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Project Gutenberg's Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete, by Samuel Pepys This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. the purpose might be found in and 'drawn from Pepys' Diary." in the evenin~ were performed the obsequies of Samuel Pepys, Esq., in. The Diary of Samuel Pepys contains firsthand accounts of some of the most important historical events of 17th- century England. Yet it is Pepys's candor.

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Although the Diary of Samuel Pepys has been in the hands of the public for nearly seventy years, it has not hitherto appeared in its entirety. In the original edition. The Diary of Samuel Pepys — Complete by Samuel Pepys. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook. moreover, another distinction between the two: the Diary of Pepys was written Pepys's account of the Great Fire of London in is full as minute as that of.

Wednesday 20 June Up, but in some pain of the collique. I have of late taken too much cold by washing my feet and going in a thin silke waistcoate, without any other coate over it, and open-breasted, but I hope it will go over. I did this morning my father being to go away to-morrow give my father some money to download him a horse, and for other things to himself and my mother and sister , among them 20l. Thence by coach to St. Thence to the Hall and with Mrs.

What was also significant about this month, and has it is mentioned in the footnotes, is that this was one of two occasions when Pepys told someone about his diary.

Pdf pepys diary

This could have been one of those few instances since he was aboard a ship with no other contact and tried to familiarize himself with the people on- board.

Scott 5 He also enjoyed wine, since he had some with the Lieutenant of the Swiftsure and Mr. It was the only form of leisure, besides his music, that occupied his free time upon the ship. Goods and W.

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Although an Anglican, he had Mr. He talked about how Captain Deakins, who was also an Anabaptist, was the subject of complaints by Mountagu for creating a religious controversy by attempting to convert people on- board.

Pdf pepys diary

This implied that he disdained General Monck for taking over the London government. In the 29th, Pepys is informed by Mr. This month is also special, since April 22nd is Easter Day. Pepys believed that monarchy was sanctioned by God, considering the significance of this specific entry. In the case of April , it is of particular interest due to showing how he continued to love life in the face of the chaos that surrounded him.

Scott 7 Works Cited Pepys, Samuel.

Satirizing English Tangier in Samuel Pepys’s Diary and Tangier Papers | SpringerLink

Latham and W. Matthews, Volume 1: , University of California Press, , pp. Pepys, Samuel. Preview Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Notes 1. All subsequent citations will be found in the text.

Pdf pepys diary

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The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Google Scholar 6. See The Diary of Samuel Pepys, 11 vols. All subsequent citations will be found in the text in the above format, which indicates the date of the passage first, followed by volume number and page number.

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