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[PDF] Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to berisi berbagai macam walkthrough, kepada teman kalian Walkthrough. Lengkap Harvest Moon Back To Nature Indonesia PDF dan DOCX NATURE BAHASA INDONESIA www. Download. You can find book walkthrough harvest moon back to nature lengkap in our library and other format like: walkthrough harvest moon back to nature lengkap pdf. Thank you for downloading walkthrough game harvest moon ps1. As you may Walkthrough Harvest Moon Back to Nature Bahasa Indonesia. Harvest Moon ist.

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Buku Panduan Harvest Moon Back to Nature Versi Indonesia. Uploaded by Taika Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. Harvest Moon Neil Young. Walkthrough Lengkap Harvest. Moon Friends of Mineral Town Bahasa Indonesia. Walkthrough Harvest Moon Back to Nature - PDF. Harvest Moon and Natsume are registered trademarks of. Natsume Inc. . Insert the Harvest Moon Back to Nature disc and close the Disc Cover. Insert the.

Story[ edit ] As a young boy, the main character went to his grandfather's farm for the summer. The boy befriended his grandfather's puppy and met a little girl his own age with whom he became close friends. When the summer was over the boy had to go back home, but he promised the little girl that he would return someday. Upon meeting the main character, mayor and other villagers decide that he would be allowed to stay as the rightful owner if he restored the farm to its original state within three years. Otherwise, he would have to leave. Over the course of the game the player must build a thriving farm, and become a friend of the citizens of Mineral Town. Throughout the game the player must balance between attending to the farm and interacting with other characters to maintain friendships.

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Bahasa walkthrough back nature indonesia pdf moon harvest to

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Must be forgot to fix some, but Version 3. I added the FAQ section because you guys send too much question that I can't answer it all by replying it back. Version 2. Got no idea about the walkthrough, just completing some parts. Added the recipes section.

Found some stupid mistakes. It looks like I've been forgetting some parts For anyone who know much of the game, please mail me. Version 1. Writing the basic, includes Table of Contents, Story, Character. He then quickly wakes up the villager to told them that he has found a girl at their beach. When you're unconscious, your memory about one place comes up. It seems that when you are in a cruise ship. You have one friend strangely enough, he looks like Duke with that hair but you can't see his face 'cause your memory is shown by dark sephia tone.

You've passed many good time with him. The next is foreseen, of course. When you wakes up, it looks like you lost your memory about anything else but it. Zack has bring you to a shack, and the mayor looks like don't recognize you or is he? With Zack, he offers you to stay in this village until you don't suffer from amnesia anymore, and can tell him what brings you to that hideaway little village. The mayor then shows you the farm; it belongs to the old farmer. At his last time he couldn't take care of the farm anymore, so when he died it becomes a complete mess.

You think 'this place can be something more than this!! And that's how the game begin Sleep without diary entry - typically allows your characters to sleep. Sleep with diary entry - sleeps and allows you to save. Read Diary - allows you to load another saved file. Exchange Animals - allows you to exchange animals before saved files. You will get one through fishing in the ocean. You will get one through mining in the mine. You will get one through mining in the winter mine.

Go to the mine found on the island surrounded by the frozen lake in Winter. Go behind the mine and hit O button to examine it. You should find one. Go to the tree stump nears the bridge in Area 2 of Mother's Hill. Your Ax must be Copper Ax or better.

Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon for Girl

You will get a prompt from the tree not to chop it down. Pick "Do not chop" and you will get a Power Berry. Win the Summer Swimming Race. Get medals and you will be able to buy the Power Berry. You need to plant more than flowers and Anna will visit you. Next go to the ocean and throw the fish into the water.

Cast your reel and fish for a day and you will get it sooner or later. Fall: Carp - You need to get the other five legendary fishes before you can start to fish for this one. During fall, go to the lake and cast your fishing reel Winter: Angler - You need to fish at the ocean during winter between 10pm to 8am. You can get this with a fishing rod. After gotten all the four recipes, go to the 'Goddesss Pond' the waterfall and fish for this legendary fish.

Sea Beam - You need to catch and sell more than fishes. At that day, bring the veggie inside your rucksack and go to mayor's house. Watch yourself everyday in the mirror. Keep a lot of accessories in your pink box. Bath often. Read a beauty magazine in the library, second floor, the most right shelf. To go to the mountain take the left path from your farm. Hot spring area In this area you will find a stair that will take you to the hot spring and the mine.

If you go down you will meet Gotz the woodcutter. You will oftenly meet Popuri, Ann and Karen here. Sometimes you will encounter Gotz and Louis. Mother's Hill lake Take the left path from the hot spring area. This area has a lake that will frozen every winter and you can go to the small island on that lake.

