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Download O Seculo Dos Cirurgioes - Jurgen Assim, o livro serve como uma fonte de informações acumuladas referentes ao desenvolvimento e à avaliação da atenção primária no século XX. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Please, help me to find this jurgen thorwald wielka ucieczka pdf converter.

Hamilton JD. Time series analysis. Princeton: Princeton University Press; Results , dental surgeons were registered on the CNES database in , and , in Between and there was an increase in the number and proportion of specialists in both the public and the private sector. The greatest number of specialists working in the public sector was found in the Northeast region, while in the private sector this number was higher in the Southeast region Table 1. Thumbnail Table 1 - Distribution of the absolute number, annual change rate and trends in the general practice and specialist dental surgeon workforce, overall and by sector, Brazil and regions, Between and there was a significant rising trend in the number of professionals in Brazil and in its regions.

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Changes in the New Zealand dentist workforce over a nine-year period. N Z Dent J. Pourat N, Choi MK. Trends in the supply of dentists in California.

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Oral health workforce planning part 2: figures, determinants and trends in a sample of World Dental Federation member countries. Int Dent J.


National health workforce. Dental workforce [Internet]. Yamalik et al. Among the developed countries assessed, the United States of America had the highest number of dental surgeons , , followed by Germany 53, and France 40, Among the developing countries analyzed, Cuba 12, , Costa Rica 4, and Morocco 3, were the three countries with the largest number of these professionals.

When comparing the supply of dental surgeons, Brazil , registered with CNES is close to the pattern found in developed countries. One factor that may explain differences in the distribution of dental surgeons over the Brazilian regions is the amount of dentistry degree and specialization courses available in each region. According to CFO, in there were dental degree courses in Brazil, with This expansion continued between and This suggests a growing trend for forthcoming years and may also explain the greater increase in professionals in practically all analyses performed in relation to this region.

Increased supply of degree courses over the last three decades has led to increased availability of professionals on the labour market, but this has not been accompanied by planning of their distribution or the ability of the labour market to absorb this increase.

Michel-Corsato E. In a paper published in , Cardoso et al. Although public policies on oral health, such as the Smiling Brazil Programme Programa Brasil Sorridente for instance, encourage professionals to move to the interior in order to improve access to dental services, they do not guarantee significant redistribution of their services. Many dental surgeons remain in large urban centres where dental training courses and people with greater purchasing power are located, seeking to work both in the public sector and in private practices or clinics.

In Brazil, the National Primary Health Care Policy recommends that one dental surgeon, working together with a dental nurse, should be responsible for 3, people on average. The more vulnerable the population is, the greater the number of professionals there should be.

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In general terms, these Health Ministry recommended numbers appear to be adequate for the country and its macroregions. However, analysis by sector shows that this proportion is in fact not adequate.

In the public sector there are few dental surgeons for many inhabitants, whilst in the private sector the contrary is the case, with many professionals and few inhabitants. Photographies — Paris: Re- vue noire, The idea of Verger as a messenger is also present in the docu- mentary Pierre Verger: Mensageiro entre Dois Mundos Pierre Verger: Exactly when this meeting occurred is unclear.

See Pierre Verger, Orisha: See Mariza de Carvalho Soares, Devotos da cor. Childs and Toyin Falola Bloomington: Indi- ana University Press, n1, See FPV, http: I am grateful to Lisa E. Castillo for calling my attention to this picture.


Paulina Alberto reproduces a letter of sent by Verger to Herskovits describ- ing these objects, see Paulina Alberto, Terms of Inclusion: University of North Carolina Press, , See Alberto, Terms of Inclusion, See J. Lorand Matory, Black Atlantic Religion: Princeton Univer- sity Press, , On this episode, see also Capone, Searching for Africa in Brazil, Souty describes this approach as a comparative method through the use of images.

See Souty, Pierre Fatumbi Verger, See the interview with Pierre Verger in the documentary Pierre Verger: Souty, Pierre Fatumbi Verger, See Ana Lucia Araujo, Ro- mantisme tropical: George E. Except otherwise indicated all translations are mine.

Editora Nova Fronteira , Brasiliense, , See Cunha, Negros,Estrangeiros, Araujo, Public Memory of Slavery, Oral tradition retaken by historians, including Robin Law, sustain that de Souza went to Abomey to claim an unpaid debt Adandozan owed to him, see Law, Ouidah: The Social History, See photos nos.

African Women and their Cultural Spaces, ed. Toyin Falola and Sati U.

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Fwatshak Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, , 45— In French: Ne nous privez pas. Posez des questions au besoin. This same passage of this document is quoted in Verger, Fluxo e Refluxo, See Law, Ouidah: Some authors considered the pos- sibility that de Souza had legal problems preventing him to return to Brazil, but at least in this was no longer true. Verger, Os libertos. See Araujo, Public Memory of Slavery, Slav- ery and African Diaspora, ed.

Ana Lucia Araujo, Mariana P. Candido, and Paul E.

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Lovejoy Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press , — See Verger, Os libertos, 34— Brazil and the Challenge of African Decolonization, — Durham: Duke University Press, , 58— Editora Bloch, , was translated into several languages. In , with the end of the Marxist-Leninist re- gime and the establishment of a transitional government, the name of the country became Republic of Benin.

Araujo, Public Memory of Slavery, — See in this issue Mariana P. Interac- tions, Identity, and Images, ed. Cambria Press, , — The present study revealed similar results, the length being The caliber should alarm surgeons and clinicians as this vessel can cause significant bleeding should it rupture. The IEA and OA are susceptible to iatrogenic lesions during procedures due to their variable nature7,15,27,28, as seen previously.

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Traditional Stoppa accesses used for fractures of the anterior pelvic region and the anterior acetabular column are related to a high risk of hemorrhage and additional damage to adjacent structures, such as soft tissues and neurovascular structures The difficulty in repairing these fractures is in identifying a safe place to position the implant, especially in just-articular and quadrilateral fractures In pubic osteotomies, procedures with relatively high complication rates, the CM can be injured due to a limitation of the surgical field.

Since the presence of CM on the UBP posed a potential risk of injury in orthopedic surgeries, some authors suggest preoperative imaging to identify possible vascular anatomical variation to minimize complications Ates et al.

Although UBP fractures are treated with analgesics and rest, they can result in hypovolemic shock with death risk due to CM rupture. Signs of vascular injury are: palpable and painful mass in the lower abdomen, hypoperfusion, and difficulty in urinating caused Rev Col Bras Cir ; 44 6 : Leite Corona Mortis: anatomical and surgical description on 60 cadaveric hemipelvises by compression of the urinary tract by a pelvic hematoma An apparently benign UBP fracture associated with thermodynamics instability should raise suspicion of CM rupture, especially in elderly and anticoagulated patients.

Avulsion of CM can be identified by an angiotomography4, Alternative treatments, such as CM embolization, may be used to stop bleeding7. Recently, this procedure has fallen into disuse due to the emergence of new minimally invasive techniques, such as the retropubic sling introduced in or the transobturator sling These new methods, though minimally invasive, are not free of complications, since CM can still be injured24, Prostatic artery embolization has shown promising results for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Thus, understanding the arterial anatomy is essential for the interventional radiologist to perform the procedure safely and adequately