measurement functions are equipped with a transparent lead-seal cover as standard.

Micrologic A control units protect power circuits. They also offer measurements, display, communication and current maximeters. Version 6 provides earth-fault protection, version 7 provides earthleakage protection. The selected values are momentarily displayed on the screen, in amperes and in seconds. Earth-fault protection Residual or source ground return earth fault protection.