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The Woman in Black by E. C. Bentley. No cover available. Download Download This eBook. Format, Url, Size. Read this book online: HTML. PDF | Susan Hill's novel is a radical example of Female Gothic Horror. As well The contention is that The Woman in Black mediates women's anxieties about. FILM AND LITERARY STUDIES ANALYSIS OF THE WOMAN IN BLACK FILM A Paper Submitted as the Assignment of Final Exam Name: Tutik Ratna Ningtyas.

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WOMAN IN BLACK – SUSAN HILL, retold by MARGARET TARNER . His fiancee, the woman he is going to marry, is called Stella. Arthur works as a solicitor in. Woman in Black. ▫ Susan Hill felt that the form of the classic ghost story was being neglected due to the rise in popularity of the horror genre. ▫ Her inspiration for. Download The Woman In Black free in PDF & EPUB format. Download E. C. Bentley's The Woman In Black for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or.

Isolation and Trauma Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Woman in Black, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. From the outset of the novel, the reader can see plainly that Arthur is haunted by his past. During Christmas Eve celebrations with his family, Arthur is on edge due to the inclement weather—which, it will soon become apparent, reminds him of the sudden fogs and sea mists common in Crythin Gifford. Later, when his stepchildren begin trading ghost stories and ask Arthur to share one as well, he lashes out and abruptly leaves the house to go on a walk. Arthur has created a new life for himself since the horrors that transpired in his past—but though he has moved to the country, taken a new wife, and retired from law, he still cannot escape the memories of his ill-fated trip to Crythin Gifford. This demonstrates that Arthur has, for many years, been trying to shut out and avoid recalling his time at Eel Marsh House.

It had somehow lost the causeway path and fallen into the marshes and was being dragged under by the quicksand and pull of the incoming tide. I began to yell until I thought my lungs would burst, and then to run forward, but then stopped, for I could see nothing and what use would that be?

I could not get onto the marsh and even if I could there was no chance of my finding the pony trap or of helping its occupants, I would only, in all likelihood, risk being sucked into the marsh myself. The only thing was to get back to Eel Marsh House, to light every light and somehow try and signal with them from the windows, hoping against all reason that this would be seen, like a light-ship, by someone, somewhere, in the countryside around.

Pdf in black the woman

Shuddering at the dreadful thoughts racing through my mind and the pictures I could not help but see of those poor creatures being slowly choked and drowned to death in mud and water, I forgot my own fears and nervous imaginings of a few minutes earlier and concentrated on getting back to the house as quickly and safely as I could.

The water was now lapping very close to the edges of the path though I could only hear it, the mist was still so thick and darkness had completely fallen, and it was with a grasp of relief that I felt the turf and then the gravel beneath my feet and fumbled my way blindly to the door of the house.

Behind me, out on the marshes, all was still and silent; save for that movement of the water, the pony and trap might never have existed. When I got inside the house again, I managed to reach a chair the dark hall and, sitting on it just as my legs buckled beneath me, I put my head down into my hands and gave way to an outburst of helpless sobbing as the full realization of what had just happened overcame me.

Hill, Susan. The Woman in Black. London: Vintage , pp. Questions What are the dangers present and how does the writer project this sense of danger onto the landscape?

What are the feelings confronting the narrator? He saw the woman in black again. At night, he heard a sound from the room which has no key hole, the room that cannot be opened at the first time he came to this house. He used an axe to open the door by force. The room was tidy and full of toys for boy, there was rocking-chair, and suddenly he knew that the sound was from that rocking-chair. After examining the room, he decided to walk out of the house. When he turned to look at the house, he saw the woman in black was looking at them with terrible hate from the window of the boy bedroom.

Arthur was so fear. He stood still before he realized that Spider has sunk and nearly drowned into the mud. He saved to save her by diving into the mud. And he succeeded. He looked back to the window of the boy bedroom and saw the woman in black looking at him, her eyes were full of hatred.

He heard sound of pony and trap before he was fainting. When he opened his eyes, he was laying on a chair with Mr. Daily and realized that the sound of pony and trap was his. Before leaving the house, Arthur decided to see the boy bedroom and see the woman in black.

Nonetheless, he was shocked by the fact that the woman in black was not there and now the room was very untidy. The cupboards were broken and toys were all on the floor, but the rocking-chair stand still and looked like been pushed to the center of the room. He decided to back to Mr. Daily and packed the documents which seemed interesting but untouched. Soon after they drove off, Mr.

Daily offered him to stay with the Dailys. He found out that the woman in black whose name is Jennet Humfrye was Mrs. Drablow and her husband love the child whose name was Nathaniel but refused to see Jennet.

