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deliver a one-day telling ain't training workshop for human performance improvement development, telling ain't training 2nd edition (pdf) by erica j. keeps. training fieldbook - support4physio - beyond telling aint training pdf beyond telling ain't training fieldbook is the answer to provide a practical, on-the-ground. Review. A must have Telling Ain't Training is chock-full of interactive, practical ideas that are easily grasped and can be immediately applied.

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Telling Ain't Training is an essential resource for trainers. . PDF e-book ISBN: ASTD Press Editorial. Format, Member, Non-Member. Paperback. $, $ PDF When the first edition of Telling Ain't Training was published in , its practical. What if we offered you a simple, easy-to-use training tool that significantly ter is the heart and soul of Telling Ain't Training: Updated, Expanded, and Enhanced.

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Aint training pdf telling

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How long is longterm memory? Think of when you were a child and of a friend or a favorite toy you have not thought about in years. Your ability to do so indicates that longterm memory really means long. Depending on how we store information in our longterm memory warehouse, we may retrieve it many years later.

If it is not a distinct, highly unique memory, it may become blended and confused with others, but wellorganized and stored information can be retrieved throughout your whole lifetime.

Fill in the blanks in the following statements. That was a factrecall exercise. Here are the correct answers: Neil Armstrong 2. Most of our test subjects scored four or five out of five even though they had not The information was well retained. With respect to capacity, longterm memory is practically limitless. The human brain has the potential to store huge amounts of information.

Never worry about filling it up. The problem is not in the storage but rather in the retrieval. Learners generally want to learn; trainers want learners to learn. By understanding that learners are informationtreating organisms with sensory capacities, informationprocessing constraints, and memory load limits, and by attending to their informationhandling and storage capabilities, we can facilitate what both learners and trainers want— effective learning.

Remember these two key points: Learning is change.

This change begins with receiving information from as many senses as possible in an integrated, reinforcing manner. Learning is change in mental cognitive structures, change in the potential for new behaviors. The learner is transformed. The transformation provides the learner with the ability to act in new ways.

Remember This We close this chapter with a brief review challenge. Select the word or phrase in parentheses that best fits each of the following statements: Most of the time, the environmental information we attend to and how much we focus on it are Here are the answers and comments: In designing and delivering training, it is more important to focus on the characteristics of the learner than of the trainer.

As any good salesperson will tell you, start with the customer. Our learners are the starting point. We are merely the means for achieving success that they and the organization value. Learning means change. Humans have a large capacity to learn. We have not yet calculated just how great it is and perhaps never will. However, we must respect the informationprocessing capacities of our human learners.

Our learning characteristics have been programmed for an environment that no longer exists. Humans have evolved over millions of years. We are born with an ability to adapt to our environment. The modern classroom and workplace are completely different from the environments of our ancestors. We use our characteristics that favor learning, and we manage those that conflict with it. The purpose of excellent training is transformation of the learner. Enough said already! Each of our senses has different processing capacities.

Although they vary a great deal, all the senses are important for different learning requirements. Taste, the lowly 1 percent sense, can be critical for survival in dealing with food. Most of the time, the environmental information we attend to and how much we focus on it are governed by our unconscious brain and nervous systems.

These nonvoluntary mechanisms are critical to survival in a hostile environment. The shortterm memory of a novice learner fills up rapidly. Unfamiliarity with new subject matter or skills produces numerous tiny chunks of information bombarding shortterm memory. The novice learner is soon in information overload, and the learning system falters.

The result is confusion or turnoff. Chunking assembles individual items into a single, comprehensible unit. This helps a novice server set a table correctly and takes up far less space in shortterm memory than the full seven words of the sequence. The main challenge with information in longterm memory is retrieval.

Putting things into longterm memory is much easier than finding things you stored days, weeks, months, or even decades ago. Getting Learners to Learn Chapter highlights: Differences between how experts and novices process information Different types of knowledge and how each is processed The trouble with subject matter experts The key role of the trainer.

This chapter begins with three common scenes in which we find a knowledgeable person attempting to teach a novice learner. As you read each one, ask yourself the following questions: Have I ever been in a similar situation, either on the giving or the receiving end? What was the result? Scene 1: Driven to Distraction Father: All right, Gail. Now press on the clutch—no, not the brake, the clutch— with your left, not your right, foot.