Fishing on the lake will give you a medium fish and some rare fish. There is a rumor that Kappa stays in this lake. Gotz and Louis come here on the morning. Mother's hill flower garden Come across the bridge and you will come here. This place has so many flowers that different every season. Sometimes it also has some rare flowers. Basil and his family love to visit this place. Mother's hill summit Just go straight from the flower garden area.

This place has nothing but it's great view of village. On winter maybe you will encounter a happiness flower There are twenty male, eleven female and seven harvest sprites in this game. Mayor Thomas Birthday: Summer 25 Lives: From your farm go straight until in the screen there is only a road to the right and three house. His house is in the most right. Role: He is, of course, the mayor of the village.

He is the one who offers you to stay at the farm. He will tell you some of the festivals. Appearance: He wears a red clothes, red hat, he's tiny and he has a big red nose. Like: He loves wine, he likes spa boiled-eggs, and turnips. He can accept a cake, a cabbage, and a cucumber. Avoid giving him ore. Daily work: in a morning he's still at his house. At noon search him at the pub.

At Saturday he's checking the signboard at the square. Birthday: Summer 29 Lives: in the only house on the beach. Role: He's a deliveryman. He will buy your farm's product and pay it right when he comes to your farm. He's the one who found you on the beach. Appearance: He's a big brown guy with a big muscle. You'll easily recognize him anyway.

Like: It looks like he can gladly accept any food from the market. He can also smile if you gave him wine, food, medicine and anything from your farm except the animal feed and weeds , but what he likes most is oil. Daily work: He always wonders around, but strangely I can only found him at my farm at 5 o'clock and when he walks home at o'clock at night.

Jeff Birthday: Winter 29 Lives: at the market. Go right from Mayor's house. Role: He does nothing for you except for his worth-it-goods at his market. Out of that, he doesn't seem friendly much. He always got a stomachache. Appearance: just go to the market and see what a man behind the corner looks like. That's him. Like: Don't waste your time giving him anything from his market.

If he wanted to, he can get it for himself. And don't give him any liquids that make his stomachache getting worse. After all, what he needs is a medicine and a medicine grass. Daily work: except for Sunday and Tuesday, he'll always be at his market. On Tuesday he's worshipping at the church. On Sunday he'll visit the clinic, and then went to the pub I wonder what he's doing there, he can't drink anything!

Barley Birthday: Spring 17 Lives: from your farm go right, then move until there is a ranch with a lot of livestock. There it is.

Role: He sells livestocks. He also participate in the horse festival, cow festival and the sheep fest. Appearance: An old man with a green clothes and a long beard. He's bold. Like: He enjoys to visit the hot spring, so he also loves the spa boiled egg. But he also appreciates anything comes from your livestock. Daily work: Everyday he's working at his ranch, but Monday is his fun time.

He ussualy play at the hot spring first, then visit his old friend Thomas. Lillia Birthday: Spring 19 Lives: take a road right from your farm. You can hear a chicken?

Role: She sells chicken. She has a weak body, so she doesn't seen much out of his ranch. Her husband is searching a medicine for her and going somewhere. Rick is her son.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Guide

Appearance: She looks like her daughter. Has a pink hair, sweet, but the difference is she wears a blue clothes. Like: She's sick, so why don't you show your kindness by giving her a medicine?

Or some flowers and eggs, I'm sure she likes it. Daily work: Always at her ranch, she's having a check up at the clinic once a week at Sunday. Saibara Birthday: Spring 11 Lives: I'm sure you'll see his house right after you went out from your farm. His house is right there, next to your farm! Role: He's an artisan, so that means he will upgrade your tools and forging some tools and accesories for you.

Walkthroughs for Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl

Of course, you have to pay him. But think again, he has a handsome grandson, isn't he? Appearance: His beards and hair is white. He also wears a green clothes, but he looks more scary than the good old Barley. Like: Don't thinking about his suspicious face when you give him an ore!

He's just like his grandson, shy and impulsive. If you wanna see him smile, try give him a wine or a riceball! Daily work: Like every working people, stay at his workshop everyday. At Saturday meet him at the market. Then he will go to the pub, as what he always do after work every night. Doug Birthday: Winter 11 Lives: take a left path if you're on the square. He lives at that big building over there.

Role: He is a bartender on his pub, and an innkeeper. He only has one daughter named Ann. Appearance: has orange hair, always stand behind the bartender's table. Like: He will apreciate all your gift, if it is a normal gift. Maybe because he want you to be Ann's friend. Daily work: I've never see him going somewhere but his inn. Like: she enjoys a honey and apple Daily work: after sells some drink she went to the square every afternoon.

At Saturday her family go to the inn. Gotz Birthday: Autumn 2 Lives: he is the only one who lives alone at the back of your farm. Role: he's a woodcutter. If you need a lumber or want to upgrade your farm, he's the one to look for.