Jennet then allowed to see her son but forbidden to tell who she is. Jennet was on her plan to take her son when the accident happened.

The Woman in Black

She became mad and ill. She put her finger of blame on her sister, Mrs. Drablow and she was dead twelve years later. After her death, people frequently saw her ghost, and every time her ghost seen, there was always a child died.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

One day, when he was in the park with his wife and his a-year-old son, he saw the woman in black look at him with terrible hate. He was shocked, and saw the pony and trap where his wife and son were in passed her and the pony lost control.

His son was dead in this accident and his wife was dead ten months later. Dia bekerja untuk pengacara yang bernama Mr Bentley. Tugasnya adalah membantu orang dalam urusan legalisasi. Dia bertanggung jawab untuk menulis dokumen penjualan maupun pembelian tanah atau bangunan. Dia juga mempersiapkan surat wasiat. Dia membuat dokumen yang berisi tentang ahli waris dari klienya yang meninggal. Dia seringkali pergi ke pemakaman dan mengatur surat-surat tersebut untuk diberikan kepada keluarga orang yang meninggal.

Pada suatu ketika, ketia ia berusia dua puuh tiga tahun, ia diminta untuk pergi ke pemakaman seorang wanita tua bernama Mrs. Dia diminta untuk pergi ke rumahnya yang disebut Eel Marsh House untuk mencari beberapa dokumen penting untuk mengurus surat wasiatnya. Karena Mrs. Drablow tidak memiliki kerabat di Inggris, sebagai pengacara merekalah yang bertanggung jawab untuk wasiatnya.

Meskipun Arthur merasa bahwa alamat rumah Mrs. Drablow terdengar aneh, ia tetap setuju untuk datang ke pemakaman dan mencari beberapa dokumen penting. Sebelum ia pergi ke Yorkshire ia menyempatkan diri untuk menulis pesan untuk tunangannya yang bernama Stella, ia mengatakan bahwa ia terburu-buru untuk pergi ke Yorkshire untuk bertugas.

Keesokan harinya ia pergi dengan menggunkan kereta. Di kereta ia mendapat informasi tentang Mrs. Drablow dari seorang pria yang duduk di sampingnya. Pria yang tersebut bernama Mr Samuel Daily. Ia mengatakan kepada Arthur bahwa Mrs. Drablow adalah orang aneh yang tinggal di tempat yang aneh, dan dia tidak memiliki teman ataupun kerabat. Dia juga mengatakan bahwa kemungkinan Arthur akan menjadi satu-satunya orang yang datang ke pemakamannya.

Daily kemudian mengantarnya ke sebuah penginapan. Pada pagi harinya, Arthur didampingi oleh Mr. Jerome, agen Mrs. Drablow yang bertugas menjaga rumah dan tanah datang ke pemakaman.

Hanya sedikit yang datang ke pemakaman dan mereka semua memandang Arthur dengan tatapan aneh. Selama pemakaman Arthur melihat seorang wanita berpakaian hitam yang terlihat sedang sakit parah. Dia mengatakan kepada Mr. Jerome namun Mr.

Jerome tidak mengatakan sepatah kata pun, tetapi membuat suara aneh. Setelah pemakaman, Mr. Keckwick menjemput Arthur dengan kereta yang di tarik seekor kuda. Eel March House adalah rumah abu-abu tinggi di dekat rawa-rawa dan muara sungai. Keckwick mengingatkannya bahwa air pasang akan keluar lagi dalam dua jam, sehingga ia harus bergegas. Arthur setuju tapi dia mengatakan bahwa dia akan kembali besok dengan beberapa makanan sehingga ia bisa tinggal di rumah karena dua jam tidak cukup untuk melakukan pekerjaannya.

Ketika Arthur sedang berjalan di lapangan di belakang rumah ia melihat wanita berpakaian hitam. Dia adalah wanita yang ia lihat di pemakaman. Wanita itu menatapnya dengan tatapan penuh kebencian. Setelah wanita itu pergi, ia masuk rumah dan mulai melihat-lihat. Dia membuka semua kamar, tapi ada sebuah ruangan yang tidak dapat dibuka, dan tidak ada lubang kunci di pintu nya. Dia membuka beberapa lemari yang penuh dengan kertas.

Ketika hari mulai gelap, ia memutuskan untuk berjalan keluar rumah dan menunggu Keckwick. Namun demikian, kabut laut semakin lembab dan gelap.