Should I do it fast or slow? Push down fast, but not too fast. Now, move the gearshift into first gear. Then ease up on the clutch as you give it gas. Do I move the gearshift fast or slowly? Do I use my left foot for the clutch?

And do I push it fast or slowly? For the gearshift, I mean. And what did you ask about the left foot? Of course, the left foot. Daddy, the car is bouncing. What do I do now? Hit the clutch! Stop pressing on the gas! Hit the brake! Oh no! I hate driving! I hate you! I quit! Scene 2: As Easy as Cherry Pie Junior: Grandma, I love your cherry pie. Can you tell me the recipe so I can make one? You need lots of flour, some sugar, eggs, and milk. Do you need cherries? What a silly question!

Why, of course. How much flour? And sugar? And all the other stuff? I guess you need about three cups of flour … or is it four?

Scene 3: Electrified Experienced customer Now we come to a really important part of your job— agent CA: Novice CA: Do I call them all up? Experienced CA: Well, sort of. I mean not you personally. Well, sort of personally. You record a voice message and send it out.

How do I know whom to call? By accessing the customer database and matching the affected transmission lines with the appropriate customer electrical address. And how do I know which transmission lines are affected? And the database is in the computer. Will I find their street addresses and phone numbers there?

Only their electrical addresses. You know, the alphanumeric code related to a transformer or cut-off point! You can compare your answers to the questions we asked you up front with our answers. In each case, we had a true subject matter expert commonly known as an SME and a novice learner. You would think that if these SMEs know so much, they should have no trouble making the other person learn. In fact, the greater the expertise, the less the expert thinks like a novice learner.

The dialogue goes something like this: Direction giver: Get off and take it north for, oh, a couple of miles to the Fairlane strip mall. Direction taker: But it says Highway And have you missed it? You can see that how the expert direction giver views his world differs from the way the novice direction taker sees it. Stand by—the problems intensify before we finally navigate our way through them.

Both are fully motivated and actively engaged in the teachinglearning process, but somehow things fall apart. Learning breakdown.

We have yet to meet someone who has not participated in one of these frustrating episodes. There is a prevalent belief that the best way to learn something is to ask an expert, despite the fact that research demonstrates, time and again, how differently experts and novices view the world—and, more specifically, how something should be learned.

In a classic research study, novice and expert chess players were shown chess games in progress, with pieces spread all over the board.

The board and pieces were then hidden after several seconds, and both the experts and the novices were asked to set up the chess pieces to reproduce exactly what they had seen. Who do you imagine more accurately placed the chess pieces? The experts did far better. Novices, focusing on individual pieces, fared poorly. The two groups viewed the world in markedly different ways. You most likely live in an apartment or house. To a certain extent, you are an expert on your home.

In the box below, write the number of windows in your home. Access this information from your memory. Accuracy is important, so take your time. In our experiments we find that people come up with the answer the same way you probably did. First, you pictured your home. Then you wandered through it mentally. If there were levels, you went floor by floor.

We might even have seen your lips moving as you counted windows. That is very normal. The answer to that question addresses the core of the major problem in each of the earlier scenes. Keep reading to discover why.

Become familiar with these two terms: They are key to unlocking many learning mysteries.

Pdf telling aint training

It is an intricate system of millions of individual elements, each doing its own thing. Yet, somehow it all works. The brain is not a coherently designed and engineered organ. We are born with a brain that carries out myriad simultaneous and independent activities.

Most parts of the brain are totally oblivious of the activities going on in other parts. Among the activities the brain conducts is the processing of information for learning. That information, which comes from the outside world, is taken in and transformed into knowledge. The knowledge we possess that allows us to name, explain, and talk about matters is called declarative knowledge. No other species on earth even vaguely comes close to humans in our ability to learn and use declarative knowledge.

Look at these four items and put a checkmark beside the actions you imagine require declarative knowledge: Name the capital of France.

Ride a bicycle. Explain the causes of World War II.

Telling Ain't Training, 2nd Edition

Navigate a database. Items 2 and 4 are examples of another important category: That type of knowledge enables us to act Unlike declarative knowledge, which is almost exclusively restricted to humans in any sophisticated form, procedural knowledge is readily available to all animals.

