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Pattinathar sang this song when he was charged by Badragiriyar with theft on mistaken identity and was about to Is it the bad karma before this birth that has. Pattinathar Songs Download- Listen Tamil Pattinathar MP3 songs online free. Play Pattinathar Tamil movie songs MP3 by T M S Selvakumar and download. pattinathar quotes pattinathar birth and death pattinathar in tamil pattinathar books pattinathar video songs free download pattinathar songs download.

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Pattinathar (Tamil: பட்டினத்தார், romanized: Paṭṭiṉattār) is a name identified with He was born in the port-town Kaveripoompattinam to a wealthy mercantile family, who . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Pattinathar Poems in English - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Son was born, did warmly take me in her arms. For him and his chaste wife nyAnakalai, a child was born as the fruit of their discipline and devotion. As it was born by the Grace of the Lord taken abode in the.

This devotee of wisdom and experience, has written many poems that educate the people of the perspectives that one would not have thought about or would have been reluctant to think about. Realize the Truth and live blissfully praising It. Understandable from the commercial importance of the city, there lived lots of businessmen prospering in local and international trade. The child grew over the mounts of wealth. When he was five years old, his father reached the Feet of the Lord praised by vEdic rites. The fruit of the married life is love and charity.

Pattinathaar reached Ujjain and worshiped the Kali and decided to stay there for a while. He was getting acquainted with the place and walked along the streets of Ujjain.

There was a sudden excitement in the crowd and the reason was that the King of Ujjain Badhragiri Bharudhahiri visited that place with his soldiers escorting him.

The people there respectfully bowed to the King when he went past them. But Pattinathaar did not bow to the King. The King grew a bit disturbed and asked Pattinathaar why he did not bow.

Pattinathaar said he does not bow to anyone other than Lord Shiva himself. The King was surprised by that answer and went quietly ahead.

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The town settled down for the day at dusk and Pattinathaar along with a few sanyasis settled down in the nearby Sathiram When Pattinathaar was telling about his life history to the other sanyasis, a stranger who claimed that he was a merchant joined the group of people in the sathiram.

The merchant was listening to the conversation between Pattinathaar and other sanyasis. Pattinathaar was explaining about the realization he had in his life and that the meaning of life is to get rid of the materialistic pleasures of this world and realizing the Supreme Being.

The merchant interrupted, telling his views. He argued explaining that the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment of it.

To get rid of materialistic pleasures are the words of the weak and the impotent. You should not miss the comfort, love and compassion. The wife has only one mind and that mind thinks only about you. Before marriage they could have admired other men too. The merchant grew a bit disturbed by the answer asked if it was true for noble women.

Pattinathaar replied that it was true for all women in this world.

This made the King very angry and he shouted at Pattinathaar to get his word back. Pattinathaar was determined that he told that he spoke only the truth.

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The King intimidated Pattinathaar that he would be killed if did not apologize and take his word back. Pattinathaar did not budge. The King went out of the Sathiram asking Pattinathaar to be ready for his sentence in the morning.

Pattinathaar told he is a sanyasi who sacrificed everything in life and life itself is no matter to him. The King ordered his men to put Pattinathaar in the prison. The next day the King issued an order to his men to put Pattinathaar to sentence in a Kazhumaram. Kazhumaram, a conical shaped mast made of tree or iron fully lubricated with oil, where criminals are mounted on it on the sitting position with their hands tied to their back. The criminals will have painful death.

Pattinathaar was brought before the Kazhumaram where he was about to be sentenced. I now realize that it is your will my God.

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But the sins that accumulated over my previous births is now standing before me to end this life As soon as he finished singing this Aram, he fainted and fell to the ground.

Not potion is there to stop fond men from going night and day to the vagina, through which day in and day out ants and flies go in and come out. Believe in one, believe in God; remember all wealth will leave one soon; look on the face of hungry folk; trust good deeds and friendship good; be just; content with your lot. O heart 'tis my advice to you! Oh, heart, this is my advice to you! Since this birth, no evils have I done.

Do the sins of my earlier births wreak their vengeance now? The poet stood perplexed and sang this poem in dejection, and the pole of is said to have caught fire. The King grew penitent and became his disciple.

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What use is it to me who so lovingly reared this stinking rotten flesh? At the end of every round some one would throw a stone at the pot and make a hole in it to let the water run out. Is it for love of such women that my heart languishes? What of Sacred Bath? What is the use of chanting Vedic mantras seven crores? The relatives who had only the status as their prime concern and not the love were unable to digest their highly wealthy relative wandering like a beggar in the streets.

The house and the neighborhood caught fire and the relatives fell in his feet and pleaded for mercy. He stayed in that city till his mother died, on her request.

He went to the north also saluting the Lord of the whole world. The people in the house mistook him as a thief and beat and tortured him. The neighbours realising he is a saint, intervened and set him free. From then on pattinaththAr made a pledge that unless somebody comes and gives the food, he won't go to anybody's doorstep asking for food.

Some thieves who were pleased with their robbery in the palace, threw a pearl garland towards the deity on their way. That fell on the neck of pattinaththAr who was meditating. The kazumaram caught fire. The king realizing his potence and non-guiltiness pleaded for pardon and gave himself as the slave of the saint.

Then pattinaththadikaL continued his to the northern abodes. On his return to thiruvidaimarudhUr he showed liberation to his disciple baththira giriyAr.