Dia tak bisa melihat apa-apa selain mendengar kuda dan kereta. Dia merasa lega bahwa Keckwick telah datang untuk menyelamatkannya. Namun suara kuda tidak mendekat kearahnya, dan tiba-tiba ada suara seorang anak menangis.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill | Books

Arthur begitu takut, ia memutuskan untuk kembali ke rumah dan mengambil beberapa brandy untuk membantunya melupakan teror itu. Keckwick kembali pada tengah malam karena harus menunggu sampai kabut hilang. Dia meminta Mr Jerome ditolak, ia bahkan disarankan untuk kembali ke London. Arthur bertemu Mr Daily yang sangat ramah padanya.

Mr Daily tidak menawarkan diri untuk menemaninya tapi ia memberinya seekor anjing anjing. Arthur berpikir bahwa anjing betina bernama Spider itu cukup untuk menemaninya kembali ke rumah. Dia menyiapkan makanan dan ia kembali ke rumah. Sehari penuh di Eel Marsh House dipenuhi dengan teror. Dia melihat wanita berpakaian hitam itu lagi. Pada malam hari, ia mendengar suara dari ruangan yang tidak dapat dibuka pada saat pertama kali ia datang ke rumah ini.

Dia menggunakan kapak untuk membuka pintu secara paksa. Ruangan itu rapi dan penuh dengan mainan untuk anak laki-laki, ada kursi goyang, dan iapun sadar bahwa suara itu dari yang kursi goyang. Setelah memeriksa kamar, ia memutuskan untuk keluar dari rumah. Di luar rumah, Spider berlari gembira, dan Arthur berjalan di belakangnya.

Ketika ia berbalik untuk melihat rumah, ia melihat wanita berbaju hitam menatap mereka dengan kebencian yang mengerikan dari jendela kamar. Arthur begitu takut. Dia berdiri diam sebelum ia menyadari bahwa Spider hampir tenggelam dalam lumpur. Dia menyelamatkannya dengan menyelam ke dalam lumpur. Dan berhasil. Dia melihat kembali ke jendela kamar dan melihat wanita berbaju hitam menatapnya, matanya penuh kebencian. Dia mendengar suara kuda dan kereta sebelum ia pingsan. Sebelum meninggalkan rumah, Arthur memutuskan untuk melihat kamar anak laki-laki dimana ia melihat wanita berbaju hitam.

Meskipun demikian, ia terkejut karena ternyata wanita berbaju hitam tidak ada dan sekarang ruangan itu sangat berantakan. Lemari-lemari pada kamar itu telah rusak dan semua mainan berserakan di lantai, tetapi kursi goyang tampak seperti telah dipindahkan ke tengah ruangan. Dia memutuskan untuk kembali ke Mr. Daily dan mengemasi dokumen yang tampak penting tetapi tak tersentuh.

Segera setelah mereka melaju pergi, Mr. Daily menawarkan untuk tinggal dirumahnya. Selama tinggal di rumah Mr. Daily, Arthur membaca semua surat-surat yang dibawanya. Ia menemukan fakta bahwa wanita berbaju hitam bernama Jennet, ia adalah adik Mrs. Drablow yang tidak menikah. Ia memberikan anaknya pada Mrs. Drablow dan suaminya sangat mencintai anak Jennet. Anak tersebut bernama Nathaniel. Namun ia menolak untuk melihat Jennet.

Jennet kemudian diizinkan untuk melihat anaknya, tapi dilarang untuk memberitahu siapa dia sebenarnya. Jennet berencana untuk mengambil anaknya ketika kecelakaan itu terjadi.

Nathaniel tenggelam ke dalam rawa dengan pengasuhnya ketika ia berada di kereta. Kuda, kereta dan sopir yang merupakan ayah Keckwick juga tenggelam.

Jennet menyaksikan kecelakaan ini dari jendela kamar tidur anaknya. Dia menjadi gila dan sakit. Dia mengganggap Mrs. Drablow telah membunuh anaknya, kemuaian ia mati dua belas tahun kemudian. Setelah kematiannya, orang sering melihat hantunya, dan setiap kali hantunya terlihat, selalu ada seorang anak yang meninggal. Suatu hari, ketika ia berada di taman bersama istri dan seorang putra yang berusia satu tahun, ia melihat wanita berbaju hitam itu lagi yang sedang menatapnya dengan kebencian yang mengerikan.

Dia terkejut, dan melihat kuda dan kereta yang membawa istri dan anaknya melewati wanita itu. Dan kuda itupun kehilangan kendali. Anaknya mati dalam kecelakaan ini dan istrinya meninggal sepuluh bulan kemudian. This film can be categorized into ghost story film. It is related to class, age, gender and ethnicity. As for class, this horror film can be enjoyed by any social class.