It looks like he has a wife and a daughter that he lost on the mountain storm Like: give him egg, oil and milk and he will be happy Daily work: before 11 am he will looking for a food in the mountain. After 11 am he will go home with Louis. At Saturday he went to the village. Mostly he ended up at the market. Won Birthday: Winter 19 Lives: inn Role: this tricky merchant always sells something higher than it normal price and sometimes sells fake.

But the crops you buy from him is a real value. Appearance: weird hat, sunglasses, long black pigtail, and a yellow clothes Like: big fish, wine. But if you can give him money, he will be very happy Daily work: He always shows up at the restaurant after 1 pm. He seldom shows up to your farm too. Just watch out for what he sells. Priest Carter Birthday: Autumn 20 Lives: the church.

You should know where it is, isn't it? Role: he is the one to go if you looking for a confession.

Nature indonesia bahasa to moon pdf walkthrough back harvest

He also buried your dead animals and help you if you wanna get married. Appearance: what a priest look like?? Like: anything that is sweet. He likes wine too! Daily work: church.

Never see him anywhere else. He give you his fishing pole. Appearance: wears a big straw hat in back, brown skin, white hair, nice old man. Like: fish, of course Daily work: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday he shows up at 7 to 10 am, and at 7 to 10 pm at the beach. If you have a honey, give it to him so he can raise the price for you about 10 G. His daughter Aja leave the village to become F-1 racer. Appearance: grey hair, purple tie, smily half-aged man Like: wine, he's a big drunker.

Hates medicine Daily work: wander around his vineyard on the day. At night he went to the pub to get drunk. At Saturday he goes to the Inn and rarely, the church. Will tells you about the rare flower on the winter. Appearance: wears a Robin Hood hat, always carry a brown backpack.

Like: flowers, wine and vegetables Daily work: at morning he went to the mountain. Every night he goes to the pub. Anna Birthday: Autumn 23 Lives: with Basil Role: Basil's wife, Mary's mom, one of the trio gossiper Appearance: calm woman who stays quiet most of the time Like: flowers, egg Daily work: at afternoon she went to the square.

On Monday she visits Lillia after shopping at the market with her daughter. Appearance: a woman with blonde hair and blue clothes Like: milk, chocolate.

Don;t give her eggs Daily work: at afternoon she went to the square. On Sunday she visits Lillia. On rainy day she will be on the market. Wears a small glasses, always sits on her rock chair. Like: apple pie, spa boiled egg, medicine. Don't you ever give her a wine! Daily work: she stays calmly at her house He should have left 20 years ago, but he fall in love with this village Appearance: wears a black buterfly tie, small eyes, black hair Like: wine Daily work: stays at Mayor's house, only shows up at the bar every night A policeman.

Appearance: wears a policeman blue uniform Like: wine, medicine, flowers, kid, basically anything! Daily work: shows up at the inn on 1 pm. Sometimes go to your farm to chat with you. Loves to play Appearance: small, black hair, always happy Like: yarn, egg, milk Daily work: wanders around in and front of Ellen's house May Birthday: Winter 26 Lives: with Barley Role: help his grandpa with his ranch Appearance: small, black hair, lonely Like: flower, trash, egg, milk, wool, chicken, your horse Daily work: at Monday she follows Barley to the hot spring area That's it for the common character.

The guys will be written in a special section below. RIVAL 1. Ann She is a daughter of Doug. Tomboy, energetic, but a good chef. Her birthday is at Summer She likes Cliff, wool, spa boiled egg and a veggie pancake. She ussualy take a breath of nice morning smell at the hot spring area. Elli This nurse is a granddaughter of Ellen. She has a good skillful of medicine, but not so good on cooking.

Back indonesia walkthrough harvest pdf moon to bahasa nature

Her birthday is at Spring She loves Doctor, egg, milk and flowers. At Wenesday, she buy groceries at the market and then goes to Ellen's house. Karen She is a daughter of Jeff and Sasha. She is pretty, honest, matured, and a terrible chef. She has a fond of Rick, wine, popcorn and truffles. Her birthday is at Autumn At Sunday and Tuesday night she's on the beach.

Moon indonesia nature to bahasa back pdf walkthrough harvest

At Sunday noon she went to the hot spring areas. Mary This shy girl is a daughter of Basil. She is clever, quiet, kind, and smart of cooking jam. She fall in love with Gray, medicine, poisonous mushrooms[really??

For me? Her birthday is at Winter At Monday when her library is closed, this librarian goes shopping with her mom. Popuri She helps her mom on her Poultry farm.

She is childish, happy, sweet, and has a talent of cooking sweets. She really likes Kai, flowers, egg, and fruit.