So, how related are declarative and procedural knowledge? Naming the number of windows in your home required declarative knowledge. Instead, your expertise is in walking through your various rooms and locating windows—procedural knowledge. Can you ride a bicycle? Can you maintain your balance on the bicycle? Now explain exactly what your body does to keep the bicycle from falling down.

You might mention pedaling, moving from side to side, holding on to the handlebars, and so forth. I just do it. The majority of what we have learned to do has been acquired without words. By trial and error over time, we simply have built up the capability to do it.

Organizations commonly approach someone who knows how to do something an informal definition of an expert and ask him or her to teach novices how to do it. Now for a paradox: These experts have acquired their capability over time and with practice.

In other words, they possess most of their expertise in the form of select one: In almost all cases, their expertise is in the form of procedural knowledge.

But when asked to train others, usually in a short amount of time, they are expected to transmit their knowledge by explaining, giving examples, and providing contexts and cases. In other words, they teach select one: The experts deliver declaratively. Simple and vivid examples of this are when a golf pro tells you how to hit a golf ball straight or a skating coach tells you how to make a quick stop when rollerblading.

Much easier said declarative than done procedural! Research on learning tells us that what we learn declaratively cannot be readily transformed into procedural knowledge unless we already possess similar procedural knowledge.

The reverse is also true. Procedural knowledge does not easily convert to declarative knowledge. Therefore, although you know This conversion difficulty also accounts for the problems in our earlier scenes: The experienced customer agent can inform customers of electrical shutdowns, but has obviously confused his novice learner.

Correct the grammar in these two sentences: When I were in Paris, I ate a croissant with every meal. When I was in Paris, I ate a croissant with every meal. If I were in Paris, I would eat a croissant with every meal. Unless you are a grammar specialist and have the declarative knowledge, it is unlikely that you can explain declaratively why you corrected each of the above procedurally.

Aint training pdf telling

Here is the declarative explanation: This requires use of the indicative mood in English grammar. You did it procedurally! Did you know all of this declaratively? Ah well, be that as it may, you probably get the point.

With an awareness of the kind of knowledge we want our learners to acquire— declarative or procedural —we can adjust the way we present learning material to them.

If we want them to acquire do and use types of One final note on these two types of knowledge.

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Gaining procedural knowledge eventually allows us to gain fluency in doing things without having to think about what we are engaged in. Running a photocopier or processing an insurance claim are procedural tasks that we can expertly deal with through practice.

However, what if we change the model of photocopier to a more computerized version, with buttons and viewing panels in different places, or what if the insurance claim forms change and the rules governing how they are to be handled alter? Methods to produce efficient procedural knowledge result in rapid fluency, so long as the conditions remain the same. Declarative knowledge allows us to generalize to new circumstances through explanations. It may slow down the performance, but it permits adaptation to new requirements.

We may want our soldiers to assemble and disassemble a certain model of firearm they regularly use to the point of automaticity act perfectly without thinking about it. What if they suddenly find themselves on the battlefield with a different firearm? Without some form of declarative, mental rules about how a variety of models work, they may get lost trying to make sure it works, flounder about in confusion, and expose themselves to increased risk.

The bottom line is that while each type of knowledge requires a specific form of instruction for desired performance, often a combination of both—explanation and practice—works to produce a more effective result. Key Ingredients for Learning Cognitive psychology research suggests that three major factors influence how much and how well we learn: Just like height or musculature, we arrive on the scene with a certain mental or learning potential.

It may be unfair but some of us are born taller, slimmer, more physically attractive, or able to learn more quickly than others. This general learning ability is the intellectual capacity with which we are genetically endowed. It strongly influences our overall capability to learn. They seem to get it faster and play it back or even enhance it better than those not as intellectually able. Recently, many nuances have been added to the construct ability and its almost synonymous cousin, intelligence usually defined as the ability to think about ideas, analyze situations, and solve problems, which is measured through various types of intelligence tests.

As trainers, it is important for us to note that learners vary in their ability to learn. We have to be aware of the differences in ability and compensate for those who do not learn as rapidly as others.

We also have to keep the more generally able learners constantly stimulated and challenged to maintain their focus. Although we all possess general intellectual ability, we also are endowed with specific abilities at birth.

An ear for music, a golden voice, athletic agility, and artistic talent are extremely valuable specific learning abilities that are more important than general intellectual capability in certain instances. Prior knowledge helps the learner acquire additional knowledge or skills more rapidly.