Meanwhile, for the age, this film is not appropriate to be enjoyed by children since most of scenes are spooky. Both adult men and women are allowed to watch this film. The ethnicity is not important enough to be distinguished. The plot of film is structured by exposition, rising action or complication, climax, falling action and resolution. The story is continued by complication when Arthur experiences terror from the woman in black many times. He is deeply in love with his lover, Stella.

He is also gentleman. He also seems to be an arrogant man because he does not listen to Mr. However, his curiosity leads him to uncover the mystery of the ghost haunting. She is a ghost character. She is portrayed as an unmarried woman who died by committing suicide.

She later becomes vengeful ghost dressed in black. He is a wealthy man. It can be seen from the fact that he has a car and a victorious house which are such a rare thing in that time, particularly for the people of the small town in Yorkshire, named Crythin Gifford. He also seems as a 13 P a g e family man as he looks loving his wife so much, though his wife is sometimes act like a mother who is mentally disturbed by her loss of her son.

It is the hometown of the author of the original novel, Susan Hills. The setting is told as a small town. It is surrounded by marshes, graveyard, and a broken church. To get to the house, people need to pass a causeway named Nine Lives Causeway when the tide is out.

In the film, the scenes of Eel Marsh house are taken in the year-old Cotterstock Hall, in Northamptonshire, a country in the East Midlands of England. Most of scenes are creepy, scary, gloomy and sad. The places on the scenes usually take pale at night.

So the mood is mostly full of darkness. The creepy mood is sharpened by scary sounds along with the appearance of the woman in black and other scary situations. It can be seen in several many scenes. For example, in Crythin Gifford inn where Arthur stays in for several days, the inn decoration is facilitated by wooden furniture. It also can be seen in the Eel Marsh House. The house has many rooms, within a large living room.

The building also represents traditional British building which looks like a greyish castle. The Woman in Black character in the film is covered by Victorian mourning black dress with a black bonnet on her head. Meanwhile Arthur Kipps wears waistcoat and rarely tuxedo or frock coat. His clothes make Mr. Daily know easily that he comes from London. Daily, like other people of Crythin Gifford wears longue suit.

Nonetheless, Mr. Daily seems wealthy and modern enough compared to other people of Crythin Gifford. As a ghost, her performance is supported by spooky make up with pale face and dark eyes. Most of scenes are silently played with only background sound and music. The lighting of the film seems to be mostly dark. Though the events are sometimes take place in the morning or afternoon, the scenes are mostly covered by fog. The sound-recording in this film however as the other horror movie, it gives extra volume when the ghost suddenly appears.

The film uses dark color dominantly. It supported by editing techniques. It can be seen from the appearance of Stella which mostly shimmering. The film theory has been developed since classical to modern literary criticism. It can be divided into film aspects and content aspects. Some specific film theories are Apparatus Theory, Auteur theory, and Formalist Film Theory are kinds of film aspects theory.

This paper presents the analysis of this story focusing on the female main character, Jennet Humfrye or the woman in black. The analysis of Jennet character will be based on Psychoanalysis Literary Criticism. Psychoanalysis Criticism was originally developed from the the theory of Psyche by Sigmund Freud His idea has been developed by some theorists latter on.

One of the most prominent theorist is Jacques Lacan. The idea of Psychoanalysis cannot be separated from the origins of the unconscious. Those unhappy memories then give such a big influence to the person unconsciously even they come to be adult. Tyson also stated that the commonly use of Psychoanalysis concepts are sibling rivalry, inferiority complexes and defense mechanism. It means that the unconscious of human being is indeed embedded from the very young age. However, the goal of psychoanalysis is to help people resolving their psychological problems, often called disorders or dysfunctions.

The Psychoanalysis criticism encompasses some aspects such as, the defense, anxiety and the core issues, dreams and dream symbols, the meaning of the death, the meaning of sexuality and the Lacanian psychoanalysis. And it is also used to forget painful memory entirely. Denial This is the defense which is done by believing that the problems and the unhappy memories do not exist.

Avoidance Avoidance is done by staying away from people or situations that make us anxious. Projection Attributing and condemning someone else for our fear, problem in order to reduce our guilty desire. Regression Regression involves returning either painful or happy events to carry our thought away from some difficulties.

Meanwhile there are anxiety and core issues which can break those defenses. It 19 P a g e means that anxiety is part of human behavior that reveals the core issues unconsciously. The anxiety and core issues are : Fear of intimacy The closeness feeling emotionally will hurt people.

