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Metro / station. 3. A. Camping. Camping. Railway / station. Metro route / stop. Tram route / stop . Amsterdam Arena M Station Bijlmer ArenA. M Ganzenhoef. 1 /8. Amsterdam Metro Map. Plus guide and ticket tips for using the Metro network in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket entitles you to unlimited travel in Amsterdam and its whole region - day and night - on bus, tram and metro, for 24 hours.

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Printable & PDF Maps of Amsterdam transportation & transport network, tourist attractions map and other maps of Amsterdam in Netherlands. Printable & PDF maps of Amsterdam subway, underground & tube (metro) with informations about the GVB network map, the stations and the 5 lines & routes. Maps. In addition to the digital route map, there are also maps in PDF that you can download. Stations map in PDF. Amstelstation · Bijlmer ArenA · Central.

Those of you who are still using old tourist guide books and maps can toss them out now. However, the GVB also claims that most people will nevertheless reach their destinations faster than before. A series of mistakes and other setbacks — including a faulty tender process, administrative problems, and shoddy construction work, and the subsiding of historical monuments — has repeatedly led to later opening dates and skyrocketing costs. By the time the new subway line officially opened, in July , the costs exceeded 3. That works out to some euro per Amsterdammer. After a series of setbacks, in June a special committee concluded that the project should go ahead as planned, as stopping it would cost more than finishing it. A second committee in December, , slammed the City of Amsterdam saying that the municipality should never have approved the project.

Biking is a very comfortable and popular way of getting around the city that doesn't like cars - simply get a map and bike your way!

Official Amsterdam Transport Maps 2019

More about biking in Amsterdam. The trams is a popular kind of Amsterdam public transport.

Map pdf metro amsterdam

They are a bit old-fashioned with their bells and wobbly way of going through the streets, but they go pretty fast and from the windows you can see what's happening around you. Traveling by tram is quite easy.


download your day-card or IAmsterdam Card and check yourself in and out when boarding and disembarking with the yellow pay machines which you find on every station. You then enter the tram at the front and exit at one of the other doors.

All trams and buses have a number on the front and side of the tram, so you know which line this is and in the front you can read its destination, so you know if you will go the right direction.

Make sure to pick up an Amsterdam public transport map so you can check which line you need in which direction. We made one for you too, free to print below.

Amsterdam Metro Map

Amsterdam Public Transport Map. The public transportation of Amsterdam is served by the GVB. There are several vending machines.

The Amsterdam Metro system is quite small consisting of only 4 trains. Unfortunately the main spur of the Amsterdam Metro system heads out of Amsterdam Centraal to the southeast.

Map pdf metro amsterdam

This pass means the metro does not go near many, if any, big tourist attractions. One of the trains, line 50, does not stop at Amsterdam Centraal. Metro Line 53 goes to Centraal Station but heads out to an eastern suburb.

Netherlands Transit Maps (PDF)

The metro is much faster than a tram for this purpose. Why you would want to get on a bus in Amsterdam is beyond me.

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It is always longer, rarely cheaper, and you are on a bus. For those of you who refuse to listen to good advice or have a thing for buses, here is the Amsterdam Bus Map to make all your dreams of misery come true.

Amsterdam Metro — Map, Lines, Route, Hours, Tickets

You must be logged in to post a comment. Official Amsterdam Transport Maps You can find a series of helpful Amsterdam Transport Maps at the following links. Click on image to enlarge Amsterdam Public Bus Map.