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i BETTER WORLD. BOOK REVIEW. A BETTER INDIA, A BETTER WORLD" by N.R. Narayana Murthy. Penguin Books, , Price: * Prof. N.S. Srinivasan. A BETTER INDIA A BETTER WORLD by [Murthy, N R Narayana] . In this extraordinarily inspiring and visionary book; N.R. Narayana Murthy; who pioneered;. Narayan Murthy,really a man of vision as well as action,a remarkable person who meticulously transformed his dreams into reality through his.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Better India, A Better World | After reflect whether I could present a succinct digest, which ib the function of book review. Visit the website for A Better India; A Better World; here. In this extraordinarily inspiring and visionary book; N.R. Narayana Murthy; who pioneered; designed and books online, books to read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF . PART i: ADDRESS TO STUDENTS. Learning from Experience. 3. The Indian of the Twenty-first Century. 9. Succeeding in the Contemporary World.

Date: July 17, Author: pprahul 2 Comments This post has been long-delayed due to various reasons, including but not limited to my laziness to write posts other than the technical ones. Before I get into the details and my review of this book, I should first of all confess that Mr. Narayana Murthy is one of my role models just like thousands of young students in this country and abroad. I got to know about Infosys and its founders right from a young age, thanks to the booming IT industry in our country. Throughout the book, I was able to perceive his vision for India, and the people of our country. His passion to provide people with opportunities to create wealth and lead a better life is evident in every section.

And each piece has anecdotes from Infosys, supported by in depth research and appropriate quotations. He shares several examples where Infosys was faced with tough situations and each time the company took investors into confidence by proactively sharing the bad news.

In each one of these instances loss of GE contract, once accounting for 25 per cent of business and 8 per cent of profit; losses suffered in stockmarkets honest communication helped the company win the confidence of investors and other stakeholders.

He argues that entrepreneurs chose software industry because it was more profitable so why should they shy away from sharing the gains with the government. No wonder his balanced approach has earned him respect and trust of global peers, heads of governments and the academia and perhaps the authority to call a spade a spade. Yet his choice of words is so correct that even his sharpest criticism does not come through as a personal attack.

The book is a clear, sensible argument on what's wrong with the country, why it is the way it is and how one could correct this. Murthy demonstrates practically and reasonably of what is wrong with the country and how it can be set right In this task Murthy's concern's are clear: what is the best way to take India forward, reward meritocracy yet uplift the poor, illiterate and the uneducated.

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Culling out experiences from his life, the book is a journey not only of Infosys, but a personal narrative of quiet reflection on how this country could and should surge ahead. Key questions, such as why India does not boast of any product of international class and recognition are addressed.

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Key concerns, are child malnourishment the high levels of poverty and the poverty of intelligent politicians are a few of the several issues. In bringing out to sharp focus the woes of this country this book.


First of all, the author is honest and determined to bring about change. He was keen to experiment with his economic philosophy: 'the power of entreneurship to solve the problem of poverty'.

Although he did not, his commitment to the cause was reflected when he set up Infosys. The book is a recognition and admission of the importance of values.

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The honesty, austerity and respect in work ethics Murthy lauds, is one he believes in. For example, he refers to a janitor as his "younger colleague". Clearly, the generous advice is based on a lifetime of practicing it.

He acknowledges the necessity for governmental intervention in alleviating poverty, but is critical of the policy of reservation.

As he points out, the norm of reservations has made India the only country in the world where people compete to be recognized as a 'backward' class. The book will find good audience in the young and impressionable.

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Being a collection of his speeches, it will be persuading the readers to be better citizens, workers, relatives and humans, in a singularly sensible and articulate voice. While speaking about the five cardinal points for success he said : There are five elements of success. They are: Openness to learn: Openness to subordinate your ego to take ideas from others.

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Second, meritocracy: The best ideas are adopted and implemented using data to arrive at the best decision. Third, speed: Assuring you do things faster compared to yesterday and last quarter. Fourth, imagination: You continually bring better ideas and better innovation to the table.

And finally, excellence in execution: That is implementation of these great ideas with a higher level of excellence today than yesterday.

Economic literature: Printed from https: Bharti Rathore. Narayan Murthy,really a man of vision as well as action ,a remarkable person who meticulously transformed his dreams into reality through his assiduousness, leadership skills and unquestioning trust and faith in the miraculous capacity of techno savvy Indian youngsters, who were pillars of strength in his ICT company INFOSYS. As all visionaries, Krishnamurthy Narayan Murthy is not a self-centered corporate who likes to revel in the pleasures of the success of his brainchild but has a vision for India as a glorious, economically progressive, educationally advanced developed country.

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Though a staunch believer in globalisation,he wants India to be powerful and strong. Key Words: Bharti Rathore, Murthy ," Working papers , Voice of Research. He says how Max Weber, Gandhi and Franz Fanon influenced his thinking and left lasting impressions on him. Young minds can read the books that have deeply influenced his thinking.

How true! He even gives a concrete example about how even after about 33 seminars on building a power station for Bangalore in the last over 25 years, how the city continues to suffer from blackouts!

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But how many of our politicians, bureaucrats, and the elite can do this? We will need not less than one hundred people all at once like NRN to transform this poor nation because there will be hundreds more who will want to put a spoke in the wheel. He narrates an incident about how Singapore fought corruption. A minister, who was caught, found out that he will not be protected and so killed himself. I wonder how many Indian ministers will dare do that!

He has touched upon a variety of topics of significance be it education, corporate governance, leadership, economic reforms, managerial remuneration and so on.