So, fear of intimacy is kind of defense. Fear of abandonment The feeling of being abandoned is very destructive. Therefore fear of Abandonment is kind of defense Fear of betrayal Betrayed by friends or lover may become the most dreadful fact for most of people.

Therefore, they defense themselves for being betrayed. Low self-esteem The feeling that we are lees worthy than other people leads us to the belief that we are lack of attention and love.

Black the woman pdf in

Insecure or unstable sense of self It is the inability to support a feeling of personal identity. This core issue makes us very vulnerable to the influence of other people, and we may find ourselves continually changing the way we look or behave as we become involved with different individuals or groups.

Oedipal fixation or oedipal complex Is the tendency to have intimacy with our opposite-sex parent. Analysis 2. Nevertheless, both novel and film have each strengths and weaknesses.

The following sub chapters present about the strength and weakness of novel and film. The differences are also given through the analysis of the details story. They are as follow : - It provides more details about the story because it is the original story - It leads the reader imagination more creative. Even though the story of the film is adapted from novels or other textbooks.

There are some strength of The Woman in Black film compared to its novel. Those are : - The viewers can easily get the meaning, issues and messages from the film - It involves other creative works, such as, acting, lighting. This horror movie involves some effects which give horror sense. Weakness However, film also has some weaknesses compared to the novel. Besides the film makes people become lazy to read, there are some other weaknesses of the film.

It is told in the novel that his former wife, Stella was died ten months after the accident of the trap when the last time he saw the woman in black in the park. Then he married to a widow whose name is Esme. He became a father of four children of Esme. She was died when she gave birth of their son. She is the one to whom Arthur writes a letter before he goes to Yorkshire.

She is also the one who picks Arthur up from Yorkshire back to London. They soon had a baby son. One day, when their son was a year old they went to a park. Their baby pointed a trap. Because the trap was only fit for a person, Stella went in with their baby and Arthur watched them from the park happily. Suddenly the woman in black appeared beside a tree.

Arthur was shocked. Then the woman in black spoke the horse and the trap where Stella and the baby were in crushed. The baby was dead and Stella was badly injured.

She was death ten months after this accident. Then, her other appearances were her figure dressed in wedding dress. She also appeared in the last scene which took a place in a train station. Children Death The beginning of the story in the novel is a conversation between Arthur and his four step children from Esme, his later wife. They were talking about horror stories when suddenly Arthur remembered about his journey toEel Marsh House many years before.

Then the story of the woman in black began. The novel tells that whenever the woman in black is seen there will be a child dies. The 24 P a g e novel tells that the first child who dies after her appearance was Mr.

The Woman In Black

The first scene in film: three children jump and die The very first scene of the film is about tree children playing in a bedroom. Them they seem to jump unconsciously through a window.

Later they are known to be the children of a couple marriage who have an inn where Arthur stays in. The children deaths are continued many times when Arthur is on his duty in Yorkshire. These scenes are not told in the novel. It is revealed in the certificate of death which is bundled in a packet.

The packet is then brought into Mr. Jennet was mentally injured by the death of her son. Even children were fear of her. Meanwhile, in the film, it is told that Jennet was died because of hanging herself. Daily Mrs. Nevertheless, in the film she appears many times. It is told than she will act unconsciously like someone who has mental illness whenever she remembers her son who was died after the woman in black was seen few years before. She welcomes her kindly. During the dinner, the talking of the three of them comes to a topic about her son.

She keep talking about her son as if her son is still alive. She goes mad scratching the table by a knife. Then Mr. Daily handled her by giving her anesthetic that make her fainting. Daily during the dinner 26 P a g e Mrs. Then Arthur arrives and they make a conversation about the woman in black. The woman in black or 27 P a g e Jennet then appears and screams. Arthur believes that Jennet is now rest in peace.

The focuses of Defense, Anxiety and Core Issues. The analysis is limited only through the female main character, Jennet Humfrye or the Woaman in Black. They are selective perception, selective memory, denial, avoidance, displacement, projection and regression. Selective Perception Jennet Humfrye who witnessed the death of her dear son could not stand to face the fact that her son was dead.

Selective Memory Before giving her baby son to her sister, Jennet was a happy mother who raised her son by herself. The fact that the father of her son did not take responsibility to raise her son with her made her a single-parent and forced her to 28 P a g e leave her social life and live alone with her son.

Nevertheless, she decided to put her bad memory of that irresponsible man away and give her love to her son entirely. It is because the accident was happened when she was on her planning of taking her son away from her sister.

It was purely an accident.