Below are two French verbs—one a regular verb, the other irregular. Which one is the irregular verb? Your prior knowledge helped here. So, the more you know about something, the easier it is to acquire additional knowledge and skills in that subject. Motivation We all have seen the power of high motivation—the desire to achieve something. We also have seen the reverse: We often talk about motivation and its importance, but what is it?

Motivation appears to be affected by three major factors: The more we value something, the more motivated we are about it. In figure 41, we have placed motivation on the vertical axis and value on the horizontal. Notice that as the learner attributes a greater value to what is to be learned, motivation increases. If you value being seen as someone who knows opera or football, you will become more inspired that is, motivated to learn about it. The higher the value attributed to what is to be learned, the greater the motivation.

If you feel totally inept in your ability to learn something, how motivated are you to try? The answer, of course, is unmotivated. Low confidence in learning is strongly correlated with low motivation.

Telling Ain't Training 2nd Edition

As the confidence of the learner increases, so does the motivation, as illustrated in figure Overconfidence, however, leads to a decline in motivation. The optimal point of motivation is where the learner has enough confidence to feel she or he can succeed, but not so much that the desire to learn declines.

Personal feelings affect our mood as does the atmosphere of the learning and working environment. But a frivolous or manic mood might have bizarre and unpredictable effects on motivation. A positive mood is one in which you are open and optimistic without being flighty or euphoric. If training were just a telling task, everyone would excel at everything. Can we, as trainers, instructors, educators, or managers of learning influence all of these?

As a result, we can adapt the learning system by taking the following measures: You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Golden State Outlines was started in by Pastor L. You may not reproduce these outlines to give them away or offer them for sale.

I love to read other preachers sermons as devotionals for my own personal spiritual growth and also to get ideas for developing sermons of my own. Printable templates for childrens Bible crafts, songs, and worksheets. Sermon outline archive page for sermons from the Reedsburg First Baptist Church in Click on the following titles to open or save the sermon outlines in PDF formatThank you for visiting our Sunday Morning Sermon web page!

It is a joy and privilege to offer these resources to help you grow as you seek to apply Gods Word to your life. Pastor Anderson has well over chapters of the Bible memorized word-for-word, including the entire book of Revelation. Independent Fundamental Baptist Printed Sermons. John the Baptists message to the religious is that God requires integrity - a real change of heart and not simply intellectual assent Sermon: The Message of John the Baptist Yesterday morning, I was listening to an interviewer on Radio 4 who asked Jimmy Carter, the former US President, what he thought about the idea that some people were likening Nelson Mandela to Jesus.

Sonora Dodd, of Washington, first had the idea of a fathers day. Jesus Walking on the SeaNeither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Free Short Sermon From Romans Get help now! These short Bible sermons are free and are easy sermons to preach. Purkey, an ordained Baptist minister, claims no originality for this Bible study. Memorial Baptist Church.

Get your free sermon outlines ebook today! Most of these sermons below the article. The POSB provides a plethora of resources needed to prepare biblical, life-changing sermons and lessons. This is especially true for people who stand in front of a crowd and speak, like preachers who give sermons.

King James Versionthese words still conveyed a special reverence to God which is due. The Pastor is Kenneth Shelton. Text: Acts Introduction: If we could walk through hell today we would find all sorts of people who were at one point almost persuaded to become a Christian.

We thank God today for the good men Hes sent us here. Software edition of the Preachers Outline and Sermon Bible Westboro Baptist Church does not tolerate fornication - physical or spiritual. Using Download and read Pastor Johns sermon outlines.

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Sonora wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. Free Short Sermons. Your Sermons and Outlines. Cogdill www. We will adding more sermons in PDF by Dr. Youll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching. Good men are: I. The messages below are in MP3 format and can be listened to on-line, downloaded to play on your favorite digital player or you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

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Learn the importance, source, character, nature and saving efficacy of faith. Hall Psalm My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Moody Prayer Notes.

Wood as a way to provide Bible outlines to help the busy pastor to have a Biblicaly sound outline source upon which to build his own sermons. Free sermon outlines, expository lessons, lectures and homilies for preachers and ministers. Melton are available in printed form.

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Notice that one of the responsibilities of John the Baptist was to turn the hearts of the News Items. Gene Taylor r1r. This is a.

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